Epic Cycling on Ice

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Epic Cycling on Ice
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome bike with circular saws instead of wheels that can easily ride on ice - icуcycle 😂
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  • I would think that would cut the ice and eventually the bike would make ice break and into the frozen water he would go.

    mary doemary doePerce
  • There has to be a market for the Ice Bike. It would awesome just to go around the edge of the pond or lake... not sure about further out and hitting some thin ice.

    Mr TomMr TomPerce
  • Useless..

    Deris SalsonDeris Salson11 perccel
  • I can do the sam thing with my own normal bike but when u tern that the thing that i do put my feet down that dont prove enything

  • His jumpcut style is similar to how to basic's. Wait...

    Duke MabelDuke Mabel27 perccel
  • That is one bike I would not want to have an accident with !

    graftedin3graftedin328 perccel
  • Some lay out the Pizzas.

    AW JelfsAW Jelfs29 perccel
  • Wow thats epic!

    Pale RiderPale Rider35 perccel
  • 4:33 where everyone thought its the biggest clickbait.

    Ahmed AshikAhmed Ashik36 perccel

    YuriYuri38 perccel
  • Icicle

    Jesse LeichtJesse Leicht41 perce
  • skip to 4:30 to see him ride

    mikes47jeepmikes47jeep45 perccel
  • Well, not sure if this wasn't a set up. His rear "wheel" had the teeth facing forward but the front facing back. If he had just flipped it around it wouldn't have cut into the ice.

    blusheep2blusheep249 perccel
  • I Saw a what??

    Brian AdamsBrian Adams51 perce
  • cant u just use a normal bike

    Shxdow xShxdow xÓrája
  • i wonder if the front wheel could have been left unchanged

  • зачем?

    Alex PedchenkoAlex PedchenkoÓrája
  • Very Nice Bro Keep It Up

    Legend GamerxLegend GamerxÓrája
  • Safety Inspector says: Completely safe!

    Stefan ReichStefan ReichÓrája
  • Turn that front blade around

  • could be painful if you fall of

    Robert SmithRobert SmithÓrája
  • If satan had a bike

  • Don't slide off the chair.

  • That bike is really....sharp! Real cutting edge....technology!

  • If he misses that seat o______o

  • Very stupid

    Emily HolmesEmily HolmesÓrája
  • imagine if you slip and sit into those blades

  • cuts a hole into ice and well you know 💀💀

    Chee Chi MemesChee Chi MemesÓrája
  • Aokiji lol

  • Oh yeah, what could go wrong there? Are you vying for a Darwin award?

    Rick F.Rick F.Órája
  • I want to see him ride in a circle, have the circle of ice fall into the water with him. I think I saw this on bugs bunny.

    Neuro Mancer56Neuro Mancer56Órája
  • 4:27

  • Me in destiny vs the fallen be like

    Mr, BananaMr, Banana2 órája
  • مه

    haitham huaweihaitham huawei2 órája
  • 4:30

    LSP GamingLSP Gaming2 órája
  • Imagine you accidentally fall on the tire

    Daniel OrozcoDaniel Orozco2 órája
  • Imagine he slipt off from his seat on rear wheel 😭😂🍑

    Neeraj Kumar - Greed Games StudioNeeraj Kumar - Greed Games Studio2 órája
  • Okay but why?

    k pk p2 órája
  • Thats a lot of damage

    Wynand LourensWynand Lourens2 órája
  • You're cycling on thin ice my friend! Enjoy the swim.

    HULK SRT392HULK SRT3922 órája
  • Wheelie it

    Z!NZ!N2 órája
  • Really enjoyed your editing and the work. Cheers!

    SchwiegSchwieg2 órája
  • .

    M Rehan FadillahM Rehan Fadillah2 órája
  • Lo parte en dos

    el samuraxiel samuraxi2 órája
  • Si falla le corta la pierna

    el samuraxiel samuraxi2 órája
  • are you waiting for this? 4:29

    Virality 2020Virality 20203 órája
  • Nice edit ...👍

    divine ikegoddivine ikegod3 órája
  • When you have nothing too do

    maryam almutawamaryam almutawa3 órája
  • The guy that made the bike like 👁👄👁

    Akuma ZoldykAkuma Zoldyk3 órája
  • A bad head does not give rest to his hands

    Эдуард ЯрошенкоЭдуард Ярошенко3 órája
  • وااو رائع😍😍😍😍

    reggad yacinereggad yacine3 órája
  • Okay, let's do it with car

    autoXPert USA - куплю вам автоautoXPert USA - куплю вам авто3 órája
  • But why?

    Joakim MathisenJoakim Mathisen3 órája
  • Bişənə mənədə ele sənə 500 manat verərəm

    Raman KazımovRaman Kazımov3 órája
  • Круто, но если штаны за такое колесо зацепятся - мало не покажется XD

    Alex ZviaginAlex Zviagin3 órája
  • Басня . Кот и яйца ...

    Вася ПупкинВася Пупкин3 órája
  • AH what could go wrong? Just Send it!!

    Alexander AlmonteAlexander Almonte3 órája
  • Imagine if you were riding and accidentally fell back.......

    Stuff HappensStuff Happens3 órája
  • Hey umm, I’m the Q

    Quentin LombardQuentin Lombard3 órája
  • place your foot under it

    foxyfoxlover 2foxyfoxlover 24 órája
  • Бля, вот же тебе скучно и деньги походу не куда девать🤦🏼‍♂️

    Денис КузнецовДенис Кузнецов4 órája
  • ينءتقتؤ

    hey manhey man4 órája
  • That looks like fun

    Phyllis PainterPhyllis Painter4 órája
  • 99

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  • Поч тут нет русского комента

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    • @GGAME GGAME теперь да !

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    • Есть

  • I also did this

    YuanHarvey ?YuanHarvey ?4 órája
  • Saws the Other Movie

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  • 4:57 😂😂

    Mouhamed SayedMouhamed Sayed4 órája
  • Si te caes de esa cosa alo mejor y hasta te mochas la cabeza

    Ale RAle R4 órája
  • This might be the stupedist thing ever. Well done!

    smokeynewtonsmokeynewton4 órája
  • WoW

    Michel Van BellinghenMichel Van Bellinghen5 órája
  • Такой велик испортил, талант))

    Александр ХАлександр Х5 órája
  • Anybody else notice that the direction of the blade on the front wheel was mounted in reverse, then corrected for the final shot? How did this affect the performance?

    amwoudenamwouden5 órája
  • I'm curious whether his feet are still sound and alive this moment?

    黃宥晰_jobo黃宥晰_jobo5 órája
  • In the end the sawblades do nothing... Considerably thicker ones would probably work but they would need to be aluminium or some other lighter material.

    Pentti JakonenPentti Jakonen5 órája
  • Yg

    Ольга СмоликОльга Смолик5 órája
  • Мой английский: эпический суслик на льду

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  • When people ask me how I survive winter without a car.

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  • 4:50 👍

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  • العرب اثبتو وجودكم وانا أول عربي 😂⁦(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤⁩

    Hassan AHHassan AH5 órája
  • i sometimes end up rubbing my leg against my wheel. it made me thing what would happen if i did it with this bike... ow

    beef lasagnabeef lasagna5 órája
  • I hope it can cut a pizza

  • Imagine if he does a wheelie and there's someone that came from nowhere

  • Nex do car with these

    itachi Laitachi La5 órája
  • Imagine going to school on that bike lol

    iyola Williamsiyola Williams5 órája
  • За импровизацию плюс, пользы мало

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  • Kenn dich von TeamPaluten

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  • I'd of just made studded tyres myself..

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  • hh cj cvkxkxh

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  • ظفغنثنثتقنثازبت😘

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  • Imagine slipping off from the sit and splitting your butts into half...

    Sahilkumar TabiyadSahilkumar Tabiyad6 órája
  • Imaging doing a wheelie with it 😂

    Boody Al NaqeebBoody Al Naqeeb6 órája
  • Esta loco el tipo rompe la visy la aruino

    Benjamin GomezBenjamin Gomez6 órája
  • Aokiji❄

    Romain GeviaRomain Gevia6 órája
  • 1 slip from the seat and...........yea...

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  • Imagine him cutting out a heart so it floats later on

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  • Вабабааааааа😃👍

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  • Thank you, great work...👍 وين الشباب العرب يشوفوا الفكر السليم والإبداع؟ كل اليوتيوبرز العرب تافهين اما يتكلمون عن الممثلة الفلانة أو الفنان المطلق...وفي أحسن الأحوال يثيرون مواضيع عنصرية وطائفية وعرقية...كل معلوماتهم كذب وتدجيل ونظرتهم اديق من فتحة شرج.

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