Drivers React After Qualifying | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

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The first qualifying session of the 2021 F1 season was a thriller. Get all the action from the drivers as they also look ahead to race day in Bahrain...
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  • Had a hard week and this was just what I needed after this day to make it a bit better . Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

    formulafanformulafan7 napja
  • The daily shock remarkably rub because save scientifically jog on a nonchalant gallon. , last screwdriver

    ML WhitML Whit10 napja
  • Seems like these guys are more afraid of catching the flu than driving at 200mph... 🙄😂

    Peter FitzpatrickPeter Fitzpatrick15 napja
  • F off youtube

    Deadeyest205Deadeyest20515 napja
  • Macek

    SoloOhOhSoloOhOh16 napja
    • Marki

      Andrija MačekAndrija Maček14 napja
  • Alonsooooo❤️❤️

    GonzaloGonzalo16 napja
  • Please give the drivers better face masks that stay put and they don't need to adjust and touch all the time

    Mohamad AlrashedMohamad Alrashed16 napja
  • Lewis really showed his class today. Kept the faster car behind to deliver a brilliant win.The Brit is at the top of his game.

    Dab WarriorDab Warrior16 napja
  • Plz upload post race driver interviews already 🤬

    Bond James BondBond James Bond16 napja
  • somebody count the amount of times they touch their mask. are they poorly designed or are the nervous

    Bad MaxBad Max16 napja
  • i want the williams cap :(

    pantoffelLPpantoffelLP16 napja
  • Why is it so slow in the volume

    Moises SanchezMoises Sanchez16 napja
  • Well well well.... 24 hours later.....where are all the haters? Crying?.... cry haters CRY!!!!

    I Own YOU!I Own YOU!16 napja
  • Poor F1 loosing millions of german viewers this year

    Knox CameronKnox Cameron17 napja
  • Mazepin is the next Taki Inoue.🤣🤣🤣 I called it.😎

    6lemans106lemans1017 napja
  • Mazepin was like that boat in the Suez canal

    S85B50 EngineS85B50 Engine17 napja
  • Oh boy seb should not have left scuderia

    AlanAlan17 napja
    • @6lemans10 sometimes. We think ole must be sacked .sometimes we think he must not be aacked

      AlanAlan17 napja
    • @Alan I'm on the fence if Ole should be sacked or not.🤔

      6lemans106lemans1017 napja
    • @Alan I know. I'm speaking with some optimism.

      6lemans106lemans1017 napja
    • @6lemans10 Yeah but leicester is a threat

      AlanAlan17 napja
    • Well. At least Manchester United will finish second this year.

      6lemans106lemans1017 napja
  • I hope Seb does well in the race

    AlanAlan17 napja
  • When Bottas says "were behind red bull"... Any constructer would take 2 and 3 than 1 and 11 on the grid.

    rlmrossrlmross17 napja
  • Vettel has fallen so far from days of old, tough to watch. He was the next Schumacher in his youth, now doesn't have the same fire.

    CrosswaterCrosswater17 napja
    • No he doesn't.😔

      6lemans106lemans1017 napja
  • Here cause of Netflix

    Now I knowNow I know17 napja
  • Idk the times close at course where they tested. I hope it is. Close like this all season

    Walter ReyesWalter Reyes17 napja
  • Gasly has reduced drag by hat on backwards.

    N JohnsonN Johnson17 napja
  • Mazepin still in F1?

    Eric CantonaEric Cantona17 napja
  • With a closer racing every point count. Could be the difference between 3 and 6.

    mircea miclosmircea miclos17 napja
  • Alonso out of f1 for 2 years, comes in an gets in Q3 What a driver

    swag josifswag josif17 napja
  • Yuki just said, I don't have any motivation... ?? what kind of way of thinking is that????

    BotBot17 napja
  • You would think F1 teams could make masks that fit

    Fast H RacingFast H Racing17 napja
  • Verstappening

    Max VerstappeningMax Verstappening17 napja
  • Alonso!!!

    Thomas ChevrierThomas Chevrier17 napja
  • Gambatê yuki!

    Socialismo é SatanismoSocialismo é Satanismo17 napja
  • Gasly's got that fire in his eyes. He's glowing!

    ituber09ituber0917 napja
  • Haas = Brake problems since 2016

    Chris DChris D17 napja
  • Max world champion!

    Teszt TesztTeszt Teszt17 napja
  • I know you guys hate mazepin cause of his driving and the instagram,but he apologized and I think we should forgive him and give him a chance for 2021

    Wolf PackyWolf Packy17 napja
    • Mazepin is the next Taki Inoue.🤣🤣🤣 I called it.😎

      6lemans106lemans1017 napja
  • Where is the paddock pass episode?

    C BC B17 napja
  • They really saved the Best for last! I LOVE YOU NIKITA!!!!

    Gian Miguel LABOR ObiernaGian Miguel LABOR Obierna17 napja
  • The mask differences are something else. It’s too bad most of these drivers can’t even wear a piece of fabric without a logo being printed on it.

    C-rudeC-rude17 napja
    • 😷

      6lemans106lemans1017 napja
  • 2:22 Ahh Stroll already not thinking about Vettel, only about himself. Can't like this spoiled child, I just can't

    Elon MuskElon Musk17 napja
  • How bout Gasly? definitely making the argument that his solid finish last year was not a fluke.

    Fanboy 3000Fanboy 300017 napja
  • Mazepin sounds like a slightly Russian version of Hamilton

    Matt JCMatt JC17 napja
  • Seb 🥺🥺🥺

    Michael PittiMichael Pitti17 napja
  • In a sector known for its top notch engineering, no one seems to be able to design a decent face mask that does what it is supposed to and stay on the driver's faces...! Glad to see Verstappen on pole...Won't be so easy for Lewis this year...🏎🏆

    HectoridesHectorides17 napja
  • I need someone to count how many times they said um or uh

    brendan Obichiebrendan Obichie17 napja
  • Sergio is gonna win it calling it right now

    Gabriel CorreaGabriel Correa17 napja
  • Take off the masks This ain’t normal please

    Luis SilvaLuis Silva17 napja
  • sure Mazespin, sure, the problem is the car and not you. such a coward

    Christophe DumortierChristophe Dumortier17 napja
  • Geovinazzi's mask upside down?😂

    Corben SharpCorben Sharp17 napja
  • I hate it how Hamilton ist blaming his qualiyfing on that, that Redbull is faster. The difference is not that big betwen the carc.

    Jans ZimmermannJans Zimmermann17 napja
  • wow kimi and alonso showing their age, ohh cant wait to see what yuki can do after couple races experience, turns out seb's the garbage on the grid.

    Raheem AbdulRaheem Abdul17 napja
  • Go Max !

    Uncle RudyUncle Rudy17 napja
  • I am quite concerned with Mazepin starting directly behind Vettel

    Glitter PonyGlitter Pony17 napja
  • Mercedes are still playing it chill I think

    Lewis JonesLewis Jones17 napja
  • take a shot every time the drivers adjust their masks

    KadenzeKadenze17 napja
  • MazeSPIN the reason poor Seb didn't make it through to Q2

    Elaine FitzpatrickElaine Fitzpatrick17 napja
  • Even tho i dont like merc i love how lewis really says ”i did everything i could” instead of being like ”ah just for some bad times redbull arent faster”

    Simon LydinSimon Lydin17 napja
  • vettel sounded so sad ;_;

    Corazon OPCorazon OP17 napja
  • Max: very pleased to be on pole *deze keer* Lekker nederlands jongen

    Bart MeerveldBart Meerveld17 napja
  • "Team Mazepin" nice to know which team Haas is on, as well as Schummi jr. perfect hire for a brand looking to brand... [facepalm]

    Simon Kaastrup-OlsenSimon Kaastrup-Olsen17 napja
  • Number 11 starts as 11th. So that fits perfect😅

    RCnerd74RCnerd7417 napja
  • this is Max's year. Lets get it!!!!!

    Light RaysLight Rays17 napja
  • MazeSpin

    V SV S17 napja
  • Alonso's hat features his clothing brand? Are they a team sponsor?

    MultiPoseurMultiPoseur17 napja
  • Man i feel bad for carlos

    Surprised ThomasSurprised Thomas17 napja
  • Gasly drove like crazy.... But I still think if Yuki had soft tyres in Q2, he'd be starting on P4 definitely.....

    Aditya KambleAditya Kamble17 napja
  • The face masks are a joke & offensive to humanity. 7 million dollar car - and can't make a face mask stay still

    LeeroyLeeroy17 napja
  • Lance has quite a different haircut now.

    namnews Gamingnamnews Gaming17 napja
  • Letts go McLaren 🙌

    Monty RoundMonty Round17 napja
  • McLaren was a little dissapointing on pace ngl

    dhick1227dhick122717 napja
  • Mazepin the new Maldonado in F1 !

    Cosmin CristianCosmin Cristian17 napja
    • Mazepin is the next Taki Inoue.🤣🤣🤣 I called it.😎

      6lemans106lemans1017 napja
  • The funny thing is that when HAM isn't in the fastest car, he doesn't get pole. More proof that HAM is overrated and F1 is about the CAR not the driver.

    Jeremiah BachmannJeremiah Bachmann17 napja
    • @Diana Maioru 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      6lemans106lemans1017 napja
    • @6lemans10 It's both funny and sad to see the lengths people go to to devalue/hate on Lewis. Guess who won the first race of the 2021 season in a less powerful car! ;)

      Diana MaioruDiana Maioru17 napja
    • @Diana Maioru He doesn't know what he is talking about.🤦🏿‍♂️ I watched F1 since the 1989 Season.

      6lemans106lemans1017 napja
    • Such a lame and weak argument. Tell that to Ayrton Senna during the 1993 season. He lead the Championship for a quarter of the season with a underpowered Ford V8. McLaren got customer Ford V8s, compared to Benetton's FACTORY spec Ford V8. McLaren finished ahead of Benetton with a lesser spec engine.

      6lemans106lemans1017 napja
    • Nice bait bro, too bad it’s so obvious bs that nobody takes it! 😂

      Diana MaioruDiana Maioru17 napja
  • Am I the only one impressed by Mazepin's flawless English?

    Alexander IlievAlexander Iliev17 napja
  • Ferrari will 1st

    Young ProgrammerYoung Programmer17 napja
  • No Mercedes commentary?

    Ecom PhilanthropyEcom Philanthropy17 napja
  • Please, subtitles.

    Michele RussoMichele Russo17 napja
  • Am I the only one surprised that Kimi said more than 5 words

    will mileswill miles17 napja
  • Botas: “we’ve definitely made some steps since testing” don’t think so mate, Mercedes just lifted the sandbags slightly

    therealGtherealG17 napja
  • Lewis wins Max 2nd Gasly 3rd Yuki might upset this though if qualifying was a preview of what to expect from him

    El R*******El R*******17 napja
  • All the world class designers and engineers in F1 and no one can design a mask that fits. Just use a concertina mask already...

    rich edwardsrich edwards17 napja
  • Another F1 drinking game: Take a shot every time a driver has to push his face mask back up.....

    Marc UptonMarc Upton17 napja
  • The only thing that upsets me this weekend is Aston Martin's preference :(

    GozieZillaGozieZilla17 napja
  • Mazepin to finish 20th at the end of the championship lol

    Keano MurroKeano Murro17 napja
  • I don´t know why, but I have a feeling that Yuki Tsunoda will not be a new symphatic driver.

    JuliusJulius17 napja
  • Ferrari still failing of giving their drivers fitting masks :D

    Sami SalamiSami Salami17 napja
  • Can't wait to see Fernando get up to speed.

    Gseric47Gseric4717 napja
  • Proper fight for the top spot, Ferrari looking competitive, an AlphaTauri outperforming a Red Bull, Mazepin wetting himself repeatedly - what a time to be alive.

    Alexander JonesAlexander Jones17 napja
  • Very happy to see Mazepin at the back hope he stays there all season.

    jjbb18jjbb1817 napja
  • MazeSPIN doesn’t deserve in F1 or another, just money talks

    Hasan Kemal ASLANGÜLHasan Kemal ASLANGÜL17 napja
  • Got a quadrant advert on the official F1 channel

    GozieZillaGozieZilla17 napja
  • 01:15 one for the wtf1 bingo sheed boyss

    Teun SeignTeun Seign17 napja
  • 兄い兄い、頑張って❣️フアイト❣️

    大切な人を守って大切な人を守って17 napja
  • im happy yuki is disappointed with his result, wanna see that man contesting

    ScruffyScruffy17 napja
  • Given the incredible engineering that goes into F1 you would think someone could design a mask that doesn’t need the wearer to adjust it every 2 seconds...

    Nic LeeNic Lee17 napja
  • Both Alfa' in Q2 were the biggest suprise alongside of Max's pole for me! Really hope they made the step to the mid field

    Lord BogusLord Bogus17 napja
  • Who’s excited for the Meme Team battle

    Elmo PihkalaElmo Pihkala17 napja
  • Im the one feeling uncomfortable with their masks

    Steffy RomanaSteffy Romana17 napja
  • I love this grid lineup

    Emil KapstadEmil Kapstad17 napja
  • I’m as stunned as Lando.

    LosBarrelLosBarrel17 napja
  • Let’s hope F1 this year is more balanced playing field

    Hanna ElfarHanna Elfar17 napja
  • Mazepin ruined all the other drivers laps

    Tiisetso HlatshwayoTiisetso Hlatshwayo17 napja