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Albania: Anxhela Peristeri - Karma
Australia: Montaigne - Technicolour
Austria: Vincent Bueno - Amen
Azerbaijan: Samira Efendi - Mata Hari
the BTRC broadcaster: Galasy ZMesta
Belgium: Hooverphonic - The Wrong Place
Bulgaria: Victoria - Growing up is getting old
Croatia: Albina - Tick-Tock
Cyprus: Elena Tsagrinou - El Diablo
Czech Republic: Benny Cristo - Omaga
Denmark: Fyr & Flamme - Øve Os På Hinande
Estonia: Uku Suviste - The Lucky One
Finland: Blind Channel - Dark Side
France: Barbara Pravi - Voilà
Georgia: Tornike Kipiani - You
Germany: Jendrik Sigwart - I don't feel hate
Greece: Stefania - Last Dance
Iceland: Daði og Gagnamagnið - 10 years
Ireland: Lesley Roy - Maps
Israel: Eden Alene - Set me free
Italy: Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni
Latvia: Samanta Tīna - The Moon Is Rising
Lithuania: The Roop - Discoteque
Malta: Destiny Chukunyere - Je Ma Casse
Moldova: Natalia Gordienko - Sugar
Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy - Birth of a New Age
North Macedonia: Vasil - Here I stand
Norway: TIX - Fallen Angel
Poland: RAFAŁ - The Ride
Portugal: The Black Mamba - Love Is on My Side
Romania: Roxen - Amnesia
Russia: Manizha - Russian Woman
San Marino: Senhit - Adrenalina
Serbia: Hurricane - LOCO LOCO
Slovenia: Ana Soklič - Amen
Spain: Blas Cantó - Voy a Quedarme
Sweden: Tusse - Voices
Switzerland: Gjon's Tears - Tout l’Univers
Ukraine: Go_A - Shum
United Kingdom: James Newman - Embers
2000 - Denmark: The Olsen Brothers - Fly on the wings of love
2001 - Estonia: Tanel Padar & Dave Benton - Everybody
2002 - Latvia: Marie N - I wanna
2003 - Turkey: Sertab Erener - Everyway that I can
2004 - Ukraine: Ruslana - Wild Dances
2005 - Greece: Helena Paparizou - My Number One
2006 - Finland: Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah
2007 - Serbia: Marija Šerifović - Molitva
2008 - Russia: Dima Bilan - Believe
2009 - Norway: Alexander Rybak - Fairytale
2010 - Germany: Lena - Satellite
2011 - Azerbaijan: Ell & Nikki - Running Scared
2012 - Sweden: Loreen - Euphoria
2013 - Denmark: Emmelie De Forest - Only Teardrops
2014 - Austria: Conchita Wurst - Rise Like a Phoenix
2015 - Sweden: Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes
2016 - Ukraine: Jamala - 1944
2017 - Portugal: Salvador Sobral - Amar Pelos Dois
2018 - Israel: Netta - Toy
2019 - The Netherlands: Duncan Laurence - Arcade
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    Misja EurowizjaMisja EurowizjaHónapja

    - S Q U I D -- S Q U I D -2 napja
  • I love Lithuania

    Marijona SaldauskieneMarijona Saldauskiene4 napja
  • KEiiNO :(

    Sara AlonsoSara Alonso12 napja
  • “the BTRC broadcaster” instead of Belarus omg I live for that

    Buster NutsBuster Nuts13 napja
  • Eric Saade could win the Eurovision this year.

    Tasos KonstantinidisTasos Konstantinidis20 napja
  • So sad Ermal Meta won’t be with us again this Eurovision😢

    Nina gbcNina gbc23 napja
  • Technically Eleni was also offered but she turned down to the offer because she didn't want to sing in the current pandemic state.

    MiSO is my religionMiSO is my religion25 napja
  • some of these are just mind blowing

    Aurimas MisiūnasAurimas Misiūnas25 napja
  • So Estonia has Juri Pootsmann and they send Uku Suviste !?!? I am confusion

    Damien LecomteDamien Lecomte28 napja
  • Nina, Croatia 🤩😵

    Black trackBlack track28 napja
  • How could I miss this wonderful video?!!!??? 🙃😣🥳🤩

    Cassandra Rodén ft From Russia With MetalheadsCassandra Rodén ft From Russia With MetalheadsHónapja
  • please Keiino, come another time to esc!!!

    Meiline DantasMeiline DantasHónapja
  • John Lundvick HAS to came another time, he is absolutely spetacular!!

    Meiline DantasMeiline DantasHónapja
  • I'm still so devastated that keiino didn't win the national final :( they could've won eurovision this year

    Lemoni JapharyLemoni JapharyHónapja
  • Juri’s voice in 2016 📉, Juri’s voice in 2021 📈

    Julie NJulie NHónapja
  • But in the end.... they didn't or at least some of em.

  • Jüri Pootsmann should've represented Estonia

    Roenie RoeRoenie RoeHónapja
  • Me when KEiiNO lost: :( Me when I realised TiX exists: :)

  • I am still sad about Keiino... they were one of my favorites in the competition this year... BUT it's such a typical Norwegian move to choose someone that is popular IN the country. I mean, TIX is a great guy, but my God I really don't like his music.

  • i really like aksel, sad he couldn't come back again this year :(

    Zuzanna StasiakZuzanna StasiakHónapja
  • Thank you for making this video :)

    Martin FjellangerMartin FjellangerHónapja
  • Francesca looks so different...

  • It would be interesting with a lost of songwriters, which songwriters who have returned year after year with songs for different countries (and also songwriters who wanted to return).

    Åsa SÅsa SHónapja
  • Where's Russia though? Dima Bilan participated in the nationals after winning Eurovision 2008, too

    Zoe MeZoe MeHónapja
    • It looks like the title has been changed since I wrote this comment. I don't remember "Eurovision 2021" in it

      Zoe MeZoe Me28 napja
    • this year? It's for 2021

      What EverWhat Ever28 napja
  • 9:10 did they say "Take it in the @ss" or am I just tripping?

    Black DragonBlack DragonHónapja
  • I love the “too late for love” The mamas (ft. John lundvik)

  • Aksel 😔

  • Title: most artist who wanted return *estonia joined chat*

  • in the history of esc there is a lot artist return in the contest for the second time For Italy we have Albano and Romina Power esc 1976 1985 For Romania Paula Seling and Ovi esc 2010 2014 For Norway Anita Skorgan esc 1977 1979 For France Anne Marie David for Luxemburg 1973 and 1979 for France and many lot of artist 🙋‍♀️🇮🇹

    Elisabetta BasiliElisabetta BasiliHónapja
    • @F Perz And for Italy have Massimo Ranieri esc 1971 and 1973 Mia Martini esc 1977 and 1992 for Austria Gary Lux for three time for Germany Mary Roos esc 1971 and 1984 for uk Cliff Richards esc 1967 and 1973 Ireen Sheer esc 1974 and 1985 for Luxemburg and 1978 for Germay 🙋‍♀️🇮🇹

      Elisabetta BasiliElisabetta BasiliHónapja
    • Other names that came to my mind: Israel - Dana International, Germany - Lena (twice in a row), Turkey - Sebnem Paker (again, twice in a row), Norway - Alexander Rybak, Elisabeth Andreassen (4 times 😳😳😳), Sweden - Charlotte Perrelli, Carola (3 times), Serbia - Zeljko Joksimovic, Nevena Bozovic (+ 1 Jesc), North Macedonia - Tamara Todevska, Kaliopi, Ireland - Johnny Logan, Niamh Kavanagh, Linda Martin (all winners, Logan twice a winner), Jedward (twice in a row), Malta - Chiara (3 times), Ira Losco, Bosnia - Dino Merlin, Russia - Dima Bilan, Moldova - Natalia Gordienko, Sunstroke Project, Greece - Anna Vissi, Helena Paparizou, Cyprus - Evridiki (3 times), Italy - Domenico Modugno.

      F PerzF PerzHónapja
  • Keiino

    Tova SöderbergTova SöderbergHónapja
  • Is it just me or every single Estonian performer wanted to come back

    Robert ČepoRobert ČepoHónapja
  • Charlotte Perrelli queen. should have represented sweden this year...

    LLight UwULLight UwUHónapja
  • You missed Danny. He has tried at least ~10 times

    • @Mellud :D No, I meant Danny from Finland

    • If you mean Danny from Sweden then he shouldn’t be on this list. Why? because he has never been in eurovision, he came 2nd 2 times (2011 and 2012) in the national selection (Melodifestivalen)

      Mellud :DMellud :DHónapja
  • Charlotte Perrelli is a legend

    Lil JezinLil JezinHónapja
  • I like to watch Melodifestivalen. I think Arvingarna try their chances in Melodifestivalen I don’t know. I feel like I seeing them every year in Melodifestivalen 😅 Still I feel sorry for Keiino and Eric Saade.

  • Danny from Finland?

    Lentävä HollantilainenLentävä HollantilainenHónapja
    • @Misja Eurowizja Ok, i thought he's been in Eurovision

      Lentävä HollantilainenLentävä HollantilainenHónapja
    • Danny has never been in Eurovision

      Misja EurowizjaMisja EurowizjaHónapja
  • Both Keiino and Nina Kraljic deserved to return. Maybe Koit Toome as well. Aksel was underrated 2020, but sadly tried to return with a song that was not as good, with predictable results.

    Lukas JohanssonLukas JohanssonHónapja
  • Technically Sanremo artists are there for Sanremo not Eurovision

  • a cabinet of horrors....

    Marcus PykaMarcus PykaHónapja
  • Ermal, Keiino and Eric ♥️

    S PS PHónapja
  • Keiino 😥😥

    Laurien MaasLaurien MaasHónapja
  • when did jüri got so hot?

  • The one who wants to return the most is Alicja.

    Ziv LauZiv LauHónapja
  • Where's Francesco Ganbani, Loreen.. a lot wanted to come back

    Deep ❶Deep ❶Hónapja
  • Keiino and Eric Sante...:( those are crimes...they should have won

    Peter ArPeter ArHónapja
  • Juri from Estonia is now 5 years older than his Eurovision appearance but looks 5 years younger.

  • The Mamas featuring John Lundvik 😂 Damn Right! Queens❣️

    Lisa LehtoLisa LehtoHónapja
  • Bean and tan had also sent in a song but was declined because “Denmark doesn’t wanna pay for another Eurovision” iron heart was great

    Your favorite flowerYour favorite flowerHónapja
    • anything to prevent another "green-conscious" boatyard for an arena >.

      Shawn PutnamShawn PutnamHónapja
  • Monument and Still Young my faves!

    Natalia SilvanNatalia SilvanHónapja
  • you forgot Serbia brunette girl form Hurricane was on ESC 2017 i think Sanja Vucic

  • Jüri Poostnamm should've been representing Estonia again. The currently Estonian song is TERRIBLE. Juri would've representing much better. Magus Melanhoolia is iconic.

    Kadü van StelselKadü van StelselHónapja
    • Wut the lucky one isnt that bad?!

      EST0NIAEST0NIA5 napja
    • the SONG was excellent.. Juri does seem to have an issue with staying on tune in live performances tho.. that's what killed in in Stockholm :(

      Shawn PutnamShawn PutnamHónapja
  • Does Mike Tramp have the record of the longest time between two appearances? :)

  • Super pomysł na film

  • 60% of the list is just Estonia loooool :p

  • Portugal and Albania always accept in their own contests only new participants. That is so sad because everyone from them is „one song known” singer.

    Michał DMichał DHónapja
  • Not The Mamas feat. John😂😂

    J TJ THónapja
  • Too late for love - The Mamas (ft. sad John's face)

    kuba karlińskikuba karlińskiHónapja
  • Eurovision artists who wanted to return: Estonia: Yes

  • Why no live version for Italy?

  • I really want to see Eric again :(

    Hoàng Thuỳnh LýHoàng Thuỳnh LýHónapja
  • Not sending Keiino was a crime Norway...

    Milou OhánovitsMilou OhánovitsHónapja
  • Francesca michielin got 2nd place in san remo twice

    Manuelita GuidoManuelita GuidoHónapja
  • Chiamami per nome should have won

    ESC RaphESC RaphHónapja
  • Vilija needs a redemption 🙏

    Jose UribeJose UribeHónapja
  • Where is senhit from san marino se participate in Eurovision 2011 with the song here i stand 2020 with song freaky and 2021 with song adrenaline

    Ioannis LagiosIoannis LagiosHónapja
    • yeah I apprecaite this effort but is missing some major ones.. maybe he didnt want it longer.

      Shawn PutnamShawn PutnamHónapja
  • The title is original, I liked it! :)

    Antonio NowsAntonio NowsHónapja
  • Where is Romania???🇷🇴🤔

    andrei russeandrei russeHónapja
  • 1:50 - This is almost perfect transition lol

    Modern MoonlightModern MoonlightHónapja
    • lol XD

      Mario IglesiasMario IglesiasHónapja
  • Keiino was the greatest ESC robbery of all time, Norway really didn’t want to win this year huh?

    Eclipse HighrollerEclipse HighrollerHónapja
  • So... Eesti Laul was basically a come-back-edition this year or is it every year like that?

    A DA DHónapja
    • I hope Elina Nechayeva comes back!!! 🤩✨👑

      Cassandra Rodén ft From Russia With MetalheadsCassandra Rodén ft From Russia With MetalheadsHónapja
    • There's some every year, just this year there were a few more than usual. Our pool of artists isn't as big when compared to some other countries. Fun fact, this year's competitors also included Kaire Vilgats and Dagmar Oja (as Suured Tüdrukud) who've competed in Eurovision as backing singers six or seven times each, and Sissi who's the daughter of Dave Benton who won the entire competition in 2001

      Marta OraMarta OraHónapja
    • yeah, my country doesn’t really have a lot of singers and the comeback-ers know that they have crazy and stupid fans who would vote for them no matter what (im talking about uku suviste mostly), this year somehow there were more comebackers than usually, unfortunetly my country chose uku suviste🥲🤚

      Lenna VildersenLenna VildersenHónapja
    • Well for a country of 1.3 million people it's hard to produce a bunch of artists that would be competitive enough.

  • Technically you should add Ben & Tan, as they submitted a song for DMGP, so they *wanted* to return. Sadly threir song did not get in the NF

    Rick JanssenRick JanssenHónapja

    Maxence the EAGLEMaxence the EAGLEHónapja
    • lost both times to Bands.. dammit LOL

      Shawn PutnamShawn PutnamHónapja
  • Keiino so good

    Maxence the EAGLEMaxence the EAGLEHónapja
  • Imagine Laura competing for Finladn and Koit Toome competing for Estonia in 2021

    Eneko MEneko MHónapja
    • @SuperJNG18 Wow, I didn't knew that

      Eneko MEneko MHónapja
    • Would've been like Elisabeth Andreassen and Kikki Danielson in '85 - competed together for the same country, returned for different countries the same year.

  • Ben & Tan?

    • They didn’t actually get into the 2021 NF

      esc nnsesc nnsHónapja
  • 2010 - Turkey is the winner 2021 - KEiiNO is the winner Me: So we're having not only fights for the ESC winner, we'll have for NF as well. Amazing.

    Dzastin 0713Dzastin 0713Hónapja
    • Same!

      Griffinclaw nGriffinclaw nHónapja
  • Keiino :(

    Craig BlackCraig BlackHónapja
  • ermal meta & francesca michelin. ❤️🤍💚

  • Its sad how Charlotte Pirelli has ruined herself with all those plastic surgeries. She was very pretty in 1999, now she looks like a sex doll. I prefer the Mama's song this year to 2020.

    Music Uploads Here, There and EVERYWHEREMusic Uploads Here, There and EVERYWHEREHónapja
    • in 1999 she was 24 years old.

      Dara SullenDara SullenHónapja
  • Note: Evelina Sašenko would be here if she didn't withdraw.

  • Keiino (love them so much, my 1st in 2019) and juri 💖💖

    Xandra AleXandra AleHónapja
    • @Hendripendri But I still liked the song

      Xandra AleXandra AleHónapja
    • Jüris vocals sucked lol

  • Such a shame we didn't send Eric Saade...

    • seriously. I actually wanted something else more, but Tusse .. man that song is SOOO cheesy and unoriginal. I think he'll be lucky to qualify at this point. Might be fairly low in final anyway.

      Shawn PutnamShawn PutnamHónapja
  • In The Middle is better then Move...

    Milan MigiMilan MigiHónapja
  • Eric and Jüri 🧡

    Daniel PirozhkovDaniel PirozhkovHónapja
  • Still sad that Eric didn’t win 😔🇸🇪

    Emo TrashEmo TrashHónapja
    • omg same profile picture!!

      ledi monaledi monaHónapja
  • Dziękuję za ten filmik!! Tak ubolewam że nie zobaczymy Niny, Franceski I przede wszystkim KEIINO ponownie w tym roku. :(

    Kacper KiragaKacper KiragaHónapja
  • I'd love The Mamas to be Tusse's backing vocalists at Eurovision 😍 But it wont happen I know

    • You have so right!!! What a Combination that would have been!!! 🥳✨👑😎🦄

      Cassandra Rodén ft From Russia With MetalheadsCassandra Rodén ft From Russia With MetalheadsHónapja
  • It could've been Oslo 2022 with Keiino but now idk if they can qualify

    Jovan MatoskiJovan MatoskiHónapja
    • @DELTA nah lithuania deserves it, they have been ripped off last year

    • Even though KEiiNO wasn't chosen I believe Norway should win this year.

    • 2011 2016 2021 ????

      Mark iOSMark iOSHónapja
    • They would have 100% qualified and finished in the Top 5!!

    • They can

  • How many ESC artist do you want this year? Estonia: giv' 'em all!

  • Norway didn't want to win...

    Sara 1207Sara 1207Hónapja
  • Great lost for Eric Saade is out. Loved his song this year, even better than popular.

    • @ESC cranberry sorry didn't notice the misspelling, corrected now.

    • Eric Salad 🤣

      ESC cranberryESC cranberryHónapja
  • Actually Suured tüdrukud from Estonia have been backing vocalists for many estonian eurovision songs, so they kinda count too.

    • Not as main artist

  • My favourite wasn't Monument but Norway literally said no to winning

    Y RavenclawY RavenclawHónapja
    • @Y Ravenclaw hdym lordi won in 2006 with hard rock halleluja

    • Even if Monument wasn't the best (I loved Monument honestly and Hero close 2nd), we can all agree that the weakest song of all MGP won

      Dorienne GrechDorienne GrechHónapja
    • @Dimidrugg In my opinion they are completely different, and "Monument" also a lot better😁 I never actually liked "Spirit in the sky" that much. Pretty sure they would've won this year aswell 😔

      Hans Marius ØyenHans Marius ØyenHónapja
    • Many songs robbed in mgp!

      Griffinclaw nGriffinclaw nHónapja
    • Monument wasn’t winning ESC. Def a top 10 maybe top 5

  • Nina and Juri ❤❤

    super banane nightcoresuper banane nightcoreHónapja
  • You should put there Ben&Tan. They also wanted to come back but Denmark rejected them..

    • @cmcn she said she was joking when she said that she will maybe participate

      ESC IvetaESC IvetaHónapja
    • ZENA applied for Belarus, but they chose expulsion

  • Keiino should have won instead of that guy. Monument song is EPIC, 100x better than that guy song. 🙄

    Rendy Samuel AmbaritaRendy Samuel AmbaritaHónapja
  • Ben and Tan technically also wanted to return, but stupidly weren’t selected to compete

    No NameNo NameHónapja
    • Still think Fyr and Flamme could’ve won. They’re pretty popular here

      JeppeJeppe10 napja
    • @jlhabitan50 who are you to judge that!? Quit being so arrogant and just enjoy the song

      No NameNo Name25 napja
    • @No Name Doesn't count, sadly for you.

      jlhabitan50jlhabitan5025 napja
    • @Hendripendri 100% Gatekeeping.

      Eternal MidnightEternal Midnight27 napja
    • Hendripendri Just because they don’t know something doesn’t mean that they aren’t a real fan

      Drawing a stickmanDrawing a stickman28 napja
  • Jessica Andersson ❤️

    Yesenia SandovalYesenia SandovalHónapja
  • Norway with KEiiNO will have big chances to win esc 2021 but Norway choose to didn't qualify to final...

    Mateusz GołębiowskiMateusz GołębiowskiHónapja
    • The songs isn't that strong, but I really like Keiino

      Elisama Carneiro FragosoElisama Carneiro FragosoHónapja
    • KEiiNO are not that good, really overrated actually...

      Laura ČorićLaura ČorićHónapja
    • Their song is a guilty please ngl