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2020.dec. 1.
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  • why is it always that profile pic too lmao

    ThorzillaThorzilla4 órája
  • meatcanyons best student

    mekmek5 órája
  • 1.1k mods disliked

    Cessair CRCessair CR11 órája
  • ***im a mod and this just makes my life worse... Not saying im a simp (kill thots :) ) im saying that... r/wooosh

  • Lol no thanks

    Lilac LycanvicLilac LycanvicNapja
  • That moment when the Kitten Changes Voices and Tells him that he's Chris Hansen from Dateline news

    Rick TrolledRick TrolledNapja
  • I'm a Discord mod...

  • This is basically meatcanyon 2

  • im scared to join ur discord.

    Supreme Leader ROSupreme Leader RONapja
  • does anyone else think this sounds like oney?

    dustdoorknobdustdoorknob2 napja
  • I can see that bein' the truth

    AA TSAA TS2 napja
  • the only people who disliked this are discord mods

    L BurfieldL Burfield3 napja
  • video inspired by Ryan The Leader

    InternationalClipsInternationalClips4 napja
  • I have to go talk to my mods, brb

    Marcus WilsonMarcus Wilson4 napja
  • when I joined the video i thought my friend was calling me after so many years

    MARDROX _exeMARDROX _exe4 napja
  • Sounds like MeatCanyon

    willyTheG ManwillyTheG Man4 napja
  • this is pokiemane discord

    gdlkgdlk4 napja
  • Everything wrong with this: 1. Shit stains circling around each other 2. Diapers in a corner (used) 3. Ponytail (i see this as a personal attack) 4. Big titty bimbo's on posters 5. He speaks to a baby 6. Doritos for every meal 7. He calls himself... "daddy" 8. Piss stains on the walls

    Werewolf MarkWerewolf Mark5 napja
  • 0:28 when you eat to much peantue butter

    Jayson Morales RamirezJayson Morales Ramirez5 napja
  • The 1.1k downvotes are from the discord mods

    SpoopyTurtle 44SpoopyTurtle 445 napja
  • they aren't that bad you should be looking at e girl's

    SurfSurf5 napja
  • This feels like meatcanyon but even more disturbing and I don’t know how that’s possible

    ꧁WelfJustWelf꧂ • 23 years ago꧁WelfJustWelf꧂ • 23 years ago6 napja
  • Hello

    mohamed mahadimohamed mahadi6 napja
  • why can i smell this ew

    Ironrocket9Ironrocket96 napja
  • Acording to the ambience and music, this is what might be behind the locked doors in silent Hill 2

    DarihunterDarihunter6 napja
  • Gotta say, the piano is on point

    MaxBusterMaxBuster7 napja
  • Oh god..

    LemonyDevLemonyDev7 napja
  • K I T T E N WH AT A R E Y O U

    LukeyLukey7 napja
  • this is something Meat Canyon would make

    MrHashtagMrHashtag7 napja
  • I feel so unclean

    Loud KidLoud Kid8 napja
  • this is why you never trust strangers on the internet, they’re immediately babies

    nightlight.nightlight.8 napja
    • babies really out here catfishing smh

      Nick's CouchNick's Couch6 napja
  • Anyone notice their names are penislord69 and discordprincess?

    Big SmokeBig Smoke9 napja
  • The sad thing is im a discord moderator

    Nouke ToonsNouke Toons9 napja
  • He lurks in the deepest darkest corners

    ShadyShady10 napja
  • The face the dad makes after not seeing his kid for 1 year now the dad had to Be isolate after corona he lost his work and he begin to stay in his room after 12 months he became a pro gamer and a HUworldr and twitch gamer he was playing legacy of legends

    Animations by nopeAnimations by nope10 napja
  • 0:08 no ones gonna talk about why it's name is "PenisLord69"

    The Weird MilkThe Weird Milk10 napja
  • The little pimple on the mod’s cheek infuriates me to no end.

    SeveralCakesSeveralCakes10 napja
  • This makes me uncomfortable on an existential level.

    Damned BersagliereDamned Bersagliere11 napja
  • "You know daddy's gonna have to punish you..." "rrngnehhrn.." Captions: [Music]

    FischFisch11 napja
  • oshiete, oshiete yo

    Larz BarzLarz Barz12 napja
  • squizzy is slowly turning into meatcanyon

    Jimmy BungaloJimmy Bungalo13 napja
  • Yo wtf

    yeeet 777yeeet 77713 napja
  • Holy shit i finally fixed my fucking phone... Anyways nice anination

    Ismail BilalIsmail Bilal13 napja
  • What

    nano natonano nato13 napja
  • Drake

    ThaTBoiThaTBoi15 napja

    Kanesake 84Kanesake 8415 napja
  • can i get unbanned pls i learn my lesson i not leave and rejoin to get out of Brazil again ;[

    Yeetkid GamerYeetkid Gamer15 napja
  • *this is not the video to plug your discord*

    EE17 napja
  • I-I feel like I just died... What the fuck

    The Karp KingThe Karp King17 napja
  • Fortunately, I have never been a Discord mod.

    ScarloodScarlood17 napja
  • What if it was his dad

    Brayden NelsonBrayden Nelson18 napja
  • Need a gif of the corner rats vibing please

    Vae_Vae_18 napja
  • The baby be like :/

    Brayden NelsonBrayden Nelson18 napja
  • i am a mod and yes I look like this

    nebraska♡nebraska♡18 napja

    LeilonaLeilona19 napja
  • There's only one thing worse than a discord mod. a redditor mod.

    LukiLeLukiLe19 napja
  • *Furry discord servers in a nutshell*

    HarpskidHarpskid19 napja
  • Discord Mods : Ummm No Posting Meme's In HUworld

    Henry BalHenry Bal19 napja
  • The silent hill 2 music adds a very nice touch to it...

    Pasta 8 The PizzaPasta 8 The Pizza19 napja
  • A

    Taffywas_takenTaffywas_taken20 napja
  • What the fuckkkk

    LuckyLefty777LuckyLefty77720 napja
  • Why is there so many of these!!!!!

    Just RevenantJust Revenant20 napja
  • Did he just say daddy's gonna body you?

    Theo AndersonTheo Anderson20 napja
  • I resigned on every discord server after I watched this video

    RedWasTakenRedWasTaken20 napja
  • When you a discord mod and is watching this be like: 👁️👄👁️ Oh wait that's a guy I'm a girl :D

    -Vanilla Cake--Vanilla Cake-20 napja
  • No

    CheeseCheese21 napja
  • Well this was creepy

    黒い人新鮮な黒い人新鮮な21 napja
  • why was the kitten starting to talk german?

    cebi _StreytupFancebi _StreytupFan21 napja
  • I hate this

    Detective PatrickDetective Patrick21 napja
  • Good thing i know my discord mods in irl... Cuz they my school friends lmao

    Totally Idiot TonkTotally Idiot Tonk22 napja

  • jajajajajajajajaj

    Mosquis Tosquis Enrrosquis DiosMosquis Tosquis Enrrosquis Dios22 napja
  • This is meatcrayon type of wierd

    Vortex Meme’sVortex Meme’s22 napja
  • This is so me.

    I hate you BitchI hate you Bitch23 napja
  • got banned from the discord lol

    xd jokerxd joker23 napja
  • you need to correct your own damn discord mods I have been in brazil for 2 months for my pfp

    weird dude 93weird dude 9324 napja
  • sounds like meatcanyon

    lelandthelionlelandthelion24 napja
  • Do you understand why i had to punish you earlier ...yeah Yeah, wh-whyd i have to punish you? ...because I bit you

    Mattposting Cinematic UniverseMattposting Cinematic Universe24 napja
  • i'm deleting my kaneki pf on discord right now

    BasthesaplingBasthesapling24 napja
  • God when ever i rewatch this i feel very uncomfortable idk

    Loans Was hereLoans Was here24 napja
  • How do discord mods get into e relationship

    PKwa!fuPKwa!fu24 napja
  • This gives me meatcanyon vibes

    Project MemphisProject Memphis24 napja
  • haha they look just like the ex moderator of a server that was full of minors who was a really shitty person they even have the pony tail headphones the chubby face that little dot spotted on their right cheek and the thin eyebrows the only missing thing was the brown hair

    orange juiceorange juice24 napja
  • To think that i came here after watchin aot vr

    BeeBoomBup BupBupBeeBoomBup BupBup24 napja
  • Idk why by the mod sounds like a voice oney plays would do

    gamerscottgamerscott24 napja
  • Lol i actualy foght someone was calling me

    BoringBoring24 napja
  • Mother come pick me up, I'm scared ;w;

    LeonLeon24 napja
  • The sound at 0:04 is fantastic

    jonas whiteowljonas whiteowl25 napja
  • The posters made me think hard a bit..

    Trickster ChannelTrickster Channel25 napja
  • This guy remind me of that guy with a ponytail with a beard was very terrifying! I never going to Chat this Stranger

    DizzyTuberDizzyTuber25 napja
  • Oh no

    Ethan SmithEthan Smith25 napja
  • holy shit is that a trash toons reference???

    Ken SuzukiKen Suzuki25 napja
  • Hi I'm Chris Hansen, Now I'm with NBC doing a investigation on internet predators. Why do you tell a 14 month baby that you want to -

    Lee The GamerLee The Gamer25 napja
  • 1k Discord Mods are about to punish their "kittens" after seeing this video

    CraZGuy KwanCraZGuy Kwan25 napja
  • Corchea champuru

    Thedarker04Thedarker0425 napja
  • screepy pasta like

    Shadow AngelShadow Angel25 napja
  • In lyrics it says kevin lol

    Odea GilOdea Gil25 napja
  • I’m baby

    Pale RiderPale Rider25 napja
  • Meat canyon vibes

    Milani CowinsMilani Cowins26 napja
  • JESUS... Even tho i am an atheist but JESUS HOLY CHRIST

    iraklisiraklis26 napja