DIY A Gorgeous Rope Chair | Decorate My Secret Garden | Relax and Enjoy Summer Afternoon Tea

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I made a rope chair and table, which are framed by rope weaving.
And also made some Windchimes by using some waste paper.
After I finished the chair, table, and Windchimes, it's time to enjoy the tranquility of summer.
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  • I made a rope chair and table, which are framed by rope weaving. And also made some Windchimes by using some waste paper. After I finished the chair, table, and Windchimes, it's time to enjoy the tranquility of summer. Feel free to subscribe ==== 》 我用绳编结合框架制作了一套适合放在庭院的桌椅, 并且用废纸做了一个风铃 在漫长的制作后,来一杯下午茶犒赏自己 并在庭院里享受宁静的夏日。 欢迎订阅我的频道:==== 》

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    • Comme c'est jolie

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    • The magic is within us, what the imagination can create through our hands

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    • omg, another one who wants to imitate Liziqui

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    • Woowww!! You are AMAZING!!

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  • Like the Beatles had song artists emulate their music and songs. One artist emulating another artist. Not aware that the Asian goverments have legally enforceable copyright laws.

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  • LOL. Perhaps she has a staff of people who do all the preparations and camera work. That's what some people posted about Liziqi. How Ironic.

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  • Liziqi would be be proud of her talent and unique personality and personhood.

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  • Recycled Monrovia nursery pots. You got to love it. Live it. A plant collector, arts and crafts person.

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  • 貴女様は、真の段ボール紙の魔術師です。創作力と忍耐力は半端じゃないですね!感動すら覚えました。ロープワークの技術も凄いですね!

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  • I like creative and hard working women. I want to take you to my home.

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  • You didn't make a birdhouse or a friendly feeder

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  • I love your videos because they are not only educational, but also, very tranquil and soothing, like a meditation.

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  • When u picked up a waste chair frame I directly subscribed ur chanel bcz I understand I got something new here

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  • Nice work. I have done something similar to make a shopping bag years ago. I know that the rope has to be cut into equal right size in advance otherwise after weaving the pieces would be either too long or too short. Can you tell the measurements please?

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  • Dearest Xiao Qian Feng, You are the epitome of bliss, tranquility, reverance, and beauty. I am awed by the purity and elegance of your work and self, blessings upon blessings I pray for you and all you love. With my sincere appreciation, Nora

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