Eurovision 2021 - National Finals: All Winning Moments

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A compilation of all voting segments of this year's national finals including each winning performance, if I could find it. Due to copyright problems, I had to slightly edit France's and Italy's segments.
0:00 Start
0:10 Festivali i Kenges
0:52 Anxhela Peristeri winning performance
1:02 Hashir Shelanu L'Eurovizion
1:43 Set Me Free
1:53 C'est Vous Qui Décidez
2:09 Barbara Pravi performance
2:19 Pabandom Is Naujo
2:52 The Roop winning performance
3:02 Dora
3:38 Albina winning performance
3:48 Melodi Grand Prix
4:24 TIX winning performance
4:34 UMK
5:30 Blind Channel performance
5:40 Destino Eurovision
6:13 Blas Cantó performance
6:23 Eesti Laul
6:50 Uku Suviste performance
7:00 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix
7:19 Fyr og Flamme performance
7:29 Festival da Cancao
8:04 Black Mamba performance
8:14 Festival di Sanremo
8:43 Maneskin performance
8:53 Russia Decides
9:23 Manizha performance
9:33 Melodifestivalen
10:13 Tusse performance
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  • אתה ישראלי נכון?

  • Dora🤩🤩

    tiksa atiksa a5 napja
  • This is how many that think Tusse is goin to win Eurovision 2021🇸🇪👇🏻

    Esther SwedenborgEsther Swedenborg6 napja
  • why does russia have a packed arena with crowd. not good in this times. and why does like every contry hug each other normal and not doing like brofist or corona hug instead.

    Axel Löwenmo Öllsjöskolan 9AAxel Löwenmo Öllsjöskolan 9A7 napja
  • I like Tusse

    Thomas AgingerThomas Aginger14 napja
  • Maybe it's me who's ... stuffy, but I think there were a lot of people who had, pretty much close contact, in a corona year. 😒

    FrueFrue20 napja
  • Serbia and Hurricane girls are the best! Should be winners of Esc 20221!

    Euro fanEuro fan20 napja
  • Tix really is the cutest 🥺❤️

    ‘hanna‘hanna27 napja
  • French winner announcement sounds the most tragic of them all and sounds like a judgement rather than a winner announcement

    RawAirekRawAirek27 napja
  • this many people want to be tix's best friend l l V

    Nerd E RyanNerd E Ryan27 napja
    • @Hikari x Me too♥

      yinloveyangyinloveyang19 napja
    • Im with you 😌

      Hikari xHikari x27 napja
    • idc if no one likes i think tix is the best ✨

      Nerd E RyanNerd E Ryan27 napja
  • Da notare che nella busta gli hanno scritto Maneskin senza l'anello sulla a... e soprattutto Michielin senza la i

    janeyre82janeyre8227 napja
  • And the prize of the best winning moment of 2021 goes to... Tusse!

    Saana TinyroomSaana Tinyroom28 napja
  • we are all here because 9:33

    Igor IgorIgor Igor29 napja
  • i admit tix was not my winner but this was so puure

    everydayeurovisioneverydayeurovision29 napja
  • The way TIX cried is so pure, oh my God💖

    Arija ČepaitytėArija ČepaitytėHónapja
  • ERIC SAADE and NEEV :'(

    Giuseppe MedicoGiuseppe MedicoHónapja
  • Wish my country had a national finals :( It would be so good as the public never get a say in what gets sent to eurovision

    Zoe DoyleZoe DoyleHónapja
    • What country are you from?

  • Blind Channel

    nullen buffehnullen buffehHónapja
  • Can someone explain the Israeli reaction? The girl is performing, but the group of guys were cheering? I'm confused about what happened :(

    Lilly RoseLilly RoseHónapja
    • @MYOOZIK Thank you!

      Lilly RoseLilly RoseHónapja
    • They were choosing which song she will perform and they were the songwriters of the winning song

  • The real winner of Eurovision 2021 is United King Dolls, this show was rigged, it's rig and morris gurl, it's rig and morris

    BrightWin is my lifeBrightWin is my lifeHónapja
    • Are you ok?

  • My Aksel from Finland only managed to finish 5th I want him to perform in ESC !! Please Finland

    Ben’s Variety ChannelBen’s Variety ChannelHónapja
  • Lmao why r so many of these so dry, can u be happy?

    L RL RHónapja
  • Tusses reaction is so precious i swear

    Fuk off SharonFuk off SharonHónapja
  • Sanremo is not a competition to decide who represents Italy at Eurovision. Sanremo is a festival that has nothing to do with Eurovision, in fact the most important music competition in Italy, with a long tradition. Going to Eurovision is optional for the winner.

    Ms VivianMs VivianHónapja
    • Sanremo is the reason, that There is an Event named Eurovision! Sanremo gave the founder of ESC the idea to make a similar event for celebrating european music...

  • I greatly disagree with this year's Italian contestants, this song doesn't represent our trademark style at all and by the way never saw such a scandalous Sanremo final results in years. Not saying I don't like them as a band, but I can't stand the song, after the first minute it gets a tangled loud mess.

    GoodMusicManiac999 ZGoodMusicManiac999 ZHónapja
    • @janeyre82 I was just meaning that this doesn't taste like an Italian song at all. Our music is easily recognized by some kind of melodic arrangement even in the most extreme genres (for example, like in Vision Divine's production). This year's entry just sounds like a song from some Scandinavian metal band. Has no personality for me. May I have the right to express my opinion, or should I have to like it just because I'm Italian?

      GoodMusicManiac999 ZGoodMusicManiac999 Z27 napja
    • Vorrà dire che quando toccherà all'Italia cambierai canale... e avrai risolto tutti i tuoi problemi ;o)

      janeyre82janeyre8227 napja
  • 4:44 as Blind Channel fan this makes me always cry.

  • Soooo... Blind channel wins against aliens in finnish selection ? Bruh... 😶😲

    Thomas PerraudThomas PerraudHónapja
  • I will never be the same after Keiino lose 😞😞

  • I tried to find the winning moments every year but they are not all available. So grateful you made this for us. Hopefully to see the past years, esp. in 2020! 😊

    Dustin aka dtcskDustin aka dtcskHónapja
    • I already looked for the 2020 moments, but for some weird reason, most of them are not available on HUworld anymore :/

  • Dima Bilan reaction got me 😂😂😂

    Ilkana EXO-LIlkana EXO-LHónapja
  • This is EXACTLY the video I needed in my life

    Ahri-rose Elmac // Guitar coversAhri-rose Elmac // Guitar coversHónapja
  • I what year is Albania?1970?

  • 8:55 manizha just facing behind the camera,shaking along to the scores and having fun....then just stops in shocking awe, realizing she had just won the damn thing

    Ryan Joshua CaloRyan Joshua CaloHónapja
  • I'm actually curious about what the original demo of Eden Alene's top three sounded like before her voice was used for the recording

    Ryan Joshua CaloRyan Joshua CaloHónapja
  • 2:30 the second place :( poor guy he want to brofist with the winner

  • Can't believe Little Big is not at this years competition :l

  • lol can i watch the lithuanian selection? Cause i don’t find it :/

    Ariana GrandeAriana GrandeHónapja
  • Im from Denmark and i HATE this song Beautiful is so good

    Elly wollyElly wollyHónapja
  • When tusse hug eric Saade 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Mario IglesiasMario IglesiasHónapja
  • 1:10. Is this Senhit😅?

  • russia was like "corona who?"

    aleksi rajaniemialeksi rajaniemiHónapja
    • Why is everyone surprised by this? Wasn't it normal just a year and a half ago? Ever heard of Sputnik V? Epivac? How quickly you became brainwashed and sheepled, smh.

  • Me very sad KEiiNO lose at MGP

  • I remember laughing at blind channel because the members kept drinking and you could see that some of them were getting a bit tipsy 😂🥂

  • finland gave the world lordi and blind channel thank u from...america

    Faith ThomasFaith ThomasHónapja
  • 9:11 omg guys I found Dima Bilan

  • I was actually pretty upset when Uku showed basically no emotion. Like no need to overly celebrate but something. Like 2 years in a row winning and no emotion. And I'm from Estonia and I think Sissi would've probably cried of happiness as she was already in complete shock when she won jury's voting.

    Grethe GGrethe GHónapja
    • Tbf uku deserved winning because he was robbed of a Eurovision last year

  • Xdd why Denmark song sound little bit lollo and Bernie some song

    Arthur VahlbergArthur VahlbergHónapja
  • 1:37 Sounds like she was parring on beat

    Cut SongsCut SongsHónapja
  • no one is talking about tusse clinging to eric saade and then praying in front of the mamas

  • Tix 😍

    Ludvik RingstadLudvik RingstadHónapja
  • If the Mamas had won in Melodifestivalen, would they have just kept the trophy? That would be funny

    Micky StamMicky StamHónapja
    • Normaly yes, if they win 3 times in a row tho, then they have to hand over the trophy to the one that came last in the final

  • It's sooo nice to look at other countries still doing Nationals, but I'm still glad that The Netherlands stopped doing them. After they did, the entries for Eurovision had gotten so much better.

  • The blind channel celebration is the most finnish thing that I see, no emotions and seriousness hahaha. The worst production, BY FAR, is the spanish one.

    Sebastián Perez PizarroSebastián Perez PizarroHónapja

    J MJ MHónapja
  • Tix was my absolute favorite winning moment. I cried and was happy at the same time with him. ❤️ So unexpected, yet so precious. Okay, who am I lying to... I had a gut feeling he will win. And I was right. ❤️

  • *A video i didn’t know i needed*

  • One bad experience after another.

    Honza SakHonza SakHónapja
  • Måneskin👏🏻❤️🥰 Damiano ma boy 🥲🥺❤️

    Полина ОтиноваПолина ОтиноваHónapja
  • Honestly, my favourite song that one from a national final is Denmark’s, it’s my 2nd, and I think they were just so happy that they were able to win.

    Rian RaviRian RaviHónapja
  • These reactions are so heart warming.

    Sir SteviaSir SteviaHónapja
  • I likr how Joel was just laughing after Blind Channel won. Like "We were worried and turns out this wasn't even a competition😂😅"

    Sir SteviaSir SteviaHónapja
    • They social distanced

  • This is amazing I finally found a vid like this! Well done bro!

    ESC LanceESC LanceHónapja
  • The worst moment was when tix won wbk.

    idk lmaoidk lmaoHónapja
    • @idk lmao My anxiety makes it so that I don't sleep at night, but thanks for the concern.

    • @SaveMeMoon ok, whatever makes you sleep at night.

      idk lmaoidk lmaoHónapja
    • @idk lmao They called you out on being toxic and entitled. If you think that anyone who ever calls someone out is being sensitive then you sound like you have a lot of growing to do as a person.

    • @ESCxIVY SK omfg y'all are so sensitive 🥺🥺 go cry

      idk lmaoidk lmaoHónapja
    • No it wasnt. Jesus Christ, get over it. At least for a second 🤦🏼‍♀️ He was genuinely surprised and happy that he won. This video is about happy moments, take your toxicity somewhere else.

  • Are you gonna make vids like this for previous years?

    • I tried to find the clips from 2020 the other day but most of them are not on HUworld anymore unfortunately :/ but I will probably do this every year from now on

  • This is such a sweet video! Thanks for making it ♥

  • Uku's selebrating (Estonia) was so bad.... Like he hated it.

  • Some of these national selections look like they were filmed on potatoes 😂😂❤️

    Steven's LifestyleSteven's LifestyleHónapja
    • They took the idea from Belarus.

      Benjamin TičBenjamin TičHónapja
    • Spain TV quality is bad

      Hermenegildo CHermenegildo CHónapja
  • Blind channel winning UMK was happiest moment of my life❤️🖤

    Suvi TöröSuvi TöröHónapja
    • Biggest crime in history if Finland doesn't qualify man...

      realgabriel dcrealgabriel dcHónapja
  • Watching this I'm so damn happy that Albina won. Damn Nina seemed so arrogant and evvy..

  • Great video!You should consider doing this thing next year again.

    ESC PavloESC PavloHónapja
    • I definitely will!

  • This video is the best video of 2021😭 This NF season was so legendary! Thanks for making this. Its so beautiful and it legit made me cry😂😭❤️

    El ElEl ElHónapja
    • I’m so glad you like it 🥺❤️

  • måneskin and tusses reactions are my favourites by far, I've never seen someone show such pure unfiltered joy as tusse did, and eric was so supportive and happy for him too! and i chuckled when he just went "oooh shit, what the hell is happening" before his winning performance :') and måneskin, god, you could tell how happy they were too ! blind channel is brilliant as well, looking at how shocked everyone who sat behind them were was amazing

    Freya SchenbergFreya SchenbergHónapja
  • Song' of singer from.SPAIN 👍

  • Amazing video!

    A BA BHónapja
  • I love seeing happy people 😊

    Mirror OnthewallMirror OnthewallHónapja
  • I gotta say now afterwards this year every national final managed to choose a deserved winner. My personal favourite didn't win in every final, but still a reasonable winner won. Even Portugal, even though I think Neev was 1000 times better, I appreciate them for doing their thing and bringing some diversity. Congratulations to everyone you should be proud of yourselves!

    Liam TLiam THónapja
  • Måneskin 's reactions are so pure, I love them so much. And Tusse was so excited and let out all his feelings, amazing boy

    covergirl XOcovergirl XOHónapja
  • Love this kind of video! More please......

  • Barbara Pravi, The Roop, Albina and Blind Channel are the Best!!! All in my top 10!!!!

  • Rip ben and tan!!

    Nathan van den BoschNathan van den BoschHónapja
  • Wow I understood Croatian, I’m Russian

    Ksenia KiseniaKsenia KiseniaHónapja
    • I didnt understand the Russian even though im Croatian because they were too happy Manizha won so I didnt understand the Russian even though its a slavic language just like Croatian

      Rafael SabicRafael SabicHónapja
  • Barbara Pravi 🇨🇵❤️🤞

    Patrick MrowczynskiPatrick MrowczynskiHónapja
  • Manizha: 👑👑👑👑👑

    Teddy TeTéTeddy TeTéHónapja
  • Most of the winners of national finals sucked anyway

    Teddy TeTéTeddy TeTéHónapja
    • @Vic Symons i do suck yeah

      Teddy TeTéTeddy TeTé5 napja
    • And you?

      Vic SymonsVic Symons5 napja
    • @BalonikTV - Telewizja Gwiazd it was to be expected tho :(

      Teddy TeTéTeddy TeTéHónapja
    • Totally agree. Very bad choices this year!!

      BalonikTV - Telewizja GwiazdBalonikTV - Telewizja GwiazdHónapja
    • @Milan Migi taste

      Teddy TeTéTeddy TeTéHónapja
  • Uku lmao😭

    Carola TarsCarola TarsHónapja
  • "Russia decides" is a fake name. Russia simply had a national selection without a name

    MLP Tim CollectorMLP Tim CollectorHónapja
    • ​@Uldis Žukovskis hah but i voted for her

    • In the TV program the name was "Eurovision 2021. National selection. Live". Also on the website of Channel One (russian broadcaster) national selection was called "national voting". The word "decides" was not mentioned. anywhere.

      MLP Tim CollectorMLP Tim CollectorHónapja
    • they decided artist and song without vote, show was just to show off

      Uldis ŽukovskisUldis ŽukovskisHónapja
  • Feeling sad for Eden Alene :( she wanted Ue La La or La La Love and she got the ONLY ONE she didn't like

    ESC AdilESC AdilHónapja
    • @ESCxIVY SK in the carpool she enjoyed Ue La La ... Even if she said she didn't like it before . When revamp came she started to like it more and more

      ESC AdilESC Adil11 napja
    • How do you know she enjoys Set Me Free now more, when she hasnt even performed it yet. And she liked “La la love” the most, just watch her singing this one in carpool karaoke and compare it to other 2.

    • @Sir Stevia she enjoyed 0 set me free before revamp and she said her favorites were La La Love and Ue La La, and she would be happy if any of both won

      ESC AdilESC AdilHónapja
    • That's not true... where did you get that from? Her favorite was La La Love, she likes Set Me Free (Much more post revamp) and she stated she hated Ue La La when she first heard it. She said she grew to like the song somewhat but does not think it suits her at all and she said she found 0 meaning it unlike the other two songs.

      Sir SteviaSir SteviaHónapja
    • @TomTom ESC true, she feels MUCH MORE confortable with this version

      ESC AdilESC AdilHónapja
  • This is painful every single one ahah maybe it got better going through though, So many favourites missing out but nice reactions

    Jake MasonJake MasonHónapja
  • Regardless what happens in ESC, all these acts have already won. Good for them!

    Ada SAda SHónapja

    Loak LoikLoak LoikHónapja
  • Poor TIX didn't even believe that he would win and he said that from the moment he got in the final 4 acts he was crying all the time...😭 He even put a bet on Keiino's win and he lost a lot of money because of that 😂 He was so emotional when he got the trophy...😭 I am rooting for him, I am wishing him the best 💙 PS. Haters if you hate the song just don't listen to it. But stop leaving hate comments. It's unkind and disrespectful. Please stop 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Mariette Τ.Mariette Τ.Hónapja
    • ​@Teddy TeTé There's something called Russe sanger. To understand what it is, you have to grow up in Norway. These songs are always sung in Norwegian and should not be translated. Unfortunately, there are some that are translated, and then, there are such comments, which I can read down the page here, regarding TIX. I have sung such songs, my parents have sung such songs, my grandparents have sung such songs, etc. These songs belong to the Russe concept and it is completely wrong when they are taken out of their concept. Russ is an old transition ritual most of us Norwegians go through, when we are 18/19 years old. Or ... three weeks of community-accepted drunken party (before exams). It's just nonsense, and say that TIX should apologize for these songs. He is not alone in making such songs to order. As a woman, I have sung rather grim songs about the man. For example, I will ride you until you bleed, or criticize the equipment, or ridicule the little you have, so you can just forget, am I a whores or am I a cocktease, or invite you to be my sex slave if you are well equipped and have a nice body. After three weeks, you are bored, sex, alcohol, songs and silly knots (knots are something we collect during the Russe era). It was fun ... the little I remember, and then it's only once in my life.

      FrueFrue21 napja
    • @Teddy TeTé triggered kid talking bs xD sit down for real

    • Giiiiirl, I was crying and laughing like a lunatic at that moment, while my friend was sitting there like 😨, totally shook, I was just going in circles repeating “HE MADE IT.. HE FCKNG MADE IT. OH MY GAWD HE MADE IT.” ❤️

    • @Teddy TeTé did he? Which song then? 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • He still didn't deserve to win.

      idk lmaoidk lmaoHónapja
  • Maneskin are the best, amazingly talented and spectacular, good luck!!!

    Ksenia LimKsenia LimHónapja
    • @VAT JON nice. i’m british. måneskin is an italian band but the name is in danish because one of the band members are danish.

      OllyOlly26 napja
    • Im norwegian

      VAT JONVAT JON26 napja
    • @VAT JON not everybody can type dk/se/no orthography, i can, but pc users can’t. DK/NO/SE [å/ø/æ/ö/ä]

    • YOU mean MÅNESKIN

      VAT JONVAT JONHónapja
  • A video like this should be made every year! It’s so nice to see this moments of joy

    Lorenzo CelliLorenzo CelliHónapja
    • Absolutely Agree

      Dan FrostDan Frost12 napja
    • @Coasteryaris I'll see if I do one! But since this video is getting a lot of views, I might do it :) also feel free to still make the video, there can be multiple versions of videos

    • (wait damit i had the idea of all qualification moments) anyway great video can you please make one for 2020

    • @Lorenzo Celli at the risk of someone stealing this, I'm thinking of also making a recap of all qualificiation moments/12 points, although I think similar videos already exist. Yeah but I'll probably do it anyways if it's possible without getting taken down for copyright reasons :)

    • @MYOOZIK I’ve never seen a recap of winning moments in national selections, it’s a really great idea!

      Lorenzo CelliLorenzo CelliHónapja
  • I didn't know Israel had a show.

    ArvinRoido AtienzaArvinRoido AtienzaHónapja
    • @ESC Adil Well at least Spain had. But people didnt watch it much.

      ArvinRoido AtienzaArvinRoido AtienzaHónapja
    • They had but there was no performances ( I wish we had )

      ESC AdilESC AdilHónapja
  • Barbara the best🧡

    Darkness Inside meDarkness Inside meHónapja
  • the best winning performance for me is actually Tusse's. he was literally enjoying himself so much and was legit full of energy during it

    • But what about corona😬

      Sir JaxSir JaxHónapja
    • Yeah. He and The Mamas (last year) didn’t look overconfident, which is the thing I hate the most of Swedish acts (they can be good, but they enter the competition as if they are already front runners).

      JuD R*2JuD R*2Hónapja
    • Yeah when it started I cracked up as he said ”Oh shit!”

      ESC EnthusiastESC EnthusiastHónapja
  • Uku be like: What a suprise lol

    Anett KruusAnett KruusHónapja
    • @MYOOZIK did YOU watched full eesti laul

    • @MYOOZIK its just he won 2. Times in a row I thin that was ole tehing of him

    • I got mad at him ngl, i was like: BRUH BE HAPPY THAT YOU WON, IF I WON I WOULD CRY FOR AGES BC I WOULD BE SO HAPPY lol

      Fuk off SharonFuk off SharonHónapja
    • @Edita Glambaitė I guess it's a cultural thing, I didn't get that impression from him at all.

      Adam TidemanAdam TidemanHónapja
    • @Adam Tideman and by doing that he looked even more arrogant

      Edita GlambaitėEdita GlambaitėHónapja
  • The Mamas ❤

    Fabian Molina OberhandFabian Molina OberhandHónapja
  • The Mamas and Tusse celebrating his victory together and honoring each other gives me so much goosebumps

    J vdhJ vdhHónapja
    • is your comment positive or negative?

      FoxforchFoxforch13 napja
    • @Sir Jax You should trust that appropriate precautions were in place. Even if we can't hug whoever we want, at least let us see some emotions flowing on TV.

      Eyvind SommerfeltEyvind Sommerfelt22 napja
    • But what about corona😬

      Sir JaxSir JaxHónapja
    • I'm glad they came back somewhat! Even if its not their own song

      Chad GamesChad GamesHónapja
  • I really like this video... thank you so much!

    Katia D.Katia D.Hónapja