Eurovision 2021 - All Singers by Age (from oldest to youngest) with full names

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Hey everyone! It's a top 43 of all singers in the Eurovision Song Contest by their age. I tried to make this top as detailed as it possible, there're dates of birth, real full names and ages at the moment. Who is youngest participant of the Eurovision 2021. And oldest? Let's see!
Participants this year:
Albania - Anxhela Peristeri - Karma
Israel - Eden Alene - Set Me Free
France - Barbara Pravi - Voilà
Ukraine - Go A - Shum (Go_A - ШУМ)
Lithuania - The Roop - Discoteque (The Roop - Discotheque)
Croatia - Albina - Tick-Tock
Benny Cristo - Omaga
Blind Channel - Dark Side
Tix - Fallen Angel
Blas Cantó - Voy a quedarme
Cyprus - Elena Tsagrinou - El Diablo
Germany - Jendrik - I Don't Feel Hate
Ireland - Lesley Roy - Maps
Belgium - Hooverphonic - The Wrong Place
Romania - Roxen - Amnesia
Netherlands - Jeangu Macrooy - Birth of a New Age
Moldova - Natalia Gordienko - Sugar
Australia - Montaigne - Technicolour
Serbia - Hurricane - Loco Loco
Estonia - Uku Suviste - The Lucky One
Denmark - Fyr & Flamme - Øve os på hinanden
Portugal - The Black Mamba - Love Is on My Side
Italy - Måneskin - Zitti e buoni
San Marino - Senhit - Adrenalina
Russia - Manizha - Russian Woman / Манижа - Русская Женщина
Belarus - Galasy ZMesta - Ya nauchu tebya (I'll Teach You) / Голоса с места - Я научу тебя
Austria - Vincent Bueno - Amen
Switzerland - Gjon's Tears - Tout l'univers
Greece - Stefania - Last Dance
Bulgaria - VICTORIA - Growing Up Is Getting Old
United Kingdom - James Newman - Embers
North Macedonia - Vasil - Here I Stand
Poland - Rafał Brzozowski - The Ride (Rafał The Ride)
Latvia - Samanta Tina - The Moon Is Rising
Sweden - Tusse - Voices
Iceland - Daði og Gagnamagnið - 10 Years (Dadi Freyr - 10 Years, Daði Freyr 10 Years)
Azerbaijan - Efendi - Mata Hari
Georgia - Tornike Kipiani - You
Malta - Destiny - Je Me Casse

  • The guy from Portugal has 41y

    Joana AraújoJoana Araújo2 órája
  • Destiny 18? Wtf

    Royal AydınRoyal Aydın3 órája
  • i still remember stefania from 5 years ago at junior eurovision lol

    jamaisjeonjamaisjeon8 órája
  • It's so depressing to watch. What am I doing with my life?

    Anastasiya ZdanovichAnastasiya Zdanovich11 órája
  • I am older than all lead singers this year!

    Lisa LewisLisa Lewis2 napja
  • Growing up is getting old...

    • Exactly)

      ESC SergESC Serg2 napja
  • Goodness Malta is the youngest! cant believe it she is just 18!

    sprittaspritta3 napja
  • azerbaijan❤️‍🔥🇦🇿

    Назрин ЗейналлыНазрин Зейналлы3 napja
  • Romanian what a powerful voice good luck!

    Justice for GreeceJustice for Greece3 napja
  • Måneskin 💖👑

    Lia PhoenixLia Phoenix3 napja
  • Stefania and Serbia

    Tijana ĆosićTijana Ćosić3 napja
  • Senhit is 41 but looks 21. HER SKIN IS FLAWLESS

    JMJM3 napja
    • don't act like 41 is old..

      Happy CookieHappy Cookie55 perccel
    • Makeup and other such things really help her) But she still looks amazing)

      ESC SergESC Serg2 napja
  • Stefania is just the sweetest thing and i hope that she wins this year

    FanBoy P001FanBoy P0013 napja
  • Geike, Senhit, and Montaigne do not look their ages, I thought they were younger

    karmasdoorkarmasdoor3 napja
    • @ESC Serg Yeah, and I expected Montaigne to be around 20, not that much younger but still surprised me a bit

      karmasdoorkarmasdoor2 napja
    • Geike kinda looks, Senhit tries to be as young as possible, yes) And she actually manages to do it)

      ESC SergESC Serg2 napja
  • Am i the only one who tries to find out singer's zodiac signs? 🤣

    Enrique ToroEnrique Toro3 napja
  • I am a month older than Jendrik! And kinda am in the same age line as Blind Channel, Elena, Barbara and Hurricane.

    Alexander MajanoAlexander Majano3 napja
  • Sorry for Rafał, we have no chance even for semifinals. " The Ride"- this song really sucks 😭

    Angelika RadomińskaAngelika Radomińska3 napja
    • @ESC Serg You are very kind, thank You. I am from Poland and I think that this song really sucks. Rafał is weak singer.

      Angelika RadomińskaAngelika Radomińska3 napja
    • Yes, but it's not because the song is that bad, just the year is too strong

      ESC SergESC Serg3 napja
  • omg me and Greece girl have the same birthday but im an 03 baby

    smilylaughsmilylaugh3 napja
  • Random fact - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was released the day after Stefania was born.

    blackjetski555blackjetski5553 napja
  • l 🇵🇹

    Patricia LoureiroPatricia Loureiro3 napja
  • OMG,I can't believe destiny is 18😲😲😲She seems 30-40 age😱

    Fatime HesenzadeFatime Hesenzade3 napja
    • With makeup and everything else yes)

      ESC SergESC Serg3 napja
  • Cyprus has horrible hair (wet, short, ugly) and looks very old here

    honzapmhonzapm3 napja
    • You can loock at the girl from Malta)))

      Cat BlackCat Black3 napja
    • Mmm, I don't think so)

      ESC SergESC Serg3 napja
  • Group:Hurricane Full name:Ksenija Knežević,Ivana Nikolić and Sanja Vučić

    kkrllee18kkrllee184 napja
  • But Tusse is a Man or Woman?

    JetJet4 napja
    • @Nikola Petrović I don’t think so He did an interview with nikkietutorials and he did say he uses he/him pronouns but he didn’t talk about his sexuality (I don’t remember him talking about it anyway)

      esc nnsesc nns3 napja
    • @esc nns Is he gay?

      Nikola PetrovićNikola Petrović3 napja
    • Man

      esc nnsesc nns4 napja
  • Why did I thought Efendi is like 19 or smt😂

    FlugmangoLpFlugmangoLp4 napja

    Roosmarijn RibberinkRoosmarijn Ribberink4 napja
  • why are they so in to biblical simbalisim .

    Robert DebickiRobert Debicki4 napja
    • Who?

      ESC SergESC Serg3 napja
  • Everyone is so young this year 😳

    Daniel pethkeDaniel pethke4 napja
  • Mmmmm uku I Wanna be your lucky one 😏

    MiSO is my religionMiSO is my religion4 napja
  • Samira Efendi is the best. My 12 points go to Azerbaijan. Russia misunderstood the Eurovision song contest format I think. It looks like I am in Russia, not on the Eurovision stage. Cyprus, Romania, San Marino are well-performed countries this year.

    Edman HuseynEdman Huseyn4 napja
  • Realizing Maneskin singer is two years younger than me made me not like him so much hahaha

    Camila CasadosCamila Casados4 napja
  • El Diablo with Elena and Cyprus is the winner of Eurovision 2021.Fantastic job.Next year we will be all in the beautiful country of Cyprus to enjoy the sunny beaches and the exciting nightlife.Bravo Elena and Panic . Congratulations Cyprus!!!!

    Giannis GiannisGiannis Giannis4 napja
  • Mata Hari 🇦🇿

    Əli RəsulluƏli Rəsullu4 napja
  • How is Albina only 22 what??? i thought she was like 30, not in a bad way though

    Rozu Hanabira ProjectRozu Hanabira Project4 napja
    • Her face changes really easy with another makeup)

      ESC SergESC Serg4 napja
  • Holy f*ck. I was born in 1993 and older than most of them. I achieve nothing though, just feel old :/

    bycurlingbycurling5 napja
  • HAHAHAHAHA lesley roy is from the same day of me

    Xabi Ferral CarbajalXabi Ferral Carbajal5 napja
  • Damn serbia's girls look... rough for their age

    AnaïsAnaïs5 napja
  • Lithuania Malta Cyprus Sweden Croatia Greece Ukraine Azerbaijan Iceland France ARE THE BEST!

    Μαρία ΜαχμούτΜαρία Μαχμούτ5 napja
  • yeah man my fav is Omaga by Benny Cristo, wait what ya saying he is..? WHAT

    Don VariatDon Variat5 napja
  • 666

    Cristina DCristina D5 napja
  • Lesley Roy was born in 17/09/1986, date is wrong, she is a Virgo

    Mary KMary K5 napja
  • Stefania is Sagittarius

    Mary KMary K5 napja
  • The deranged part starts the minute someone's crosses their mind that Eurovision is for younger ages...

    irondasgrirondasgr5 napja
  • group: Hurricane *full name: Ksenia Knežević, Ivana Nikolić and Sanja Vučić

    Марија ИлићМарија Илић5 napja
  • It's so weird seeing that the oldest ones are born in late 70s and early 80s 😳

    Trash BagTrash Bag5 napja
  • I Thought Benny Christo is a Teenager, and In fact He is older Than Tornike Kipiani

    Rafael SabicRafael Sabic5 napja
    • @ESC Serg Yeah

      Rafael SabicRafael Sabic5 napja
    • That happens when a man is social, positive and loves life)

      ESC SergESC Serg5 napja
  • Full name : Sam Nicole Pitcairne Stage name : SprKlzz Birthday : 10.09.1996 Age 24 Full name : Kate Candela Miller Heidke Stage name : KMH Birthday : 16.11.1981 Age : 39

    ILI_Gamer the Kawaii Pink Purple Popstar 2008 UwUILI_Gamer the Kawaii Pink Purple Popstar 2008 UwU6 napja
  • Sanja not have 27 yearls old

    Anja ZelićAnja Zelić6 napja
  • The danish contestants are from 1986 and 1989

    Signe HolmSigne Holm6 napja
  • Destiny looks at least 30...they need to stop putting so much makeup on her, she's still a teenager, it looks wrong.

    ___-v___-v6 napja
  • Cant believe that the greek girl is younger than my brother. I would write this in Greek but I wanted other people to understand what I wrote as well. Goooo my beautiful country!

    Geo DimGeo Dim7 napja
  • i thought ROXEN was 18 AT LEAST oh my she looks so young

    Mario MirceskiMario Mirceski7 napja
    • 18 and 21 isn't even a gap

      Happy CookieHappy Cookie53 perccel
  • Seeing how many artists, who are older than me and take a chance to get to the contest, makes me feel that I still have some chances in this Iife😅

    Женя РемаркЖеня Ремарк8 napja
  • Tusse's birth date is so satisfying

    joliejolie8 napja
    • @MegaKreved actually it doesn't work that way, he was a child when he escaped and it's much harder to "cheat" with children, as five year old looks way different than ten year old

      Gabriela PiechowiczGabriela Piechowicz4 napja
    • @Gabriela Piechowicz that way his real age can be 25 or 30, who knows

      MegaKrevedMegaKreved4 napja
    • @Gabriela Piechowicz oh sorry, I had no idea!

      joliejolie7 napja
    • he doesn't know his real birth date, as it wasn't recorded (he probably was born around November) - many refugees lost their documents or come from territories where the birth date is measured differently and most of these people have their birth date set as 1 January

      Gabriela PiechowiczGabriela Piechowicz7 napja
  • Kateryna is so pretty tho

    neoletta markzenneoletta markzen8 napja
  • Stefania Greece good luck

    Sofi AsderiSofi Asderi9 napja
  • I-TA-LY !!! ♥️

    César PLDCésar PLD9 napja
  • Why is there no video on Sweden?

    Zacharias HervenZacharias Herven9 napja
  • Victoria looks like a teenager, so when her age appeared I was like "OMG you're so old" but she's like 13 months older than me 🤡

    Arthur MezacasaArthur Mezacasa9 napja
  • Laurits emanuel is born 12. October 1986

    Kevin AntvorskovKevin Antvorskov9 napja
  • Aries, Geminis, Scorpios, and Sagittariuses

    Y.TY.T10 napja
  • Senhit looks so young 😭

    NikMaxensNikMaxens10 napja
    • and it's so good!)

      ESC SergESC Serg10 napja
  • Happy birthday eden!

    Diva CrossingDiva Crossing10 napja
  • Victoria and i share the same birthday and birth city too. my uncle is a taxi driver and told me he knows her-

    maggie.maggie.11 napja
    • @maggie. haha of course, was just kidding, that guy was just an actor. Well that's cool anyways 😄

    • once he was picking me up from school he was like “let me show you i have her number” and i was like: you-

      maggie.maggie.3 napja
    • @SWEDISH VICTORIAN PIANIST LMAOOO NO LOL my uncle is a normal average taxi driver not this young dude xd

      maggie.maggie.3 napja
    • Don't tell me your uncle is the taxi driver from the video of "Chast ot men" 😅

    • We share the same bday! 😁

      Radek HanákRadek Hanák8 napja
  • Tatanka was actually born in 1986!

    Maggie CaetanoMaggie Caetano11 napja
  • 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

    ioannis angosioannis angos11 napja
  • Ok, literally only Stefania looks like her age.

    MJustiniyanMJustiniyan11 napja
    • Kinda yes)

      ESC SergESC Serg10 napja
  • No offence to Lesley Roy, but I thought she's in her mid 40's 😬

    MJustiniyanMJustiniyan11 napja
  • Crazy to think that even my generation (~1996-2009) can participate in Adult Eurovision sometime in near future

    Ukraineball AviationUkraineball Aviation11 napja
    • The generation is ~1996-2009 lmao

      jingmei jaejingmei jae10 napja
    • "even my generation"... what?

      ESC SergESC Serg10 napja
  • The fatso is the youngest. Figures

    Shine TVShine TV12 napja
  • Wait Vincent is 35??? I thought he’s in his late 20s

    Daphne WongDaphne Wong12 napja
    • )

      ESC SergESC Serg11 napja
  • You had Denmark twice :)

    Kristine SKristine S12 napja
    • @ESC Serg oh i am sorry, i actually did not read the title right😅 my fault :)

      Kristine SKristine S11 napja
    • They are a duo :)

      ESC SergESC Serg11 napja
  • Greece on the top

    Tass KereTass Kere13 napja
  • It feels weird that some some singers are younger than me

    Itsme AlexItsme Alex13 napja
  • Germany 🥰

    Love LöweLove Löwe14 napja
  • Who looks too, where have Birthday with you?😂😅

    Love LöweLove Löwe14 napja
  • Lots of Aries this year 😂

    Katie SquiresKatie Squires15 napja
    • Many times they are quick tempered and like to argue with shouts. Imagine half of them being like this and having them living in the same house a while before the live show.

      irondasgrirondasgr5 napja
  • Fun fact, Alex Callier from Hooverphonic is less than two months younger than 1986 winner Sandra Kim.

    Matthew LinehanMatthew Linehan15 napja
  • I am living in san marino and i didn't know that the winner of san marino was 41.

    Sixla11_PlayzSixla11_Playz18 napja
  • Laurits Emanuels birthdays is 12th of october 1986.

    Mikkel OlesenMikkel Olesen19 napja
  • I expected Anxhela (Albania) to be one of the oldest lol (also I expected Latvia, Russia, Spain, Iceland, Iceland, Netherlands, Germany to be a little bit bigger, Serbia and Switzerland to be WAY bigger)

    Silviu TeodorescuSilviu Teodorescu19 napja
  • I am from norway and I don't like the Norwegian song

    trock norwaytrock norway19 napja
  • Destiny looks older than Senhit

    Karol PopielarzKarol Popielarz19 napja
  • Tix is 27? that's some hard living

    LasseLasse19 napja
  • ESC fans' midlife crisis begin when the contestants start being younger than them.

    zetsunuzetsunu20 napja
  • Laurits Emanuel from Fyr & Flamme is 34 years old (October 12th, 1986) and his full name is Laurits Emanuel Pedersen Graae. Dw I'm not some stalker, just danish so it's easier to Google.

    mariemarie20 napja
    • Thanks)

      ESC SergESC Serg20 napja
  • Iceland has the same band from last year... i thought that this is not allowed

    Blueberry pickerBlueberry picker20 napja
    • Emmm... wake up, please. It seems like you've been sleeping since 2019)

      ESC SergESC Serg20 napja
  • yeet san marino is 41 omg ;-;

    Farmie PlayzFarmie Playz20 napja
  • Benny is 33?! WHATTHEFUCK he looks so baby!!!!!!

    Lunairetic BLunairetic B20 napja
  • Fyr og Flamme's lead singer is called Jesper Groth. He is 32 years old 👏

    Jonas HumannJonas Humann20 napja
    • @Jonas Humann Yeah, I found it after the uploading the video)

      ESC SergESC Serg20 napja
    • He is from January 31 1989

      Jonas HumannJonas Humann20 napja
  • Thanks to this video I realized I'm the same age as Jendrick, I'll turn 27 this year, but I'm still studying, don't have a job, live with my parents and feel like a failure. Oh, well.

    TymiRocelinTymiRocelin20 napja
    • Hahahaha this was exactly my case. At 27 I was broke, still studying a bit pointlessly, as things weren't going anywhere in that field and I was counting the dimes in my pocket feeling being at the bottom of the bucket. Two years later everything had already changed and four years later I already had my first house bought. Life can change from 0 to 100 in a heartbeat. Never lose hope and never take anything for granted. On the contrary, being so free as broke makes you the perfect candidate for taking risks. Do that. And don't even think that hard work is all that it takes. This easily might certainly NOT be your case.

      irondasgrirondasgr5 napja
  • go BOSNIA!!!

    Vini PuVini Pu20 napja
    • miss them)

      ESC SergESC Serg20 napja
  • Blind channel❤️

    Santeri NurhonenSanteri Nurhonen21 napja

    Üniversite DelisiÜniversite Delisi21 napja
  • I'm 24. I was shocked when the numbers just continued going down, damn

    Virág BozóVirág Bozó22 napja

    valia vvalia v22 napja
  • Age: XX Really? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    R. M.R. M.23 napja
    • I hadn't known these two ages at the beginning when I made this video

      ESC SergESC Serg23 napja
  • D-Damiano is..... 22? 😳😳😳 *me 24 yo looking like 16 yo* WHAT THE FFFFFFF.

    ESCxIVY SKESCxIVY SK24 napja
  • Torny and Natalia must celebrate their birthday togeter. Cant believe that Maneskin and BC are so Young. And that Efendi is older than Manizha. Shes so beautiful, at first i thought shes younger than me but is older. Couldnt believe that Tixie is younger than me too, thought he is about 40. Dont forget the old guy from Hoovers, Albert or what his name was, some Bert, he is about 60

    Diva ESCMolitvaDiva ESCMolitva24 napja
  • Whats sad to me is im not even 2 minutes in and already see people younger then me

    MizSazzMizSazz24 napja