Dove Cameron - We Belong (Official Video)

2020.dec. 8.
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Official video for "We Belong" by Dove Cameron.
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live in la now
hard without you I'm
missing you miles away

said I need space but
I don't need space I
need you to come to me

bang bang think i'm allergic
to every other person
you're the one now I'm certain

we belong together
we belong together
and you know it

wine stained teeth
and bloodshot eyes
think we're both fucked up
and thats alright
we belong together

you got my heart
and you got my brain
so get on get on a plane

just take a fast car
right into my arms like
you gotta understand

bang bang think i'm allergic
to every other person
you're the one now I'm certain

we belong together
we belong together
and you know it
wine stained teeth
bloodshot eyes
I think we're both fucked up
and thats alright
we belong together

bang bang so automatic
now you got me excited
and we don't gotta hide it
Director: Luke Nairn
Exec Producer: Isil Gilderdale
Exec Producer: Harland Weiss
Exec Producer: Donovan Boden
DP: Jeremy Cox
Production Designer: Chris Andrews
Producer: Colin Walker
Production Manager: Robb de Rushe
Choreographer: Rachel Giles
Color: Marshall Plant @Sunset Edit
VFX/Finishing: @Sunset Edit
Titles: Ralph Damann
DV Editing: Kostadin Kolev
1 st AC: Robin Rigault
Grip: Luke Strahm
Gaffer: Alex Ross
Stylist: Erin Walsh
Stylist Assistant: Angelique Basson
Hair Stylist: Erin Klassen
Make Up Artist: Min Jee Mowat
Swing: Sam Tudor
Loader: Hayden Rensch
Still Photography: Julia Verea
Art PA: Lucas Gordon
PA: Sydney Lloyd
PA: Laura Buchanan
Cake: Claire Geddes Bailey
Production Company: OPC
Film Processed at MELS Montreal
Film Scanned at Film House Vancouver
Special thanks: Sophia Smith, Ana Escorse, Kyle Sanderson, and The Eppich Family

#DoveCameron #WeBelong

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  • I absolutely love her, she is beautiful, and her voice is like a angel.

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  • baby, you are of course pretty and well done, but no offense, the clip We Belong came out crap, next time the next clip, do it to be more energetic and erotic

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  • I wanna sing this song with her so bad. My mom always says that my voice is amazing yet I’m quite shy.. If I could sing infront of someone I probably would not be scared anymore.

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  • why did u guys stop liv and maddie

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