Eurovision 2021: Head of Contest Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen on SF running order and live-on-tape

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Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen - the Head of Contest for Eurovision 2021 - has a lot of responsibilities. He tells our Renske about some of them, including helping participating delegations bring their stage shows to life within the bounds of what's possible. He also discusses the live-on-tape back-up recordings process and how countries had the flexibility to record them whenever they chose (apparently Portugal's The Black Mamba did their recording immediately after their national final - at 2am! - after cleaning the stage.) Twan says the semi-final running order has been decided, and that he is now waiting for final approval from the EBU. The meeting to decide the running order included eight people, including the Head of Show, multi-cam directors, someone from the technical production team and other executives. His team also used input from each country about the difficulties they may face on stage and the ideas they hope to convey. It's a lot to take in and we are so glad he told us all about it.
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  • Will the public be allowed on this year contest?

    Magda LenaMagda LenaHónapja
  • Will there be press conferences this year?

  • take a shot every time renske says i can imagine lol

  • So how about Belarus? Are they competing this year?

    Darren FransDarren FransHónapja
    • @D-Luc-D yup, I just saw it

      Darren FransDarren FransHónapja
    • @D-Luc-D woops

      מתן פינקמתן פינקHónapja
    • Nope, just been announced their 2nd submission also broke the rules

    • Probably. The deadline for them is April 1st so we will know by then.

      מתן פינקמתן פינקHónapja
  • Great interview

    Mikey MataMikey MataHónapja
    • Agreed!

      C ChristoforouC ChristoforouHónapja
  • What is that what’s happening?

    Gledi G GlediGledi G GlediHónapja
    • The head of contest - who decides everything from running order to the look and feel of the individual acts -- discusses his very important role and where they are at in the process.

  • I read the name in the thumbnail thinking it was actually some word in an unknown language XD

    Lorenzo CelliLorenzo CelliHónapja
  • Will we get the running order today or is this just an explanation on how they decide?

    Sir SteviaSir SteviaHónapja
    • @wiwibloggs and More or less When is the reveal?

      ESC ÁlvaroESC ÁlvaroHónapja
    • @wiwibloggs Awesome, thanks!

      Sir SteviaSir SteviaHónapja
    • He discusses the process and also gives an estimated timeframe for the reveal

    • I'm guessing it will be revealed in the next few days, since based on previous years it has always been revealed in the beginning of April

      Alexander GunnarssonAlexander GunnarssonHónapja