DeAndre Hopkins MOSSES 3 Bills Defenders for PLAY OF THE YEAR

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DeAndre Hopkins makes a game-winning catch over 3 defenders to lead the Cardinals to 1st place in the NFC West.
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  • Kyler murray avoids a sack, throws it perfectly while on the run, and then hopkins catches it with 3 of the bills best defenders covering him

    Poi The LoserPoi The Loser7 napja
  • champ

    Aidan OlerichAidan Olerich9 napja
  • And the Texans traded this guy lol 😂😂😂

  • Utterly ridiculous!

    y1521t21b5y1521t21b510 napja
  • 21 of Buffalo gets an assist for clearing the way

    Chris LChris L11 napja
  • Know wonder he's totw in madden lul

    Lesley NicolasLesley Nicolas11 napja
  • And he lost to the Seahawks, bruh

    Gavin NicholsGavin Nichols12 napja
  • Let's not forget that the Texans trade him

    Archangel 88大天使Archangel 88大天使12 napja
  • Such an insane catch....its gets crazier everytime I see it

    Skyler TaylorSkyler Taylor12 napja
  • We all know that Jerry rice and randy moss are smiling

    Anonymous UserAnonymous User13 napja
  • How like bills defense is ass

    Isaac LemieuxIsaac Lemieux13 napja
  • This guy was born to grab balls!

    black jesusblack jesus13 napja
  • Sheesh 🔥

    DDE Riichy SavageDDE Riichy Savage13 napja
  • WOW

  • I wish his mom could've seen this play :(

    FBI Stat MajorFBI Stat Major13 napja
  • Murray should be the candidate. Not Hopkins.

    Aaron ShattuckAaron Shattuck13 napja
  • Nice

    Mike Non humanMike Non human13 napja
  • I dont get it. He just jumped up and caught it. The throw is what makes this play-

    clearyourthirdeyeclearyourthirdeye13 napja
  • no one: DeAngelo Hall: lucky catch by an overrated receiver

    Blue SpiritBlue Spirit13 napja
  • y’all know that elementary game where a kid throws a football to a big group of kids to see who can catch it out of the group...

    that one short personthat one short person14 napja
  • As a life long oilers/texans fan....this hurt a lil bit

    Puff NPuff N14 napja
  • who else wanted this more than 2wice

    Jamil WinfreeJamil Winfree14 napja
  • As a cowgirl fan, that HAS to be play of the year.

    LTK PumpiisLTK Pumpiis14 napja
  • Catch of the year but how the fuck did he make that throw?

    FadedRaiderFadedRaider14 napja
  • Bruh imagine Gus Johnson commenting on that catch

    mohamed kabamohamed kaba14 napja
  • Did the announcers say "Murray magic?" Sure... give no credit to Hopkins. 😒

    Chance GrayChance Gray14 napja
  • Normal People: Hail Marys never work Deandre Hopkins: Well yes but actually no

    Person DudePerson Dude14 napja
  • My man's the real inspiration behind fliers

    RagavanRagavan14 napja
  • That was fucking awesome

    Christopher M. E.Christopher M. E.14 napja
  • Yea this hurt when this happened lol

    Albert CeeAlbert Cee14 napja
  • A top 5 receiver against the Bills’s three best backs now that’s what I call NFL

    Jeffrey RosarioJeffrey Rosario14 napja
  • Just like madden

    HealtroHealtro14 napja
  • Great play, for sure. But side note, Hopkins should thank Poyer for knocking White off of him. It was good hustle by Poyer but helped Hopkins way more than it helped the Bills.

    wyojohnwyojohn14 napja
  • I seriously hope O Brien never gets to see another job in his life. This man destroyed my Texans and I will always have a grudge against that but I’m happy for my man D Hop. Miss you bro. Good luck in AZ.

    Victor MirandaVictor Miranda14 napja
  • and all he want is his mom to see it I wish she could he proved himself as a man

    MiracleBBYMiracleBBY14 napja
  • #21 with the sore loser knee to the head at 0:54

    Laylo Koka-kola-klassixsLaylo Koka-kola-klassixs14 napja
  • "Shiiiidddddd Hop down there somewhere" - Kyler Murray 2020

    Caleb JohnsonCaleb Johnson14 napja
  • 1v3 and he still caught it amazing

    AaronRobloxYTAaronRobloxYT14 napja
  • This catch will earn him 2 millions more on his next contract!

    Martin PMartin P14 napja
  • Dhop got hands for years he insane

    Tomika FavorsTomika Favors15 napja
  • Kyler Murray: throws Hail Mary Aaron Rodgers: *you dare oppose me mortal*

    Chancelor CaldwellChancelor Caldwell15 napja
  • They should be thanking that idiot Bill Obrien right now in Arizona! He gave them a early Christmas 🎄 gift 🎁

    Ramon CampbellRamon Campbell15 napja
  • Number 21 knocked his own teammate out of the way

    Blue Python ProductionsBlue Python Productions15 napja
  • You let that go, Texans :/

    OpethianOpethian15 napja
  • IDK why Houston would trade him

    Thisdoode07 ContrerasThisdoode07 Contreras15 napja
  • Equal parts skill and luck and there was so much of both on that one play it's unbelievable

    Brian AndrewsBrian Andrews15 napja
  • I remember that

    Xxfire alphaXxfire alpha15 napja
  • Someone send this to Bill O'Brien......

    thepac12andbig10suckthepac12andbig10suck15 napja
  • Omg

    August EllisonAugust Ellison15 napja
  • Next time use 4 defenders on that guy.

    Robert JensenRobert Jensen15 napja
  • He wouldn’t have caught it if Jordan poyer didn’t miss his jump and knock white over

    JacksonJackson15 napja
  • Yo Dhop is a Randy Moss jr. HOW DID HE CATCH THAT. 🙀🙀🙀🤯🤯🤯🤯

    Alissa JonesAlissa Jones15 napja
  • DHop

    YouTube UserYouTube User15 napja
  • “Stack Of Bills”

    YouTube UserYouTube User15 napja
  • I live in Houston and it's like (well I don't know what watching this is like I do know I've seen this before when Andre johnson started playing for Tennessee

    Christopher MosleyChristopher Mosley15 napja
  • As a cardinals fan that was awesome to see.

    BenjaminBenjamin15 napja
  • NFL at its best!!

    Nikhil KrishnaNikhil Krishna15 napja
  • Patrick Peterson for Hopkins is probably the only that’s a good trade

    Mohamed DakiriMohamed Dakiri15 napja
  • Very exciting.

    John ZeszutJohn Zeszut15 napja
  • Pain

    Cage EdwardsCage Edwards16 napja
  • DeShawn Watson at home sick lol how the hell the Texans trade that dude away, easily one of the best recivers in the game today.

    Anthony BrunsonAnthony Brunson16 napja
  • Bills: they lost Hop: oh no we didn’t!

    Career HighlightsCareer Highlights16 napja
  • Dude the Texans should try to trade for this guy. They really need a star receiver after they traded theirs.

    KJBmisses3sKJBmisses3s16 napja
  • This one should be called the "Murray Miracle"

    Lori McMichaelLori McMichael16 napja
  • Me: Covid new outbreak stay indoors!! Nobody: Bills cornerbacks coach... “start back peddling “!!!!

    Ray GrooveRay Groove16 napja
  • now i want to see the cardinals vs stleers in the super bowl again

    Oclious_clous22Oclious_clous2216 napja
  • I’m a bills fan and I thought we had that game in the bag

    Captain DonutzCaptain Donutz16 napja
  • Am I the only one that sees this as an embarrassing Defensive play rather than an amazing catch? Like 4 dudes are there, that should never be caught lmao.

    OozywolfOozywolf16 napja
    • Still an amazing catch no matter how you look at it, but yeah, the only reason it was able to happen at all was because #27 tried to go for the INT instead of just batting the ball down.

      inffected 0inffected 016 napja
  • The title is wrong. He Megatronned 3 defenders When you go up and make a ridiculous grab over a defender or two it's Mossd. When you snag it over a crowd of 3 or more defenders it's called megatronned

    Justin PettitJustin Pettit16 napja
  • That's that backyard catch

    AmoreBeatsAmoreBeats16 napja
  • Texans continue to shake their heads

    Huy TranHuy Tran16 napja
  • Hopkins, you can catch balls, but as a human being, you are still garbage.

    Robb RinardRobb Rinard16 napja
  • No one gonna say how much of a dot that Kyler Murray threw?! With 2 defenders basically draped on him, thats a crazy throw

    Blake LoiselBlake Loisel16 napja
  • You had one job....

    0_0ihatenbrother Haten0_0ihatenbrother Haten16 napja
  • Hail Mary more like Hail Murray

    Legend is BornLegend is Born16 napja
  • To throw, or to catch, that's a question

    MattMatt16 napja
  • Houston made a valuable mistake. Hopkins is the truth!

    Bernard WilliamsBernard Williams16 napja
  • In fantasy my opponent had deandre Hopkins and i had kyler murray.... but oh well

    imposter playz-homie gangimposter playz-homie gang16 napja
  • He mossed two people not they whole defense u spicing it

    G.O.A.T GODG.O.A.T GOD16 napja
  • His last name does have HOP in it

    Arizona KidArizona Kid16 napja
  • White better stop talking shit to me in madden

    William PurvisWilliam Purvis16 napja
  • In reality that was a horrible throw decision but a good tight spiral that was catchable non the less my boy catch made that play what it was cuz if it was intercepted which there was a high chance of because of the four defenders in the area we would all be saying why’d he throw that dumbass pass 😅

    One_Way MikeOne_Way Mike16 napja
  • Thats gonna go down as a famous catch. If Julio Jones isn't the best WR, its Hopkins. Wow

    Ace AngelAce Angel16 napja
  • Bill O’Brien really traded that man just to pass GO and a Get Out of Jail Free card.

    kidddeuce5150kidddeuce515016 napja
  • Dude just said its murray magic! Maaaan thats all d-hop right there he just mossed their top 3 defenders

    Trevor KnowlesTrevor Knowles16 napja
  • lets get it straight . the bills defense didn’t do their job. they are supposed to impede the receiver. all they did was see a moment they could’ve had an interception smh cost the bills the game

    Jared EshamJared Esham16 napja
  • Trump or Bill O'Brien?

    BigTasty ForLifeBigTasty ForLife16 napja
  • Yes sir

    Kinghulk21Kinghulk2116 napja
  • Surprise Package Hopkins like say no more

    Derek SantosDerek Santos16 napja
  • You know if 21 doesn't crash into 27, DHOP probably doesn't make the catch

    Mike F Is In The House!Mike F Is In The House!16 napja
  • When I was 17; long time ago; football summer camp senior year we knew we had a good team cuz 9th grade we won the conference championship. We were 8-0-1. Now we're seniors and the confidence is oozing. We developed a chant; UNDEAFTED UNTIED UNSCORED UPON And we would chant that after practice. Our wise ole coach didn't stop us but he knew the ceiling was too high We were so jacked up 1st game 33-0 2nd game 45-0 3rd game 16-6 Huh? Their TD pass was on the goal line and looked just like that Murray to DHOP pass and I was one of the defenders that their WR out jumped for the ball. To this day, I don't know how he came down with it. Coach settled us down after the game about the inevitability of being scored on. But we could still go undefeated and win the conference championship And the Turkey Bowl. He wasn't hurt. We weren't hurt. We lost one game. But we won the championship and beat crosstown rivals in the Turkey Bowl. More than I can say for the team the following year. They were undefeated until the Turkey Bowl and lost to crosstown rivals. Ew. Yuk.

    Mike F Is In The House!Mike F Is In The House!16 napja
  • ahh i get it.... Bill was eventually going to go to the Cards later on (1 or 2 more seasons). But, he traded Dhop for a washed rb, and got fired. In short, he traded his best reciever to the team he was going to be on

    NiftyDax8NiftyDax816 napja
  • I bet Odell Beckham Jr. Is jealous now!😂

    BiG JuiCeBiG JuiCe16 napja
  • Commentator: Diggs is the best wr this season Dhop: stop the cap

    Delores JohnsonDelores Johnson16 napja
  • People talk about how amazing the catch was but what about that throw from Kyler too! He threw it 50 yards while on the run, without even stepping into the throw!

    JesseJesse16 napja
  • Being a cards fan is finally paying off

    DoubleTapTVDoubleTapTV16 napja
  • Look at Hopkins man, so inspirational

    Caleb NelsonCaleb Nelson16 napja
  • Shades of Miracle at Motown with that throw from Murray

    TytanizedTytanized16 napja
  • Did anyone notice the point of the ball hits the ground and because of that moves up further in his hands.

    1986beasty1986beasty16 napja
  • Oh yeah he’s a black man nothing new to see here.

    Flay MilFlay Mil16 napja