Driver survives 70-foot plunge after skidding off highway barrier wall | SHOCKING VIDEO

2021.febr. 8.
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A driver is lucky to be alive after he skidded off an interchange ramp in Milwaukee and plunged 70 feet to the highway below.
ABC affiliate WISN-TV reports the crash happened Saturday morning on I-94 at the Zoo Interchange in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The crash was captured on Wisconsin Department of Transportation camera video that WISN obtained Monday.
According to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, the pickup truck was traveling on I-94 when the driver skidded off the eastbound to the southbound ramp. The video appears to show the truck hitting a snowbank on the right shoulder seconds before the fall.

  • They said he's was wreckless driving according to the milwaukee county shariffs office

    Lehmandaniel617Lehmandaniel6174 napja
  • There a second incident here and it was of a DRUNK DRIVER LADY posted on WISN 12 NEWS youtube channel.

    PikachuPikachu8 napja
  • Whoever makes that pickup better give him a new truck

    tye Danielstye Daniels14 napja
  • It wasn’t his time yet he is well protected!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾

    Queen BlackSimmerQueen BlackSimmer14 napja
  • Does anyone know what make model truck was?

    ElizabethElizabeth14 napja
  • Girlfriend: “Come over right now.” Guy: “I’m already on the overpass and missed your exit...” Girlfriend: “But my parents aren’t home.” Guy: “Yeet!”

    Weedman420Weedman42016 napja
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    a.da.d16 napja
  • When you make a wrong turn on gta

    Kyle WhiteKyle White16 napja
  • That’s some GTA shit right there

    Fearful TunaFearful Tuna16 napja
  • Omg imagine he got no injuries yeah he got no injuries isn’t that insane😱😱😱😱😱😱

    Terence WhiteTerence White16 napja
    • Except he's paralyzed. Lucky to be alive, but he's got a long road ahead of him.

      Jack CooganJack Coogan15 napja
  • Crazy

    Terrance BowersTerrance Bowers16 napja
  • The driver’s mother was quoted as saying, “Something magical happened.” That damned hooligan Criss Angel strikes again! Thanks a lot Criss! Anything for ratings, huh? MINDFREAK!!!!

    Kyle KKyle K16 napja
  • What type of vehicle was he driving?

    Brad BarfieldBrad Barfield17 napja
    • Local news says it was a pickup truck

      Human BeingHuman Being16 napja
  • Too much GTA

    KevinKevin17 napja
  • That is gonna hurt tomorrow

    CC18 napja
  • now thats a good car!

    Darko MarkačDarko Markač18 napja
  • Definitely was handled by the Supernatural Hand 🙏🏽 😇🙏🏽

    Wing SpanWing Span18 napja
    • @Darko Markač all of it. It was a WAKE UP! call

      Lorif larsonLorif larson17 napja
    • 'supernatural hand' did just the last half of the event? Or it did all, what you think?

      Darko MarkačDarko Markač18 napja
  • what kind of shitty engineering did they do to this bridge ? that a truck was able to drive over wall , im guessing there was snow plowed up against the wall and kinda acted like a ramp to get over the wall

    Jesus OrtizJesus Ortiz18 napja
    • Yes, same thing happened on another stretch of hwy in Milwaukee a few years ago. The snow ramped a guy off the Hoan bridge. He died. Hoan bridge is really high. Scary to drive on even in perfect conditions

      Lorif larsonLorif larson17 napja
  • Another covid 2o death

    Fred GardnerFred Gardner18 napja
  • HO. LEE. SHIT.

    Lance P.Lance P.18 napja
  • If he's not a believer, I'm praying he is now

    sealed securesealed secure18 napja
  • At first the truck points straight down ...but then the air gaps between the truck bed and the quarter panels "caught air" and acted like a couple of parachutes... so the truck lands on it's front wheels (now facing the opposite direction he was driving) In another video you can barely see the driver's door open just after he lands. Insane!

    RobnationRobnation18 napja
    • @gardensofthegods Totally too fast!

      RobnationRobnation15 napja
    • But do you feel he was driving too fast ? I do . I think if he was going slower he would have seen that he had time to Swerve to the left to avoid the snow bank .

      gardensofthegodsgardensofthegods16 napja
  • 32ft per second/per second.

    James ShrideJames Shride18 napja
  • It's a 2005-ish Ford F250 FX4 (note: fender line, door handle and FX4 "Off Road" on bed)

    RobnationRobnation18 napja
  • Covid almost got another 1. Not today covid, not today .

    goalie2998goalie299818 napja
    • LMAO!

  • Volvo 850?

    Marc KempMarc Kemp18 napja
    • F250

      RobnationRobnation18 napja
  • He is going to be a very rich man.

    Regie LoveRegie Love18 napja
    • @Regie Love This is why people should drive very carefully!

      rolo6932rolo693214 napja
    • @Regie Love A guy went off the Hoan Bridge on the east side of Milwaukee 4 years ago in an almost identical accident. He didn't make it. Not sure if the County will wise up this time, or not.

      PSPS14 napja
    • @rolo6932 All very well. But, if you look at the road, the way it was plowed it basically created a ramp that sent him flying over the barrier and 70' down. I guarantee you this will change how they plow these ramps going forward.

      Regie LoveRegie Love15 napja
    • He broke his back and he will never walk again! Instead of blaming the weather or the authorities, people should take care of themselves and drive very carefully!

      rolo6932rolo693215 napja
    • Maybe Ford will give him a new F250

      RobnationRobnation18 napja
  • Try the plunger trick to pull those dents out, be back on the road in no time

    Fleadog GreenFleadog Green18 napja
    • @Fleadog Green Thanks 4 the tip. Will try on my vehicle. (God bless the driver)

      M GM G17 napja
    • He should sell it to Ripley's Believe It or Not!

      RobnationRobnation18 napja
  • He was in free fall for about 3 seconds, which mean he hit the ground at about 65 miles per hour.

    dcxxxxdcxxxx18 napja
  • They said he needed new underwear...🤷‍♂️

    jeffsondjeffsond18 napja
  • WOW. It's a wonder it didn't flip over

    Somewhere Down The RoadSomewhere Down The Road18 napja
  • This is nightmare fuel. I am shocked the person lived, but glad they did.

    NealNeal18 napja
    • "lived". That doesnt really tell the store.

      James ShrideJames Shride18 napja
  • That's typically how I exit Toll roads without paying.

    pepperjpepperj18 napja
    • @Fresh Donghyun ahh.. the HUworld butthole arrived for his comment corrections.

      pepperjpepperj13 napja
    • @Fresh Donghyun bro it's a fuckin joke

      jbom26jbom2613 napja
    • That is not a Toll road tho. Milwaukee doesn’t have toll

      Fresh DonghyunFresh Donghyun13 napja
    • 😂😂😂😂

      Stuck in the 90sStuck in the 90s15 napja
    • Looooool

      jbom26jbom2617 napja
  • Survived! Must have had a mask on.

    David SchulzDavid Schulz18 napja
    • Lol so true😂

      Trevon KyerTrevon Kyer15 napja
    • @jic1 The more I think about it, and risk being arrested for thinking, I think he may have crashed because he was constantly adjusting his mask. But then after the mask caused the accident it then saved him.

      David SchulzDavid Schulz18 napja
    • 'Everybody said that wearing a helmet and full NASCAR safety gear at all times was a "ridiculous and pointless overreaction to Covid-19", but who's laughing now?'

      jic1jic118 napja
    • 😂🤣🤣

      Big ChungusBig Chungus18 napja
  • Wow 🙏🏾

    KillEm KaStilanoKillEm KaStilano18 napja
  • Probable spine injury at a minimum.

    WAL_DC-6BWAL_DC-6B18 napja
    • He will never walk again!

      rolo6932rolo693215 napja
  • I wonder if he has a Dixie horn? 🤔

    Jay PoeJay Poe18 napja
  • Jesus take the wheel will ya?

    Drone JunkieDrone Junkie18 napja
  • imagine his thoughts on the way down.

    Rob MRob M18 napja
    • What's for dinner

      rooster555555rooster55555515 napja
    • his thoughts were exactly like " did i leave the iron on? "

      Leve leviLeve levi16 napja
  • WOW

    Bilal O.Bilal O.18 napja
  • Survived huh? Let me guess? A drunk driver?

    Common SenseCommon Sense18 napja
  • First thought, "a little slippery here." Next thought, "dang, I'm going to ding my ride on the barrier." Last thought, "this is going to hurt."

    BonefishBoardsBonefishBoards18 napja
  • @6abc: PSA reminder: We don’t need to be told (by you) what is shocking, you armchair fluff-ninnies.

    Bongo McBongoBongo McBongo18 napja
  • Lucky flip. If he would have landed on the roof, he would have been the consistency of Wisconsin summer sausage.

    gargoyle1779gargoyle177918 napja
    • After it’s been chewed up.

      Kyle KKyle K16 napja
  • I can't imagine what's going through his head at that point.

    gregory fauteuxgregory fauteux18 napja
    • Imma die

      rooster555555rooster55555515 napja
    • @jic1 No, I’d say crap is probably what was going through his underwear at that point. Good luck getting that out of the seats! lol

      Kyle KKyle K16 napja

      jic1jic118 napja
    • Ordinarily I'd say the steering wheel, but this lucky duck survived.

      Chuck FinaChuck Fina18 napja

    Kelly CollierKelly Collier18 napja
  • He missed his exit so the GPS rerouted him

    EgyptianMagicianEgyptianMagician19 napja
  • Reminds me of the video game san francisco rush

    joshua handfingerjoshua handfinger19 napja
  • Too fast for conditions !!

    Chris MathernChris Mathern19 napja
    • Shitty snow removal on Milwaukee's part

      Lorif larsonLorif larson17 napja
    • U think he will slow down now ?

      mister zmister z18 napja
  • The only reason he lived was because he was drunk. Lol

    John WardJohn Ward19 napja
    • He wasn't

      Manolo SantiagoManolo Santiago18 napja
  • How the hell did he do that. Most people couldn't do that if they tried

    John WardJohn Ward19 napja
    • God

      Grace ReedGrace Reed15 napja

    Night StalkerNight Stalker19 napja
  • Thank God he is alive

    Donna Marie PszoniakDonna Marie Pszoniak19 napja
  • So always remember kids. if there is snow on the ground. make sure your on the phone texting, and your right foot is all the way planted to the floor. so if you do hit a wall. you fly over it for safety.

    Robert WebbRobert Webb19 napja

    Rest In Peace Kobe 24Rest In Peace Kobe 2419 napja
  • Thank God the driver is OK

    Cliff WrightCliff Wright19 napja
  • He did that shit on purpose

    jralf0ns0jralf0ns019 napja
  • Thankfully landed flat.

    cold catzcold catz19 napja
  • Some may recall a similar incident on the Hoan Bridge a few years ago where the driver was killed. Perhaps removing that "ramp" of snow along the right edge of the bridges could become a priority.

    PSPS19 napja
    • Or people should drive very carefully!

      rolo6932rolo693215 napja
  • Holy crap! Good thing they didn't land on another car. Glad the driver survived..

    Midori no YuureiMidori no Yuurei19 napja
  • Hey how was your drive home? I'd rather not talk about it.

    Zippy DooZippy Doo19 napja
  • Dude.

    Claudette SClaudette S19 napja