Drivers' Post-Race Reaction | 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix

2021.máj. 2.
406 032 Megtekintés

Before we head to Spain for Round Four, we caught up with race winner Lewis Hamilton, second-place Max Verstappen and more to reflect on the events of the Portuguese Grand Prix
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  • Just watched this because of kimi

    kevin briand Belhajkevin briand Belhaj9 napja
  • "I don't feel bad about it actually, cause I fixed it" phahaha what a legend

    Simon AndrewSimon Andrew9 napja
  • Haha nice

    szewei1985szewei19859 napja
  • Really sad for the williams dudes... it clearly shows how much potential they have but the car simply would not let them

    Ritoban MaityRitoban Maity10 napja
  • Redbull = slow Redbull 2 (AlphaTauri) = slow Mercedes = fast Mercedes 2 (Aston Martin) = slow ??

    Kristijan CerovskiKristijan Cerovski10 napja
  • Kimi didn't won't to race and bumped him teammate to go out :)))

    DarMaarDarMaar10 napja
    • From lap 1 of the season 2020 to this what a shocker

      szewei1985szewei19859 napja
  • 1000th comment

    Ryan Ward-EvansRyan Ward-Evans10 napja
  • Hamilton is champion forevaz

    RaulRaul10 napja
  • I get the feeling that Lewis is actually really enjoying himself. He seems more satisfied this season

    Carlos SchraderCarlos Schrader11 napja
  • Yuki need to start doing something.

    Samir DzSamir Dz11 napja
  • If everyone lacked pace, then no one lacked pace

    domdomdrumdrumdomdomdrumdrum11 napja
  • i think kimi is out in lap 2, and go to airport flight back to home immediately.

    Legoo JanLegoo Jan11 napja
  • I really needed to listen to tsunoda twice because the first time I didnt even understood it

    Stacker CodingStacker Coding11 napja
  • This will be Kimi's last season.

    Timmy SchnitzelTimmy Schnitzel11 napja
  • It’s hilarious that Max jumped Lewis on the restart and was hyped af and Lewis was like yeah made a goof lol

    Dustin FournierDustin Fournier11 napja
  • From P9 onwards, they lacked pace and will look at data. Meanwhile Latifi - "I wasn't driving the car. The car was driving me." Hahaha yeah we know !! 😁😁

    Abhijeet Singh BalAbhijeet Singh Bal11 napja
  • All we are missing is a few at “the end of the day” sprinkled in with the lack of pace 😂

    Jose UmanaJose Umana11 napja
  • A job well done to all the drivers because it's not easy to do what you'll do🔥🔥💯hats off to you guys🏎🔥

    Tamaica Camille GovenderTamaica Camille Govender11 napja
  • Who would've thought only Kimi would DNF? Used to be Romain Grosjean.

    YouTube CommenterYouTube Commenter11 napja
  • Please subtitulo in Spanish to latinoamerica thankiu

    Ricardo AlemanRicardo Aleman11 napja
  • Rumour has it that this was last races interview with Mazepin cause he was that slow.

    EsdeathSenpaiEsdeathSenpai11 napja
  • Can't some of the technicians design something that keeps the masks on the face?

    Henric HHenric H11 napja
  • Really bad decision Carlos Sainz going to Ferrari.

    Diogo PereiraDiogo Pereira11 napja
  • Best wishes to you hamilton, we love yoz

    blue banana in yourblue banana in your11 napja
  • happy for Ocon hope he gets a podium soon..

    Lin DeeLin Dee11 napja
  • I thought Max had a Mclaren hat for second there

    LucarioNinjaLucarioNinja11 napja
  • Sergio doesn't get past the others, he gets through them

    Ferrari2003 _Ferrari2003 _11 napja
  • @1:20 Lando giving interview while Ricardo and Alonso fistbumping in the backround.

    MarkoMarko11 napja
  • New drinking game: 1 shot every time someone says they didn’t have enough pace

    Thomas McMullonThomas McMullon11 napja
  • Bottas cu do caralho!!!!

    marcondes rodriguesmarcondes rodrigues11 napja
  • Mazepin hahahaha

    Simon FribergSimon Friberg11 napja
  • 3:26 - 3:29 Yuki is a Scouser?

    Mountain ManMountain Man11 napja
  • how did lewis say so much, but so little at the same time

    chazchaz11 napja
  • Alonso and Ricciardo chatting behind Lando. Cool to see the 2 experienced guys that had the same seat getting on

    Mark O'NeillMark O'Neill11 napja
  • Can we get subtitles for Tsunoda, that guy talks fast?

    EvoStarEvoStar11 napja
  • Chipped away............ to P9. Yeah right Danny boy - another great performance. No wonder all the teams want to sign you.

    MichaelMichael11 napja
  • Lando is proving himself as a consistent front runner.

    JJ11 napja
  • we need subtitles forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pedro UN49Pedro UN4911 napja
  • Hamilton; yeah, I sandbag every weekend, so I'll just run away with it again, but aw shucks. I hope changes in '22 tightens the field. Maybe sprint races will be somewhat of an equalizer this year. We'll see. It's pretty boring watching Hamilton win again and again - but he is very deserving and he does work incredibly hard, so he won't just give away

    C MayC May11 napja
  • Lando bro

    Adam TobákAdam Tobák11 napja
  • skip the first 28 seconds

    SilverRonald ClipsSilverRonald Clips11 napja
  • I have no clue what Tsunoda said

    Christian StoyanovChristian Stoyanov11 napja
  • Not enough pace for sure

    AlexAlex11 napja
  • @2:44 Where there is Carloos, there is Landooo

    Rithika MacherlaRithika Macherla11 napja
  • Lewis does it again, all the Hamilton Haters that counted him out, Lewis and his team is the best

    Road HogRoad Hog11 napja
  • Nobody absolutely no one: Latifi: I wasn't driving the car the car was driving me

    Joe KogaJoe Koga11 napja
  • What language does yuki speak ? :p

    Triangl333Triangl33311 napja
  • Congrats Alonso!

    Dylan ColombetDylan Colombet12 napja
  • what did Yuki said?

    Hirantha RathnayakeHirantha Rathnayake12 napja
  • I love the hass and schumachers entusiasme this weekend ...max gotta start winning at this point, perez matches his pace in his 3 race soon he be beating him

    my-tbeatsmy-tbeats12 napja
  • Pace.... pace...... pace... pace. oh and the pace..... pace.... pace ....... pace.

    Jo San ProductionsJo San Productions12 napja
  • Most of the drivers: speak Tsunoda : unintelligible

    rlbrlb12 napja
  • The Wishing Minnows punching above their weight for 6th

    Bongo BagginsBongo Baggins12 napja
  • 4:18 did Mazepin said the pack is very close?

    Bing YiuBing Yiu12 napja

    BrunoBruno12 napja
  • I couldn't even understand a single thing Yuki said 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Sheikh SibatSheikh Sibat12 napja
  • Latifi's car this week: "I don't know what happened, we need to analyze the data'

    penusliskipenusliski12 napja
  • Not much pace was there?

    Gazza31112 ,Gazza31112 ,12 napja
  • Вперед McLren!!!

    Андрей СамойловАндрей Самойлов12 napja
  • Anyone know where LH gets his new masks? They seem to be the only ones used in f1 that no one needs to keep adjusting to covet themselves.

    V8HiluxV8Hilux12 napja
  • We just didnt pace enough today have

    SchpitSchpit12 napja
    • Pace enough we have just didnt

      UziUzi11 napja
  • what did tsunoda say??

    Arran PeshavariaArran Peshavaria12 napja
  • Alpine was outstanding!

    Michael BabiliMichael Babili12 napja
  • how many times did they say pace in this video?

    The Muha SblekThe Muha Sblek12 napja
  • wait what verstappen gets his fastest lap deleted again and from what max said it wasn't even in a corner they were bothered about seems the race director really doesn't like the red bulls

    SASraceCAMSASraceCAM12 napja
  • Those eternal clowns at Ferrari strategy just destroyed Sainz's race. Unbelievable.

    Wasif ShahriarWasif Shahriar12 napja
  • tsunoda english is great :)))))

    king ayrtonking ayrton12 napja
  • Ricciardo mimicking Alonso's dance moves in the background.

    Lohit KumarLohit Kumar12 napja
  • Bwoah Frontwing gone Bwoah

    Bullet_DuDeBullet_DuDe12 napja
  • Whoever started on softs and took mediums after pit stop suffered

    MemerGirlMemerGirl12 napja
  • Can I have the subtitles for Yuki this time? He was so tired that he slurred every word

    giorgio ciaravololgiorgio ciaravolol12 napja
  • Seb and 13th a relationship going on and on and on.

    Ravish Manohar savyasachiRavish Manohar savyasachi12 napja
  • Take a shot every time a driver says 'pace' :D

    Lisa WandhaLisa Wandha12 napja
  • Whenever George speaks, he sound like a politician.

    Himanshu BalyanHimanshu Balyan12 napja
  • "Gentlemen, a short view back to the past. --What are your wishes for the future concerning the technical programme during the race? Less buttons, more? 4:30 seems like Kimi wants less buttons xD

    TheKride28TheKride2812 napja
  • HAM VER BOT and the balance has been restored

    Mr WiiUMr WiiU12 napja
  • What was Yuki saying😂

    0172 mitchell0172 mitchell12 napja
  • It's always a bad race when Mercedes are the fastest. Boooo

    Scorpion AxemanScorpion Axeman12 napja
  • 4:15 "And Nikita Mazepin wins the Grand Prix for McLaren/Aston Martin/Williams! Here is the anthem for the constructor!" 🇬🇧🤣

    Batuhan DemirBatuhan Demir12 napja
  • Mick’s performance in this race is underrated

    The Deamon MeteorThe Deamon Meteor12 napja
  • MV SP

    Nilesh DanguiNilesh Dangui12 napja
  • Deserved to win Lewis you are great

    Teresa MariaTeresa Maria12 napja
  • "How many drivers will have lack of pace here" Portimao: yes

    Manvik28_7Manvik28_712 napja
    • portimao*

      AtromicsAtromics11 napja
  • Vettel: Wish both the cars were closer together Also Vettel : Fine, I'll do it myself

    Akshat ThakurAkshat Thakur12 napja
  • Lets not forget that Carlos was asked to let his teammate pass him!

    Pont PontPont Pont12 napja
  • Driver of the day: Nikita 🤗

    Fritz GerlichFritz Gerlich12 napja
  • Can anyone understand Yuki? I really find it difficult to understand when he speaks, except for when he's shouts expletives on the radio

    Indochina JamesIndochina James12 napja
  • Bottas is the ultimate grey man

    robo0586robo058612 napja
  • Unbeliverable, 3 races, Lando in a mclaren is in 3rd. also ahead of a much more exprienced Riccardo!!

    sz284sz28412 napja

    Aidan EAidan E12 napja
  • Gio might've been the only one who had a fun weekend

    Alpesh Abhijit ChowdhuryAlpesh Abhijit Chowdhury12 napja
  • No one : Drivers : We JuSt DiDn't HaVe ThE PaCe ToDaY

    Sarthak KaleSarthak Kale12 napja
  • In short all were lagging in pace

    Faishal PerwezFaishal Perwez12 napja
  • Nobody had this mysterious "pace" apparently.

    Jake HekeJake Heke12 napja
    • Its going to be the new go to buzz word.

      J.YoungJ.Young11 napja
  • I honestly hope they change that facemask design soon... it makes me anxious to see them redjusting them every two secons.

    · HigoChumbo ·· HigoChumbo ·12 napja
  • These tyres was shot. few laps later.. fastest lap. typical lewis

    Doni DanielloDoni Daniello12 napja
  • Did anyone understand what yuki said

    Pajte GamerPajte Gamer12 napja
  • No disrespect to Checo but the rookie Alonso deserved the driver of the day.

    Jack LeeJack Lee12 napja
  • My OCD kicks in when I see Ocon still hasn't taken both stickers off his hat.

    KieferClarkF1KieferClarkF112 napja
  • I liked the part where Yuki said, "Yeah who ca wi stuggld wi ca balace, wi dat analyz mak ca be' er fo nekst wik"

    Sharique MukadamSharique Mukadam12 napja
    • hahahahhaha yuki

      Shafiq MunirShafiq Munir11 napja
    • 😂😂

      0172 mitchell0172 mitchell12 napja