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The world of football is mourning the loss of Diego Armando Maradona, who died of a heart attack at his home in Buenos Aires. This is a documentary about his life when he played at Barcelona, Napoli and Argentina. If you enjoyed this video make sure you like, comment, share & subscribe for more amazing content :)
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  • Diego Maradona will forever be remembered as a football hero. A magical player, a mesmerising personality ⚽ Not just a once-in-a-generation talent. Maradona was a once-in-a-lifetime talent 🔥 What is your favourite Diego Maradona moment? huworld.info

    Azam AbdallahAzam Abdallah3 hónapja
    • @Boris Pavaloi The love for Maradona is universal - www.businesstoday.in/latest/trends/tamil-nadu-bakery-pays-tribute-to-diego-maradona-makes-6-ft-tall-cake-of-football-legend/story/426210.html

      Bala ManiBala ManiHónapja
    • @Boris Pavaloi Maradona is an inspiration for millions all over the world... With his magical grace of touches in the ground, he also touched us how to be sportive in life... he is a joy to watch.. many people of my age (48 now) who watched his games (including the club matches in TV ) will be a die hard fan... you will be surprised to know many celebrities in India including Sachin Tendulkar was a fan of him.. www.republicworld.com/sports-news/football-news/diego-maradona-passes-away-sachin-tendulkar-shares-a-heartfelt-message.html

      Bala ManiBala ManiHónapja
    • @Bala Mani I am only beginning to grasp the magnitude of Diego's legacy by reading moving comments like yours. When I was 13 in 1986 in Argentina, it wouldn't even have crossed my mind that probably thousands of kids from other countries, in this case India, would be rooting for Maradona and Argentina. Now I can see he meant more than just a great football player for a lot of people the world over

      Boris PavaloiBoris PavaloiHónapja
    • Pppppp

    • @Colin Lindsay Is the video about Maradona’s addiction to drug?

      Fik DestaFik Desta2 hónapja
  • He had the Pure Talent and absolute love for ball and the game: for these reasons, on a football field, he manifested a Grace like none at present.

    Vincenzo PalumboVincenzo Palumbo20 napja
  • Maradona was by far the best player ever.

    Samy PersiaSamy Persia28 napja
  • It's quite ironic Maradona saying that the English had killed Argentinians while neglecting that Argentinians kill English people as well

    Jon PoolJon PoolHónapja
  • No one before and after Maradona touched the ball so beautifully. Every ball had a dream to be played by Master of all The Maradona.

  • Rest east dios. The greatest talent of his generation 💫

    George SummersGeorge SummersHónapja
  • A little bit from the head of Maradona though a larger part from the very Hand of God. From Australia, RIP

  • My mother said: Son, how a so small man can jump so high? I said, It was because God's hand!

    Helder MorgadoHelder MorgadoHónapja
  • El jugador más tramposo, enganó a todos jugando drogado, con la mano y el bidon para tener vantaja contra los rivales y aun perdió 3 Mundiales, fue eliminado por Brazil 1982, por Alemania 1990 y por Romania 1994 y nunca pudo hacer un gol en finales de Mundial, una verguenza el drogado y aún ganó menos copas que Ronaldo Fenomeno. Maradroga nunca ganó la Copa America ni las confederaciones y con el Napoli al lado de figuras internacionales nunca pudo ganar el mundial... El mayor de todos desde hace a los 17 años ganó 3 Mundiales para su pais y hizo gol en todos los mundiales que ganó y aun fue el mayor goleador de finales de Mundial. El mayor de todos los tempos fue 5 vecez campeon Mundial contra Europa. MIRA QUE DICE LOS EX-JUGADORES ARGENTINOS Y OTROS QUE VIRON A PELÉ JUGAR, ESTOS SI, PUEDEM OPINAR: huworld.info/flow/vide/0Iyrp53IkLWnkK4 Marzolini ex Dt de Maradon huworld.info/flow/vide/nIRvqJXHgaWzg3g huworld.info/flow/vide/mXl_2WeaZ7DXfIw Fernando Niembro huworld.info/flow/vide/2K2wsZ-Yhc6cjao Menotti DT de Maradona huworld.info/flow/vide/lYugs46RkaywnG8 Alfio Basile huworld.info/flow/vide/yqeZtY6to63WgaI Hugo Gatti huworld.info/flow/vide/yqB7s4nQnqXNnWs Bochini huworld.info/flow/vide/mq2p02iqmbvThJA MIKE TYSON E SNOOP INCREIBLE: huworld.info/flow/vide/zqV5lnrYqdTPjYQ

  • Te amo Diego! Siempre en mi corazon...!

    Richard ParkerRichard ParkerHónapja
  • Don Diego the best ever footballer

    Paki StaniPaki StaniHónapja

  • The world is getting more and more shitty and colder the more of legends like Diego, Matti Nykänen are leaving us , all childhood heroes

  • MARADONA was a footballing genius.100% Best Footballer there has been that ive seen . The three FAV Goals that stick out for me 1 World Cup goal from a WILD angle 👍❤ i couldnt see him scoring against Italy EARLY WORLD CUP STAGES with Keeper Dino Zoff The 2 semi final goals Belguim 1986 Mexico World Cup 100s more footballers that had but not as much excitement However dont polish over the dirty tricks and the demons that would be his demise. I DIDNT HAVE THE SAME TO NO RESPECT FOR HIM AFTER WORLD CUP CHEATING I STILL ACKNOWLEDGED HE WAS AND WILL ALWAYS TO BE THE BEST.

    Ernie ScullionErnie ScullionHónapja
  • God, let me come to the heaven to see him playing on your backyard

    denali warnakuladenali warnakula2 hónapja
  • I like maradona style football personality..his leadership , skills, celebrating after pass goals ..Oooh god football without this man nothing..nothing..nothing..believe me we will not see like him forever. Maradona by his self team..Do not tell me Misse or any one else...one goal from Maradona with special skills better than one thousand without skills. 🌹Maradona 🌹

    Nadim MNadim M2 hónapja
  • 7:30 Poor cameraman lol

    Nas KaneNas Kane2 hónapja
  • Simply magnificent.

    Sarah MahanySarah Mahany2 hónapja
    • Cheers for watching

      Azam AbdallahAzam Abdallah2 hónapja
  • Maradono was not only the best player in history, it was his personality, charisma, bravery and immense solidarity with his teammates on and off the field that make him an unique leader and character that distinguishes him from players like Messi or Pele. Maradona is an icon because he represents a part of society with all its defects and virtues. The duality of the absolute genius in a very humble child who reaches the maximum and on the other side all the fears, errors, miseries and deceptions that a man can have make him a symbol, that is why each game he played was surrounded by an epic.

    patricio farrelleypatricio farrelley2 hónapja
  • Maradona only doping,drugs,escort ,alcool and cocaine

    Law OrderLaw Order2 hónapja
  • Te amo loquito.. Feliz año nuevo. Gracias por todo. Zeus del Futbol

    Dami ManciniDami Mancini2 hónapja
  • When Pele speaks about Maradona it's seen that he realizes his superiority, but he has no fortitude to admit it.

    ЕленаЕлена2 hónapja
  • Legend

    Eddy SiahayaEddy Siahaya2 hónapja
  • Maradona is magical and unique, the best of all time

    Diego MontesDiego Montes2 hónapja
  • When coming to the sports of Soccer MARADONA is the Greatest.

    Vernon DVernon D2 hónapja
  • this has been ruined by poor editing,its an insult dont waste your time

    Arthur Charles HarrisonArthur Charles Harrison2 hónapja
  • He never left us.. and we.. we can never forget him

    Martín IribarneMartín Iribarne2 hónapja
  • None of the greats today would have survived for long with the tackles he had to face in the World Cup and Italy. Everyone seems to forget how the England players tried to stop him by fouling in the 86 World Cup. Most cheated against player in history. GOAT.

    Ken AsherKen Asher2 hónapja
  • Maradona Dio del pallone ⚽️❤

    Rox roxRox rox2 hónapja
  • I think that you've forgotten Hagi, making this video!!!

    Dinu AlexandruDinu Alexandru2 hónapja
  • Good riddance you filthy cheat

    Mr SensibleMr Sensible2 hónapja
  • Whatever people say about his personal demons, nobody can take away his magic on the pitch! RIP D10S!

    The Pesky TravellerThe Pesky Traveller2 hónapja
  • God was Argentinian!!!

  • Barcelona????

    The VikingThe Viking2 hónapja
  • Simply the greatest

    James IrvineJames Irvine2 hónapja
  • Yes he did wrong of course he did and he knew it....did he kill someone? No course he didn't,everybody just killed him everytime he stepped on a pitch....yet he rose above all of that crap and became the greatest footballer there has ever been or ever likely to be....there is NO ARGUMENT AT ALL !!!!!!!!

    Hussein HusseinHussein Hussein2 hónapja
  • Certainly the GOAT

    Andrea FossatiAndrea Fossati3 hónapja
  • 2:01 CHE- Guevara (A legend?). He was a cold blooded killer and a totalitarian. He did not believe in the freedom of people. Maradona was a great soccer player but as a person he was horrible.

    anch deanch de3 hónapja
  • RIP Diego

    ArabinkingArabinking3 hónapja
  • Goal! Bag of the net 😉

    peanutpretzels butterpeanutpretzels butter3 hónapja
  • Best player I have ever seen in my lifetime. But before my lifetime there was a player called Pele. I took the time to study him and after some time I realised that he arose to even greater heights than Maradona.

    Huntl 1972Huntl 19723 hónapja
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    Joy SniderJoy Snider3 hónapja
  • He was a child-like man... sorry but nobody actually guided him life lessons... too much experimentation from his side too... I’m not complaining but Diego could have lived little longer...

    Metaphor- The Whisperer of LifeMetaphor- The Whisperer of Life3 hónapja
  • Greatest football player of all time, mesi not even close

    Irwan KrisnawanIrwan Krisnawan3 hónapja
  • RIP to a legend, I was lucky enough to be at his debut in ‘76 and remember saying to my pal this kid is going places and just look at what he went on to achieve 🥺 RIP MADONNA

    Joe SJoe S3 hónapja
  • Maradona literally says (13:33-13:39): „The first goal, ehhhhh, it’s like…, it’s like I steal from a thief.“

    JJ BJJ B3 hónapja
  • As another gentleman below, Leone di Bianco, points out, the (english) translation is very partial at several stages. What stands out and should be corrected asap is where Maradona answers the question (not in this video, about the first goal against England in the World Cup 1986). Maradona literally says (13:33-13:39): „The first goal, ehhhhh, it’s like…, it’s like I steal from a thief.“

    JJ BJJ B3 hónapja
  • He's the best that I've ever seen, period.

    gaztop65gaztop653 hónapja
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    Kayla SkillingKayla Skilling3 hónapja
  • Let he who has not sinned..... Just remember the magical talent when unleashed, uninhibited, on the football pitches of the world. Thank you for the memories, Diego. 🌷👏

    Khairilanuar OthmanKhairilanuar Othman3 hónapja
  • “Maradona, turns like a little eel and comes away from trouble. Little squat man. Comes inside Butcher and leaves him for dead, outside Fenwick and leaves him for dead, and puts the ball away...and that is why Maradona is the greatest player in the world” Greatest commentary ever, bar none. Shakespeare would have been proud of that. The words, the voice, the timing. He couldn’t have scripted it any better. Gets the hair standing on the back of my neck every time.

    Ali74Ali743 hónapja
  • Check out the guy slipping and falling at 2:59

    Thor DelThor Del3 hónapja
  • He was the greatest footballer ever

    Rising VideosRising Videos3 hónapja
  • The first time..I saw him were..which was when, I together with my dad watching Spain WC 82..it was around 3am in the early morning..the game is between Brasil verses Argentina..during this time I was so fascinated and goose bum when I saw Maradona..I was somehow captivated with his talent and dribbling skills by which Brasilian players constantly faul on him and blocking him from every angle from scoring goal until he lost his temper and everybody's knows what happen later on that black dot day on his career..but 4years later , he multiply gain whatever he lost in 1982..since then until today he is always my hero in football. Salute you MARADONA..Nobody can ever replace you in football..you are the KING OF FOOTBALL..Always be my hero.👍👍👍❤

    Alanroy ArumugamAlanroy Arumugam3 hónapja
  • He is Really hero!

    Ibrahim MonirIbrahim Monir3 hónapja
  • I think world cup 1994 in Italy . Italian destroyed his carrier. They took revenge of their previous defeat by Argentina . Mariadona was right when he saying they ruined his life and career if they did not do that , Argentina would win world cup .RIP Hero ..

    Pacific OceaniaPacific Oceania3 hónapja
  • Best player that ever lived. And the one and only for me.

    MrKalle1977MrKalle19773 hónapja
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    ron jerryron jerry3 hónapja
  • @19:29 Nice little sneaky goal! :) R.I.P LEGEND!!

    MarcoMarco3 hónapja
  • Thanks for the passion Diego! Forza Napoli per sempre #D10S

    Azinudin AchzabAzinudin Achzab3 hónapja
  • God of football.🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷😇😇😇

    Trisha DasguptaTrisha Dasgupta3 hónapja
  • football is maradona and maradona is football ........

    Hussein صورهHussein صوره3 hónapja
  • You can have 5 UEFA Champions League cups, but never the same as winning 1 World Cup

    Fakhrul RadziFakhrul Radzi3 hónapja
  • Still gives me goose bumps till this day. Got to be the best goal his second against England ever surly

    Brett SkinnerBrett Skinner3 hónapja
  • I always say no one was close enough to him except Ronaldo9. They are the greatest players ever touched the ball 1- Maradona 10 2-Ronaldo9 . . . 3- whoever you want

    Dafer AlshibanDafer Alshiban3 hónapja
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    Barry BasherBarry Basher3 hónapja
  • sorry guys but wow he is one of the most overrated ever

    Jensen SanJensen San3 hónapja
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    John SmithJohn Smith3 hónapja
  • long live the Legend!

    Val VladVal Vlad3 hónapja
  • he is just a man who doesn't know how many children he produced and acknowledged and only might be glorified by those who lack real role model come on we can't look at life partially

    koloptop koloptopkoloptop koloptop3 hónapja
  • Diego Maradonna might have passed on physically.. But his legends and magic of football will live on forever.. I bet anyone watching his video 100 years from now, still will be like, wow! you can do this with football.

    Sonny RahmanSonny Rahman3 hónapja
  • 10

    Sam OlmosSam Olmos3 hónapja
  • Good player. But nowhere near the goat not even top 50. Plus a cheat and a horrible human being. May God forgive you for your sins r.i.p

    matthew heseltinematthew heseltine3 hónapja
  • あの当時(サッカーを良く分かってない)日本のサッカー少年にキャプテン翼が与えた影響力がどれほどだったのか その後に欧州で一流サッカー選手へのあのアニメの影響力を思えると あの分けわからないシュート技術が影響を与えたのは紛れもない事実だと思う

    Yasu YuharaYasu Yuhara3 hónapja
    • 元々高橋陽一氏はやきう漫画を志望していたらしいですから それが日本を代表するサッカー漫画家になるとは 本人もびっくりでしょうね

      Yasu YuharaYasu Yuhara3 hónapja
  • Never Die - Go Maradona.

    gpvcamgpvcam3 hónapja
  • Well I never seen anyone like ronaldhino

    Brandon AvilaBrandon Avila3 hónapja
  • この人がいなかったらキャプテン翼もなかったから 作者も「翼はちょっと真面目なマラドーナ」と言ってますし

    Yasu YuharaYasu Yuhara3 hónapja
  • 13:34 he actually says "the 1st goal was like stealing from a thief" and you purposefully mistranslated it, you hacks LOL

    El Ángel GrisEl Ángel Gris3 hónapja
  • The GOAT⚽️👍🏼💙

    Dave DanteDave Dante3 hónapja
  • 2:58 hahahahahahahahaha

    k76k76k76k763 hónapja
  • He was human mate..he was a good man..we all have to take care of our lives..came from poor...cheers🇬🇧

    Bert RobertBert Robert3 hónapja
  • Say no to drugs, or suffer and die. The choice is simple

    DanDmanDanDman3 hónapja
  • He will be missed. Diego #10

    Robert NegronRobert Negron3 hónapja
  • I did not live the time of Pelé but I could see Maradona play since 1979. It was unique and unrepeatable. What he did with the ball, what he transmitted to his teammates and the effect he caused on rivals I did not see in any other player in history.

    Gaston AyerbeGaston Ayerbe3 hónapja
  • Greatest player. Met him in Hong Kong Airport once a few years ago. He said si yo soy Maradona.

    Robert NegronRobert Negron3 hónapja
  • Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.

    Can TamCan Tam3 hónapja
  • Not sure if he was the best but for sure he was the greatest!

    The Pizza GamerThe Pizza Gamer3 hónapja
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    Marco NgMarco Ng3 hónapja
  • Messi is the greatest hands down! You people have it wrong big time! Compare the videos of the two! GOAT = MESSI

    Tim LTim L3 hónapja
  • It’s a shame that some of the greats succumb to the perils of retirement drugs & alcohol,,,,,,,,,,

    treyakaspringstreyakasprings3 hónapja
  • Muy buen trabajo, soy argentino y me siento honrado de que un amante del fútbol que no tiene fronteras, haya subido este video. Felicitaciones !!!

    dannyboyrodasdannyboyrodas3 hónapja
  • There will never be a better footballer player than Maradona. He was and will be always a legend!

    Wolle WolfWolle Wolf3 hónapja
  • I am Canadian, I do not follow soccer but I am curious how would you compare Maradona to Messi ?

    TestsTests3 hónapja
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    Hadiok TasuioHadiok Tasuio3 hónapja

    emmeci emmeciemmeci emmeci3 hónapja
  • Pele: I was sent by God to teach the world football Maradona: I never sent anyone

    Emilios PowerballerEmilios Powerballer3 hónapja
  • There will never be someone like him, RIP Legend...

    Erika RichardsErika Richards3 hónapja
  • The BEST.....its that simple.....The Greatest of all Time

    Andrew PidwellAndrew Pidwell3 hónapja
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    ice POOKYice POOKY3 hónapja
  • God of football

    Baba HayatBaba Hayat3 hónapja