Deli Meat Tier List

2021.febr. 4.
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  • Wait I'm a bit confused... At what time of day would Cody do this?

    rushdainrushdain13 perccel
  • He said “what was that fuckin gross shit I ate capricotta?” “ I’m sorry to all the Italians out there” bro I’m Italian my family Is from Sicily and we think it’s funny when people try to pronounce our food we don’t get offended it’s not like you were being prejudiced u awesome Cody keep dropping fire vids I like how u make everyone laugh and make fun of everyone and everything without trying to offend people 💯

    Alfonzo PaperchaserAlfonzo PaperchaserNapja
  • giving me schmidt vibes w his “all day”

    Soraya Puerto-KhalilSoraya Puerto-KhalilNapja
  • Religious Deities Tier?

    Kimberly vanmoorlehemKimberly vanmoorlehemNapja
  • Honey ham is a staple

    Cole HinshawCole Hinshaw2 napja
  • Alternate title: Things Cody will (or will not) eat all day

    SeoulSeoul2 napja
  • Dude never stops making me laugh

    Fruit Punch In The Face 2367Fruit Punch In The Face 23672 napja
  • Cody sir you COOK a ham steak 😭💀

    Ashton LukeAshton Luke2 napja
  • I will put my comment right here on a cheeseboard all day long

    pringlescan81pringlescan812 napja
  • salami and twiggy sticks do it for me

    Katherine MichailidesKatherine Michailides3 napja
  • schmidt from new girl

    anny fernandaanny fernanda3 napja
  • cheese board tier list

    Seven CSeven C3 napja
  • *watches this while making my grocery list*

    djdj3 napja
  • peestacheeos

    Hailey ReneeHailey Renee4 napja
  • Wonder if Cody's Mortadella has the horse in it? 🥗🐴

    Just_DomJust_Dom5 napja
  • i don’t know about you guys, but i think Cody would eat these deli meats all day

    Sabrina ScottiSabrina Scotti5 napja
  • Black forrest ham >>>>

    Amanda BrownAmanda Brown5 napja
  • Put butter in a skillet and season the ham steak with salt and pepper, then brown it and eat it with breakfast. Bone in is better. And don't speak bad on ham steak again until you eat it the right way lol

    Kayli RobertsKayli Roberts5 napja
  • As someone who absolutely hates ham, but is always being told I'm crazy for hating ham...thank you so much for hating ham and being the only sane person who realizes how fucking disgusting and wet ham is! Meat shouldn't look like it just got out of a swimming pool

    Mackenzie BMackenzie B6 napja
  • cheese tier list pls

    Ashley DeBeaussaertAshley DeBeaussaert6 napja
  • cheese tier list has yet to come. please cody were waiting so patiently

    Danielle PowersDanielle Powers6 napja
  • Man I swear Peperoni is only a North American thing we probs invented it in Italy but we don't know what the hell you're talking about

    Lorenzo ArduinoLorenzo Arduino7 napja
  • Ham is goated... smoked, honey baked, black Forest doesn’t matter

    Michael WangMichael Wang7 napja
  • I’m offended that bologna wasn’t included

    Garrett HarinenGarrett Harinen8 napja
  • uh ok

    slixzslixz8 napja
  • Don’t eat pancetta raw my guy. It’s fine but prosciutto is so much better. Use pancetta for carbonara or amatriciana.

    Paul PallerPaul Paller8 napja
  • When you opened the roast beef and inhaled I was nearly sick

    J AllanJ Allan8 napja
  • Isn't like panceta and bacon the same fucking thing?

    Lora PavicLora Pavic9 napja
  • I'm gonna be honest with you guys, I couldn't press like on this video. It's not because it's not hilarious, it's because he said he likes mayo. I am almost certain the Devil made several things: Pineapple on pizza, raisins, mosquitos, and mayonnaise. I just can't condone this type of behavior.

    Kate LKate L9 napja
  • love salami

    Anders EricksonAnders Erickson9 napja
  • seeing him touch all this meat and touching his face and not wiping his hand on a napkin or anything is gross af lmao edit: he's been wiping his hands on his pants the whole time OMGGGG

    Shannon DavisShannon Davis9 napja
  • pastrami is so good holy fuck

    leshileshi9 napja
  • Capicola is “Gabbagool” 😂

    LizzieBordensAxeLizzieBordensAxe9 napja
  • rewatching this video just to hear cody say "all goddamn day"

    Haley MitchellHaley Mitchell9 napja
  • You cook the ham steak and have it like a steak.....

    Darius HansenDarius Hansen10 napja
  • Alternative title: watch adult man eat meat for 16min

    Charlotte SingerCharlotte Singer11 napja
  • i fee like if he had all of the meats fresh sliced most of these would have been a lot higher on the list. fresh sliced is the only way to go tbh

    Elle LardElle Lard11 napja
  • You don't know what capicola and sobressada is!!! Wtf dude they are delicious You have to do sweet capicola

    Marlena thorvaldMarlena thorvald11 napja
  • I hate ham why did you do so much ham yuck. also you need to get good roast beef if you don't love a roast beef sandwich. Arby's is not what roast beef sandwiches are that's like calling mcdonald's what a burger is.

    Marlena thorvaldMarlena thorvald11 napja

    Jordan ScottJordan Scott11 napja
  • I can tell the turkey is from sprouts cause i used to work there

    Jordan ScottJordan Scott11 napja
  • no one will ever love me with the passion that cody has for meat

    Hannah CairnsHannah Cairns11 napja
  • Cody be burpin so much

    Mali TaboriMali Tabori11 napja
  • If you ever had salimy when salami gets slimy its the worst thing you will ever eat

    John Paul ZimmermanJohn Paul Zimmerman12 napja
  • Yes mayyyyoooo

    John Paul ZimmermanJohn Paul Zimmerman12 napja
  • I appreciate the apology but cody is giving me a cringe attack watching this video

    ilmeridionaleitalianilmeridionaleitalian12 napja
    • Surprise now that’s cringe

      ilmeridionaleitalianilmeridionaleitalian12 napja
  • i’ll do this on a cheeseboard i’ll do this on a sandwich

    Aaron BreauxAaron Breaux12 napja
  • lol guess I have to get my eyes checked

    Brown SoupBrown Soup12 napja
  • I made a fuckin sandwich sat down wanted to watch Cody and picked this video lol just worked out 😂

    Marc NunezMarc Nunez12 napja
  • Salami not making S tier is problematic

    Loren EdwardsLoren Edwards12 napja
  • Am I the only one who thought I was the only one who folds mortadella to eat?!

    ICE935ICEICE935ICE13 napja
  • i’ve never seen cody so passionate about something before.

    hana clearwaterhana clearwater13 napja
  • You forgot the bologna...❤️

    AshadowoflightAshadowoflight13 napja
  • I will eat that on a cheese board

    random torontonianrandom torontonian13 napja
  • "I'll eat that on a cheese board all day" -Cody Kolodziejydzek

    Survival Instinct SMPSurvival Instinct SMP13 napja
  • The black things in the mortadella were black pepper corns.

    Alexander SainAlexander Sain14 napja
  • 10:28 when the gabagool hits, it hits bro

    Fat JimFat Jim14 napja
  • stop rubbing your greasy fingers together fuck man, great tier list tho

    Griffin QueenerGriffin Queener14 napja
  • Me, a vegan, watching the intro: 👁👄👁

    Kateri MillerKateri Miller14 napja
  • 10:15 “I’ll have the...gabagoo”

    Doktor NouveauDoktor Nouveau15 napja
  • do you think cody knows that his nose still works when he's eating. sounds like a 4 yr old eating yogurt.

    aerin lucyaerin lucy15 napja
    • I lol’d

      McKara And OllieMcKara And Ollie9 napja
  • guys you think he’d eat these on a cheeseboard?

    Alexander RabenhorstAlexander Rabenhorst15 napja
  • Me, a vegan, watching anyways

    lillil15 napja
  • Cheese teir list

    Logical LinkinLogical Linkin15 napja
  • That ham steak is not a deli meat. It's meant to be heated in an oven and served for dinner as a portion of meat. It is served like that so you don't have to buy an entire ham w/e it is called. It is especially for poor ppl who don't want to spend booku dollars on ham and just want enough for one meal. It is pretty gross cold.

    Darth MortisDarth Mortis15 napja
  • Cheese tier list

    Bay YukichBay Yukich15 napja
  • Gotta do cheese next

    DanDan15 napja
  • Halfway through this, i had to uber eats a deli sammich

    Potassium SagePotassium Sage15 napja
  • I never noticed how slippery ham really is gross

    Javier CamposJavier Campos15 napja
  • tell me why I fucking cried during this

    Lanee BakerLanee Baker16 napja
  • I love mayo also cody Ko

    every sports nowevery sports now16 napja

    Julia AckermanJulia Ackerman16 napja
  • i'll eat it all day... i never really see it... any of the days

    Julia AckermanJulia Ackerman16 napja
  • slipping n sliding in my mouth like a fucking slip n slide ~quoted~

    Julia AckermanJulia Ackerman16 napja
  • As a catalan these deli meats are CONFUSING ME

    Júlia MillJúlia Mill17 napja
  • I would watch a whole 16 minute video on cody eating cheese cause it's cody

    SkippyHDSkippyHD17 napja
  • Try grilled salami with white bread toasted with Mayo simple but really good

    Xman 21200Xman 2120017 napja
  • 12:51 for your enjoyment

    Gus from the BusGus from the Bus18 napja
  • Duuude, I flippin love Mayo too

    JasonJason18 napja
  • salami is superior

    Madison AmeiorsanoMadison Ameiorsano19 napja
  • It’s 6am here in Finland. I haven’t slept and im hungry af. So I decide to watch this 🙃 now im even more hungry

    JebulixJebulix19 napja
  • That mortadella looks foul bro 😂😂

    Sylvers OrascoSylvers Orasco19 napja
  • now do a cheese tier list

    worm ?worm ?19 napja
  • Also, PLEASE do a cheese list video, if Munster is f the best I will be mad lol ☺️

    Zach CasonZach Cason20 napja
  • Pepperoni being in D is straight up sin

    Zach CasonZach Cason20 napja
  • 10:29 kills me every time

    Jo GoldJo Gold20 napja
  • cody: "ham is DISGUSTING it is so slimy who even likes ham?" cody 30 seconds later: "now THAT'S the ham I know and love right there"

    adelynadelyn20 napja
  • I'm italian and the fact that he does not like ham makes me really angry

    KevinohKevinoh20 napja
  • Pastrami sandwich with some Mayo 🤤

    Tristan RogersTristan Rogers20 napja

    Maxdragon924Maxdragon92421 napja
  • hey cody, do you like (insert most deli meats)? cody: I'll eat that shit all day long

    Chase HuffChase Huff21 napja
  • yeah you like that meat don’t you

    ItamarItamar21 napja
  • HAM JUICE. Thanks for making me laugh so much Cody. Always love your videos to cheer me up

    Angelina DenisenkoAngelina Denisenko21 napja
  • cheese tier list please.

    sofiapoonsofiapoon21 napja
  • no bologna

    Isabella DowdleIsabella Dowdle21 napja
  • no chicken or bologna

    Isabella DowdleIsabella Dowdle21 napja
  • wheres the bologna

    Isabella DowdleIsabella Dowdle21 napja
  • cody please i came in the comments expecting people to be talking about how you didnt get bologna please

    Isabella DowdleIsabella Dowdle21 napja
  • bologna?

    Isabella DowdleIsabella Dowdle21 napja
  • spent my whole life scared of having too much prosciutto. scared that the fat would get to me :(

    Lili GrahamLili Graham21 napja