Eurovision 2021 Reaction - LATVIA (Tuneful TV)

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Hi everyone! Here are my thoughts on Latvia's Eurovision 2021 entry! The song is called, 'The Moon is Rising' and I must say, off the bat, I was blown away by Samanta Tina's vocals! She is a powerhouse! I love the production and the song itself. Well done Latvia!
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In the meantime, thank you all so much for checking in on me over the past few months. It has been a tough time for so many of us but I'm so happy to be back here with you and I'm really looking forward to the Eurovision season!
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    Rebeka BraunaRebeka Brauna2 perccel
  • Hiiii i live in latvia and yes we dont really have a lot of people of black color.

    ----3 órája
  • NOOOOO, what happened to your hair?

    apple snowapple snowNapja
  • You are right. We do not have a lot of black people in Latvia. I asume that if a black woman living in Latvia had aplied for taking part in video, she would be in it! :)

    Sesila ZvirbuleSesila Zvirbule3 napja
  • About POC: Latvia is small, relatively to other Europe's countries Latvia is poor. Because of it, here aren't too many imigrants. Only Indian, but they're mostly male students. I think, it's incorrect put on to video some foreigners, because they don't represent Latvia truly. Putting black woman to video just because she is black? I'm not shure. Here in Latvia it's too hard to find black person, who could dance for eurovision's video. Plus, of course, Korona

    Timurs BorunovsTimurs Borunovs3 napja
  • Im from Latvija and my dad is singer Kristaps Rukitis

    Kristaps RūķītisKristaps Rūķītis4 napja
  • 👏👏👍💗💗🎶

    Tana JalleTana Jalle7 napja
  • there aren't actually a lot of people of color here in latvia. I've only seen young black men here to study or little kids. I don't think i've ever even seen any in schools i've been to either

    deatholicdeatholic11 napja
  • I mean yes yes yes!!!😁 She’s cool!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️

    Solvita RadionovaSolvita Radionova18 napja
  • There are no black people almost. lol.

  • Why you should think Latvia don't have a persion with another skin. We have a lots of them. For exmple like a another participant like Aminata on Eurovision. I think that actully like for Latvia. And im so proud that i'm living here in Latvia.

  • I think this is the best Latvia has been so far

    Ana SmilesAna SmilesHónapja
    • @Saules riets yh

      Ana SmilesAna SmilesHónapja
    • @Ana Smiles I dunno about winning. I think shell do good and get to the finale, but this year is strong, so it'll be a fight.

      Saules rietsSaules rietsHónapja
    • @Saules riets yh I think there’s a chance of winning this time tho

      Ana SmilesAna SmilesHónapja
    • Well, Aminata happened, but she comes close

      Saules rietsSaules rietsHónapja
  • LATVIAAAA ALL THE WAYY...SAMANTA ❤ IS THE QUEEN...i don't understand what was wrong with our country this whole timee...I have never been more proud to say i am from latvia🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻❤

    Love And supportLove And supportHónapja
  • I'm so sad that there are a lot of suddenly so "holy" people in Latvia, who are just cutting 2 seconds from the video out of context and are saying that this song is a pure LGBTQ lobby even if it isn't. For me, it may not be a perfect song for Eurovision but too bad that they aren't listening to the message of the song but just making negations from the video. :( That's a big problem in Latvian society that there are a lot of people of which I have suspicions that are afraid of the word "gay" itself. :) I think they just don't have their lives fulfilled and they just try to feel better about themselves by trying to push some other people down. I think that's not just for LGBT "aggressive ideology".

    Dāvids BalodisDāvids BalodisHónapja
    • Anyways, she has earned this ticket fully - especially in 2020.

      Dāvids BalodisDāvids BalodisHónapja
  • Sweetheart she would of put it if there were any black people in Latvia but ty for kindness

    Kevins BraaKevins BraaHónapja
  • Yeah, I get that it might seem ridiculous not including any POC, but the fact is that Latvia has the highest percentage of white people in any country in the world (99,9%)

    Nauris LukševicsNauris LukševicsHónapja
  • Iam so proud to be from Latvia. Samantha or in latvia - Samanta Tīna is my fav singer from latvia

    Gryffindor Granger #stopanimaltestingGryffindor Granger #stopanimaltestingHónapja
  • Reminds me a little bit of some girl-K-pop-band in the chorus, especially the choreography.

    Elisa AElisa AHónapja
  • Hi! latvian here. Thank you for your reaction and I'm glad you liked Samathas song. She IS fierce ^_^ Regarding why there weren't any people of colour in this video - we really have very few people of color in compamarison to more western counties, thou lately it's changing.

    Linda StīrijaLinda StīrijaHónapja
  • Samanta's song has caused some controversy here in Latvia. I tried to find if there's any news written in English about this, but for now I could only find it in Latvian. In short: last week some activists started a signing campaign against her participation in Eurovision 2021 - because they don't like the LGBTQ+ representation, because "traditional values". And today there are news that someone has submitted a complaint to the police that her music video is inappropriately erotic (yes, seriously! a complaint to the police!). I'm a Latvian that never follows the Eurovision contest, because I'm not interested in pop music. But due to the controversy I came to youtube to see for myself her music video, and your video was next in suggestions. So - thanks to those complaining I've now watched both Samanta's and your video as well. I have a suspicion that that wouldn't make those complaining too happy, would it. :)

  • You are cool 😎

    JZ JZJZ JZHónapja
    • Thank you!! 💖💖💖

  • There are _some_ POC in Latvia, but not many! Have met some of them and worked in their production crew! 😊

  • I love the commentary! Living in Latvia gotta say, that there are not a lot of people of colour in our country, though I was alos missing this part of the greater community as well.

  • 😎😎 Black Culture is reall!!! Yasssss!! Aminata was black for Latvia 2015!! I agree there should have been some.

  • Latvians are all white and it is only in recent years that we have black people who've married into this country. Finding women of colour in Latvia is difficult but not impossible, there are few but it is likely they wouldn't wanna be in the video.

    Liva B.Liva B.Hónapja
  • Totally agree with you... the song is heavily influenced by black culture and one of the writers is from Bukina Faso - Aminata. Tbh I like the song but feel it’s been whitewashed 😢

    Alexander KeechAlexander KeechHónapja
    • I hear you. Thanks for you comment 💕✨💕✨💕


    Karin SeregniKarin SeregniHónapja
    • Mwaaahahhhahahaa!! I mean YESSS!! 😭😭✨💕✨💕✨

  • Hey there :) Just another happy latvian here passing by :D

    Klāvs GrīniņšKlāvs GrīniņšHónapja
    • Welcome friend!! 💕✨💕✨💕

  • you should react to the live version of her 2020 entry!! you will be SHOCKED of how amazing that was

    jana's stan channeljana's stan channelHónapja
    • @TunefulTV ohh it will be worth the time i promise!! tell us what you think if you watch it 💕💕

      jana's stan channeljana's stan channelHónapja
    • I probably won’t film a reaction but I’ll defo check it out!! ✨💕✨💕

  • 4:14 theres young black girl with a phone on the right !!

    Zaley ManZaley Man2 hónapja
  • HI FROM LATVIA!🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻

    DanielKristap17 LatviaDanielKristap17 Latvia2 hónapja
    • Hi from a Latvian

      Ana SmilesAna SmilesHónapja
    • Big up big up!! ✨💕✨💕✨

    • Sasūtam ig!😏

      DanielKristap17 LatviaDanielKristap17 LatviaHónapja
    • Čau no Rīgas

    • Latgale arī te!😁👍

  • It reminds me of Hvala Ne too!😄 It’s even better imo

    Yolk228Yolk2282 hónapja
    • Great minds think alike!! 😆😆✨💕✨💕✨

  • It has black influences because one of the song writers is Aminata Savodogo (from eurovision 2015)

    Brenda MeeksBrenda Meeks2 hónapja
    • Amazing! Thanks for that insight!! ✨💕✨💕

    • wow of course Aminata was behind this, she only does great music ahah

      Tiago SilvaTiago SilvaHónapja
  • I love your smile and when you‘re laughing, I‘m smiling myself...a lot! You are such a lovely person and thank you for all your honest reactions💕

    MCMikewiiMCMikewii2 hónapja
    • This makes me so happy thank you!! 💕✨💕✨💕

  • I just know that Samantha is going to give us the performance of her life in Rotterdam

    MM2 hónapja
    • And I am HERE FOR IT!! 💕✨💕✨

  • "people identifying as women" I love inclusive queen, thank you for validating our existence publicly. Much love

    Eri De VilEri De Vil2 hónapja
    • Much love to you! ✨💕✨💕✨

  • She's a live artist, with strong pipes. Loved her 2020 entry, she won the national selection. Alas, ESC was cancelled.

    Eva SwingoEva Swingo2 hónapja
    • She's going to ESC at the right time I think. Now is her time!

      Sir SteviaSir Stevia2 hónapja
  • I love Samanta's energy and voice!

    Sir SteviaSir Stevia2 hónapja
    • Se Ivanka Trump picture page, them is cometar '"You are beuteful"

      Audrius PetrikasAudrius Petrikas3 napja
    • @TunefulTV Can I not post links on here? Anyhow look up this song live on YT. Samanta is wonderful live :)

      Sir SteviaSir Stevia2 hónapja
    • She did not come to play!! Can't wait to see this live!💖💖💖

      TunefulTVTunefulTV2 hónapja