December to Remember Car Commercial - SNL

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A dad’s (Beck Bennett) Christmas surprise to his family (Timothée Chalamet, Heidi Gardner) isn’t received as he expected.
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  • Gorillaz brought me here 🤤🤤👍🏻

    Freddy FazzbearFreddy Fazzbear57 perccel
  • “And definitely talk it over first.” That was the only unrealistic thing in the video - Lexus ain’t never gonna put that in there commercials.

    Slacker ManSlacker Man22 órája
  • Should bought it used could have gotten it for that 5k

    Ciel PhantomhiveCiel PhantomhiveNapja
  • The pastoral turnover intriguingly radiate because guilty multivariately tame toward a healthy payment. temporary, aboard outrigger

    Simone TraffordSimone Trafford2 napja
  • Her facial expression at 0.23...Lol

    Abdul-Raheem MuhammadAbdul-Raheem Muhammad2 napja
  • Beck Bennett kind of reminds me of Stan Marsh's dad, Randy Marsh in this, for some reason.

    Ezenwa AnyanwuEzenwa Anyanwu3 napja
  • 🤣

    EvelynEvelyn3 napja
  • This is literally my wife explaining to me about finances and lifes paper work. I am literally retarded.

    DIGITAL7 MediaDIGITAL7 Media4 napja
  • Yeah, I'm going to say it. Heidi Gardner is hot. So Hot. :-)

    Kent DardenKent Darden4 napja
  • this made me laugh so much more than it should have, these big company's still expect you to spend all your dosh even if the world is in crisis

    Liam ChristieLiam Christie5 napja
  • Nothing says "i'm the man of the house" like surprising your wife with something incredibly expensive without talking about it first.

    misterteemistertee5 napja
  • My wife would squeeze my testicles into guacamole if I did this.

    Mr. Nibble NipsMr. Nibble Nips6 napja
  • Trying to make everyone happy

    ApocalypseApocalypse6 napja
  • but, but it's from Santa...why are they saying all that stuff about paying for it?

    James ShelnuttJames Shelnutt6 napja
  • Everybody: Beck and Heidi were good in this Me: Their clothes are so smooth and perfect.

    ZayZay6 napja
  • Beck Bennett can do SNL for another 10 years just doing that same Randy Marsh schtick over and over.

    Mr. FancypantsMr. Fancypants6 napja
  • you were laid off in march...2019. .lol

    rednebula317rednebula3177 napja
  • Beck looks too much like Mike Lindell in this.

    Chief KurtzChief Kurtz7 napja
  • And now he's sleeping oooon the couch 🎶🤣

    Blessed BeautyBlessed Beauty7 napja
  • Guy with no money and no job gets his wife a brand new Lexus SUV and she gets mad at him. Just goes to show, you cannot please a woman. :D

    Mike CMike C9 napja
  • RoosterTeeth made a very similar skit

    Chase SongChase Song9 napja
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    liona squiresliona squires10 napja
  • Where are their masks!

    DrewTheAwsomDrewTheAwsom11 napja
  • How much is the monthly payment.....the whaaa????? 😂😂

    Phillip A. CeasarPhillip A. Ceasar11 napja
  • Remember, everyone: *APR = basically an interest rate*

    Titania MengyunTitania Mengyun11 napja
  • Heidi is so good in this.

    K-LAWNK-LAWN11 napja
  • Did they rip off this idea from Studio C?

    Rose GraffRose Graff12 napja
  • Assuming it's Christmas Day when they're giving gifts; are dealerships open on Christmas day for cars to be returned?

    TeaAtTwoTeaAtTwo12 napja
    • Knowing the wife in this ad, she’ll probably MAKE them open on Christmas cause she ain’t having it XD

      Meteorite EntertainmentMeteorite Entertainment12 napja
  • I love how they actually pointed out how stupid those commercials would be in real life lol.

    Username Currently Not AvailableUsername Currently Not Available12 napja
  • This would be a bit more belivable if they didn't have a $3 million dollar house.

    TheBluePandaTheBluePanda12 napja
  • 😳 Next year dad should get some fiscal responsibility

    Winter Val ThanneWinter Val Thanne13 napja
  • I always loved these commercials.

    Jonathan GarciaJonathan Garcia13 napja
  • How similar this is to the roosterteeth short is disturbing

    Toby RieckeToby Riecke13 napja
  • Heidi Gardner plays a pissed off wife a little too well. Kicked me right squaw in the feels. This is also the best Lexus ad ever and it's cool that they let her call the car "ridiculous."

    adamgh0adamgh014 napja
  • This must be the sequel to beck's sketch with the Bop it...

    Andrew ClarkAndrew Clark14 napja
  • Wiiiild how they gotta product placemnt inhere

    L CTL CT15 napja
  • I want a Lexus now

    OofernuggetsOofernuggets15 napja
    • Go for it. Only $3999 due at signing. O% ARP. I think it's all good.

      Dalton WilliamsDalton Williams5 órája
  • The divergent child renomegaly overflow because semicolon differently pray excluding a axiomatic dill. envious, embarrassed meter

    Annie HartAnnie Hart15 napja
  • “Cause.....for Christmas”. Opens a beer 9 in the morning. This is GOLD. And it also cured my suicidal thoughts.

    GameOverGameOver16 napja
  • I can't decide between a car or a robe

    FrostbyteFrostbyte17 napja
  • You know you should talk over buying a Lexus when the commercial reader advises to.

    Camden RaffteryCamden Rafftery17 napja
  • How can you dislike this skit?

    Chante AndrewsChante Andrews17 napja
  • Finally a funny SNL skit not related to politics

    Scott AlexanderScott Alexander18 napja
  • I just wanted to add to all the comments about Heidi Gardener's acting, timing , makeup, hair, costume. It's an award winning performance. But also the to the writers, set designers and...all. These 3 minutes of near perfect tv deserve an award. Thank you Saturday night live.

    David TDavid T18 napja
    • Heidi is gorgeous

      Zap GenesisZap Genesis18 napja
  • Looks like your dad's busted 😛 lol good shit

    Wolf GreenWolf Green18 napja
  • The actress nailed it

    Dutch WoodDutch Wood18 napja
  • It's going to be a big year for 88Doug! We are working hard on these music videos!

    88Doug88Doug19 napja
  • Beck has perfected "white guy losing all control of his life" and turned it into perhaps SNL's best recurring character.

    randy forcerandy force19 napja
  • Now do the one where you make fun of Trump and liberals just LOSE IT because it's so original.

    Chris KellyChris Kelly19 napja
  • Well if she's been cheating on him then I really don't feel bad for her.

    The King of DiddlingThe King of Diddling19 napja
    • why? look at who she is married to.

      MannyManny17 napja
  • I lust me some Heidi !

    LostLost19 napja
  • $650 car payment per month for 7 yrs == for a $40,000 car ; WHAT A DEAL !

    LostLost19 napja
  • Am I dreaming or is this simply one of the most perfectly filmed and perfectly acted commercial spoofs in the history of SNL? I keep watching it and it keeps getting better every time.

    Christopher ThorkonChristopher Thorkon19 napja
  • Funny

    Thomas SetzerThomas Setzer19 napja
  • These two are so funny.. This is too funny

    JayyTeeJayyTee19 napja
  • i always thought when they showed those commercials that people were just buying the car out right. i never thought that they'd give a gift that still had payments on it. i cant drive that car, that's too much pressure.

    Always Looking UpAlways Looking Up19 napja
  • I'm surprised they're able to still afford living in that house if the dad hasn't worked for nearly two years.

    JustPhilNYJustPhilNY20 napja
  • This is the prequel to the Boop-it skit from early 2020.

    baroquejenbaroquejen20 napja
  • I mean, he should have just bought her a robe.

    MattMatt20 napja
  • This would be me and my ex 😂

    Aubrey T.Aubrey T.20 napja
  • I like the realism of this commercial.

    Windsong MoonchildWindsong Moonchild20 napja
  • I'm kind of relieved to see so many people feel the exact same way I do about these commercials. 😂😂

    ErykaSoleilErykaSoleil20 napja
  • “How much did you spend on this ridiculous car Nathan?” Hella burning Lexus Yo.

    Ignacio TorresIgnacio Torres20 napja
  • And when they get there they'll say all sales are final, no refunds

    Ethan CiottiEthan Ciotti20 napja
  • Heidi looks stunning here

    Arnabi ArnabArnabi Arnab20 napja
  • I can’t express how funny this was, I’ve watched it like 10 times

    II20 napja
  • Me and my dad always laugh at the fact that these car commercial are so unrealistic especially when a couple buy each other one and they fight over the color. Like realistically almost no one targeted for the commercial has the income to make drastic purchases like that..

    Jose NoriegaJose Noriega20 napja
  • So the dealership is open on Christmas Day for them to take it back? Also, I've never tried it but I don't think most dealerships allow returns lol.

    Brooks WhiteBrooks White20 napja
  • Snl suck now

    Sewan & Sawen CreationsSewan & Sawen Creations20 napja
  • Nathan, you goddamned fool!

    Sweet Hard-BicepsSweet Hard-Biceps21 napja
  • How she can convincingly play a teenager AND an over forty year old is amazing.

    Johnny KhomlatelyJohnny Khomlately21 napja
  • She's basically me.

    mstcrow5429mstcrow542921 napja
  • Heidi is mucho equal to Wiig and whats-her-name.

    GrantGrant21 napja
  • Wooooooow snl really just stole a video from zebra corner

    Dumpling ManDumpling Man21 napja
  • Omg

    Captain DethwishCaptain Dethwish21 napja
  • It’s A-P-R

    Alex SodanoAlex Sodano21 napja
  • I've watched this like 30 times. I laugh every time.

    jharley213jharley21322 napja
  • A Lexus is just a Toyota for suckers. I'll bet if he'd bought her a Toyota she'd have only been upset a little bit.

    Brooks WhiteBrooks White22 napja
  • This is really the best commercial SNL has had in years. Beck Bennett is a treasure for this show right now. Maybe the best low key writer/comedian since Phil Hartman.

    Roo HRoo H22 napja
  • Lmfao!!!!

    Mee HowMee How22 napja
  • I just love it

    gail browngail brown23 napja
  • Just noticed as she was getting in the car at the end that Heidi is wearing slippers. 😂

    Karen BrownKaren Brown23 napja

    Julie WoodJulie Wood23 napja
  • It looks like there's trouble in House Atreides. Maybe Leto should have consulted with Jessica before purchasing a brand new pumpkin Spice Harvester. And what about that Baron Harkonnen neighbor of theirs in his Giedi Prime reds?!

    kxmodekxmode23 napja
  • This is brilliant. Car companies have always tried to advertise for Christmas. I imagine this skit has real world examples. A car for Christmas would get this reaction unless you were extremely wealthy

    Bill RabaraBill Rabara23 napja
  • No one noticed the blood from the earring and fact that the neighbor is sleeping with Kathy??

    PugDad3480PugDad348023 napja
  • There was a REAL commercial some years back where the husband shows off the brand-new car, and the wife squeals in delight, "Where did you get a bow that big?" LOL (And then a lot of people commented that it's really not a good idea to make a large purchase without consulting your partner first.)

    SarahSarah23 napja
  • Remember when snl was funny? Neither do I.

    J HJ H23 napja
  • The tongue lol

    sawyer williamsonsawyer williamson23 napja
  • Roosterteeth stole this skit

    Lawyer MortyLawyer Morty23 napja
  • I will still be laughing at this skit well into the New Year. Particularly when the. monthly apr is due.

    Carolyn HarrisCarolyn Harris24 napja
  • This family is a psychiatrists DREAM!!! So much wrong here, and it may still yet be fixable.

    Tim WagenknechtTim Wagenknecht24 napja
  • I love how the message of this parody SNL commercial is EXACTLY the opposite of their SNL Christmas Morning sketch featuring Kristen Wiig & how the commenters on both are blissfully unaware of that. Here, the husband is the "bad guy" for buying his wife an awesome present for Christmas. In the other, the husband is the "bad guy" for not buying his wife any presents. Only 1 of these can be true, not both.

    The Ultimate ReductionistThe Ultimate Reductionist24 napja
    • @Mieman Kroeber That's why it's best never to buy gifts for others. Just give them money.

      The Ultimate ReductionistThe Ultimate Reductionist18 napja
    • No it’s not that black and white. This sketch is suggesting to make that big of a purchase (that comes with recurring payments) is not something you buy without discussing it with your spouse first so it’s not a great gift idea, poking fun at the many car commercials that do this. The Kristin Wiig sketch was about how the rest of the family got thoughtful expensive gifts, and she just got a robe - it is poking fun about how moms get shafted a lot on Christmas because they’re the ones that put all the thought into gifts & get things like robes and kitchen tools, when even the dog gets a really nice gift. This skit implies they didn’t have the money for this gift, the Wiig skit doesn’t imply they don’t have the money it implies the opposite.

      Mieman KroeberMieman Kroeber23 napja
  • The dad reminds me of Randy from South Park.

    MpagsMpags24 napja
  • Rooster Teeth did it first

    Julian RinconJulian Rincon24 napja
  • I feel like Heidi is channeling a personal experience. This acting is too real.

    SynneDennisSynneDennis24 napja
  • Gotta love liberals! Lol. Idiots

    jeffrey howardjeffrey howard24 napja
  • Came here after watching rooster teeth’s commercial

    Kelso669Kelso66924 napja
  • Rich privileged white people joking about how rich they are. All white is not alright.

    Elijah BeyElijah Bey24 napja
  • This is pretty damn similar to a Key and Peele car bow joke from 7 years ago just slightly different

    OpalescentGamesOpalescentGames24 napja