Doctor Reacts To Hilarious South Park Medical Scenes

2021.márc. 3.
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Last year I reacted to medical scenes from The Simpsons. One of you suggested I should reacted to South Park medical scenes, and I challenged you to get that comment to 10,000 likes. Boy did you deliver! So, to cash that check, I sat down and reacted to medical scenes from Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Comedy Central sensation, South Park. There was a ton of hilarious stuff in here and plenty of opportunities for me to talk about some medicine! While Cartman’s gingervitis might not be real, gingivitis is and there are tons of myths about red/ginger hair and freckles. I also discussed Kyle’s need for a kidney transplant, Stan confronting “naturopaths” selling miracle supplements, Cartman getting shots for vaccines and vaccinations, and the antics of Dr. Doctor. We’ll save Kenny’s unfortunate endings for another time ;)
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • I want this man to be my doctor

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  • Who wakes up from a nap missing a kidney? Welcome to China 🇨🇳

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  • Bruh shela and stan's mom

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  • What is with your eyes?

    Ian WhiteIan WhiteÓrája
  • ME! I have only one kidney, although I drink A LOT of water. I lost my kidney when I was 5, today I'm 32, and back when I was a kid my mom told me I need to drink a lot of water or I would die, this little lie turns out to be a great thing because it became a habit. I drink like 6L of water per day, and I love water, so thanks to my mom for scaring me back there, and making my life healthier =)

  • you got a like outta me when you said that justin timberlake movie was good. CUZ IT WAS. but for real great video!

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  • Haha, I was laughing all through the video. Can't have enough of Cartman!

    James LeeJames LeeÓrája
  • With the shots and vaxx for Cartman...I used to get blood draws every 2 week and for a few used to take up to 5 nurses to hold me down to get 1 dr to take my blood... I have ptsd (from my birthers using drugs...mostly seeing my dad shoot up) and no one cared. Also I was on the wrong medication for 10 yrs. On BiPolar meds when I was Autistic...also they were judging the dosages as me as a female and only tested my female hormones and never questioned why there were so out of wack... When I was 25 my latest dr finaly did a test on my blood...turns out I'm so sort of blood chimera (easiest way she explained it to me kuz nothing was making sence). My body is female but my blood itself has been turning my estrogen into testosterone. She said "Basically, you're a unicorn...we found one thing weird with your body but we can't figure out all the other stuff... lets treat your male blood for now with testosterone and see if that helps anything." Admittedly it did help my sleep increase and aggression greatly decrease...for a few months...then I had an accident at a job, fell unconscious, hit my head, was out for about 8-10 mins and now have vertigo, nausea, motion sickness, headaches (again) and am on medications that dont do much... test have been done...yet no answers... ~.~ yay...fml

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  • 4:43 what's going on with dudes neck veins?

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  • I thought gingers were soulless

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  • Doctor Mike just keeps getting hotter and hotter... Damnit.

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  • 7:25 8:20

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  • I mean if you bring up the ethics of the Doctor in South Park wasn't he the same one that asked Mrs. Cartmen if she wanted Eric to be put down when they thought he had Gingervitus.

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  • eric is EXACTLY me when i have any shot days.

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  • What a great place to 'practice' on the Utube.

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  • i’ve never had vaccines or flu shots and i’m rarely sick

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  • Can I please get some diagnosis from you..I have been to a few doctors but no one is able to help me..the medication aren't working..Im suffering for left side chest pain nd occasional left side numbness...

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  • I was looking at the veins in his neck for like 5 minutes

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  • and if you don't learn to use your diaphragm to speak, your veins are going to explode, just like the toons in south park, specially after they die...

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  • When you’re a genetic mutation because you’re ginger and your science teacher said so

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  • 5:00 So what your saying is, products and programs that claim that it's holistic (a term that is usually associated with MLM's and scams for good reason) then it's probably not holistic, and actual doctors that don't use this term as part of the usual jargon actually is holistic?

    Rainbow Dash Shades of ApprovalRainbow Dash Shades of Approval13 órája
  • Wish he had watched the tourettes scene when Cartman thanks the doctor. That scene is absolutely hilarious

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  • As a vet tech, I REALLY wanna draw blood from your jugular vein. It’s POPPING out and looks satisfying to poke.

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  • Dr I think you might be confusing south Park satire and reality it would be very boring if it was medically factual all the time.

    Bella BearBella Bear14 órája
  • ✨Witer ✨

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  • I think you underestimate the stupidity of South Park. The fact that Cartmen got so pissed off at a dude that he killed that dude's parents, chopped them up and put them in chilli and made him eat his own parents. Yeah, the show has gotten DARK.

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  • This Doctor is the best doctor I've ever seen because.... -He knows memes -He knows the games -He has humor -Now he reacts to south park

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  • Haiyaa, Nephew Dr. Mike. All those veins in your neck popping out. You need more ancient Chinese secret powder....MSG = Magic, Salt of, God.

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  • I really enjoy your videos

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  • if you get a paper cut on your neck your life is over, holy hell that vein is poppin

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  • I just would like to point out that some people can't get vaccines.............I'm one of them. I had a VERY bad reaction to one when I was little and I stopped breathing. My mom had to bring me to the hospital. I'm now 19 years old, hadn't had one since, and I'm about as healthy as any average teenager is😁

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  • Why would anyone dislike this video

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  • 2:20 Nazaré maravilhosa 💕

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  • My mom told me that I've never had a problem with getting shots she also told me that most of the time actually I would want the shot I guess I'm a weird kid I don't know I mean I still like getting shots like I actually like getting the shot I don't know I'm weird

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  • dont have 4 grown adults hold the child down cause it will be traumatized for life

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  • The doctor complimented my veins and I let her because that made me feel good

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  • yeah but gingers still dont have a soul

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  • Well apparently you have to tell some people that self liposuction with a vacuum cleaner is a bad idea. Ok now the 1999 case I can't confirm if that ever actually happened it was only featured on an episode of 1,000 Ways To Die and that's all I can find about it, but there was something I found in Middlesex 2006 of a liposuction situation where a Brazilian man (who was not licensed to practice medicine) performed the procedure on a young woman which resulted in her death. Although it doesn't say anything about a vacuum cleaner. Whatever, point is. Always assume you have to tell people that a bad idea is a bad idea, because common logic doesn't exist is some individuals.

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  • Do invincible injuries

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  • The saddest quote is: in my diagnosis and plan i need to check if they can afford medication. Hearing this from a doctor is upsetting. And a problem only in the US

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  • 8:00 Thank you. I needed to hear that.

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  • That's one massive blood vein you got on your neck, minor cut in that and your dead! :o

    • Yes I am exaggerating. Its the internet, don't take it so serious.

  • As a doctor I can’t believe you don’t know that being ginger is a very serious condition. It will affect the mind,body and will remove your soul.

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    • 8:36

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  • South Park needs to be back on hulu

  • Welp. That statement on water has officially taught me that there are no boundaries on what I eat. I drink at least one cup water every day mostly so I can prevent a kidney stone (I’m only 20 years old, thank you game salmon) but sometimes I drink two or three, and a few at one time if I’m really thirsty. Now that you’re telling me that drinking too much can delude my body.

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