Drivers Reflect On Qualifying | 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix

2021.máj. 1.
425 127 Megtekintés

Some ended qualifying on a high, while others on a low... find out the thoughts of our drivers after an interesting qualifying in Portugal
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    Laura MárquezLaura Márquez12 napja
  • Nikita is only assole

    Enilsa Inácio Pereira LopesEnilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes12 napja
  • I'm so happy ocon came q6

    Enilsa Inácio Pereira LopesEnilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes12 napja
  • Is Latifi an old school Western auctioneer?

    Andy CaiAndy Cai12 napja
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    Robert SmithRobert Smith12 napja
  • Lights out.......Hamilton wins F1 doesn't interests me anymore

    Shubham ChauhanShubham Chauhan12 napja
  • Ocon and Russell did really a great job this qualifying ✨

    HelnoxHelnox12 napja
  • Poor Haas

    Logan WilsonLogan Wilson12 napja
  • Why are they all wearing face masks?

    K WK W12 napja
  • I am not a fan of Latifi, but he really gained my respect when he said 'if the pace is on one side of the garage then it also should be on the other'

    TheSloth _R4MTheSloth _R4M12 napja
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      Edelmira Rodríguez MartínEdelmira Rodríguez Martín12 napja
    • Campo Santo .. Santo Grial ... Junio 1967 *Guerra de Seis días* ✡

      Edelmira Rodríguez MartínEdelmira Rodríguez Martín12 napja
  • Does anybody know which kind of carrera sunglasses kimi i wearing?

    Alexander LarsenAlexander Larsen12 napja
  • Let's face it .. McLaren lost a gem in Carlos Sainz.. Daniel isn't even going to come close

    tarun1982tarun198212 napja
  • Alonso's and Ricciardo's carreers are coming to an end

    Carlos Roberto Midence RiveraCarlos Roberto Midence Rivera12 napja
  • Ferrari is out of branded masks 😷 Budget cuts in progress

    George DanilovGeorge Danilov12 napja
  • Any day now Alonso will start throwing his toys out the tram and demand special treatment.

    tarun1982tarun198212 napja

    Dimas Abimanyu HartonoDimas Abimanyu Hartono12 napja
  • Williams no Q3

    JoshuaJoshua12 napja
  • Track limits. I thought that a couple of years ago the drivers requested that regulations like this be imposed riorously. That doesn't seem to be happening this year.

    ChrisstChrisst12 napja
  • F1 maFIA Mercs Benz HAMboring timeeee.

    Mishael TrivenniosMishael Trivennios12 napja
  • Ferrari saving money. The masks are so generic :/

    OperatorMonkiOperatorMonki12 napja
  • Amazing, these teams spend millions on developing small deflectors on the cars, but they cannot figure out to make a mask that stays on the nose! 🤧

    Søren SteffenSøren Steffen12 napja
  • Latifi's confidence is always high. 😁😁

    Abhijeet Singh BalAbhijeet Singh Bal12 napja
  • Best result ever... In the last 3 years... On a Saturday

    daaarrell15daaarrell1512 napja
  • Meu irmão Hamilton usar a nossa magia de sempre.Luanda Angola PACHECO.

    OmgUchlila FilipeOmgUchlila Filipe12 napja
  • Nice of Giovonazzi to acknowledge George !

    RaikeTVRaikeTV12 napja
  • What a bout russel on p 11

    Emil PedersenEmil Pedersen12 napja
  • Lewis is not happy xd

    DeffDeff12 napja
  • lessgooo vettel

    dev ravidev ravi12 napja

    Antero MikkolaAntero Mikkola12 napja
  • Alonso was better off away from F1. Always arrogant about beating his team mates, getting owned by a kid now, loving it.

    ThedarkmambaThedarkmamba12 napja
  • Both Haas drivers have strange accents to their English. Not the German and Russian accents one would expect from them.

    CynCyn12 napja
  • RedBull P 3 and P 4, both not happy with anything, looking forward to seeing what happens when they are happy

    TheViking89TheViking8912 napja
  • 4:22 Boy your whole season will be difficult for you nevermind yesterday

    SK - 08KJ 762349 Roberta Bondar PSSK - 08KJ 762349 Roberta Bondar PS12 napja
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  • Gasly that gangster with his backwards hat.

    z DOCz DOC12 napja
  • Kimi bringing us a whole essay for his standard

    Mathis KößlerMathis Kößler13 napja
  • 3:16 thanks me later :)

    Angel PetrovAngel Petrov13 napja
  • Lets do it Sebastian 🍸♥️

    suvechha Bosesuvechha Bose13 napja
  • Super chuffed for Ocon. Massively underrated driver who’s being pushed from pillar to post as a second rate driver. I hope he puts it to all the big teams that have passed him on.

    warren shawwarren shaw13 napja
    • Yep, I hope he continues in the positive direction today in the race and further in the season

      wonderful human being with a great characterwonderful human being with a great character12 napja
  • "Best result ever.. in the past 3 years" - George Russell, 2021

    WightyWighty13 napja
  • Im so sad Daniel

    Kevin HillergrenKevin Hillergren13 napja
  • So many people were quick to write Vettel off, to them I say 'chill out', the Guy's simply getting the feel for a totally new "not so great 2021 AMR car" & yes its unlikely he'll be scoring podiums this year, but that's fine, give him time, the old Dog SV's still got plenty to skill & tricks up his sleeve & we all love the underdog, Forza Seb !

    Kingston W VanderbiltKingston W Vanderbilt13 napja
  • 1:09 The shadow lining up with the blue line on the mask is so satisfying

    Aaditya GuptaAaditya Gupta13 napja
  • It's nice to see Seb the old lion still fighting.

    Angus FraserAngus Fraser13 napja
  • So happy to see perez performing well

    PH4NT0K3NPH4NT0K3N13 napja
  • Every time they touch those masks, they invalidate the reason they wear them.

    Matt BoltMatt Bolt13 napja
  • Woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Latifi leave some speed for the track too

    Friendly Neighborhood ChannelFriendly Neighborhood Channel13 napja
  • Alpine showing some pace now that they've solved the wind tunnel problems. Ocon may be on the wrong tires though, they still should be able to get at least one car in the points.

    john jonesjohn jones13 napja
  • Lando staring menacingly at Ocon

    Malik ShiblyMalik Shibly13 napja
  • Happy Sergio can handle the pressure being the second driver and always in danger of being replaced. He can show his potential, the drivers before him couldn't

    Ferrari2003 _Ferrari2003 _13 napja
  • Someone get Vettel a mask that fits!

    Prasanna RoyyuruPrasanna Royyuru13 napja
  • It's going to be an amazing race

    Chris RobertsChris Roberts13 napja
  • Wheres the best dtream to watch the race?

    Evan WilliamsEvan Williams13 napja
  • Losers of quali: Maclaren bois, Stroll Winners: Russell, Giovanazi, Ocon, Sainz, Seb, Bottas

    auFMusicauFMusic13 napja
  • those masks are so badly designed, jesus

    WizZarDz0rrrrWizZarDz0rrrr13 napja
  • We all know valteri will be jamesed

    Slayerof ThhotsSlayerof Thhots13 napja
  • Why is nobody talking about Russell in p11? He's done a fantastic job

    Giovanni RavagnoloGiovanni Ravagnolo13 napja
  • Russel really making Latifi feel alone

    Abu Zaid KhanAbu Zaid Khan13 napja
  • Merc team crying 😭Hamilton didn't get the 💯

    SASraceCAMSASraceCAM13 napja
  • You can’t lie: Everyone liked it when Vettel came P10. It’s nice to see that he’s now getting used to the car.

    That one asian guyThat one asian guy13 napja
  • 4:07 Which one sounds more American, Schumacher or Mazepin?

    Sir MountedSir Mounted13 napja
  • Bottas and Russell bouncing back hardddd

    chaotic galaxychaotic galaxy13 napja
  • Looking forward to emerging drivers : Lando and Ocon tomorrow.

    amit shetamit shet13 napja
  • video ends at 04:20 you're welcome

    Ray FMRay FM13 napja
  • Welcome back to q3 seb, im just happy to see him do better even tho it's not his best. I hope he improves

    Yohannes BayrayYohannes Bayray13 napja
  • Mazapin: It was the track it was the car Everyone else: No its you

    Mevinu GunaratneMevinu Gunaratne13 napja
  • Misses pole by 7 thousands "Qualifying wasn't great" I guess his standards aren't the same after 99 poles

    François ThomasFrançois Thomas13 napja
  • Ocon. He sent it!

    Kenedy KanyekiKenedy Kanyeki13 napja
  • What are those cars in the background for the people who got through to Q3? Are there F2 or F3 races going on there?

    Some1GeeSome1Gee13 napja
  • I came here for ze honey badger

    Charbone with 1,000 subscribersCharbone with 1,000 subscribers13 napja
  • Yuki is so 😆

    Aleksander StanovoiAleksander Stanovoi13 napja
  • Latifi just talks so fast to get out of the interviews. Very relatable.

    Maruthi SaratMaruthi Sarat13 napja
  • Ocon deserves the praise for putting his car in P6 Mega job!

    Soham MhatreSoham Mhatre13 napja
  • 3:56 *BRUH*

    ShinyShiny13 napja
  • Just give Russel a fast car alreadyyy

    Gabriel HaynesGabriel Haynes13 napja
  • As a Red Bull fan I am honestly sooo gassed to see Checo do really we in qualifying!! P2 at Imola and now P4 here in Portugal! Now he just needs at top 4 or podium 👍!!

    Watch Dogs 2: Edits and gameplayWatch Dogs 2: Edits and gameplay13 napja
  • Happy to see seb back in q3

    Rohan PadriRohan Padri13 napja
  • glad to see Vettel in Q3.

    tambuleetambulee13 napja
  • After his misery in few last season with Ferrari....Vettel back to Q3 again.

    kimheeseon_ fanindokimheeseon_ fanindo13 napja
  • Lewis in p2 All so Lewis It was not the best..

    Samson KinyanjuiSamson Kinyanjui13 napja
  • So happy for seb but so sad for danny

    beefbeef13 napja
  • Max and checo really wishing you guys take P1 and P2❤️

    204 639 Glen Furtado204 639 Glen Furtado13 napja
  • I dont understand what happened to Ric and Stroll. They should be in top 10.

    Ragnar WiikRagnar Wiik13 napja
  • Carlos is doing great. George is outperforming that Williams as usual. Ocon and Vet are getting into their stride?

    Yves SouffleYves Souffle13 napja
  • We all expected a great AM and McLaren rivalry 😅

    Lockheed MartinLockheed Martin13 napja
  • 4:30 Mazespin is doing small steps to be out of F1 in the middle of the season

    lukistRlukistR13 napja
  • Nice to see the pole on pole

    CustomNameCustomName13 napja
    • Zero IQ comment

      Jamal IslamJamal Islam13 napja
  • Williams have improved a lot❤

    Siddhartha Nath 27Siddhartha Nath 2713 napja
  • Dissapointed with Dan Ric , he's not getting his consistency and grip

    Bhavish ShahBhavish Shah13 napja
  • Lewis “ qualifying wasn’t the greatest, I mean we are one two” 🙄. Wasn’t great cause you mad you at first

    Colin PowellColin Powell13 napja
    • And you expect him to be happy about his teammate beating him. Are you thick or something

      Corey RodCorey Rod12 napja
  • Happy to see Ham didnt adjust more often his mask this interview. This maks adjustment olympic games is becoming a running joke to the f1 community.

    Aldwin FloresAldwin Flores13 napja
  • Max having a tough day due to track conditions Max - 'boss it me, verstappening! '

    40 - Anirudh R40 - Anirudh R13 napja
  • Oh my Dan((

    Иван ХромовИван Хромов13 napja
  • Russel gave it all, showing he is a worthy driver to Mercedes

    Andrew CharlesAndrew Charles13 napja
  • MSC in blue suit,blue cap,blue eyes 😍always as calm as the blue ocean under the blue sky 😍

    大切な人を守って大切な人を守って13 napja
  • Awesome job Valterri P1 nice Lewis P2 not bad Max P3 let’s gooooooooo tomorrow

    Marc Vicky BarthelemyMarc Vicky Barthelemy13 napja
  • Q3:long time,no see, Sebastian.'so glad to see u back❣️

    大切な人を守って大切な人を守って13 napja
  • Daniel has to dial it in a lot faster than this.

    Nixer DoyleNixer Doyle13 napja
    • Dan seems to be losing more ground to Norris every GP this season. I’m happy that Norris is moving up the grid this season, but not happy seeing Dan getting drilled.

      MaxFromSydney1MaxFromSydney113 napja
  • Russel really need a better car, he is doing magic with a william car

    weber kennerweber kenner13 napja