Eurovision: Most Underestimated Entries of the 2010s Pre-Contest

2021.ápr. 7.
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One of my favourite things when I'm watching Eurovision is when an entry that I previously thought pretty much nothing of is fully brought to life on stage and forces me to love it! For me the one entry that fully embodies this is Aminata from 2015, representing Latvia.
I was hence thinking about the entries that people generally underestimated prior to a contest that ended up surprising everyone by BRINGING IT? To answer my question I had a look through the OGAE polls between 2010 and 2019 which are a fairly good, although admittedly not perfect, representation of who the fan favourites were before the contest. I also looked through the betting odds rankings at least one month before each competition to see how much faith the bookies had in each entry. I wanted to include only the entries that were really underestimated by both, so I only included entries where the final place was over 5 places higher than both the OGAE poll rank and the bookies rank. This meant that I excluded entries like Zoë from Austria in 2017 which was seriously underestimated by the bookies but actually did okay-ish in the fan voting.
I then gathered the 50 most criminally underrated entries before the contests and ranked them from least to most underrated. The result is this video which may also be known as "how to stage an entry to blow everyone away" or "9 minutes of Lithuania, Moldova and Georgia being underrated".
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Albania | Mall - Eugent Bushpepa
Albania | Suus - Rona Nishliu
Australia | Zero Gravity - Kate Miller-Heidke
Austria | Nobody but You - Cesár Sampson
Azerbaijan | When the Music Dies - Sabina Babayeva
Belarus | Cheesecake - Teo
Belgium | Love Kills - Roberto Bellarosa
Belgium | What's the Pressure - Laura Tesoro
Bosnia & Herzegovina | Thunder and Lightning - Vukašin Brajić
Cyprus | Fuego - Eleni Foureira
F.Y.R. Macedonia | Crno i belo - Kaliopi
Georgia | Midnight Gold - Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz
Georgia | One More Day - Eldrine
Georgia | Shine - Sofia Nizharadze
Georgia | Warrior - Nina Sublatti
Germany | You Let Me Walk Alone - Michael Schulte
Greece | Alcohol Is Free - Koza Mostra ft. Agathon Iakovidis
Greece | Watch My Dance - Loukas Giorkas ft. Stereo Mike
Hungary | Kedvesem (Zoohacker Remix) - ByeAlex
Iceland | Coming Home - Sjonni's Friends
Iceland | No Prejudice - Pollapönk
Israel | Made of Stars - Hovi Star
Italy | Madness of Love - Raphael Gualazzi
Latvia | Love Injected - Aminata
Lithuania | C'est ma vie - Evelina Sašenko
Lithuania | I've Been Waiting for This Night - Donny Montell
Lithuania | Love Is Blind - Donny Montell
Lithuania | Something - Andrius Pojavis
Lithuania | When We're Old - Ieva Zasimauskaitė
Malta | This Is the Night - Kurt Calleja
Malta | Tomorrow - Gianluca
Moldova | Hey, Mamma! - SunStroke Project
Moldova | Lăutar - Pasha Parfeny
Moldova | My Lucky Day - DoReDos
Moldova | So Lucky - Zdob și Zdub
Netherlands | Calm After the Storm - The Common Linnets
Netherlands | Slow Down - Douwe Bob
North Macedonia | Proud - Tamara Todevska
Norway | Grab the Moment - JOWST
Portugal | Há dias assim - Filipa Azevedo
Romania | It's My Life - Cezar
Romania | Playing with Fire - Paula Seling & Ovi
Russia | Lost and Forgotten - Peter Nalitch and Friends
Serbia | Beauty Never Lies - Bojana Stamenov
Serbia | Čaroban - Nina
Serbia | Nova Deca - Sanja Ilić & Balkanika
Slovenia | Hvala, ne! - Lea Sirk
Switzerland | Hunter of Stars - Sebalter
Turkey | Love Me Back - Can Bonomo
Ukraine | Angel - Mika Newton
Ukraine | Sweet People - Alyosha
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  • Just taking a (very short) break from this year's contest to have a look at the past decade. There's always someone we underestimate, so who do you think it's going to be this year?

    Because EurovisionBecause EurovisionHónapja
    • SER-BIA

      Faith ThomasFaith Thomas2 órája
    • Belgium, and the song of uku suviste I don't remember his country

      Arthur LissArthur LissNapja
    • This year it will be Belgium, very underrated but after rehearsal very classy and nice song with haunting voice of the lead singer Geike with Hooverphonic.

      Christophe BaeleChristophe Baele3 napja
    • Ok but how much chance does a long shot now have on the night of? What could honestly change that propels a currently overlooked song to the top five on the night of the contest? Several of the longest odds songs this year are catchy as heck.

      Clint RichardsonClint Richardson6 napja
    • Denmark is my favorite at the moment

      Fabian WijdenesFabian Wijdenes16 napja
  • Where is Conchita?

    Andrija DjordjevicAndrija DjordjevicÓrája
  • Epic Sax Guy and Epic Hat Guys made the show and then took really good places lol

    Orange BearOrange Bear2 órája
  • Donny Montell and Moldova are literally legends, and i knew Laura Tesoro, Roberto Bellarosa and Bushpepa were very underrated, they were in my top 3

  • Austria 2018: OGAE: 14 Bookies: 14 Televote: 13 D:

  • I actually expected Tamara to do well with the juries but I did not expect it to win the Jury Votes.

  • Ayyy Lautar Looovee

    First LastFirst LastNapja
  • Georgia 2016 was my favourite entry of the decade :D YESSSS BROOOOOOOOOOS

    Nathalie BazingaNathalie Bazinga2 napja
  • Mall was my favorite from 2018

    Benjamin GBenjamin G2 napja
  • Can TikTok do its thing and give Eleni Foureira the recognition she deserves

    FRIISFRIIS2 napja
  • Armenia 2016 best entry💜

    Marina And The Little devils is my iconMarina And The Little devils is my icon2 napja
  • Moldova 2017 is why staging is EVERYTHING. Plus. Epic Sax guy.

    rad92rad923 napja
  • Youre missing Croatia 2017

    M ZgM Zg3 napja
  • No surprise Mamma mamma is number one here. Bookmakers really underestimate the power of memes. Moldova understands that if it's meme-able, people will love it. The reason why 'love kills' was rated so low was because when he presented the song to the public, it sounded really awful and terrible, but they worked really, really hard on their performance over the months and got their stuff together when it mattered.

    Vanessa ReniersVanessa Reniers3 napja
    • And also they are amazing songs

  • Agreed 95%. Great video

    Robert JanusRobert Janus4 napja
  • Fuego was 22nd on Bookies? Wtf 🤦‍♂️

    dzeno rzvdzeno rzv4 napja
    • Yeah It was "Generic Inna pop" and now everyone acts as they loved It since the beggining

  • Poland 2016 was very underrated. Nobody expexted that Michał Szpak will be third in televotes.

    RaniaHazaRaniaHaza4 napja
  • Greece has the best entries

    Mary KMary K5 napja
  • Btw I am now playing the ESC 2021 entries as my working bgm when I do papers.

    Samuel1127 LeeSamuel1127 Lee5 napja
  • That's why I don't care the odds !!

    CADUCADU6 napja
  • Ok but how much chance does a long shot now have on the night of? What could honestly change that propels a currently overlooked song to the top five on the night of the contest? Several of the longest odds songs this year are catchy as heck.

    Clint RichardsonClint Richardson6 napja
  • Netherlands 2014, Moldava 2017 & Cyprus 2018 are the strongest comeback in my opinion

    CarolineCaroline6 napja
  • 7:27 everyone underestimated Littlefinger's power.

    TomTom6 napja
  • Donny Montell just got two times into the list 😂 And for me is "Love Injected" by Aminata one of the best entries in the last 15 years

    TheKoesti123TheKoesti1237 napja
  • This is why i love to watch live show and seeing all those overrated songs do bad, and actually good songs doing good despite the odds

    ZagradišekZagradišek8 napja
  • It's Ukraine for 2021.

    deandrake 27deandrake 2710 napja
  • Ireland 2018. Very underraded, should have gotten more of the attention it deserves

    Camilla MadsenCamilla Madsen10 napja
  • Love Greece 2011, Switzerland 2014, Ukraine 2011, Moldova 2017

    Евгения МарковаЕвгения Маркова11 napja
  • Romania 2010 omg, 12 years ago🥰

    Zorica VZorica V11 napja
  • maybe the ogae and bookies rank had them that low cause lets say cyprus 2018 the odds had her 1st place

    apostolos petridisapostolos petridis11 napja
  • I'm surprised Ireland 2018 didn't make this list but yeah, some of these were criminally underrated.

    EscfanEscfan12 napja
  • Lol the bookies didn’t know Sunstroke Project are living memes.

    HodossHodoss13 napja
  • this data is not correct ..... maybe the final placement is correct but definitely the predictions are incorrect ..... here is just one example. fugeo Cyprus was No. 2....and Mama Mama sax guy song also (molodova.) bookmakers was much much higer. Many many song fake data

    Petar PeroPetar Pero14 napja
    • @Because Eurovision but like I said maybe today odds on song is 23 place....and tomorow that same song goes 10 place higer or lower bec of new relased live performanse on tv...... sooooo the best odds are before ESC

      Petar PeroPetar Pero14 napja
    • @Petar Pero the whole point of the video is to see which songs were underestimated before we had a clue of what their staging would be like

      Because EurovisionBecause Eurovision14 napja
    • @Because Eurovision anyway ..... but we take into account only just few days before the competition the situation at the bookmakers and not a month or more earlier

      Petar PeroPetar Pero14 napja
    • Betting odds data were taken a month before the contest as explained in the description

      Because EurovisionBecause Eurovision14 napja
  • The Balkans seem to get underrated a lot! Hey Mamma was one of my favorite Eurovision songs ever, glad we proved whoever predicted badly for that wrong.

    17andtravelling17andtravelling15 napja
  • Why exactly isn't "Say na na na" in this video? It was a very big surprise they made it to the final, wasn't it?

    Fabian WijdenesFabian Wijdenes16 napja
  • alcohol is free was my winner that year

    ggoddfggoddf16 napja
  • We did'nt see them coming but they did'nt arrive ! 🤣

    Deventer ApeldoornDeventer Apeldoorn17 napja
  • dont EVER underestimate the power of epic sax guy

    ESC CoraESC Cora17 napja
  • How do you calculate the bookies rankings? Because I recall before the semi finals Cyprus 2018 (fuego) shot up to 2nd place in the bookies odds

    mTechnopepmTechnopep17 napja
  • Some of my very favorite Eurovision songs are in this collection. The whole thing just makes me smile. :)

    alie catzealie catze17 napja
  • Oh no, Tamara was most definitely robbed in front of entirety of Europe. In case you don't remember, she was supposed to WIN, if it wasn't for the televoting points that were introduced to the competition a few years back. The public doesn't care for a powerful message, they want hype and dancing and 21 century music. She was on that stage all alone, but she set it on fire, and the judges from all around Europe were the only ones to recognise it.

    zlatanotzlatuhzlatanotzlatuh18 napja
  • The Fuego one though. Bookies should not be trusted.

    Йордан ВасевЙордан Васев18 napja
  • lots of lithuania

    bαckupbαckup20 napja
  • Surprise no sweden 🙈

    sabrina devoldersabrina devolder20 napja
  • Moldova for real is the most underrated country in ESC. They should won in 2010, 2017,2018 for sure.

    M VM V20 napja
  • This is the proof how OGAE members "taste" is different than regular person voting. I'm a hard-core fan since 1991, and I'm buffled by all the negative comments to some of this year's songs. Whrn it comes to music, if I have nothing nice to say, I won't say anything at all because I don't feel happy to belittle someone's work and livelihood.

    Damir DominkovićDamir Dominković21 napja
  • Love Is blind and I've been waiting for this Night are in this top 😏

    NuQenitNuQenit22 napja
  • 8:20 I was one of very few people who believed in it, so I'm very glad about this one

    Die Kommentare KommentiererinDie Kommentare Kommentiererin22 napja
  • they reeeeeally underestimated the power of the epic sax guy lol

    Henrik AmaliaHenrik Amalia23 napja
  • RIP Agathonas Iakovidis :(

    Andrea ArizaAndrea Ariza24 napja
  • On which date are based your bookies rank ?

    SterwerzeSterwerze24 napja
  • Most of these are either surprise jury or televote favorite that we didn't see coming...

    Tom LovrenTom Lovren25 napja
  • Every winning song is underestimated by me (except 4 Euphoria and Not your toy) as often they aren't even my top 3.

    Charlotte MundayCharlotte Munday26 napja
  • Hungary 2013's points= the number of points I got in my P3 maths exam.

    Samuel1127 LeeSamuel1127 Lee26 napja
  • Albania is ALWAYS underrated

    Juan Carlos DomínguezJuan Carlos Domínguez28 napja
  • Denmark (29th in the odds), Belgium (20th in the odds) and Czech Republic (35th in the odds) will be higher in this year's Eurovision (Esc 2021)

    Francisco JordãoFrancisco Jordão28 napja
  • Surprised Golden Boy isn’t there

    Shai PortnoyShai Portnoy28 napja
    • I agree, but it fared well with the OGAE (top 10) even though at the time, it was viewed with trepidation due to Israel’s than-recent form and troubles, as well as the great risk attached. But this was a special moment. Toy was better but it would have never existed without golden boy!

      Elaych the male mixer, ellastar, ectElaych the male mixer, ellastar, ect27 napja
  • Moldova probably needed to thank the guy playing the sax or something like that for the placing

    DoNot CareDoNot Care28 napja
    • @Die Kommentare Kommentiererin ah yes i thought i edited my comment but looks like i forgot to save it

      DoNot CareDoNot Care22 napja
    • You mean 2017? That's a saxophone!

      Die Kommentare KommentiererinDie Kommentare Kommentiererin22 napja
  • Albania will always be underrated 😶

    David HotzaDavid Hotza28 napja
  • What kind of drugs are the ogae people on...

    Copyrightbreaker22Copyrightbreaker2229 napja
  • Nobody was more surprised that georgia qualified in 2016 than the band itself. I will never forget their faces! I knew they could do it though with good staging #nailedit

    pantstheterriblepantstheterrible29 napja
  • Do one with the overestimated ones!

    Diogo DiasDiogo Dias29 napja
  • Germany 2018 ❤

    casper coaster.creatorcasper coaster.creatorHónapja
  • Wow cool video.!! Before your Chanel I didn't use to listen to the songs before the semis/final so I didn't know these were underestimated. I am surprised that I remember most of them and actually I still listen to some of them to this day so for me it wasn't a surprise they did well at the time I was watching live.

    vasilis sapachvasilis sapachHónapja
  • How bookmakers underestimate Balcan countries, Romania and Bulgaria

    Elite lover RobertoElite lover RobertoHónapja
  • It seems like Georgia and Moldova get often underestimated...

    Axel D'Angelo GentileAxel D'Angelo GentileHónapja
  • pt

    Meiline DantasMeiline DantasHónapja
  • Fuego was 31st in odds and then it settled on the 22nd place until the semi final 1 rehearsals. Staging and live performance IS EVERYTHING.

    Andreas AAndreas AHónapja
  • I don't know what people drink in Albania, but whatever his drink was, Eugent made Zlata and Cezar hold it.

    Metalvision Song ContestMetalvision Song ContestHónapja
  • So Moldova, Albania, Georgia, Lithuania are the ones possibly to be a Dark Horse of the year

    Joseph Yusuf AytekinJoseph Yusuf AytekinHónapja
  • You wanna they really underestimated epic sax guy?

    Ilia Curto PelleIlia Curto PelleHónapja
  • Equinox Bulgaria?? Katerine Duska from Greece?? Zeljko from Serbia in 2012?

    Djordje NikolicDjordje NikolicHónapja
  • Great video!!! LOVE IT!!!!😍

    Chico TóxicoChico TóxicoHónapja
  • It is entirely the bookies' fault that they couldn't recognize the power of Epic Sax Guy.

  • Georgia should've done even better than they did in 2016. That song is a masterpiece.

    • yes, it was my winner that year

      Gabriela PiechowiczGabriela PiechowiczHónapja
  • This is gonna be the video I show that one guy in the "Love is on My Side" video's comment section who tells me the fans and bookies get it right every time.

    • Istg, Portugal’s song this year is my favourite of all time. If it doesn’t qualify I’ll be... very mad lmao

      Disko DeakyDisko Deaky24 napja
  • that can be a matter of taste. But from all this list there are only 3 songs that I still like

    Сергій ОсокінСергій ОсокінHónapja
  • Why are Lithuanian entries being underrated every year? Coincidence?

    Remy LigeikaRemy LigeikaHónapja
  • Lithuania be Underestimated

    Aurimas MisiūnasAurimas MisiūnasHónapja
  • To be honest. I doubted the Dutch entry from 2014, so I was very surprised to see the result of second place. I was happy of course, but we were really bad with our entries for a long time...

    Lisa HopmanLisa HopmanHónapja
  • The fact that Eugent is in 2nd makes my heart really happy. He was so underrated prior to the contest but did amazing

  • No se si me entiendes pero quedar en un top 5 no es estar sobrevalorada

    Daniel HurtadoDaniel HurtadoHónapja
  • Bookies rubbish 🤮

    Music lover GuyMusic lover GuyHónapja
  • Poland 2016(

    Zuzya JuliaZuzya JuliaHónapja
  • 1:57 she did not know in months she would of been the queen

    The Bowrey BoysThe Bowrey BoysHónapja
  • And the Netherlands 2014 should have won. But yeah for the community it was better that a woman with a beard won. (Since Eurovision isn't about quality but about "inclusion")

    Tom HollandTom HollandHónapja
  • Sometimes the bookies where right (some of the final scores of joke acts is astonishing high) and sometimes the final score / people where right. It’s truly a strange difference between what people and bookies wibe with. 🤔😅🤣

    MA AMA AHónapja
  • All the songs from Spain xd

    Pepita LasallePepita LasalleHónapja
  • Okay, so I have this weird thing where I release that I have been listening to a Eurovision song for a few months, during the contest without even knowing. But I release now, 4 years later that Hey Mamma has been one of my favorite songs for some years now!?!?!? Like what?!

  • So most of those are Eastern European countries. Well...

    Alex GavrilovAlex GavrilovHónapja
  • I somehow knew 2011 would have many appearances here

  • Kinda wished to see Michał Szpak here, but then I remembered that our original high placement for bets was due to Margaret being assumed to be sent instead. Which still stayed, afterwards. Cause normally betting is really similar to Jury votes.

  • Croatia 2017 was also very unespected

    Marko CrnacMarko CrnacHónapja
  • even with its placement, albania 2018 was criminally underrated.

    Freya SchenbergFreya SchenbergHónapja
  • Where is Poland 2016?

  • i think the most underrated song in History of ESC is Alyosha from Ukraine with song sweet people ! Eurovision doesnt deserve this song

    mamulicha georgiamamulicha georgiaHónapja
  • i knew Doredos ere gonna do good. Everybbody as like "THEY ARE baD!" This as a sleeper!

    Lion's DenLion's DenHónapja
  • Where are grande amore and soldi?

    olivia colpaniolivia colpaniHónapja
  • so fuego was underestimated? no f-ing way

    Vera Da VampireVera Da VampireHónapja
  • what this tells me: Moldova has that big "what are they smoking" energy and you should never underestimate their staging haha

    Ainslie KateMateAinslie KateMateHónapja