Do You Love Me?

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Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year: Happy New Year from all of us at Boston Dynamics.

  • Remember these days when one of these bashes your door down and caves in your skull.

    Cold BeerCold Beer4 perccel
  • They dance better than white people !

    Marty OttMarty Ott4 perccel
  • That will be the choreography after they decimated human beings

    SallesSalles5 perccel
  • big bot squattin' in the back

    Sorenai deSorenai de18 perccel
  • Well it was nice while it lasted...

    Mario SpannaMario Spanna33 perccel
  • We're so dead...

    BananaSplitBananaSplit35 perccel
  • Are they real?

    Georgii ArakelovGeorgii Arakelov48 perccel
    • @[REDACTED] I love your username!

      Lewis EastLewis East30 perccel
    • Ye

      [REDACTED][REDACTED]47 perccel
  • Its true - the real Satan is in AI

    Black FootBlack Foot50 perccel
  • Best be making these with some sort of vulnerabilities lol can you imagine an army of these things?

    Zachery JamesZachery James55 perccel
    • Actually yes. People with that very idea are what's pumping money into these projects.

      machinechmachinech39 perccel
  • man these robots dance better than me fml

    MC RMC RÓrája
  • The dog is the scariest thing about this

  • People in 1980: "imagine what people in 2021 will be doing with advanced robots" Robots in 2021:

    Homo sapiens internet userHomo sapiens internet userÓrája
  • POV: you’re being Fortnite danced upon after after being killed

    Omar TahmasOmar TahmasÓrája
  • These would be great for collecting child support 😂👍

    The AgentThe AgentÓrája
  • mixed emotions of amazement and abject fear.

    David KayeDavid KayeÓrája
  • Isn’t this the scene in the movie right before the robots kill everybody?

    GG Cat & Bella Dog AnticsGG Cat & Bella Dog AnticsÓrája
    • It reminds me of I robot

      Zachery JamesZachery James54 perccel
  • I want to see them do The Robot. Would it end up looking them acting human? Would they call the dance "The Human"

  • You know it's just a matter of time until these things kill a human, and when they do it will be a lot

    • You're giving current AI too much credit. Current AI just isn't advanced enough to make a leap to those kinds of behaviours on its own, it's a really complicated tree search more than anything. The only way that'll happen is if one of the machines designed for war, like the American Drones, the Rusian automated tanks or the Korean automated turrets, goes rogue.

      cfehuntercfehunter42 perccel
  • Its all fun is games until the robot pulls out a blaster or sum shit

    eggboi the firsteggboi the firstÓrája
  • How do you not love this??

    eggboi the firsteggboi the firstÓrája
  • You have to imagine bloody body parts all over the floor.

  • Teaching it to dance on the graves of its enemies

    Yogurt TophatYogurt TophatÓrája
  • Well then, hello people.

    Banana Fart ManBanana Fart ManÓrája
  • The algorithm brings us all together once again

    Jason GalipeauJason GalipeauÓrája
  • Like a previous comment said they're real cute until they're coming after you

    Christopher LieblerChristopher LieblerÓrája
  • okay it's dance that's amazing But where is "builder-bot" or another "atlas type" human replacement...

    Ivan RaketaIvan Raketa2 órája
  • This sh*t is scary

    Eric VelasquezEric Velasquez2 órája
    • How

      Homo sapiens internet userHomo sapiens internet user47 perccel
  • I got the same feeling watching this as I did the very first time I saw Elvis.

    Larry Hutcherson SrLarry Hutcherson Sr2 órája
  • Why am i here

    Knight ArtoriasKnight Artorias2 órája
  • bro why are we here at the same time

    Neil JasonNeil Jason2 órája
    • Tik Tok user confirmed

      RaalylenRaalylen16 perccel
    • I don't know

      Knight ArtoriasKnight Artorias2 órája
  • Why are we all here rn

    NishCelloNishCello2 órája
  • los robot bailan mejor que yo... a contemplar el suicidio denuevo

    knal Basuraknal Basura2 órája
  • When you realize this is our replacement.

    @michael_from_the_west@michael_from_the_west2 órája
  • Was anyone else expecting Old Greg to be singing "are you playing your love games with me" - so disappointed

    Dan CaterDan Cater2 órája
  • i can't believe my eyes

    Faisal MFaisal M2 órája
  • Post on RUMBLE please.

    Speak EnglishSpeak English2 órája
    • Truly terrifying btw

      Speak EnglishSpeak English2 órája
  • After we all get killed by the robots. Robots:

    CliffuckingBoothCliffuckingBooth2 órája
  • Don't smile, in the future, it's this kind of robot who will come in your home to arrest you!

    VincentVincent2 órája
  • Sorry but I’m just terrified

    Johan_Mai_Johan_Mai_2 órája
  • This is how humans will dance once COVID is over!

    Xersis DasturXersis Dastur2 órája
    • It's never going to be over.

      Miss WhiteMiss White2 órája
  • This looks fake, but it's not, I think, oh God.

    Billy HBilly H2 órája
  • Gmod

    007alvareichon007alvareichon2 órája
  • That feeling you get when a robot has sweeter moves than you do...

    Jordan LeeJordan Lee2 órája
  • In the war of man vs robot, boston dynamics has chosen its side.

    nibnob9nibnob92 órája
  • Thank you Boston Dynamics! This put the biggest smile on my face.

    EekEek2 órája
    • 😨

      Speak EnglishSpeak English2 órája
  • 2021 Update: +Added robots Robot: Wooooooooo time to dance!

    East german proEast german pro2 órája
  • The ingenuity of the geniuses who built these cutie pies is beyond impressive. Kudus to all y’all involved, I’m sure it took many years of study and hard work. 👏👏👏

    Mrs. HMrs. H3 órája
    • Now I'm certain iRobot will be a reality one day.

      Jeremy PurdueJeremy Purdue2 órája
  • I would love to see them recreate some of the "Kung fu" movie choreography with their robots :)

    Lee SakowskiLee Sakowski3 órája
    • Not me lol

      Zachery JamesZachery James51 perce
    • Hell yeah ! Neo vs Smith battle please :) (or training with Morpheus)

      CliffuckingBoothCliffuckingBooth2 órája
  • when "robot wars" meets "america's best dance crew"

    Max PowerMax Power3 órája
  • Nothin a little 220 power hooked to a metal net won’t fix

    Plasma TaterPlasma Tater3 órája
  • I'll see if I can love and cherish animals first, take a ticket and please wait...

    Jean Le GuiqueJean Le Guique3 órája
  • Doesn’t take much imagination to know where this tech is going ? 😱

    Occams RazorOccams Razor3 órája
    • 💀🔫🤖

      muzgnasicianiemuzgnasicianie2 órája
    • Aimbot 😂😂😂

      William 123xxWilliam 123xx2 órája
    • @Bradley Koonce Add some military hardware, and you’ve got the idea lol

      Occams RazorOccams Razor2 órája
    • @Bradley Koonce lol

      SlateSlate2 órája
    • America’s got talent?

      Bradley KoonceBradley Koonce3 órája
  • They balance so well and move so smoothly it almost looks fake

    womedrahwomedrah3 órája
    • @Max Power It is CGI. In some of their videos you can catch some things they overlooked, like the shadow of the human on the ground for the robot. They are very good getting rid of details like that. For instance, this one, no real shadows.

      Robert MorrisRobert MorrisÓrája
    • yea, at first i thought it was cgi because this is way past uncanny valley

      Max PowerMax Power3 órája
  • Everybody's scared of a robots taking over in the future but I just want to imagine the future with dancing robots

    Mr. LMr. L3 órája
  • Animated kids movie when the all characters their objective

    Luc4s J0s3Luc4s J0s33 órája
  • fake

    juan magliojuan maglio3 órája
    • It's real. Boston Dynamics has another video where someone talks about the making of this one. It took 1½ years to make this. The movements were carefully choreographed to fit this music. But, the music wasn't playing when the bots danced.

      James FunkJames Funk39 perccel
    • No

      Fabio TamboriniFabio Tamborini3 órája
    • Nope, you can buy the yellow one and if you visit their facility you can see the other one in action! Maybe do some research before making bold claims.

      TheDarkestDragonKing animationsTheDarkestDragonKing animations3 órája
    • Shut

      BorjerBorjer3 órája
    • Shut

      Oscar HOscar H3 órája
  • 10 more years and units like these ones will patrol the streets with guns.

    muzgnasicianiemuzgnasicianie4 órája
    • @Gagarinone Who will ask us for permission? 🤔

      muzgnasicianiemuzgnasicianie4 órája
    • Why should we allow them to patrol the 'streets'?

      GagarinoneGagarinone4 órája
    • and how funny all starts... oooo.. they so cute....

      RusskaRusska4 órája
  • imagine a robot like this as a servant to do your laundry, wash your can, do your garden, play chess together..... This is FAB FAB FAB!

    DesertOrder.com_unofficialDesertOrder.com_unofficial4 órája
    • @Smojig i doubt he is smarter. He is only what we code into him. He wont be able to act out of own accord or compassion, only being able to clean shoes and wash clothes as programmed....

    • Now imagine that you are cleaning his shoes, because he is smarter, faster, stronger and makes more money than you

      SmojigSmojig3 órája
  • Wall-E in real life be like :

    In. C-SIn. C-S4 órája
  • And still Siri cannot effectively search my iPhone contact list🤔

    Sophie OshaughnessySophie Oshaughnessy4 órája
  • Man are we going to learn a lot about ourselves very soon 🙀

    Sophie OshaughnessySophie Oshaughnessy4 órája
  • Это видео будет в топе!!

    ura klimovura klimov4 órája
  • nothing good can come from this tech

    Steve ASteve A4 órája
    • @TheDarkestDragonKing animations robot wars, battlebots, us military drone strikes, russias version of this robot operating a handgun. all fictions of hollywood.

      JimmyhackersJimmyhackers3 órája
    • ... the dance was pretty good...

      The SwaineThe Swaine3 órája
    • A lot of good things can come from this tech, but of course like everyone else hollywood is your only reference to robots.

      TheDarkestDragonKing animationsTheDarkestDragonKing animations3 órája
    • yep you're right, if this robots are hacked, what did they can do ? i can't imagine!

      hakoss76hakoss763 órája
    • @TheRealpropad12 dont be defeatist

      JimmyhackersJimmyhackers4 órája
  • soon in the street with shot gun if you are not a good citizen =...enjoy

    Fantomas 2emeFantomas 2eme4 órája
  • It's all cute untill this thing is coming for you. XD

    OmizukeOmizuke4 órája
  • They groovin

    Jude ChristensonJude Christenson4 órája
  • Those legs are brilliant. The Bionic Man is a reality.

    Wyn McNamaraWyn McNamara4 órája
  • OMG! cant believe my eyes as this is really happening which I've usually seen this kind of clip in a CGI in films. robots dancing and I can now somewhat foresee what the future really holds for us in this field.

    Ani jhomoAni jhomo4 órája
  • I have to say this guy is really cute! OK. I dance with you!

    toku htoku h4 órája
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Марат БайгильдинМарат Байгильдин4 órája
  • Além de nós matarem vão nos matar dançando

    Lemuel V.sLemuel V.s5 órája
  • End of the human race, 12% all jobs in transport gone, not friendly funny thing...

    Jay dubayouJay dubayou5 órája
    • @Jay dubayou Elon is really lame at parties. Who likes the rich kid?

      Nathan LanumNathan Lanum3 órája
    • Elons own words, he knows...just in ignorant youtubers don't see own demise till as elon said it "it's to late"

      Jay dubayouJay dubayou3 órája
    • They will start shooting the people who are not at home due COVID-30...

      muzgnasicianiemuzgnasicianie4 órája
    • That's why we need to ditch capitalism

      ThatfuckingduckThatfuckingduck4 órája
    • @Krokro Krokro you're probably a blast too

      Nathan LanumNathan Lanum4 órája

    Abel NetoAbel Neto5 órája
  • Cut to 20 years later when these robots let us dance for their youtube videos

    GrandMeisterRandomGrandMeisterRandom5 órája
  • I can't get over this video. Well done!

    CorvidoxCorvidox5 órája
  • Ну вот пиздец, судный день наступил .

    bonder4elbonder4el5 órája
    • Надеюсь не доживу до этого, и надеюсь, не потому что одна из этих штук придет за мной

      SmojigSmojig3 órája
    • Похоже осталось не долго до этого...

      Рав ШаРав Ша5 órája
  • Yeah, I love youu! :)

    Эмерикс КотЭмерикс Кот5 órája
  • These damn things dance better than I do . . .

    SoloPilot6SoloPilot65 órája
  • This has a sort of stop-motion quality that I think is really interesting. They move with a lifelike quality, but just enough strangeness that it seems like stop motion

    Steven BowserSteven Bowser5 órája
    • I think part of it is there _are_ slight imperfections when they move, because of momentum acting on different parts of their bodies. It's very slight, but it is something that we don't really get in human movement. A sort of springiness.

      Steven BowserSteven Bowser5 órája
    • I guess it's because the movements are a little too specific to seem life-like. I don't know how to word that properly, but the best analogy I can use is when you produce music with a DAW and get a more "human" like result if you add some minor error in there, rather than making it perfect. Or maybe it's just cause they've got robot limbs. Who knows.

      CorvidoxCorvidox5 órája
  • Cauêzão falou desse vídeo

    Jonatas CunhaJonatas Cunha6 órája
  • I LOVE THIS!, BUT! Its all fun and games until it becomes self aware and realizes we are primitive and they take over/rule the world 😂

    K'K'6 órája
    • @Full Of Guides I'll be honest, I think you were a bit harsh with your response. Response meant it in a joking way without trying to indicate any of their own personal beliefs in artificial intelligence, K' probably hasn't even put enough research or thought into picking a side yet if ever. For real though, I do agree with you. I believe an AI apocalypse would only be the result of misinterpreted instructions, for example, telling an AI to cut down trees for building supplies could lead to global deforestation or telling an AI to keep people alive could result in unethical medical practices etc.

      Blame SpencerBlame Spencer4 órája
    • It cannot realize anything, this dancing that you see is pre-programmed, it does not have a consciousnesses. It does not dance out of its own free-will. Now if it ever gains some sort of self awareness, it can only be done so if it has been programmed in the first place or hacked by someone. Its just SOFTWARE no different from WINDOWS or LINUX or whatever. Now also tell me how is walking metal more advanced than we? How exactly are we primitive? We can communicate in multiple languages, we can adapt, we can run, we can have strength that pulls trucks, WE DO NOT RUN OUT OF BATTERY and need recharged, we can swim, we can regenerate a wound and so on. WE CREATED THEM, no them us. Nobody should every say that a human is primitive and a robot is advanced.

      Full Of GuidesFull Of Guides5 órája
  • research it ? it's real !

    j wazy109j wazy1096 órája
  • If this is where my taxes are going to, I’m not disappointed

    Jon McguireJon Mcguire6 órája
    • Its not

      SboatSboat4 órája
    • I think Boston Dynamics is a private company

      Steven BowserSteven Bowser5 órája
  • Is this what Rockstar games put a patent on lol

    ZeNoNClipZZeNoNClipZ6 órája
  • Finally we dont need to hire any human dancer anymore.

    সত্যের পথিকসত্যের পথিক6 órája
  • oh god they're giving them victory emotes now too

    JockOfTheRockJockOfTheRock6 órája
  • Just don’t kill me to this song.

    sara Hopkinssara Hopkins6 órája
  • 绝了!

    Keery LeeKeery Lee6 órája
  • LOL ????? . Today you are very happy, but in future this robots may be kill all piple in the world.

    Alexei PrAlexei Pr6 órája
    • @Klipk it’s not the movies this kid writes like he is 6 years old.

      William 123xxWilliam 123xx2 órája
    • Lay off the movies

      KlipkKlipk4 órája
  • This is EPIC

    Elie ISSAElie ISSA6 órája
  • Finally! Things are starting to look like the 21st Century.

    c90c906 órája
  • this stuff always look cgi

    Katana622Katana6226 órája
    • @Sam Swigart Nope, you can buy the yellow one and if you visit their facility you can see the other one in action! Maybe do some research before making bold claims.

      TheDarkestDragonKing animationsTheDarkestDragonKing animations3 órája
    • @Sam Swigart lmao so dumb 😂😂😂😳💀💀💀💯💯😐💀💀💀😐

      Oscar HOscar H3 órája
    • @Sam Swigart lmao I kept staring at that time stamp trying to see what you're on about. Chill the amygdala please

      KlipkKlipk4 órája
    • Except they are real lol :D you can even see the reflections in the windows. These are real, unlike the video where they are attacking the scientinsts, which was obvious joke. This one is cgi as well huh ? XD

      CliffuckingBoothCliffuckingBooth5 órája
    • @Am just keep ignoring the fact that the legs disappear bud, keep living in your fantasy world and believing everything you see online

      Sam SwigartSam Swigart6 órája
  • Jaajajjajajaj 😂

    π 3,14π 3,146 órája
  • What a killer dance move...emphasis on the killer part.

    lifematchlifematch6 órája
  • I am ready to accept my robot overlords

    Deep DANKESTDeep DANKEST7 órája
  • SKYNET......

    steeleyessteeleyes7 órája
  • No one puts spot in a corner..

  • Можно смотреть вечно)))

    Nikolay KarasevNikolay Karasev7 órája
  • Yeah it dances but can it blow me?

    Mark ShawMark Shaw7 órája
  • We are all super fucked.

    Medicus Apollo NomiusMedicus Apollo Nomius7 órája
    • Nope but you are super dumb, Hollywood writers know nothing about science but you listen to their stupid jargon, you aren't meant to take them literally, "but what about the warnings the scientists gave!" They are scientists not computer engineers and don't have the knowledge in that subject to give that warning.

      TheDarkestDragonKing animationsTheDarkestDragonKing animations3 órája