Devils Vs Angels w/ Jaiden Animations & TheOdd1sOut

2017.júl. 2.
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We do the draw
Additional editing done by Jaiden herself. Really helped in teaching how to edit not like garbage.
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Song used: Wii Shop Music

  • Wait........... If bagel man had bagel children, and was selling bagels, that means he was selling children, or does that mean that he baked his children instead of giving birth to them? I'm confused now.

    PurplepeoplepersonPurplepeopleperson5 órája
  • why is bagel man so much fatter than everyone else...oh now i get it

    Luca NLuca N10 órája
  • 5:24 that's why u should not skip collage

    Charging CharizardCharging Charizard20 órája
  • What drawing software do you use Adam or anybody that knows

    Levi AndersLevi Anders22 órája
  • Adam: I’m a devil Also Adam:I have devil horns as devil 👿

    Bedevilled Bunnie 2.0Bedevilled Bunnie 2.0Napja
  • Jaiden you said like too mush

    Bedevilled Bunnie 2.0Bedevilled Bunnie 2.0Napja
  • I love how this one adam is a angel when on the other one he was a devil but he turns into a devil so hes back to normal but this time there is another youruber sorry i forgot her name please tell me it in the comment

    Julia JakubowskaJulia JakubowskaNapja
  • Jaden it’s doughnut get attached And I’m a fan of you guys

    Musics NightmareMusics NightmareNapja
  • Mom: ok, when two people really like each other, what happens? Kid: they reproduce Mom: yes, and what do they reproduce Kid: edible bagel children

    Marble BubbleMarble BubbleNapja
  • I sub

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  • This is so cool🤩🤩🤩

    Cuphead and muggo 2020 gaming videos For viewersCuphead and muggo 2020 gaming videos For viewers2 napja
  • he has demon horns so why does he have to put on fake ones

    C animationzzC animationzz2 napja
  • Jaiden!!! ♡︎♥︎♡︎♥︎

    Christina PradoChristina Prado2 napja
  • Stay hydrated! 😎😉

    Alkis HaralampidisAlkis Haralampidis3 napja
  • Gosh this was so fun

    Huh LolHuh Lol3 napja
  • you should animate this

    MaseDCreationsMaseDCreations4 napja

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  • i am suscribe you too :))

    cartoon_cat _zalika :Dcartoon_cat _zalika :D5 napja
  • Can you guys teach me how to draw please?

    Monkey PunkMonkey Punk5 napja
  • wOW

    Z BOYZ BOY5 napja
  • Wait his eyes was closed so they didn’t know it was bagels huh no wonder I failed my math test

    Joshua SalermoJoshua Salermo5 napja
  • In this video in my mind ven the take his hous hi takes a bagel sorwd ruins and stabs oin of the tre gihs and takes his bagel man cards and fits like ironman from Avengers infinite war part 1

    SÅ DER BOG. Godnathistorie- læs med- sjovSÅ DER BOG. Godnathistorie- læs med- sjov6 napja
    • Sori befor the 3 Angels komes donot man sels the tre ghis sols to the Devil bikors his gøel frend diet pikos Shi codent bred and bikomes a Devil then the 3 gardien Angels kome frome heven ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️

      SÅ DER BOG. Godnathistorie- læs med- sjovSÅ DER BOG. Godnathistorie- læs med- sjov6 napja
    • Part2 then the donot polis coms and takes the donot hous hi fits like ironman from Avengers infinite war and uses his cards like Spidermans web and hoikgis boy so ven the 3 Angels frome heven ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️ made him and angil and biet the krap out of the Devil

      SÅ DER BOG. Godnathistorie- læs med- sjovSÅ DER BOG. Godnathistorie- læs med- sjov6 napja
  • Who laughed when Adam said zut alors what is zzis

    Ratang KgafelaRatang Kgafela7 napja
  • *"dont get too attached"*

    SpicyCheezeSpicyCheeze7 napja
  • *james being an angel* Me: *me seeing that he transforms the best day of bagel man to the WORST day* Hmmmm 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔🤔...... 😶😶😶😶😶ok, I think he is, I mean it's obvious 😌😌😌😇😇😇😂😂😂😂

    Noona B.Noona B.7 napja
  • i like how adam still wears horns even though he already has horns xD

    Kliptox AnimatesKliptox Animates7 napja
  • Bagel man really loves bagels That explains his kids

    SlenderforestSlenderforest7 napja
  • That song was truly discovered by SomethingelseYT and not TommyInnit

    MR. DramaticMR. Dramatic7 napja
  • ooooooooooh who lives in a donut above the sea

  • Bagel man bagel man does what ever a bagel can

    CatGamer PlayzCatGamer Playz8 napja
  • :)

    music Studiomusic Studio8 napja
  • “This is how we should animate in our videos!” Circletoons: I’m four parallel universes ahead of you.

    Zen KurahashiZen Kurahashi9 napja
  • Signal app

    Debinha 113Debinha 1139 napja
  • Jaiden: Adam we should play angels vs devils James: hey I want to be involved Let me be involved Please

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  • Butiful 😭

    Bagel maanBagel maan9 napja
  • Quandaful day

    timothy hongtimothy hong9 napja
  • So the basics of the story is pastries against capitalism

    Liara Morgana MaresanaLiara Morgana Maresana9 napja
  • wow

    Fox LeeFox Lee10 napja
  • Bagel man : hey rich man have some bagels Rich man: I want 100000 bagels

    The Golden pikachuThe Golden pikachu10 napja
  • My friend and I played this during class. It was really fun

    CemadibyCemadiby12 napja

    Emmanuel HernandezAlvarezEmmanuel HernandezAlvarez12 napja
  • not the outcome i imagined

    Yannick TorresYannick Torres12 napja
  • amazing story imma publish it

  • i like how you just added urself devils horns despite having one

    Shadow StalkerShadow Stalker12 napja
  • 9:46 that body....

    Mango's are Awesome and AmazingMango's are Awesome and Amazing13 napja
  • D.o.u.n.t.s are may be the same as Bagels

    Aniyah WeritoAniyah Werito13 napja
  • What is the drawing of james?!?

    JeffthecrazypatatoJeffthecrazypatato13 napja
  • WOOOOOO BAGLE MAN who remembers the man of the bagles?

    Lacey PalmerLacey Palmer14 napja
  • I like jaiden's james' and your vids

    rovlog ytrovlog yt14 napja
  • Adam should have eneded it with it was all a a dream

    SPEC snuffySPEC snuffy14 napja
  • I was so confused when I clicked on the video,CUZ ADAMS CHARACTER HAS HORNS EVEN IF HE HAS FRICKIN WINGS!!!!

    LEGENDZ gamingLEGENDZ gaming15 napja
  • Adam as devil: FOUR HORNS

    Kendall The QueenKendall The Queen15 napja
  • (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

    tap tiptap tip15 napja
  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahhahahhahhhaahahahhahahhhhhahhahahhahahahahaahah

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  • I'm watching at 11:21pm

    TitaniumKatPhatTitaniumKatPhat16 napja
  • plz make another one with timtom

    Daniel HiattDaniel Hiatt16 napja
  • That ending tho 😂😂😂😂

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  • It’s funny that Adam has devil horns and he still has a devil head band

    Magic WormMagic Worm16 napja
  • :)

    Krystal AlmaguerKrystal Almaguer17 napja
  • The last part was the funniest part

    Krystal AlmaguerKrystal Almaguer17 napja
  • Me like why you sound so nervous

    Jesse AmayaJesse Amaya17 napja
  • I would have ended the story by getting them sued and they spent all there money on the crane and they have no money and the super dad gets the house back

    GD XBlueGD XBlue17 napja
  • I like the fact he is a devil and he is the angel.

    Lolo gaming and reactingLolo gaming and reacting17 napja
  • finaly people understand how good adam is and that he isn't a RIP off but no he has COMMON SENCE!!!!! ok that's not really funny

    WAFFLEWAFFLE18 napja
  • bAgEl GuY *is my new hero*

    The Amazing Life of MeThe Amazing Life of Me18 napja
  • unfortunately, no money means no food-which means that bagel man’s children may not be around for much longer

    quartz.fandom on instagramquartz.fandom on instagram19 napja
  • What program do they use

    RoseRose19 napja
  • The title : angels vs devil's Me: *sees devil horns on Adam Also me : wait! WAIT! ADAMS ALREADY A DEVIL Also also me : but dat ok :)

    Misty MergenthalMisty Mergenthal19 napja
  • Part two Please ! And I shall continue the story , later when Baghel man takes his children to his work and the people come and buy his children and eats them ! Plot twist : *He was selling his children the entire time*

    mandeep dhillonmandeep dhillon19 napja
  • Jaiden attempting to make a female voice even though she is female: *H O N E Y!*

    BeedopBeedop19 napja
  • *whats that daddy?*

    BeedopBeedop19 napja
  • 'I wanted to divorce her anyway!' DA-DUN-DUN!!!

    ZoeDaCat ProductionsZoeDaCat Productions19 napja
  • I would’ve ended it with, it was all a dream

    Elijah BradleyElijah Bradley19 napja
  • You Truely are something else

  • the way she said "hey" at 0:09 sounds like my cousin

    Manuel AguirreManuel Aguirre19 napja
  • Who laughed when Adam said azutalas what is zzis

    Kebuang Nono Kgafela MokokaKebuang Nono Kgafela Mokoka19 napja
  • 9:36 that is so funny

    amanda rabbitskinamanda rabbitskin20 napja
    • his walking XD

      amanda rabbitskinamanda rabbitskin20 napja
  • Nobody: Me:How..tell me how.. DID THEY DRAW THIS ON THE SPOT

    hmm idkhmm idk20 napja
  • It's a tradition for me to come back to this every year and hear the story of, "𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝘽𝙖𝙜𝙚𝙡 𝙢𝙖𝙣"

    MrNeedleMouseMrNeedleMouse20 napja
  • I want to buy the movie rights to this story

    Make 'Em LaughMake 'Em Laugh20 napja
  • What program is used so that you can all draw at the same time on the same program?

    Aidan WilkinsonAidan Wilkinson20 napja
  • No one: Me: Hey! That reminds me of Badboyhalo! 0:49 I’ve been watching a LOT of Minecraft by the way-

    ThingthisyesThingthisyes21 napja
  • Simting ilse Jiden inomitiuns Joooims

    toxtic hazardtoxtic hazard21 napja
  • Bagal man is happy .but there is no mom for The children so they aren't going to be cool With it .Adam I think you messed up .and I was not Expecting Jaiden to ruin it with a massive Drains.

    Prateek PlayzPrateek Playz21 napja
  • Hey there, Sprinkle! Where do ya live?

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  • Hi can I have a shout out please!

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  • The trio have come together to make a 10/10 video!

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  • Adam: devil Jaiden: angel james: human

    Wrathful CucumberWrathful Cucumber21 napja
  • Where do u draw at

    Michael JungMichael Jung22 napja
  • Adam would be the perfect devil due to his little animated character in his videos. Oh and also, he's good at it probably.

    ToopienatorToopienator22 napja
  • the maneger looks like mr.beast

    Trevor GunnellTrevor Gunnell22 napja
  • jaiden : brown hair purple shirt adam :horns red hoodie james : happy :)

    Trevor GunnellTrevor Gunnell22 napja
  • “Bagel man lives in a giant donut?”= OMAE WA MOU SHINDERU Everyone: NANI?!

    Luna LovegoodLuna Lovegood22 napja
  • Harry ron and hermione aren’t the golden trio Adam Jaiden and James are

    Luna LovegoodLuna Lovegood22 napja
  • Lol best ending

    Gabriel RodriguesGabriel Rodrigues23 napja
  • This video is pretty funny

    Donna GrayDonna Gray23 napja
  • its 'donut'

    RonnieRonnie24 napja

    Home alone boy ytHome alone boy yt24 napja
  • Kion do dos RE

    chen cherliyechen cherliye24 napja
  • 9:04 why are they bigger than the door-

    Shrevacodo MemesShrevacodo Memes24 napja