debil peels potato with bayonet for 1 hour while squatting

2020.júl. 2.
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Boris peels 12kg (26lb) of potato in 1 hour while squatting in armchair.
Originally intended to take 3 hours to celebrate 3 mil, but I’m much faster than that at peeling potato.
If you turn video louder, you can hear planes, trains, traffic and birds outside. And my breathing obviously.
And whatever it look like, those heels are on ground. Ask the chair.
All peels in video were later used to make oven-fried potato peel snack. Potato was used for Russian potato salad.
Digital watch on wrist is running a stopwatch, used for timing my speedrun.
Outro of video left intentionally quiet in case some of you want to use this video to fall asleep.
For this reason there are no midroll or end-of-video ads on this video.

Highlights from the video:
0:00 3 mil party
2:09 Peeling start
3:37 Smelling the potato
15:59 Peel gets stuck on knife
16:20 Plane flies over
17:09 A peel does two bounces before landing. Amazing.
17:59 A peel lands on chair. Trouble?
18:39 Peel on chair is rescued. Success!
19:51 Boris adjusts grip on knife. Business is now serious.
21:18 Boris makes deep sigh. Tired? Or very relaxed?
21:40 Neighbour Vadim tries out new sound system. Drill must be broken today.
24:50 Freight train passes by, blows whistle. It is Thursday.
26:27 Oh how the turntables.
30:16 Boris almost overshoots the potato throw. Skill or luck?
31:31 Boris adjusts grip on knife. Very professional.
31:58 Boris left foot moves. Intentional or accident? Nobody knows.
32:31 Neighbour Vadim tries putting up a picture frame without a nail.
34:46 Boris uses special maneuver to remove black spot from potato.
34:57 Unit lost
35:22 Boris looks at camera to see if still recording. Sighs in relief.
36:10 Deep breath. Tired? Or relieved?
37:44 Potato peel lands on table. Potato space program.
39:41 Almost drops potato.
40:17 Boris left big toe moves down. Does this mean the stock market will drop again?
40:59 Boris slowly starts sliding off chair. Manages to stay on.
41:48 Boris drops a potato! The potato was unharmed
42:36 The tables turn.
43:31 Boris orders more potato online by watch.
44:55 haha potato peel go bang
45:54 BIG breath in. smol breath out. How? Slav Superpowers.
47:02 Boris changes sitting position. Now even smaller gopnik. But very comfort.
48:00 Peel drops behind chair. One day archaeologists will discover it.
49:40 Boris checks his watch. The world record is in sight.
52:59 First pot gets filled with potato.
54:54 Another freight train passes by. Blows whistle. Twice!
57:58 Unit lost
59:30 It has started raining
1:02:27 Last 3 potatos
1:04:00 Peeling done
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