Diablol 2 Ep 10 "The Cube"

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  • Lol that map was so accurate. Including the weird top left corner.

  • Why is the Pala allways derpy? :)

    Rayymond MorganRayymond Morgan5 napja
  • 0:35 Funny thing is that I actually once had the Lost City be right behind Lut Gholein.

    Tyrian3kTyrian3k8 napja
  • The barbarian's loot cry to prevent resurections and the like, I had almost forgotten about this. Thanks for reminding me

    wirthi wirthwirthi wirth10 napja
  • TP TP TP

    James HaulenbeekJames Haulenbeek11 napja
  • 0:45 Open wounds? Nice sword he got there!

    진성현진성현18 napja
  • The Horadric cube scene in space was a transformers joke. /watch?v=W3gegXFjISM

    zatnikutelzatnikutel19 napja
  • What does dp mean???

    Joseph MegustaJoseph Megusta20 napja
  • Tp! Tp! Tp!

    TacualeónTacualeón21 napja
  • Got damn I just cracked up on the ending😂 The sound and posture of the Paladin dying LoL

    Paul PaikPaul Paik21 napja
  • 1:30 why did he grab his balls...

    Sasha AlexSasha Alex27 napja
  • 1:20 Sabre cat so cute.

    run Wolfrun Wolf29 napja
  • no poison farts?

    Javier FitoJavier Fito29 napja
  • tipi

  • Intro for the cube was a stroke of genius

  • While most people watching these might just find them to be humorous little cartoon shorts, when I watch them I'm like "Yeah, this guy gets it". 😁👍

    Jerry AtricksJerry AtricksHónapja
  • a bit of a missed opportunity, but i suppose the glacial spike was good enough? The common way for people to kill like that was with Hydras... they eventually fixed it, but it was a really big problem in hardcore mode for many years. TPPK was also a problem, but the hydra sorc was a lot more common back then. and like.. hydra blows donkey dick...unless you like.. use them to kill noobs you trick into taking your portal.. they'd just randomly enter a game and tell you they are "rushing" you. I've seen them get kills on 5+ players at a time. It's funny because they were like.. just as big of noobs as the people they killed lol. they were always so bad...horribly geared, etc. just assholes.

  • Lol tp pvp

  • TP , tp , need TP plz !!!!! can't take TP ....

    Emmanuel PerrotEmmanuel PerrotHónapja
  • No testicles were hurt during the making of this episode.

    Nino ChaosdracheNino ChaosdracheHónapja
  • Next episode: arcane sanctuary, 🤣

  • Truly love these. Takes me back. Great job guys. You can tell you guys played the game.

  • Oh, so this has nothing to do with the 2000 PC game. Why did HUworld recommend this to me?

    Christopher NoelChristopher NoelHónapja
  • TPPK!!!!! HE ACTUALLY DID IT!!!! Hahahahaha

    Monsters EggMonsters EggHónapja
  • dude the part going around the edge of the map looking for dry hills and then its right next to town.. absolute gold.

    Zugzug ZugzugsonZugzug ZugzugsonHónapja

    Carlos EduardoCarlos EduardoHónapja
  • If diablol 2 ends there will be diablol 3?

    Dan The ShoeDan The ShoeHónapja
  • TP

  • Haha the open tomb to full set of mobs to immediate close ❤️🙌🏻

    O SO SHónapja
  • Before time begun.... lmao

    Happy PaintHappy PaintHónapja
  • When I saw the cube I knew what you would say.😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😂😂😂 Hope there will be another transformers movie. Still need to watch the series.

  • Now how many people did the last thing to the TPer?

    Wayne WW BrownWayne WW BrownHónapja
  • I love that assassin running around like crazy. ))) With zombies and skellies it's so hilarious! )))

    Crazy ConstantaCrazy ConstantaHónapja
  • Finally a pk in the animation, my life is complete

    Nathan CulverNathan CulverHónapja
  • fine art right here

    Slime BucketSlime BucketHónapja
  • Diablo 2 is the best carbot series

  • Me:

  • The TP guy from Diablo 1 is back xD

    do ye kno de wey ?do ye kno de wey ?Hónapja
  • Every single reference is too true it hurts

  • Everything is on point its scary

    Ясен БояджиевЯсен БояджиевHónapja
  • omg was that a schrodingers cat reference? at 1:19

    Joe RuskampJoe RuskampHónapja
  • Well done!!

    Green FireGreen FireHónapja
  • Man, that border walking couldn't be more accurate. HAHAHAHA

  • We do have the lore of the cube in the game and it's not what the beginning of this video showed. lol It's even in its name. Maybe that's the joke lol. I enjoyed this episode!

    Leandro NadukLeandro NadukHónapja
  • Lol! That's EXACTLY how you walk through act 2 too. Just follow the edge until you find the next zone xD

    x Buddy xx Buddy xHónapja
  • The cube.... huworld.info/flow/vide/0H57uoeTirq_h4w

    Jason CameronJason CameronHónapja
  • the outro music... :)

  • LMAO the first part running around the entire map only to find the entrance to the next area right next to town.

    KIS FitnessKIS FitnessHónapja
  • Make more Diablo videos, your animation is very entertaining, but the videos are a bit short, for so long that we have to wait for you to upload each chapter :(

    Cristóbal MurilloCristóbal MurilloHónapja
  • kills magic sword...... sword drops a helm

  • The running along the edge of the map hit me in the feel and made me laugh, we all do it haha xD I still do it to this day in Act 2

    Erick ChristensenErick ChristensenHónapja
  • Tipi tipi tipi it remembrs my diablo 2 begins jajsjs

    Juanfra NciscoJuanfra NciscoHónapja
  • The transformers reboot is looking pretty weird but ill still give it a shot

  • That's one thing I've never liked about Diablo 2, the cube recipes. God forbid they include a menu for cube recipes and runewords IN THE GAME.

  • Good'old TPPK. Always loved loosing an HC character to that...

    Vunty BearsVunty BearsHónapja
  • Not one of th best but very true in the end. Tp kills. Rip.

  • how many fps did you use for the first cartoon

    Владимир СкачковВладимир СкачковHónapja
  • Bearded sphinx and sneaky zergling at 0:57 :D

  • I fell out of the chair laughing at the Act 2 wall walking with the zone next to the city. LOL!

    Doc RadiDoc RadiHónapja
  • wow this was a really good one!

  • i got my zergling plush today :D

    Drayko ScarDrayko ScarHónapja

    The IcemanThe IcemanHónapja
  • Wthell dualo 2 is very old game.. and still anyone play?!!!?

    Yousuf. Pro ChannelYousuf. Pro ChannelHónapja

  • no doubt the funniest d2 related show i know

    Spread LoveSpread LoveHónapja
  • Haha finally an end to the tp spammer X-D .. for now!! X-D

  • TP!

    Creative HeadroomCreative HeadroomHónapja
  • *M Y H O R A D O R I C C U B E !*

  • So who're those demons and undead downvoting the vids?

    Basil MaBasil MaHónapja
  • That Transformers beginning reference got me! Damn well and creative!

  • Travelling through the map edges just to find out that dry hills is just next to town is so damn accurate.

    Z GZ GHónapja
  • lmao does that last part actually work

  • Broke: the nostalgia! Woke: the current events of encountering this in PD2

    Barney ABarney AHónapja
    • yup :P

  • Should do one on set items.

    Bul HeliousBul HeliousHónapja
  • A funny scene, would have been to have the team running in the desert, when one of them hits a light roach, just to have it shoot out 10 bolts and kill them all.

    Andy BrummelAndy BrummelHónapja
  • A floating sword dropping a helmet XD

  • This series is pure gold :D!

    Eddie S.Eddie S.Hónapja
  • Absolutely spot on

    Slingshot FootySlingshot FootyHónapja
  • коты откуда появились а?

    Андрей ИльющенкоАндрей ИльющенкоHónapja
  • What just happened?

    Bueno LocoBueno LocoHónapja
  • PP

  • ah that music in the end

  • I ran this game on a pentium 2 with windows 98 and the that ppl still play and even make videos about it is the mark of a truly epic game.

    Faxes browneFaxes browneHónapja
  • I can believe someone dislike those videos ...... shame really 😕 , but thumb up from me keep up the good work 👍 you do o and place make more cases for glaxy s9 plus s10 etc 😀 👍

    Stoyan TilevStoyan TilevHónapja
  • come play project diablo 2, same vibes like 15 years ago :)

  • so good ! i love when they do, like us, all the round of the map before go farder :p

    Diduknow HRSDiduknow HRSHónapja
    • @jalliboy i m not english, i mean, before going to the objectif ^^

      Diduknow HRSDiduknow HRSHónapja
    • Go farder? Go further?

  • tp plz, tp plz, tp plz. lol

    Xue RUIXue RUIHónapja
  • That Heartwarming Memories

  • hahaha that TPPK in the end is flawless :-D

    Georgi GribnevGeorgi GribnevHónapja
  • When u have to replace some free with free out of the cube and hate to do it.

    Riff TallanRiff TallanHónapja
  • I adore this series. We can laugh at our frustrations, and know that we will happily start the game all over again with a new character because we just love the game so much.

    Greig ClementGreig ClementHónapja
  • Like a true player

  • Missed opportunity for the You have quite the treasure...” audio lol

    Jesse P.Jesse P.Hónapja
  • haha

    Bradley ByronBradley ByronHónapja
  • Hahahah

    Systema Uppsala OfficialSystema Uppsala OfficialHónapja
  • TP guy gets me every time.

    Dest DroidDest DroidHónapja
  • Aw, you missed your chance for the swarm of bugs to drop a pole arm or massive suit of plate mail.

  • This is so accurate it hurts...my ribs. From the laughter.

  • I would've included a swarm of flies dropping a big item like some 2h axe or plate armor. Hack n slash logic at its finest.

  • Is the voice actor at the beggining Rexxar's voice actor ?