Drivers Struggle to Control Vehicles on Icy Austin Roads

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Credit: James Bates via Storyful
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  • Gotta love idiocracy

    Bryan RoschetzkyBryan Roschetzky9 napja
  • Funny that the spectators are just watching the show instead of going up the hill to stop traffic.

    Ady TexasAdy Texas28 napja
  • stupid driving on icy roads

    Chevonne KennelChevonne Kennel28 napja
  • Why the fuck do people think they can drive around in a 2wd in this 🤣

    Average FishoAverage FishoHónapja
  • Why is that road open? Texas isn't the only region that let's their drivers wander around on ice the video from Missouri had a thoroughly useless Cop talking to a tow truck driver by the side of the highway just watching drivers slam into a bridge all covered in Black ice. Ya know I rack it all up to the delusional state of alleged mind of these people to not believe anything is real until it whacks them right in the head.

    Allan PattersonAllan PattersonHónapja
  • Thesw pedestrians are clueless

    Forest DwellerForest DwellerHónapja
  • Never get out of your car when there's another one bound to hit you. It's made to protect you.

    Casey LaytonCasey LaytonHónapja
  • Sounded like damaged birds

    Naj the saviorNaj the saviorHónapja
  • Texas is really full of morons.

    chef j. reecechef j. reeceHónapja
  • You can safely give at least 2 Darwin awards out now. Those two in the beginning will for sure earn there's at some point soon...jeez.

  • Natural selection taking its course. If you’re too stupid to get out of the way you are going to get run over!

  • Hahaha I love it.

    j rocj rocHónapja
  • I know it's cliché to accuse Texans of not knowing what to do in the cold... But if you're just slid down an icy hill, don't stand in the middle of the road wondering why the car sliding toward you won't stop. If a car takes you out it's Darwinism.

    Dustin BDustin BHónapja
  • thought “jurassic park 2” (boat scene) got it wrong. I guess not. people do wait to get hit by moving objects.

  • Well. Austin is full of liberals, so don’t expect too much logic from those people.

  • Getting out of the car and standing there was a very dumb idea...

  • Ice and a hill for a street glad im from the midwest i can look at the street and tell its iced and hasn’t been salted i would’ve stayed home didnt none of those people have horse?

    Chain LinkChain LinkHónapja
  • The one at 30 seconds absolutely nailed it.

    jamie parsonsjamie parsonsHónapja
  • The driver at the end clearly was from the Northeast

  • Makes sense that so few of them know how to handle ice like that. This is the worst situation you can put a southerner in lol

  • I'm an asshole, I couldn't help laughing

    Dirk DigglerDirk DigglerHónapja
  • The last driver must be from a northern state, cause they make all the other drivers look like novices 😆

  • Austin toilet libtards from california. 🙄🙄

    RDC TarantulaRDC TarantulaHónapja
  • No driving skills at all. Apart from the last one 👌

  • That Honda Civic driving straight not slipping at the end it was a surprise!

    Pierre-Etienne PlourdePierre-Etienne PlourdeHónapja
  • Everybody got summerwheels i see

    bylly nalleebylly nalleeHónapja
  • Here's an idea. Someone go to the top of the hill and warn the cars.

    breathe and squeezebreathe and squeezeHónapja
  • never lock up your wheels in snow and ice.

    Stan RodgersStan RodgersHónapja
  • The smart guy went into the snow where there's traction.

    Jake HekeJake HekeHónapja
    • @Allan Patterson I know, man.

      Jake HekeJake HekeHónapja
    • The snow becomes glazed in tire tracks. The snow also has drag which slows you down so you can at least slow to a stop.

      Allan PattersonAllan PattersonHónapja
  • Let it go let it go l don't to hurt everyone anymore

    wong ke xingwong ke xingHónapja
  • Oh gosh. Let OFF the brake guys 😬 Let off the break and feather it. When you slide, let off, then brake slightly, let off again, brake slightly, let off again...that's the pattern.

    Rees JohnRees JohnHónapja
  • GLE, Cause that lambo movin fast

    Jack KegJack KegHónapja
  • Y’all. Please. Just stay put when these weather conditions happen 👍

    I’m Not SurprisedI’m Not SurprisedHónapja
  • Wow. Talk about stupidity on all parties

    cody duncancody duncanHónapja
  • Sees a car sliding to them. Also doesn’t move out the way.

  • 0:32 - 0:42 swan lake

    Grzegorz JaskólskiGrzegorz JaskólskiHónapja
  • Thought I was watching an episode of The 3 Stooges around the white vehicle

    Michael CowanMichael CowanHónapja
  • That lady doesn’t know how lucky she got

    Prodigy FumarProdigy FumarHónapja
  • Dumb de dumb dumb DUMB!!!!

    Fata MorganaFata MorganaHónapja
  • Guessing the ones not having problems have AWD 😂

    Clorox BleachClorox BleachHónapja
  • Just love to see stupid people getting out of their car standing next to there piece of shit cars just waiting to get hit too lol

    Ernezto HernandezErnezto HernandezHónapja
  • bocce ball anyone?

  • I love watching liberals in action

    Davey MccDavey MccHónapja
  • Black Mercedes gets 5 stars for his driving lol

    Brian MonteithBrian MonteithHónapja
  • Legend has it that blue car is still going...

    • 🤣

      Megan JohnsonMegan JohnsonHónapja
  • You guys need to get it together, 3 inches of snow is not an emergency.

    Swpa 87Swpa 87Hónapja
  • Talk about a no-brainer I think these people have no brains

    Thats what Friends are forThats what Friends are forHónapja
  • Everythings bigger in Texas Bigger idiots in Texas too huh can't walk but trying to drive

    Wrecked rc51Wrecked rc51Hónapja
  • Ha ha 😆

    Rapmagic DeleonRapmagic DeleonHónapja
  • Well it is Austin sooo

    James OrrJames OrrHónapja
  • I lived in Killeen texas when it snowed the government ordered everyone go straight home come back tomorrow .

    George W Bush Center for IntelligenceGeorge W Bush Center for IntelligenceHónapja
  • Uhhh sure lol I have a pound of beef here I was going to bring over anyways for myself

    Chad The ManChad The ManHónapja
  • You seriously dont know how to move out of the way? Omg ....

    Nunia BizNunia BizHónapja
  • I saw two skilled drivers, one was the last car. Made everyone else look stupid.

    Zak WZak WHónapja
  • There was a lot of hit n runs that day

    Rogelio GonzalezRogelio GonzalezHónapja
  • Lmao as someone from the Midwest watching Texans flail and struggle with mildly icy roads is endlessly entertaining.

    Indrid ColdIndrid ColdHónapja
  • Volvo performed the best....and someone should tell these folks that hills and ice is not a good mix 🤔

    J-Byrd LotteryJ-Byrd LotteryHónapja
  • If you stay home, you would be okay and your car would Okay too. Your smartness doesn't work with mather nature.

    no more blue states sucks lifeno more blue states sucks lifeHónapja
  • moral of the story is: see ice and slam on breaks 😂

    John GibbsJohn GibbsHónapja
  • I get Texans not being accustomed to snow and sliding but theres no excuse for NOT moving out of the way of a 4,000 lb. car coming at you. Guess you can't fix stupid.

    A CA CHónapja
  • Just a tip from a northerner, never get out of your car until it is over. It's the safest place to be.

    Mike VinasMike VinasHónapja
  • Idiots, all of them. Meanwhile people in Canada are laughing their butts off saying "Look at these screaming Neanderthals."

  • 0:00 great idea - stand and watch how car slides towards you!

    Pavlo KasperskyiPavlo KasperskyiHónapja
  • Don't slam on your breaks on ice.

  • The last vehicle all wheel drive! There's no beating it

    american bornamerican bornHónapja
  • 0:34 this has to be worth some points

  • 0:06 - 0:10 Monkey sound?

  • It's amazing that they would leave their vehicle and expect the next car not to hit them. Typical liberals😤😤😤

    John WhiteJohn WhiteHónapja
  • Morons standing there try to move the cars if you can’t gtfo And warn oncoming drivers

  • Love it 😆 🤣 😂

  • Don't ever be the people waiting for the slow rolling car to catch up to you and hit you. Just casually walk out of the way at least

  • What a pair of twats. They could have been killed there. But to be honest it’s soo funny watching all us numb nuts trying to drive in the snow that have no clue 🤣

  • 😂😂😂 have they ever heard about putting chains on your tires to go on ice?

    TroniX FiXTroniX FiXHónapja
    • @Jr. Moreno that's why this video exist right? Great logic if you just watched the evidence.

      TroniX FiXTroniX FiXHónapja
    • Have you ever heard that Texas doesn’t get these types of snow storm?

      Jr. MorenoJr. MorenoHónapja
  • Most Texans don't claim Austin anyway!

    Sergio OmarSergio OmarHónapja
  • 30 yes ago I saw this all over austin

    David NaultDavid NaultHónapja
  • Perfect example of Texan intelligence. 🤣

  • These drivers are doing everything possible wrong

    Kayla PetriKayla PetriHónapja
  • How the fuck you explain being hit by own car while it's moving? Cuz you're not in it.........with your seatbelt on?

    Todd AndersonTodd AndersonHónapja
  • Only stupid people would even try to travel in this.

    Dale BabcockDale BabcockHónapja
  • All those people standing watching, they could have easily ran back in the house and brought some salt out and salted the road as a kind gesture to save life, white people are dumb

    Na MeanNa MeanHónapja
  • Give it to the new meaning of Slip Sliding Away doesn't it

    Ashley BunchAshley BunchHónapja
  • We used to set up lawn chairs and a grill at the bottom of steep hills in the winter. Better than TV it was...

    John MJohn MHónapja
    • @McNihilation haha i would to just from writeoffs i worked my way up to a 10k car from a 1k car.

    • 👍 I would've parked my car out there too... I could really use some money right about now.

  • can tell that they're southern drivers and not yankee drivers

  • slick move or luck with that silver suv

  • I understand people living where they do but come on, there are enough HUworld videos accessible even in TX to give them an idea, or perhaps, once in their lifetime just travel somewhere where there is snow, just a short fly away, no passport needed. I’m gonna yell at a car that is out of control and perhaps it will stop.

    Robert KamanziRobert KamanziHónapja
  • Just stay out of New York if you drive like that in a bit of ice.

    Blue VenomBlue VenomHónapja
  • You see a car coming to you and you know it's gonna crash into and you don't move 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    marlon tuccinardimarlon tuccinardiHónapja
  • This is what happens when you have no idea how to drive in snow/ice. Really isnt difficult to do if you just follow some basic guidelines lol. This dude was braking hard, horrible idea.

    Clash Of Clans CustomClash Of Clans CustomHónapja
  • Answer: No they didn't learn anything. they'll be out there next year doing the same damn thing thinking that it's different.

    John Booker's Full spectrumJohn Booker's Full spectrumHónapja
  • As someone from New Jersey we have Texas summers and Russian winters so I truly feel for these people and it's unfortunate to see .Luckily everyone was ok but people listen if an SUV is sliding toward you try to run away from it standing by the car waiting for impact isn't gonna help that lady by the driver side door was lucky she didn't lose her away from the car or jump in and close the doors the least thing you wanna be is a human barrier between two vehicles or get hit by a vehicle that's getting hit by another vehicle

    lexusrcf loverlexusrcf loverHónapja
  • Living in Colorado, this is hilarious

    Mario EspinosaMario EspinosaHónapja
  • Looks like common sense is completely gone here in Texas.

    Bearpaw TimberBearpaw TimberHónapja
  • Lol, those folks down there had no idea how to deal with that weather...

    Zachary SwanZachary SwanHónapja
  • People lock the brakes, should not break just steering the car

    Basuki SugitoBasuki SugitoHónapja
  • So Texas haved never learn how to drive in icy road....

    Chafou AubeChafou AubeHónapja
  • The stupidity is beyond me.

    Razor _Razor _Hónapja
  • Cars sliding every where. But imma stand out side the car...

    Xai VangXai VangHónapja
  • Can't any of these people feel that their cars have no traction on ice?? Why they going so fast?

    Morgan FreemanMorgan FreemanHónapja
  • Deregulation they say.. will save Texas lots of money... reality... it cost lives and a lot of money due to incompetence. Do better Texas, elect a governor and senators that care about you.

    • Third graders know about deregulation? Really? I guess it takes third- grade level math to not understand that Texas hasn't ever had a need for a massive fleet of plows or salt trucks. Ever. Since the development of the automobile. But you think they should have spent untold billions maintaining such a fleet for a century. Ok, genius.

      James EnglandJames EnglandHónapja
    • @James England Ask any third grader to explain to you how deregulation factored into this, or you can research the info for yourself. But I’ll give you a hint, it’s called being prepared. Lmao

    • What does deregulation have to do with record snow and ice in a state that almost never sees any of that? They supposed to regulate the weather?

      James EnglandJames EnglandHónapja
  • What a bunch of idiots . Why would you even get out of your car if you see a car coming down the hill ?

    Charlie GCharlie GHónapja