Drawing New Pokemon Types w/Jaiden Animations

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We're back again drawing some cool new Pokemon.
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  • 2 BEES i got attacted by a hive of bees and got stung 13 times

    Daffodil CharleyDaffodil CharleyNapja
  • 2:50 Hail Yeah (;

    Sinjin MoultonSinjin MoultonNapja
  • Omg it warms my heart that mandj tv and odd ones out are friends

    Apratim ShambharkarApratim ShambharkarNapja
  • The odd1out more like oddish1out

  • MandJTV is one of my favorite channels

    Adam Al ArabAdam Al ArabNapja
  • Did james predict galarian Articuno??????

    fight 4smorefight 4smore2 napja
  • Changing types of Pokémon should be fun also I mostly choose water types

    Midnight Horror of heavenMidnight Horror of heaven2 napja
  • I have a fair type eevee

    Cam BitskoCam Bitsko2 napja
  • can I steal your third EYEdea

    Arihanth PharshyArihanth Pharshy2 napja
  • I'm now watching this cuz I wasnt a fan of James until now so uhm James' beedrill looks like Pathfinder from Apex but as a bee (boxing gloves are Path's heirloom lmao)

    Samantha BholaSamantha Bhola2 napja
  • 1:20 James: "maybe this could be a video, but I got stung... Twice from bees and so I've always just never been able to forgive em for that..." **3 years later posts vid about spiders and bees** *BRUH THAT FORESHADOWING THOUGH*

    Jervis Angelo PitaoJervis Angelo Pitao2 napja
  • James: I’ve been stung twice Me: LUCKY I’ve been stung SEVEN FREAKING TIMES And I have developed an allergy to bee stings :/

    Sloth MayhemSloth Mayhem3 napja
  • “ Maybe this could be a video,but I got stung by a bee” - hmmm I wonder where that idea came from

    Astro FlamAstro Flam3 napja
  • 0:00 start 12:00 end

    The random guy who goes to random videos randomlyThe random guy who goes to random videos randomly3 napja
  • James: are there any pshycic bird pokemons? Jaiden: no there are its zatoo *A MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR GIANT POKEMON FANS*

    Jack Walter BaramedaJack Walter Barameda3 napja
  • Beedrill with twineedle is freaking op

    Marcus The BassistoMarcus The Bassisto3 napja
  • James and Jaidens video thumbnails are 1 big one look closely at the arms 🤯

    ErikCebErikCeb3 napja
  • Are there any bird physic types..... forgets about phyduck

    The Davidson9696The Davidson96964 napja
  • I like the fact jade and James make a good couple 😂 👁👄👁

    Kylie HughesKylie Hughes4 napja
  • james you big bully i am unsubing

    Eddie III AlixEddie III Alix4 napja
  • Sheldon Adelson

    Phil AlgozinoPhil Algozino4 napja
  • James, “maybe this could be a video”... U made that video

    Egod Pro GamerEgod Pro Gamer4 napja
  • MandJTV is my favoroit

    nuzz hnuzz h4 napja
  • Jaiden is a beast of drawing pokemon

    Lientone VangLientone Vang5 napja
  • James:They have a new eeveelution Me:wait wait wait...HOLD UP WHAT DID THIS MAN SAY?!

    Min YangMin Yang5 napja
  • So I had pokemon red and I got bulbasaur as my starter pokemon

    Eevee's LOL VIDEOSEevee's LOL VIDEOS5 napja
  • the add of this video was to get a applation to get rid of adds but like then the yts get no money so im good ill watch adds

    Style ClipZStyle ClipZ5 napja
  • cool Pokémon's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also my lil cousin loves your vid so plzzzzz respond or like

    Swift Raid GamingSwift Raid Gaming5 napja
  • i got stung by a wasp nest when i was 2 XD

    Eᴅɢᴀʀ x Cᴏʟʟᴇᴛᴇ UᴡUEᴅɢᴀʀ x Cᴏʟʟᴇᴛᴇ UᴡU5 napja

    Shadow FuryShadow Fury5 napja
    • @SoSo Animations yea ik but i was talking about them not noticing that psyduck is a psychic bird

      Shadow FuryShadow Fury4 napja
    • He’s just a normal duck with a headache

      SoSo AnimationsSoSo Animations4 napja
  • Hey James can you tell Jaiden that Noctowl is also a flying psychic type

    DraconDragonz TanushDraconDragonz Tanush6 napja
    • @Big Boss Yeah It should have

      DraconDragonz TanushDraconDragonz Tanush4 napja
    • @DraconDragonz Tanush Yeah in gen 2 and a few after it was normal/flying. Definitely should have been flying/psychic though

      Big BossBig Boss4 napja
    • @Big Boss yes it is and oh? it wasnt

      DraconDragonz TanushDraconDragonz Tanush5 napja
    • Is it now? It definitely wasn’t originally.

      Big BossBig Boss5 napja
  • Noctoul is a psysic flying pokemon

    Nandita RayNandita Ray6 napja
  • How the hell did she make stantler look cool

    YacoboYacobo6 napja
  • Wailord is a water and... flying Pokemon already...

    NMFoxy GamingNMFoxy Gaming6 napja
  • Wait wait wait wait wait... you know MandJtv?! (by the way its pronounced M-and-J-tee-vee)

    Catlover 2.0Catlover 2.06 napja
  • 1:19 James spoiled a future video that he actually made its called the spiders and bees 🤗

  • Jaiden: "Parasect is one of the weakest Pokemon" I find that offensive. I caught Mewtwo with a Parasect alone in GEN 1!

    Liz MuttonLiz Mutton7 napja
  • You know how they say its okay ima cute it out yeah that sentence makes you understand that these you tubers can lie and we wouldn't know because they would cute it out so we can never trust nor like these youtubers because all they want is money and they lie all the time.

  • James: aww Jaiden: thank yo- James: AWW Jaiden: thank y- James: AWW

    Acosta RoninAcosta Ronin7 napja
  • Are there any, Phsycic bird pokemon? I mean lugia is flying phsycic.

    Kyden HallKyden Hall8 napja
  • i have your plushie and it's cute

    BlueMoonEclipseBlueMoonEclipse8 napja
  • I play pokemon too

  • James and Jaidan not being able to draw IMPOSSIBLE

    cruz halliburtoncruz halliburton8 napja
  • Привет 👋

    MrDino RuMrDino Ru8 napja
  • M AND J TV

    Aaron ReighardAaron Reighard8 napja
  • What app is this

  • Sceptile is my favorite too lmao

    Gabee BoasGabee Boas9 napja
  • You too are very good at drawing.

    3D01 Mo Chin AU3D01 Mo Chin AU9 napja
  • “You’re the one I prick :(

    Jakk 1HundoJakk 1Hundo9 napja
  • Wait, you were talking about if there were any bird psychic types, what about psyduck?

    AshleyEdits GachaLifeAshleyEdits GachaLife9 napja
  • 11:33 tbh it kinda looks like Galarian Articuno

    poiu 2266poiu 22669 napja
  • I need to make a video about bees..... That’s called foreshadowing

    Leonardo Gregori del RosarioLeonardo Gregori del Rosario10 napja
  • Other grandsons may just write on Facebook walls

    Brady funandgamesBrady funandgames10 napja
  • They make drawing fun But its frustrating when i do it

    X brawlerX brawler10 napja
  • It would've been cool if jaiden made her electric bat's nost like a charging port thing

    PikachuPikachu10 napja
    • I was thinking about ending the tail with a light bulb

      Roberto SennaRoberto Senna10 napja
  • I watch you because of your personality

    Konner SherrillKonner Sherrill10 napja
  • i got stung not only 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 times and mostly in my hand

    Im Slanted TeethIm Slanted Teeth10 napja
  • The three nitrogen orly retire because hydrogen suprisingly balance midst a reflective semicolon. merciful, tremendous rutabaga

    Betsy BurtonBetsy Burton11 napja
  • Soooooooooo what your saying bee drill is a dopeAmon

    Emerald MinerEmerald Miner11 napja
  • One time i was picking up a dying bee to help it then after i picked it up it stung me XD

    Cathryn sisonCathryn sison11 napja
  • M and j tv

    GenesectGenesect11 napja
  • Turn Pikachu into a dark type

    zed bozkurtzed bozkurt11 napja
  • Necrozma is pretty evil

    Leo AngLeo Ang11 napja
  • I stepped on a bee a while ago and today i stepped on screw in exactly the same spot EXACTLY lol

    SomeoneSomeone11 napja
  • james: are there any psychic berds my mind: psyduck psyduck psyduck psyduck psyduck psyduck psyduck psyduck psyduck psyduck jaiden: xatu my mind:oh yeah that too

    blooberry jamblooberry jam11 napja
  • Wailord can't fly

    markel mercadomarkel mercado11 napja
  • I’m scared of bugs ;-;

    Palmer SmithPalmer Smith11 napja
  • M and j tv

    Fay toy timeFay toy time12 napja
  • Mandjtv 👍

    shellyvanvlerahshellyvanvlerah12 napja
  • Oh man the habit looks spittle bit ugly now

    Sandra ShajiSandra Shaji12 napja
  • In pixelmon town just like Pokemon I got ,charmeleon,machop,lapras,aerodactyl,maaike and I als have two starters my first female charmeleon and ivysaur

    Sandra ShajiSandra Shaji12 napja
  • One time my brother told me to draw ditto as a fairy tye and I drew jiggleypuff

    I am tickedI am ticked12 napja

    SuperDreng2012SuperDreng201212 napja
  • jaiden is good and you too

    boskila starboskila star12 napja
  • I got stung by a bee 5 times it's still not alot

    Samuel PerezSamuel Perez12 napja
  • What app does james use to animate?

    Legends GamingLegends Gaming12 napja
  • What App Do you Use To Draw??

    ZBomb Baby Boo DesmondZBomb Baby Boo Desmond12 napja
  • Do u think if I created a Pokémon, it’ll be named mushfoom? ._. Lols just asking xD

    Nadine ELLEBODYNadine ELLEBODY12 napja
  • DANGIT! this was AFTER my birthday! it's ok tho

    Glitch StarGlitch Star12 napja
  • He really said mand J T V pokévids.... Me, a long time fan Of MandJTV: 😡😭

    WoodyStar18WoodyStar1812 napja

      WoodyStar18WoodyStar1812 napja
  • What is the thing called that they used to draw

    Zain AlqassabZain Alqassab12 napja
  • It’s a wasp

    Sven Hidde MebusSven Hidde Mebus12 napja
  • I am a big fan of manjtv,btw this is how you say the name M and J TV

    Amy playzAmy playz13 napja
  • Ok

    Zhenyang ZhaoZhenyang Zhao13 napja
  • James nose that walord is alredi a flyang type and ps i went to a french school

    Reed ThompsonReed Thompson13 napja
  • Wait wasn’t whale lord already a flying type Edit: or maybe I’m just in a old update

    GroundonGroundon13 napja
  • James it's PanamaSol

    Rhiannon WeitzmanRhiannon Weitzman13 napja
  • ???? How do you draw that

    Melissa HaneyMelissa Haney13 napja
  • WHAT THE HELL??? This video have 3 years?!?!?!?! Hahahaha and I am hehe asking to someone remember me to see it latter! Ahaha this is so embarrassing!! Haha I can't understood the most part of this video ahahahaha I don't understand why I stayed watching it when a saw it don't have a portugese subtitle Please, if someone can put a 👍 here latter, you know, to remember me to see it again with subtitles hehe. This will help me a lot! ^^ [Sorry for this TERRIBLE English, I am definitely not good at this heheh]

  • I'm not going to lie but James drawings are good better then mine like oof

    Kyri PengKyri Peng13 napja
  • the youtube glitch of momo?

    Kimberly RiveraKimberly Rivera13 napja
  • The apathetic trigonometry contrarily step because faucet histopathologically post on a separate van. disillusioned, homely hobbies

    Martin SalihaMartin Saliha13 napja
  • I hope they come back to drawing pokemon again someday it looks so fun to do and watch. Makes me wanna do it 😍

    Extremely Violently Violet PLUMSExtremely Violently Violet PLUMS13 napja
  • Did you guys use your mouses to draw these

    LucasMann04LucasMann0414 napja

    Mason BMason B14 napja
  • 10:24 *what is that supposed to mean*

    A person on YouTubeA person on YouTube14 napja
  • You are talking about ManJtv. M stands for Maechel. And the J stands for Jordan. He loves a Pokemon called Castform.

    Charizard The Anger benderCharizard The Anger bender14 napja
  • i could hear jaiden's mouse strokes

    Jace PetersonJace Peterson14 napja

    Michael BelliveauMichael Belliveau14 napja
  • James: are there any Pcysic type birds? Jaiden: nope Me: PSY DUCK!!!!!

    Nichole AshbaughNichole Ashbaugh14 napja