Dog Reviews Food With Baby Puppy | Tucker Taste Test 20

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Dog Reviews Food With Baby Puppy | Tucker Taste Test 20
Tucker's puppy friend Pearl was visiting for a few days and she was begging to get in on the Taste Testing fun. We call her "The Piranha"
What was your favorite part???
Info: All foods used in this video are safe for dogs IN MODERATION. Before feeding these foods to your dog, always test them in small amounts. Each pup is different!
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  • interesting

    prince ramseyprince ramsey15 perccel
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    QueengamerZH HoffmanQueengamerZH Hoffman49 perccel
  • i strongly believe that there's an actual conversation going on

    Flor PizarroFlor Pizarro58 perccel
  • Though how adorable this video is, I beleive Pearl's behaviour shouldn't be entertained. Dogs shouldn't just gobble down food fast enough just to steal another's food, may cause indigestion problems later on.

    Vishal SatheeshVishal SatheeshÓrája
  • This is funn

    Yaritzxa Roux MandapatYaritzxa Roux MandapatÓrája
  • This put a smile on my face

    Elle RoseElle RoseÓrája
  • 🥚 = an almost chimken He’s not wrong 😂

    icy あいしicy あいしÓrája
  • This is just too fricken cute

  • Tbh I felt bad for Tucker. I always make sure my younger dogs respect their elders in the pack.

    Elizabeth MauterElizabeth Mauter2 órája
  • You need to train pearl. Shes out of control. You not training her is negligence

    GodGod2 órája
  • The narration is hilarious 😆

    TrippyCam TVTrippyCam TV2 órája
  • Their cute faces when she offers them smth.❤🥰

    Mila 0312Mila 03122 órája
  • Pearl be like yum butt food lmao

    keen berayekeen beraye2 órája
  • I’ve seen one of Tucker’s videos 3 years ago I thought it was so funny and then last year I came across one of his videos and I started watching his channel so and now I’ve watched every single one of his videos btw Courtney you has the cutest dog pwease do me a gib

    Lea LamourLea Lamour2 órája
  • I lost it when he grabbed Pearl and the said “release me peasant” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the cutest!!!

    Mystery G.Mystery G.2 órája
  • Pearl Has GOTS To Go

    X-MISMA-XX-MISMA-X2 órája
  • The puppy is soooo adorable and def greedy 😂❤️🥰

    Sam A.Sam A.4 órája
  • hi

    emily XoXoemily XoXo4 órája
  • Man my corn dog tastes so much betta

    Mindy ChauMindy Chau4 órája
  • Omg so cute

    Rebecca CraigRebecca Craig4 órája
  • “Hekkin SHARK” 😭💀💀

    Chelsea AlexusChelsea Alexus5 órája
  • What kinda "dog" is that? My dogs would eat every item and then huff me for only giving them small pieces.

    Dee HinesDee Hines5 órája
  • Broccoli is toxic to dogs

    LMV HealyLMV Healy5 órája

    Edan RobloxEdan Roblox5 órája
  • Did you give Daniel pray to his dog

    Tiny SamoTiny Samo5 órája

    Phillza 0Phillza 06 órája
  • Tucker was so over pearl by the end..... but he was determined to get his chimken

    #AnimalLover 2024#AnimalLover 20246 órája
  • I do not need a puppy because I was UPSET with pearl 😂

    Dee ByrdDee Byrd6 órája
  • This is too cute !

    Livia FigolsLivia Figols6 órája
  • Love it I wish I could be watching I’m subscribed this is awesome your the best content with dogs I think thank you for the content!

    Grayson GoesslingGrayson Goessling6 órája
  • This made me laugh so hard I was choking. Thank you for sharing your adorable fur baby’s. I absolutely adored them♥️

    ALVALV6 órája
  • Pearl is so cute

    Eiley56Eiley566 órája
  • So cute. Subscribed.

    Stephanie SanchezStephanie Sanchez7 órája
  • How old is pearl?

    Mazi WestMazi West7 órája
  • Awww a puppy named pearl 🥰

    Pearl HamiltonPearl Hamilton7 órája
  • Pearl is sooooooo cute

    Kenma KozumeKenma Kozume7 órája
  • Its cute, the little one though really needs to be raised well😉

    Sofie MortensenSofie Mortensen7 órája
  • This should be called Tucker getting his food snatched for 3 three minutes

    Serafina PenubothulaSerafina Penubothula7 órája
  • Awww I feel sorry for tucker all his food gets stolen 🥺 cheeky Pearl 😂

    Katrina GrubbKatrina Grubb7 órája
  • Dog: it Taste like butt Other dog: I like butt Me:how do you know h

    Master3p0Master3p07 órája
  • awwwww,Pearl is a very WILD DOG

    Avinash kumar GautamAvinash kumar Gautam7 órája
  • So adorable 💕

    Stella CormanoStella Cormano8 órája
  • pArTy WoRm

    Yaritza GalvanYaritza Galvan8 órája
  • aweee!

    Children Entertainment by My Little Youngsters ClubChildren Entertainment by My Little Youngsters Club8 órája
  • :pearl: evil shark dogo

    Natalie EsquivelNatalie Esquivel8 órája
  • Me: watches video Me: I’m hungry

    Natalie EsquivelNatalie Esquivel8 órája
  • I found them from tiktok

    L A U R E N __N O O D L E SL A U R E N __N O O D L E S8 órája
  • “baby puppy” ?

    Brick just brickBrick just brick8 órája
  • I love how he could handle Pearl taking all the food but once chiken was involved, he like "nah, you ain't having this one" 😁💛

    Mili RodriguezMili Rodriguez8 órája
  • So cute

    Ainsley AleyAinsley Aley9 órája
  • Adorable 😂

    Nadine RichNadine Rich9 órája
  • Damn,the little lady knows her curse words

    ClansoClanso10 órája
  • the subtitles are cringe this WHOLE VIDEO IS CRINGE

    yudy vanessa jaramillo berrioyudy vanessa jaramillo berrio10 órája
  • So cute!!!!!!!!

    Eliza AnimationsEliza Animations10 órája
  • 😂

    christianchristian10 órája
  • *This puppy is seriously pissing me off, like can't you just let that 🐕‍🦺 it for once??!*

    지애인이지애인이10 órája
  • When the puppy said the broccoli tastes like butts was funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Florence FisherFlorence Fisher10 órája
  • How could anyone give these guys a thumbs down! So dam cute!

    Louise BeeLouise Bee11 órája
  • Soo funny they are gorgeous

    Αννα ΣιδηροπουλουΑννα Σιδηροπουλου11 órája
  • This video gave me hope that my puppy will one day calm down lol. She is currently acting just like Pearl😂

    Mari's Creative CornerMari's Creative Corner11 órája
  • 2:27 Oww

    mark hollandsmark hollands11 órája
    • Lol

      mark hollandsmark hollands11 órája
  • Linda:what do u think about your friend? Tucker:NUTS! Linda:U wnat me to send her home? Pearl:NOO!

    Yarichin THE びTCH CLUBYarichin THE びTCH CLUB11 órája

    Khosa AkwinderKhosa Akwinder12 órája
  • THE AM READY AT 1:56

    Khosa AkwinderKhosa Akwinder12 órája
  • I love tucker

    Megs RMegs R12 órája
  • cant watch it. Pearl is annoying. poor Tucker

    J WJ W12 órája
  • She attack But most importantly she want that snacc

    Ell MillieEll Millie12 órája
  • this reminds me of my dog eating human food

    brianna’s worldbrianna’s world12 órája
  • Your dogs remind me of my dogs two of my dogs are a little picky and are into sweats and meats and my other dog loves almost everything to eat.

    Happy for hammysHappy for hammys12 órája
  • Pearl: realise me pesent

    Sheyla PerezSheyla Perez13 órája
  • Pearl ain’t missin no meals

    Shaneen GrantShaneen Grant13 órája
  • i was having a mental breakdown in the bathroom at school and this showed up in my feed and now im hysterically laughing

    Jenna NikschJenna Niksch13 órája
  • Tucker: DA TREE OF DOOM Me: da tree of love if ya just put stew on it 😋

    Ciel ClementCiel Clement13 órája
  • I love tucker's disdain of pearl lol

    Julia HornbackJulia Hornback13 órája
  • tucker: ew puppy: brains?? tucker: precisely that got me cracking up

    Cate DawgCate Dawg14 órája
  • Dont instruct. Your dogs too much . Let them live ... You literally make them so much wait

    Tania MosesTania Moses14 órája
  • Why give them uncooked broccoli??

    creon zandercreon zander15 órája
  • This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

    Yabi G.Yabi G.15 órája
  • I lost it at, "Release me peasant!" 🤣🤣

    Susan HeidrickSusan Heidrick16 órája
  • Calling the pup baby puppy is like a double negative . like saying baby baby or puppy puppy. Where are the old puppys?

    Cheryl BarronCheryl Barron16 órája
  • Apple yummy

    Ali PeaAli Pea16 órája
  • I love your contents

    Sophie HadfieldSophie Hadfield17 órája
  • Hi

    Sophie HadfieldSophie Hadfield17 órája
  • I just think they r really speking those words maan

    Rishan PillaiRishan Pillai17 órája
  • “Dog reviews food with baby puppy” Umm..... baby puppy!?

    Fun With AfrubFun With Afrub17 órája
  • Tucker tuaght him well

    Aleah BentonAleah Benton18 órája
  • More taste test please ! Maybe a Christmas special! Pls pls 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😀😀😊😀😊😀😊😀💌💗💞💓💕💘💕💓💓💝💓💝💘💞💘💌💓💌💓💞💘💞💘💕💘💞💞💘💓💌💓💌💘💌💘💞💘💞💘💞😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😊😊😀💓💌💘💞💘💞💗💞💓💞💘💞💘💕💕🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Arlett Torres and her 11 dogosArlett Torres and her 11 dogos18 órája
  • Omg i love it its so funny i just wanna touch them they are so cute 👇

    Sukhdeep KaurSukhdeep Kaur18 órája
  • Pearl : is she serious Tucker: linda not very bright Me: hurtful but true and hahahah Tucker : frunch frie Pearl : what dat Linda: aple Me:that don't look like aple Tucker : this food hekin stinks Tucker again : Where is chimken Pearl: she has chimken Tucker : yup Pearl: im ready Tucker : she took my stot Pearl: chimken Tucker: not quiet Pearl : holly heck i need more Pearl again:. * getting Tucker's* Pearl again : move it Tucker : she eat mine 😭

    Arlett Torres and her 11 dogosArlett Torres and her 11 dogos18 órája
  • Perfect video for my 2 am HUworld recommended

    black pandablack panda18 órája
  • Perfect video for my 2 am HUworld recommended

    The JokeisticThe Jokeistic18 órája
  • She hongry 🤣😂😅

    Lulu StylezLulu Stylez19 órája
  • how do u understand what they say

    •yori_ 94••yori_ 94•19 órája
  • i love thats pups its so cute

    Mapuia ChhakchhuakMapuia Chhakchhuak19 órája
  • I really needed this

    Livia ComsaLivia Comsa19 órája
  • First what type of dog are they and y does the little one eat every bit of food haha

    Oisin BagnallOisin Bagnall20 órája
  • Tucker cute boi

    NyanPoparBearNyanPoparBear20 órája
  • i like pearl says is she serious? the face

    HazeYT FlareHazeYT Flare21 órája
  • 😂 good vid

    Firefly 1814Firefly 181421 órája
  • i have 3 pearls and 1 tucker in my house lol imagine how hectic it is when food time comes

    Emma DeliEmma Deli22 órája