Do you find this attractive?

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How embarrassing!!! But completely understandable. Its Maki from Fire Force btw

  • Do you know what the source is? for the man talking?

    KirblesKirbles13 perccel
  • Dr. Joe: Tell me what do you see here in youtube discord Shitposters Me: hentai Dr. Joe: and this one? Me: hentai Dr. Joe: ok how about this final one? Me examines photo: uhhhhh Hentai!

    FBIFBI3 órája
  • Mmmmmm no FBI: good job 👏

    Pirate GokuPirate Goku3 órája
  • I'm not really embarassed to say I love lelouch, although he is kinda.. skin and bones. My mom acknowledged him already. Hahaha

    Asa Meow MeowAsa Meow Meow3 órája
  • ah yes she is *17*

    Lucy ChanLucy Chan4 órája
  • NO

    Giga ChadGiga Chad5 órája
  • I don't know who that man is but I'd shake his hand for those statements.

    Real NameReal Name5 órája
  • still don’t get how anime characters are attractive even tho i have watched multiple anime

    jason Whitejason White8 órája
  • That guy from the 90s or whatever is truly a man of culture

  • hey mike rowe . i watched his ted talk.

    chickenchicken9 órája
  • Rev fake weeb

    CEO of HornyCEO of Horny10 órája
  • What's the girl bamr

    Sanjeevan SanSanjeevan San11 órája
  • me, knowing the thumbnail all to well tells a lot about me

    Oliver GalvezOliver Galvez11 órája
  • sadly yes

    ihih ehehihih eheh11 órája
  • Yes I do

    Supreme FishySupreme Fishy14 órája
  • wait, is that mike rowe??

    tom's video holetom's video hole15 órája
  • As a friend once said, Mike Rowe is peak lad.

    Matthew VandenBergMatthew VandenBerg16 órája
  • no

    fallen • 60 years agofallen • 60 years ago16 órája
  • He is a man of culture , closet style

    ironclad demonironclad demon18 órája
  • she's not real, settle down young man

    cowardicecowardice18 órája
  • Yes, I find Tamaki attractive, very much

    A_LonelyWeebA_LonelyWeeb20 órája
    • what's the anime name?

      Dezly - دزليDezly - دزلي6 órája
  • No.

    Hasan UYSALHasan UYSAL21 órája
  • No. No I don't.

    Subnauti CatSubnauti Cat21 órája
  • is that Mike Rowe?

    Malina AlastorMalina Alastor22 órája
  • really im not one of thoses.. Fetish Anons on Rule 34... But...Why did put this on my Home Tab... Really Why

    UserUser22 órája
  • Thumbnail sauce?

    HikaruHikaru22 órája
  • Yes

    TheGrovyleGamerTheGrovyleGamer23 órája
  • Yeah, how embarrassing! I mean the video resolution lol

  • Animesexuals 😏

    Travis LasseyTravis LasseyNapja
  • That guy ruined my vibes 😢

    Oliver ψOliver ψNapja
  • Fire Force did this? OMG!!! 🤣

  • If only Rin were really smh

  • I have a really big thing for animated figures and i'm still happy and secure... ;~;

    Your Onii ChanYour Onii ChanNapja
  • What the fuck this man paved the way. A big ole manly man saying "Yeah dude animated people can be hot" LOOK AT US NOW SIR. WE STAND WITH YOU

    Aaron HigaAaron HigaNapja
  • I personally don't find drawings attractive or arousing but the mere thought of how they move and act I find eye appealing. I feel that is the case for most and thus they mistake themselves to be attracted to a drawing when really it is the mere figure of that drawing aligned to how one would look in real life that they are infatuated with

    The Johnson BROTHER'SThe Johnson BROTHER'SNapja
  • I do have to say that some animated characters are just too third like Mrs. Incredible and Dexter's mom

  • Title: Do you find this attractive? Me: Yeah and why was I attractive to this video through my reccommendations

    Gabriel AlvarezGabriel AlvarezNapja
  • What is the source clip?

  • Yes. Unashamedly.

  • No yes

    Kyron CareyKyron CareyNapja
  • Very...

  • that right there is an upstanding member of society

    AlmightyRickard TheS'ghettiGod_01AlmightyRickard TheS'ghettiGod_01Napja
  • Thumbnail art is by Mark Gavatino

    Tamaguki MicrowaveTamaguki MicrowaveNapja
  • YES

    Òscar López GonzálezÒscar López GonzálezNapja
  • "Do you find this attractive?" Me with a crush on the Persona 5 girls: *Yes.*

  • Who’s her?(not for nothing special)

    Ummm :Ummm :Napja
  • If i had no choice yes

  • He was the first man of culture

  • No -_-

  • Yes.

  • Maybe...

    Bardack SSJ4Bardack SSJ4Napja
  • from which eps is Tamaki say that?

    A. Luthfi RidwanA. Luthfi RidwanNapja
  • You came here because of the thumbnail

    Benedict PadilloBenedict PadilloNapja
  • “It’s called ‘Hentai.’ And it’s art.” -Stanley Hudson

    Ian HerrickIan HerrickNapja
  • i only have to say because i watch anime and hentai to , we weeb are like anime and if u say we stale , disgusting , ugly , have no life , we dont care because we are just appreciate the creator of this art ( Hentai is Art )is fact

    Demonia ChanDemonia ChanNapja
  • This man if he was reborn in this generation, Oh boy

    Cutting EdgeCutting EdgeNapja
  • Ohhh boy. You and me both, man. If i was animated... Man.. She and I. Thats a thing she'll notice. Im VERY secure in all that...😏

  • bruh irealydont know what to say

  • Neuron activated

  • This is why Mike Rowe does dirty jobs.

    Anthony BasmadjianAnthony BasmadjianNapja
  • yes i do

  • 😕

    Joaquín SánchezJoaquín SánchezNapja
  • Well considering that I like lively women and the fact I like cat girls... I guess I do

    Link 347Link 347Napja
  • Answer to title is yes

  • The legend I admire you sir

    KING AMV Meli MeloKING AMV Meli MeloNapja
  • what is the clip of the guy talking from?

  • i want to give it a like but in this moment, looks perfect

    Mr. KraneMr. KraneNapja
  • Absolutely

    Doubting ThomasDoubting ThomasNapja
  • Maki is superior Tamaki looks like a child

  • No

    Scaredy SilverpantsScaredy SilverpantsNapja
  • Is that Mike Rowe?

    Logan TrueLogan TrueNapja
  • Yeah

    ocean manocean manNapja
  • Yes.

  • Me: Yes i simp for anime girls My friend: Girls!? Me:Yes

    UnReal SVGUnReal SVGNapja
  • Dirty Jobs now we know where he got the title

    carlos rivera riveracarlos rivera riveraNapja
  • Guy: do you find yourself attracted to cartoons? Me: hell no I'm not attracted to cartoons, you think I'm crazy? I'm attracted to anime ✋😌👌 thank you Japan

  • No, I'm not attracted to this they act like a cat and it enrages em stop it please god im gonna start screaming and crying and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    DIO BrandoDIO BrandoNapja
  • Is that Mike Rowe?

    Ryan AugerRyan AugerNapja
  • This is the reason society thinks that weebs are degenerates

    Sora MatsuoSora MatsuoNapja
  • Yes

    Zavt ParticlesZavt ParticlesNapja
  • Is hentai still a thing? Is the floor still made out of floor?

  • Poor guy... his eyes haven’t fully opened yet to the beauty of the other side 😌

    rAiDeR2TKCrAiDeR2TKC2 napja
  • straight facts if I were animated i would go to the beach more often

    Alan TorresAlan Torres2 napja
  • That's hot

    xeldaoxeldao2 napja
  • where is the man in the chair from?

    Samuel CrandallSamuel Crandall2 napja
  • i love that guy

    SheshShesh2 napja
  • Attractive??? Bruv, I find it magnificent

    Elon MuskElon Musk2 napja
  • 0:16 is that a fucking Machio-sama reference ?

    rangorango2 napja
  • Yes it would have been truly terrible

    p**a*# h***p**a*# h***2 napja
  • Ecchi

    djef ardeurdjef ardeur2 napja
  • It’s frankly amazing how one waifu can be so amazing and one can be so ass.

    Revenant MainRevenant Main2 napja
  • Sauce? Please

    Aspid GodAspid God2 napja
  • Okey... What is this anime? No i not need porno.

    Magic LordMagic Lord2 napja
    • Fire force

      Revenant MainRevenant Main2 napja
  • Partiboi69's better.

    Troy PowersTroy Powers2 napja
  • God how embarrassing I definitely don't have 36 different waifus

    peppermintpeppermint2 napja
  • My dog asked for the sauce of the thumbnail

    O EscatllarO Escatllar2 napja
  • The Thumbnail I Find ATTRACTIVE

    Ya Boi KanekiYa Boi Kaneki2 napja
  • I gotta know where that original interview or talk show or whatever it is is from

  • Am I the only one who thinks that Tamaki's animation and voice actress are just on point in that moment?

    Thomas phiriThomas phiri2 napja
  • I understand this man completely

    Hot_Rolls24 hell yeahHot_Rolls24 hell yeah2 napja