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Offering dramatically expanded brightness, contrast, and color gamut, Dolby® Vision™ technology delivers the most true-to-life viewing experience ever seen on a display. Only Dolby Vision can reveal onscreen the rich detail and vivid colors that we see in nature. Learn more at
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About Dolby Vision:
Dolby Vision achieves this astonishing image quality through innovative high-dynamic-range (HDR) technologies that - compared to a standard picture - can deliver highlights that are up to 40 times brighter, with 50 times more light-to-dark contrast, and colors never seen before on TV. Dolby Vision also reveals more of the game’s details by mapping the content precisely to the capability of the Dolby Vision TV it’s displaying on - without you having to calibrate it - giving you its best possible picture.

About Dolby:
Dolby transforms the science of sight and sound into spectacular experiences. Through our innovative research and engineering, we develop breakthroughs that we share with the world through collaborations that span artists, businesses, and consumers worldwide. These breakthroughs deliver incredibly vivid experiences in the cinema, at home, at work, and on the go - experiences so lifelike that people feel as if they’ve been transported into a cinematic story or a pulsing sphere of music, a distant conference room or an action-packed game. In both entertainment and communications, through audio and imaging, we give everyone the power to see, hear, and feel the spectacular.

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Dolby Vision | Demo | Dolby

  • Mi teléfono celular, se supone, tiene Dolby Vision y no lo admite en HUworld (desconozco si los demás celulares tienen los mismos problemas), y ahora en Netflix tampoco así como en Amazon y otras plataformas... No se porque de un tiempo para acá ya no se reproduce con esa tecnología.

    Stephen75 New Digital WorldStephen75 New Digital World8 napja
  • Dolby Atmos-Very Cool!!!

    ALEXX 1981ALEXX 198123 napja
  • A HDR tech demo in SDR🙄

    Jeevan RajJeevan RajHónapja
  • 1:51 can someone tell me the name of this funny looking plant that looks like a nipple?

  • "You feel like you're in the volcano" So... burning alive?

    Samuel CrawfordSamuel CrawfordHónapja
  • 0:39 to 0:44 is going to suck if you have photosensitive epilepsy.

    Ben KnightBen KnightHónapja
  • legends are watching this at 144p

    Aryan SharmaAryan Sharma2 hónapja
  • Who is here,after knowing that avatar sequels will be release in dolby vision..definitely visual treat👍

    Ranjith ReddyRanjith Reddy2 hónapja
  • Watching it with dolby atmos on really nice

    RaziouzRaziouz3 hónapja
  • Iphone 12 OLED Dolby vision express the light really well. It is not at all comparable to the LCD iphones. But on the other hand it hurts my eyes.

    Whale BlueWhale Blue3 hónapja
  • No es Dolby visión 😭😭😭

    wil Ywil Y3 hónapja
  • Dolby vision sucks, it turns my screen black that I cant see anything while I'm playing Minecraft Playstation 4 edition

    Right Hand ManRight Hand Man3 hónapja
  • Dolby Vision in SDR, nice

    AntivoltAntivolt4 hónapja
  • Everyone that says this looks great on iPhone12... this video is a SDR 1080p video. It's not in HDR, it's not in 4K, it's not in Dolby Vision. it only talks about it.

    Mister MotelMister Motel4 hónapja
  • 0:59 tiene un ojo picho JAJAJSKSJSKAJAJ

    Santiago PerazaSantiago Peraza4 hónapja
  • Hello this is dollby vision

    O x͠ y͠ G e͠ n͠O x͠ y͠ G e͠ n͠4 hónapja
  • Dolby Vision in Full 1080p!!!

    JoelJoel4 hónapja
  • Ok again, like when your watching a dvd right, then this why blueray is better ad pops up, with comparison but im like ok, so on dvd did they just lower the dvd comparison to make blueray look better (uk while watching this on a dvd) lol ... hmm f it let's all go back outside haha

    john shettlejohn shettle5 hónapja
  • Ok, funny its show cases a technology on you tube, where ppl see it thru devices who don't support it? Heh idk ... if I'm saying that right....

    john shettlejohn shettle5 hónapja
  • I ain’t here for the new iPhone 12 I came here to test my 65” LG CX OLED. Wow!

    MrPoserGaloreMrPoserGalore5 hónapja
  • If youtube does not support dolby vision, what is the point of this video?

    MiT LeiMiT Lei5 hónapja
  • you all silly guys,youtube dont even support dolby vision yet😂

    Jacky ChongJacky Chong5 hónapja
  • Would have been better if they recorded this in dobly

    BecksBecks5 hónapja
  • Who is here because of the new iPhone 12 pro?

    GuzzzzoGuzzzzo6 hónapja
    • Looks much better on a Samsung phone

      Sathvik SeshadriSathvik Seshadri4 hónapja
    • Yeah it doesn’t look great xd

      Tox1c MCTox1c MC5 hónapja
    • Yea

      Leo Da LeoLeo Da Leo5 hónapja
    • Poliyea poli

      Lekhe ThampiLekhe Thampi5 hónapja
  • Now on iPhone 12!

    Joseph YewlettJoseph Yewlett6 hónapja
  • This is very nice in bu 1080p display

    aathmav Gamingaathmav Gaming6 hónapja
  • This video is not even HDR 😂

    Arnab SahaArnab Saha6 hónapja
    • 💀💀💀

      MidnightxMidnightx5 hónapja
  • Coming to an iPhone near you

    Marc Louie MancillaMarc Louie Mancilla6 hónapja
  • Just by playing this video, my realme Display became DolbyVision Display 😂😂😂

    Raja SekharaRaja Sekhara6 hónapja
  • Who's here after Dolby Vision and Xbox Series teamed up for next-gen. Can't wait!

    Mr MarcMr Marc7 hónapja
  • Any difference between hdr and dolby vision

    cijo jamescijo james7 hónapja
  • My like, becomes LOVE!

    Duwindu TharindaDuwindu Tharinda7 hónapja
  • Big fan of dolby digital

    Md. Asif RahmanMd. Asif Rahman8 hónapja
  • Watch the vid with headphones 🤯 CHILLS

    aseel Fataniaseel Fatani8 hónapja
  • Finally on TV.. Dolby Vision.. in 2020

    RMDRMD8 hónapja
  • Looks energetic looks amazing. Maybe Dolby can also use our 4~10K and 24 sooner or later to promote their company. Just hoping XD

    • OkoiallaKskkskisididd8oiopooo)))))))

      Semaria WhiteheadSemaria Whitehead7 hónapja
  • On Netflix you get one of 3 choices: 1- Dolby Vision 2- Hd 3- Ultra HD 4K. Can content become both Ultra HD 4K” AND “Dolby Vision” ? Since one refers to resolution & the other refers to color/brightness/brilliance tech.. Dunno confusing..

    Ricky RicardoRicky Ricardo11 hónapja
    • Hi there, Dolby Vision is unique from Ultra HD 4K as it provides greater color, contrast, with brighter brights and darker darks. You can identify whether content is in Dolby Vision on Netflix by looking for the logo within the content title page, which will only show if the device is capable of Dolby Vision and if the user has a Premium Netflix subscription.

      DolbyDolby11 hónapja
  • 2.59 London bus to Kendal rise lol

    PlaxyVoidPlaxyVoid11 hónapja
  • STFU...this Dolby Vision is complete and utter BS....washes all the colours out, far too dark to watch anything. Total effing scam.

    skyclaspskyclasp11 hónapja
  • Hdr10+ is even better

    nazia Ansarinazia AnsariÉvvel
    • No, it's not - and HDR10+ will have very limited support doing forward. It's pretty much HDR10 and Dolby Vision that has widespread support and Dolby Vision is much better than HDR10 because of dynamic metadata.

      SovsSovs9 hónapja
  • Any iPhone 11 Pro users ?

    A.J johnA.J johnÉvvel
  • I went to the New York Soho Dolby experience for Star Wars and I have to say I failed to notice a difference between HDR + and Dolby Vision. Same contrast, same brightness, etc. I was waiting for a dramatic difference but I just didn't see it. Then I went to a special Frozen 2 showing at a Dolby theater, same thing. I was not impressed. Sorry Dolby.

    Carlos A. FloresCarlos A. FloresÉvvel
  • Till 16-bit come out this is all just money grabbing fiction.

    Dugi DevetDugi DevetÉvvel
  • On my Amazon Fire Stick 4K I can only get Dolby Vision when in 1080P. Once I go to 4K it goes to HDR. Is this normal?

  • Dolby Vision will create world peace

  • Amazing. A video about Dolby Vision... without Dolby Vision

  • That guy looks like Iranian foreign minister javad jarif

    Rail fan Sri krishnaRail fan Sri krishnaÉvvel
  • Humans existed at the beginning of time? Old man. Also the colors of the flower field don’t look like HDR at all

  • eye have 1000fps and 546k of resolution so tbh dolby is not even step close to what the actual eye can perform so take care of it because you only have this pair of 546k and 10000 refesh rate monitor inside you

    • Warisony Can I please get a source ? I bet you won’t you fucking fuckturd stop false claiming

      // w1z4rd //// w1z4rd //11 hónapja
    • that is true but our eyes add motion blur.

      Ian MontesaIan MontesaÉvvel
  • How to install DOLBY digital in android mobile

    • What?

      MidnightxMidnightx5 hónapja
  • Tan hermoso

    cristopeles leecristopeles leeÉvvel
  • The man say it look like you looking out of a window well that maybe true but at the same time it probably isn’t really true because the only way to make it look like your looking out of a window would be to watch on a TV or really big TV like a 75 inch TV for example because on my iPhone X which does have Dolby Vision I’ve been watching quit a lot of Dolby Vision content on Netflix like Stranger Things and Our Planet and there is a difference in some scenes if not many scenes but I wouldn’t say it feel like I’m looking out of a window

    Harry MackenzieHarry MackenzieÉvvel
  • hats off!

    ziku murshedziku murshedÉvvel
  • IN 1080?

    Humans R AntsHumans R AntsÉvvel
  • The whole Dolby is BS. Dolby is only good for sound systems.

    Random GuyRandom GuyÉvvel
  • Watching Star Trek Discovery on Netflix on my new tv with Dolby Vision for the first time... Looks amazing!

    Imran BecksImran BecksÉvvel
  • ok simple question, where i can see dolby vision Footage ? Nobody knows the answer. God help me

    Jonas KalahdJonas KalahdÉvvel
    • Some 4K UHD's support Dolby Vision, and some TV's do as well (but you need both to actually view it).

    • Do you know Netflix?

  • How disativate dolby vision?

    AndriLegendAndriLegend2 évvel
  • Long Live Dolby vision and Dolby Atmos!!!

    Keven YangKeven Yang2 évvel
  • can't have 3D on a 2D plane.. otherwise it's pseudo 3D

    Tybok CTybok C2 évvel
  • Like, if youre watchin this on your GALAXY S10 PLUS?

    ItsMeHim SOAItsMeHim SOA2 évvel
    • Watching on my Sony Xperia..

      Imran BecksImran BecksÉvvel
  • Even on my Nokia?

    XelyiusXelyius2 évvel
  • But TV broadcasters are limited in what they can Broadcast. You’ll be lucky if you get a show in 1080i.

    SuperWorldJumperSuperWorldJumper2 évvel
    • Dolby Atoms is for digitally streamed content.

      NightbotNightbot2 évvel
  • Just amazing and Awsome.

    scotttscottt2 évvel
  • i don’t know how this happened, but this ad was in my home tab and i thought the title was “demolition dolby” and all i could think of was a mansion getting torn to shreds by some kick a** surround sound

    Xenon StarstryderXenon Starstryder2 évvel
  • Iam a big fan of Dolby atoms

    vivek javvadivivek javvadi2 évvel
  • Dolby vision=amoled display

    cyber punkcyber punk2 évvel
  • Ok. Wait. They show a comparison image and I can see the beautiful difference on my current phone. what does that tell you?

    player2030player20302 évvel
  • How was the joke again... ahhh I remember... He is like Batman... and he can fly... underwater!

    QuastQuast2 évvel
  • They need to re-publish this video in HDR now that HUworld supports it. Or put it in the Dolby Experience app.

    Uchendu NwachukuUchendu Nwachuku2 évvel
  • 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🎶🎶🎼🎧🎧🎧🎬🎬🎬🎥🎥🎥

    Sele XFSele XF2 évvel
  • اللعة الغربية

    Some SadoneSome Sadone2 évvel
  • Dolby just insulted my tv.

    Nacho KalibreNacho Kalibre2 évvel
    • Which is an indirect insult to you 😁

      Unessential WorkerUnessential Worker2 évvel
  • Good Bye Dark Ages

    Shahjad RichShahjad Rich2 évvel
    • 😃

      Akshay ShirsatAkshay Shirsat2 évvel
  • Sold!

    R SR S2 évvel
  • Dolby vision Dolby Atmos Dolby son

    Mr. RathourMr. Rathour2 évvel
  • I am so very Happy Dolby Technology have maintained their technological edge into the digital age as the Dolby Sound suppression came to a close at the end of most analog media. Double "D" still strong into the Digital Age. Thank you Dolby Stereo and now Vision.

    Byron HaranoByron Harano2 évvel
    • Absolutely. Remember Dolby Noise Reduction on analogue devices.

      TheFresh76TheFresh762 évvel
  • hello TCL 6-series! :)

    Rjay DatingalingRjay Datingaling2 évvel
  • Amazing sound expirence in doloby

    Hemanth BabuHemanth Babu2 évvel
  • 1080 p you are serious ?

    OneThuGOneThuG2 évvel
  • they try to sell something as their brand that TV manufacturer is inventing on its own - this is so american.

    Solar SoulSolar Soul2 évvel
  • First u should have an Ultimate TV or moblie screen like Samsung Sony ones

    Stever SunStever Sun2 évvel
  • BLA

  • Is he Niel degrass Tyson's son?

    SSP stuffSSP stuff2 évvel
  • Dolby's always the best

    The peril gamerThe peril gamer2 évvel
  • What’s different between HDR and Dolby Vision and which one is better?

    President Muhammad Asyraaf Abd AzizPresident Muhammad Asyraaf Abd Aziz2 évvel
    • Dolby vision anytime 😄😄😄

      Kushagra MaheshwariKushagra Maheshwari5 hónapja
  • Am I getting seizures?

    FT7FT72 évvel
  • dolby atmos dolby vision 4k uhd hdr is load cheap crap RUBBISH! I wouldn't touch another crappy hollywod crap re-recording mixerts dolby atmos of crap on cheap 4k its a crap format dies and I hope it dies!

    Andy SummersAndy Summers2 évvel
  • It can’t beat IMAX 70mm

    CR7 The bestCR7 The best2 évvel
  • I don't have epilepsy but I felt like I was gonna somehow get it watching the refresh rate bit. Jesus

    YuurtYuurt2 évvel
    • Ikr

  • I want a TV like this, bro. WOW! 😱😱😱

    The Dimension Traveler An All Star ChannelThe Dimension Traveler An All Star Channel2 évvel
  • How are you giving an HDR demo and the video isn't even HDR?

    Typhoon792Typhoon7922 évvel
    • @Abhishek Melvin Robertson I'm viewing this video on Dynamic Amoled Quad HD+ HDR10 display and it's not in HDR.

      Shridhar PaygudeShridhar Paygude27 napja
    • @Cryer24597 Thank you friend, i was hoping you can tell me a streaming service which stream 120 hz Films. Later this year i will buy a xbox series x and Play some 120 Hz games. Which you a great day

      Jonas KalahdJonas Kalahd2 hónapja
    • @Cryer24597 But where i can see 120 hz footage

      Jonas KalahdJonas Kalahd2 hónapja
    • Ikr

      john shettlejohn shettle5 hónapja
    • This is different technology

      Sagar InamdarSagar Inamdar7 hónapja
  • youtube doesn't support dolby vision. your video is pointless :P

    bendermacbendermac2 évvel
    • @Sovs NOPE!!!

      bendermacbendermac9 hónapja
    • Yes it does.

      SovsSovs9 hónapja
  • HUworld doesn't support Dolby vision, only HDR

    Сайт TouchMAXСайт TouchMAX2 évvel
  • I don't think I blinked in that entire video...

    lezneDlezneD2 évvel
    • Me too...

      scotttscottt2 évvel
  • This video isn’t even in HDR.

    The Travel BubbleThe Travel Bubble2 évvel
  • You guys are amazing!!!!😭😭😭

    Zev WalkerZev Walker2 évvel
  • Watching this on my v30+ which has dolby vision

    Marc AndersonMarc Anderson2 évvel
  • Wow😍 Watching on LG G6 - I am impressed!

    ClarkClark2 évvel
  • lenovo user

    Sandeep MeenaSandeep Meena2 évvel