Driving Ayrton Senna's cars and visiting Bernie Ecclestone! | At Home With Sky F1 | Martin Brundle

2020.ápr. 5.
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Martin Brundle brings you plenty of his memorable moments from the Sky archives. From driving the legendary Ayrton Senna's F1 cars with Damon Hill and Bruno Senna, to speeding round the old Spa track in an E-Type, taking a works Ferrari for a spin at Fiorano and driving at Monza! Not to mention driving Lewis Hamilton's W05 Silverstone and visiting Bernie Ecclestone in Brazil!

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  • Always liked how Bruno honored his uncle and wore his racing helmet with a similar color scheme when he was racing. RIP Ayrton ✝️

    Raging BullRaging Bull4 napja
  • Modern fans dont know that because of Bernie Eccleston its still the premier motorsport that it is. And he was the first to test-drive a black driver for F1!

    Troy LewisTroy Lewis11 napja
  • band of brothers

    paul parkinsonpaul parkinson17 napja
  • Martin, as a Brazilian I am really fond of how much respect and admiration you have for a guy who almost decapitated you while you two were fighting for the F3 championship 😁😁. No, seriously, your assessment of Ayrton’s approach to racing is spot on.

    MilBrasMilBras22 napja
  • less chit chat more drive drive

    Yilmaz AytenYilmaz Ayten24 napja
  • FANTASTIC!!! Mr.Brundle ,you is a incredible MAN. Thank you for your happiness in the cockpit.Shake our soul.Old and new cars togheter. The Senna's friendship jumping in your eyes. Beatyfull Interview about mr.Ecclestone.👏👏👏👏

    Evaldo Oliveira De AraujoEvaldo Oliveira De Araujo26 napja
  • Thanks everyone. It looks like there was respect for all. Has Martin finally forgiven DH?

    Just looking AroundJust looking Around28 napja
  • Beautifully done ! The whole thing great to watch. Time for a smile yeah he's missed that's for sure.

    mike holtmike holt29 napja
  • Dam! All these good digging women...its sad that they taking advantage of him.

    Marcos GarciaMarcos GarciaHónapja
  • How calm does Brundle sound when driving these F1 cars?

    Kevin PriorKevin PriorHónapja
  • The useful design encouragingly retire because perch subcellularly transport by a permissible panty. thin, material puppy

    Nick BarnesNick BarnesHónapja
  • Doesn’t matter the subject, Senna is always on the top! Number one!

  • Senna the best of all time in F1

    Mercado VenezaMercado VenezaHónapja
  • Beautiful!!!

    Max FerreiraMax FerreiraHónapja
  • Martin, I love this! Though made for our long wait in ‘20, it benefits me now! You are a credit to the F1 community! Thanks for your years of narrating the brilliant events of my lifelong passion: F1 GP’s!

  • I met Martin at Silverstone 2003, when the crazy Irish Guy invaded the track. I was working at Cops Corner on security. I was an Electronics graduate, and one of the technicians had contacts for the security positions. I was paid £300 for four 12 hour shifts. In all honestly, I would have done it for free. I met Martin as he was going onto cops corner with the film crew, and asked him for his autograph. I didn't have paper, but my security guard program so asked him to sign that. I didn't have a pen and neither did he, and joked imagine a journalist not having a pen. I still have that program :) He really appreciates fans, and their knowledge. Such a great guy and F1 would never be the same without him.

    Steven DouglasSteven DouglasHónapja
  • U know it's painful to watch somebody drive an F1 car when u wanna do it yourself.

    Aarav and BenjiAarav and BenjiHónapja
  • Call me wierd, but I watch the senna part through the eye's of Ayrton, if he were to comeback for 5 mins and appreciate his legacy. Especially watching his nephew drive his cars and conversing with his old rivals. Its fun to think 😁

    Lawrence CauchiLawrence CauchiHónapja
  • When I se Hill, I have cramps. Ask him if the 94 Williams really had the steering wheel allowed to move about as he once testified.

    Ayrton Senna FanAyrton Senna FanHónapja
  • Martin knows how to throw a Ferrari around

    Hank HildebrantHank HildebrantHónapja
  • Thanks Martin , Its just what i needed during lockdown to cheer me up .. Mega short film . Please keep more of this coming . Kind Regards Robbie

    Robbie SampsonRobbie SampsonHónapja
  • Great content!

    Rauf ShamsuddinRauf ShamsuddinHónapja
  • Best openings to an interview: 1. "You're a dictator, aren't you?" 2. "Why are you gae?"

  • Does anyone know if the E-type belongs to Martin Brundle? The registration 99MB suggests it does.

    Simon JohnSimon JohnHónapja
  • Good on you Martin, all the very best to you and yours too.

    Robert BurkeRobert BurkeHónapja
  • Love this. Martin you're the man!

    Matt DMatt DHónapja
  • I just wish Ayrton was still with us. How amazing would it have been if he rocked up behind Martin and Bruno in his McLaren.. We can dream. God bless you Ayrton Senna.

    wHy mE wHy nOtwHy mE wHy nOtHónapja
  • Thanks, Martin for the feature; Senna drove from his heart and Schumaker drove with his head. ... and probably Hamilton drove a bit or more from both!

    David BonannoDavid BonannoHónapja
  • Is that rain... Martin is SO HAPPY... I would of loved to have seen Damon doing a few "quick laps" of Silverstone in the rain in Lewis Hamilton's Title winning Mercedes..

  • 3L V12... how do you even do that

  • wow lewis car sponsored by blackberry! vintage..

    Roland LawrenceRoland LawrenceHónapja
  • there are days like these where you get a phonecall and somebody tells you about this video project they have of you driving several legendary F1 cars...

    Nicolas LeblondNicolas Leblond2 hónapja
  • I must say, Meeting Bernie must be the interesting Thing that you could do as an F1 fan

    ngng2 hónapja
  • 25:57 imagine Bernie talking to Boris Johnson for a new deal for the British Grand Prix

    IronJellyYTIronJellyYT2 hónapja
  • The first part of the video reminded me of Cars 1, when Mcqueen and Sally went on a ride

    I Love GrapesI Love Grapes2 hónapja
  • Unfortunately Senna was wrong, his nephew was not fast at all!

    Terrence FuTerrence Fu2 hónapja
  • No one will ever be better than Ayrton Senna...He's onboard footage is unbelievable

    Elliot JacksonElliot Jackson2 hónapja
  • Loved that, cheers Martin. More of the same please sky 👌🏻

    Jon HillJon Hill2 hónapja
  • Bundle i respect you but mention ecclestone in a good light then I'm afraid I'm out of here

    steel ssstusteel ssstu2 hónapja
  • 2020 F1 is such a shell of what it used to be. The cars, tracks and especially drivers are boring and entirely unwatchable. It's a horrible product.

    Vicarious JohnsonVicarious Johnson2 hónapja
  • Steering column you also ran

    ayrton senna discipleayrton senna disciple2 hónapja
  • What a cool dude Martin is. Very informative, humble and appreciative.

    Jeff sheridanJeff sheridan2 hónapja
  • An overlay of the old with the new Spa circuit would have been handy.

    Alex VeldhuisAlex Veldhuis2 hónapja
  • Thank you Martin, Boss presentation!

    Mike LongwillMike Longwill2 hónapja
  • Is that Sennas old farm that Ecclestone now lives?

    Irrational GeographicIrrational Geographic2 hónapja
  • And that is the difference Senna did it in several cars not just one and hopefully that will not be the case in years to come ??? To drive from the heart is difficult but when you are as good as he was then its ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    allan hughesallan hughes2 hónapja
  • Funny how most coments are re Martin not many about Bernie I note ?????? Is that because Martin might be just might be a better person .. when multi millionares say money means nothing it just makes you think a little doesit not ???? If it means nothing then just give it away and come and join the great fun we mere mortals have !!

    allan hughesallan hughes2 hónapja
  • Formula one needs less downforce

    pgpg2 hónapja
  • I love Martin Brundle. I could listen to him all day. He is like your Father, guiding you around the trials & tribulations of Formula 1. Long may he last. AND, might I add, still is well able to handle himself behind the wheel of some immensely tricky F1 machinery.

    Kevin WoodsKevin Woods2 hónapja
  • A shame that Lotus and Williams do not exist anymore !

    Philippe Michel VidoriPhilippe Michel Vidori2 hónapja
  • Martin smelling coffee from Fabiana's hands, Bernie jumps into picture with death stare and grin😂😂😂 hilarious

    Adi_KAdi_K4 hónapja
  • It's been a lifetime dream to drive a car (any car, road or race) that has been driven by Senna. My all time hero, I named both my daughters after him.....Annes and Notrya.

    Gambo916Gambo9164 hónapja
  • martin brundle never retire :(

    soulsticesoulstice5 hónapja
  • 8:05 what song is this??? Too much nostalgia 😭

    Furaha RuhiuFuraha Ruhiu6 hónapja
  • Thank you Martin amazing....

    Living the dream building the dream.Living the dream building the dream.7 hónapja
  • I have always liked Martin Brundle! Great to see him doing an amazing new job now as a reporter! I still remember that day when he crashed at high speed on the first lap of the 1996 Australian Grand Prix and then RAN towards the pit to get his spare car, and talked to Syd Watkins probably saying "Hey, I am totally fine, let me race!!!"😆

    Silvio PiresSilvio Pires7 hónapja
  • Lovely video Martin. Nice to see Bruno and Damon too. Ayrton is a legend and thanks for sharing his cars with us.

    en53kffen53kff8 hónapja
  • Great video, really enjoyed it. Thanks

    JCashJCash8 hónapja
  • Kinda sad that Bruno's career highlight was killing a dog on the racetrack 🤦‍♂️

    david messidavid messi8 hónapja
  • Dear Martin: simply... THANKS!!!

    Christiam MateusChristiam Mateus8 hónapja
  • Brilliant vid thank you guys!

    etienne c fourieetienne c fourie9 hónapja
  • Martin' Berny! You are both legends of F1! The best part is ' how up front and honest you both are. 👏🙏

    Rory SmithRory Smith9 hónapja
  • Martin is truly humble. He competed against Senna in the junior categories, went to F1 as well and never beat Senna. And still, he respects him like a God

    Bruno DaneseBruno Danese9 hónapja
  • Modern day cars would smash the old circuit

    christopher Meechristopher Mee9 hónapja
  • awesome video Martin..thanks a lot

    Adrian FergusonAdrian Ferguson9 hónapja
  • Beautiful car Martin

    Steve MoldSteve Mold9 hónapja
  • Thank god Bernie isn’t around in F1 anymore. Also, women don’t have massive egos? Is he shitting?

    AutoFabbAutoFabb9 hónapja
  • I always liked Bernie despite his perceived faults; I read Sid Watkin's book and the way he described him was an eye opener.

    Tarvu TarvootiTarvu Tarvooti9 hónapja
  • Thanks Martin, great memories. Stay safe too. John.

    John ClellandJohn Clelland9 hónapja
  • got to meet Martin at Le Mans 2001 while having a cup of tea with the Bentley boys, he was on his phone sadly so i did not get to chat as i did not want to be rude and interrupt him. But he is a fantastic commentator, he has a great way of speaking to an audience and not belittling them, he explains everything so very well.

    SkreezillaSkreezilla9 hónapja
  • Damn! These were the best 37 mins of my quarantine days!!

    Orphe123Orphe1239 hónapja
  • FASCINATING MARTIN, THANK YOU. But. What did Bernie say, "My word is my bond"... Hmmm. Read the current issue of Motor Sport and the interview with Ron Tauranac and his comments about doing business with Bernie... something doesn't quite add up !

    John Valean BailyJohn Valean Baily9 hónapja
  • Naughty naughty Martin.. Where is your seatbelt..?

    William BoudWilliam Boud9 hónapja
  • hahaha my word is my bond hahahahahahaha ask anybody that bought a used car from him..

    mike millermike miller9 hónapja
  • Amazing how he commentates so well even when pulling 4.5G in that Ferrari!

    AssolutaAssoluta10 hónapja
  • It’s the best video as ever seen in this year. THANK YOU 🙏🏽

    Alejandro de GiorgioAlejandro de Giorgio10 hónapja
  • Just read that bernie turned down knighthood because he felt he didn't deserve it

    leastmaturepersononyoutubeleastmaturepersononyoutube10 hónapja
  • Martin Brundle is one of the best commentators on TV. Don't anyone diss him.

    Nick MalliganNick Malligan10 hónapja
  • Us European's have F1. You Americans have indi car racing.

    Nick MalliganNick Malligan10 hónapja
  • You just know if Martin is doing a programme it’s gonna be worth watching but a black E Type no it’s got to be red not for Ferrari but because it’s an E Type.

    Stephen HowlettStephen Howlett10 hónapja
  • God bless Martin Brundle.

    daniel laurencedaniel laurence10 hónapja
  • Bernie Ecclestone....a farm in Sao Paulo? Pretty random for a billionaire Englishman. Sounds similar to someone we once knew? 😉

    ToneLocToneLoc10 hónapja
  • Esse Ecclestone está diretamente ligado à morte do Senna e isso nunca vamos esquecer, seu sujo, se não pagar aqui na terra a Justiça de Deus não tarda pra vc

    Hytalo Ruan AlvesHytalo Ruan Alves10 hónapja

    Miguel JuancondeMiguel Juanconde10 hónapja
  • Loved it, thank you for making the program

    dean warnerdean warner10 hónapja
  • 20:04 the joke!

    Many SchmelingMany Schmeling10 hónapja
  • Martin was a very good driver and now he is a very good interviewer.

    Many SchmelingMany Schmeling10 hónapja
  • 16:30 I was thinking long time ago how Bernie had amazing talent and at the same time he would also ruin a lot things in F1 with his control freak type of decisions and now he admitted. 16:30

    Many SchmelingMany Schmeling10 hónapja
  • What a great feature! Thanks, Martin.

    Matt BMatt B10 hónapja
  • Senna cars, yay! Anything Ecclestone, gross! Can we please just forget he ever existed and move on from Sir Terrible?

    TigerDude333TigerDude33310 hónapja
  • Martin, you are a lucky lucky man!

    SumphukaSumphuka10 hónapja
  • Ads in HUworld are starting to be a bit much now

    monkeycslmonkeycsl10 hónapja
  • The last scene with three of them side by side on the track looked like it could be the new Top Gear line up.

    uknowmyname007uknowmyname00710 hónapja
  • Martin Brundle can you pls bring all the old school drivers and make a big reunion to remember the Greatest Ayrton Senna.

    Rodrigo EncinaRodrigo Encina10 hónapja
  • Great video except Ecclestone 's part with his daughter talking about coffee ... no wait she is his wife ....LOL

    maxmax10 hónapja
  • I don't pay for Sky F1, but I can say, I do miss Martin Brundle's insight into F1, always a treat.

    Lummy62Lummy6210 hónapja
  • you are a failure in f1 Martin Brundle

    pablo fangiopablo fangio10 hónapja
  • when you didn't win anything in F1 you have to keep your mouth shut don't speak ill of a person nobody knows you you never won a race you never did a pole Martin Brundle

    pablo fangiopablo fangio10 hónapja
  • That was absolutely one of the best F1 documentaries I’ve ever seen. Thank you Martin 👍🇦🇺😷

    Andrew FergusonAndrew Ferguson10 hónapja
  • That was brilliant thank you. I always feel Martin was one of them drivers that never had the F1 car to match his talent. But he is broadcasting icon, up there with the great Murray Walker.

    Norfolk SteamNorfolk Steam10 hónapja