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Poor choice of words from Perseus in Call of Duty Cold War

  • Shepherd = to guide....he’s not talking about the actual person

    Jake the DogJake the Dog2 órája
  • I'm pretty sure the shepherd part in cold War is a metaphor Like is he even a commanding general in that time era I don't think so

  • So many smooth brains who failed English class in this comment section. Yes the black ops and modern warfare universe are both connected in this reboot and no it’s not *that* Shepherd

    TspriggZTspriggZ7 órája
  • I mean the endings were similar. Now it’s “Do Not Trust Adler”.

    The History KingThe History King22 órája
  • Shepherd is not capitalized, I think in Cold War they were talking about the verb and not the psycho general. But the villain of COD 4 is in Cold War so both series are canon.

    Cam CampCam Camp2 napja
  • notice how sheperd isn't capital, and the way perseus speaks makes it weird, but he means that rudnik wouldve been the "sheperd" to the "lambs" of europe

    jcjc2 napja
  • *"You have to trust someone to be betrayed, I never did."*

    GameHUBGameHUB2 napja
  • I do not understand, perhaps top comment will enlighten me

    Grand Wizard ManGrand Wizard Man3 napja
  • Mw 19 and Cold War are tied but only those games! They are different universes

  • Shepherd is Perseus

    GonXxo StudioGonXxo Studio3 napja
  • Bruv

    Xaming _Xaming _3 napja
  • Just how did it get this many views

    KyrozKyroz3 napja
  • How

    KyrozKyroz3 napja
  • Hol' up; Sheperds working with the Russians?!

    Jason WadeJason Wade3 napja
  • this is all coming together so well

    RJRJ4 napja
  • Reason why Black Ops cold war good ending all evidence were kept to CIA evidence room page should like black marking line cover letter nobody cannot read it nothing do military files it totally classified.

    YoEditmusicGuy CutoutYoEditmusicGuy Cutout4 napja
  • lol, fuckin hell

    offensive. memepocketoffensive. memepocket4 napja
  • you really think some shepard from the 80's is general shepard in the 2020's??

    Andre VillafrancoAndre Villafranco4 napja
  • How can you trust a guy with that beard

    Silver JaySilver Jay4 napja
  • He was to help is what this means.

    The Xero LinkThe Xero Link4 napja
  • Soap get down

    ZORG330 0ZORG330 04 napja
  • Hahaha, Nice find man, it's a universal truth in COD do not trust the shepherd.

    Siddhant PatelSiddhant Patel4 napja
  • Shepherd kinda sus

    Michael OMichael O5 napja

    Rocky SoniRocky Soni5 napja
  • Oddly the Aaron Lee picture kinda looks like Shepherd

    SLAD3SLAD35 napja
  • I trust Shepherd who cares about ghost

    Efrain BrionesEfrain Briones5 napja
  • Wait how does the timeline work? Black ops is set in the cold war era but modern warfare is in the early 2000s. Does this mean Shepard is a vampire?

    Fernando DuarteFernando Duarte5 napja
  • Donkey Kong is having ptsd from the modern warfare 2 flashbacks

    skullbreaker 900skullbreaker 9005 napja
  • Black Ops Cold War Bad Evil Ending?!

    USSF EnterpriseUSSF Enterprise6 napja
  • might i remind you all that perseus is not a person, but a group of people

    Fahrul RozyFahrul Rozy6 napja
  • They're using "shepherd" as a verb.

    PharaohPharaoh6 napja
  • Bro I wish ghost could have at least John wicked shepherds ass BUT NAHHHHH

    Tylerkn0wsss STylerkn0wsss S7 napja
  • So now that Modern Warfare and Cold War are the same universe Does anyone else wanna see Woods and Price talk?

    JefflezZzJefflezZz7 napja
  • I’m pretty sure shepherd was just an adjective as in “ the world towards...”

    jay mcjay mc7 napja
  • That new price looks so weird

    ZyronZyron7 napja
  • Do people really not understand basic grammar....

    Pineapple SGPineapple SG7 napja
  • DAMMMMMM shepherd know PERSUES DAMN

    snek ninjaasnek ninjaa7 napja
  • I want to trust shepherd

    Mike ArsenMike Arsen7 napja
  • Im getting some mad ptsd rn

    victor farofabrvictor farofabr7 napja
  • "That's one less loose end"

    xNibbaxNibba7 napja
  • Zakhaev is in cold war so the story is tied

    cqlewiscqlewis8 napja
  • MW and Black Ops are actually tied together or not. Depending on the ending you get in black ols

    WolfyWolfy8 napja
  • I’m not gonna be able to take it when it happens this time

    Academix gamingAcademix gaming8 napja
  • what timeline black ops cold war got connection to mw 2019?

    Kris LeonelKris Leonel8 napja
  • I feel like they are only aligning the stories so they can soak Warzone every year

    ClarkClark8 napja
  • I just bought cold war

    Ottoneil PerezOttoneil Perez8 napja
  • Of course his ducky ass would be in these conflicts

    Ottoneil PerezOttoneil Perez8 napja
  • I think when it says 'shepard in' it just means the act of sheparding in

    Capitalist57Capitalist578 napja
  • Shepherd betrayed ya lol

    aquashrink ProDucTionsaquashrink ProDucTions8 napja
  • I say again do not trust Sheppard do not trust Sheppard

    Samuel HuertaSamuel Huerta8 napja
  • Captain Price

    Стоян ДимитъровСтоян Димитъров8 napja
  • Second time seeing a joke about people misunderstanding the sentence :^) if you didn’t catch on before I comment this when he states that Rudnik was supposed to help shepherd in the Soviet aligned future he’s using the word as in ‘to shepherd’ or ‘to guide’

    OneSingularHouseOneSingularHouse8 napja
    • Pretty sure most of you guys got it anyways

      OneSingularHouseOneSingularHouse8 napja
    • Not as in a name

      OneSingularHouseOneSingularHouse8 napja
  • It's kinda funny that Modern Warfare looks better than Cold war

    Von ArmageddaVon Armagedda8 napja
  • Shepherd has a new eyepatch if he reaveled on season 2 of cod bocw

    ramon tevesramon teves8 napja
  • I kinda wanna get Cold War but am deciding to wait for it’s price to drop and for Hogwarts legacy

    Fourjs606Fourjs6068 napja
  • But shepherd wasn't A) Spelled the same, and B) capitalized as a name. So it doesn't work.

    Dewayne ReddingDewayne Redding8 napja
  • Yall realise that sheapard is used as a verb in bocw rightp

    Seth ArdolinoSeth Ardolino8 napja
  • That would explain the power hungry nature

    Piccolok the ForgedPiccolok the Forged8 napja
  • For those who did not know MW 2019 does not tie into the original time line. The story goes on as if no other prior MW events happened.

    Jack VinitskyJack Vinitsky8 napja
  • I get that this is a joke and all but Perseus says "shepherd" in terms of ushering in the new Soviet Era, not Shepherd as a character. Just wanted to point that out in case some people haven't noticed that but I do respect the joke.

    ReefShark21ReefShark219 napja
  • This is ridiculous. Shepherd is not capitalized. It is not a proper noun, they are using shepherd as a verb here. Can people still read?

    Asher LeveyAsher Levey9 napja
  • I still remember the betrayal

    User NameUser Name9 napja
  • “Shepherd” vs “shepherd” how are people overlooking that detail?

    prodigy 1691prodigy 16919 napja
  • Imagine if woods meets captain price😂

    VoLT EvacVoLT Evac9 napja
  • Dislike bc you put donkey kong in this and is not even in Cold War in out of here kid

    lovehotdogslovehotdogs9 napja
  • Ultimate foreshadowing 😱😱😱

    kendokendo9 napja
  • I wonder if people actually think these 2 games are connected? I mean the biggest evidence of the "connection" is Zakhaev. But even then it could literally be a Easter egg or maybe Zakheav was a well known Russian/ Eastern European name idk.

    SweatySocksSweatySocks9 napja
  • og mw and bo story also tied together, like those nova gas that has green color explosion when the truck exploded and kravchenko picture at cutscene when hunting makarov in mw3

    Ags 31Ags 319 napja
  • Everyone's debating but what if its a double entendre? a duel meaning? what if they just wanted us to hear it that way?

    2cool4you272cool4you279 napja
  • Okay by "shepherd" he meant guide btw...

    The ListriaThe Listria9 napja
  • Cpt Price look like dumb version of the real cpt. Price MW serial

    bernard kovacbernard kovac9 napja
  • Look at those graphics OMG only if Cold War had that

    Jean Luc AkiliJean Luc Akili9 napja
  • Love how everyone’s like can’t believe the two games are tired together even the original modern warfare games were tied with the first two black ops games but yet no one noticed that for some reason someone’s gonna comment gonging what do you mean there was an Easter egg in black ops one I can’t think of the exact mission but you could find captain price hat and a picture of price next to a dead boy then black ops 2 you can find the iconic task force 141 picture in a mission that you play as David Mason

    Hunter killer1888Hunter killer18889 napja
  • Well we gotta see now because what made shepherd evil was when he lost 30K marines so if that never happens maybe shepherd doesn’t turn bad idk tho

    Tyler JordanTyler Jordan9 napja
  • This is a whole different MW universe

    VegitoVegito9 napja
  • Mass effect ?

    iamcasinoroyaliamcasinoroyal9 napja

    Darius GeorgiDarius Georgi9 napja
  • I just asked ghost if I should trust Shepard he said no

    Adrian HaroAdrian Haro9 napja
  • Got such a weird face nothing like the original

    Alfie DochertyAlfie Docherty9 napja
  • I have a feeling they’ll change the whole shepherd betrayal scene because now it’s a little too predictable.

    MadMonkeyMob34 GMadMonkeyMob34 G9 napja
  • problem tho the word shepherd means to lead. Like ya know people who lead sheep those are shepherds. Plus used in the sentence its literally “He was to help shepherd (lead) in the Soviet aligned future.

    JedidrJedidr9 napja
  • *sighs* here we go again *cocks desert eagle from first MW2 mission*

    Lou WanishLou Wanish9 napja
  • is the new MW a reboot? is Shepherd alive in this game, so does the other's who died in MW2 and MW3?

    Ryan RNQLRyan RNQL9 napja
  • God I hope this is a meme because I’ve seen too many people actually think that that cutscene is actually talking about Shepherd.

    Chief RedButtChief RedButt9 napja
  • I want to hear the new Price say the line "do not trust Shepherd," I wanna know if it'll sound badass or goofy

    ElijahProtoElijahProto9 napja

    ZwervooZwervoo10 napja
  • The sequels of these last 2 cod games are gonna go crazy, It seems they’ve set it up so that the sequel to MW has the primary antagonist be Victor Zakhaev and the Cold War sequel has the primary antagonist be Imran Zakhaev. This’ll really tie in the story’s and make the players feel included in the story that way

    LeVi BallLeVi Ball10 napja
  • *Vietnam flashbacks*

    ColverColver10 napja
  • i think it was the thumbnail but I thought that this video said do no trust price

    Ari SarkarAri Sarkar10 napja
  • It means shepherd as in a to lead like a shepherd to sheep

    The GiraffleWaffleThe GiraffleWaffle10 napja
  • Sheperd is Perseus?

    Aatrox La Espada DarkinAatrox La Espada Darkin10 napja
  • We do not know for sure if shepherd is good or bad in Modern Warfare 2019 as he is briefly mentioned. In the campaign of black ops cold war, Perseus says: "He was to help shephard in the soviet alligned future". Notice how "shepherd" is lowercase. He then says to shepherd in.. the soviet alligned future. Meaning that they needed Major Vadim Rudnik to help bring in the new soviet era that would occur through the bad and very bad endings

    Ghastly Ghost19Ghastly Ghost1910 napja
    • Shepherd is a verb meaning to guide or direct in a particular direction. Not meaning the name Shepherd

      Ghastly Ghost19Ghastly Ghost1910 napja
  • you're actually dumb. Sheperd is used as a verb in Cold War, as in to usher in or help guide. Not the 50 year old general who probably was canonically 10 years old in Cold War. IF they were tied together

    Nolan MurphyNolan Murphy10 napja
    • Its a joke, not a dick, so don't take it so hard.

      Reagan JamesReagan James10 napja
  • If shepherd wasn't being used as a verb it still wouldn't be correct for the timeline, in the timeline for MW 2019, Imran Zakahev is dead already as stated in the multiplayer but then again Al-Asad should be dead and he is very much alive. But back in The Cold War if Price wasn't around then Shepherd definitely wouldn't be because if I remember they aren't that far from each other in age, and Shepherd would be long dead by MW 2019 and wouldn't be able to pull any files for price in the ending cutscene of MW 2019, just a theory though. They might have just messed with the timeline since it's a reboot who know

    ShadowShark11ShadowShark1110 napja
  • Bruh Shepard isn't capitalized and also it means guide

    Super KindSkunkSuper KindSkunk10 napja
  • bruh why game is cold war in desc. its mw

    DoRuXDoRuX10 napja
  • shepherd-(definition)-to guide or direct in a particular direction stop reaching

    Adam HintonAdam Hinton10 napja
  • He was to help shepherd in the Soviet aligned future. (Give guidance)

    Ricy RenerRicy Rener10 napja
  • Woah

    Aditya KhapreAditya Khapre10 napja
  • Sheperd lowkey sus. He wasn't doing his tasks.

    Bryan LeeBryan Lee10 napja