DEAD GAMES: What Went Wrong?

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Why do some games die so soon? I explore the reasons why many of the games I've made videos on are no longer thriving. There's also a little surprise at the end for you ;)
Thumbnail art by Halmey, check her out:
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  • only people that watched the whole video will understand this: ⬆️ ☁️ ❤️

    MacroMacro8 napja
    • I hope that apex legends doesn't died😭

      Vex GamingVex Gaming9 órája
    • F

      Javier Carlos AlivioJavier Carlos Alivio9 órája
    • Dead games go above

      Tamer GamesTamer Games15 órája
    • Get a life before you get a wife

      Fighter LmFighter LmNapja
    • D

      Fighter LmFighter LmNapja
  • People who die will play hyperscape in heaven or hell!

    LAV youLAV you2 órája
  • Marvel's Avengers.

    Drummer151Drummer1514 órája
  • macro fun fact TemTem is coming to the ps5, hopefully it will thrive there

    random duderandom dude7 órája
  • wow macro house is really modern compared to the one i saw in the halo 3 is a masterpiece video 6:44 *(sarcasm intensifies) meanwhile BT 7274: i sensed sarcasm

    MMRaynor 89MMRaynor 898 órája
  • I'm surprised you didn't put "Lawbreakers" in the lits 😀

    Amirabbas Maslehat JooAmirabbas Maslehat Joo8 órája
  • More ded games: any game on the wii I will always miss the wii 🥲

    JermsJerms9 órája
  • yeah tf2 is totally dead, #3 on steamcharts for half a year and is literally more popular now then before, yeah its a small playerbase

    Stuck In BrazilStuck In Brazil9 órája
  • I can your kitchen on the back ground in the song is on 🔥

    Vex GamingVex Gaming9 órája
  • What if you name your game "Dead Game?" Would you just get free promotions from others?

    Jason ChiuJason Chiu9 órája
  • I think rouge company is a decent game it just doesn't have that big of a fan base

    Half-Baked PotatoHalf-Baked Potato9 órája
  • Ahhh yes the ultimate dead game The Mandorian

    Patrick ThurstonPatrick Thurston10 órája
  • Fall guys died like this: *snap*

    Pretzel stickPretzel stick11 órája
  • rogue company isnt dying at all because que times never passes 1 minute mostly

    personperson11 órája
  • Macro you should check out brawlhalla. I got it a couple of weeks ago and it’s really fun.

    WAFFLEZ 101WAFFLEZ 10112 órája
  • yo anyone gonna talk about that singing voice that macro got? there was some fire vibrato in there LOL

    Aethr RLAethr RL12 órája
  • Fall Guys:

    Skyler BrownSkyler Brown14 órája
  • Should’ve mentioned evolve. That was such a great game😔

    Jaquan StevensJaquan Stevens14 órája
  • I didn’t know hyper escape was a dead game I was actually considering downloading it the other day, oh well I guess I won’t bother

    Celestial StudiosCelestial Studios15 órája
  • Commenting before watching the video: i swear to god if you mention valorant imma write a long ass edit and explain how you dumb and wrong asf

    Enzo NottoliEnzo Nottoli15 órája
  • Dead game chain

    Jett Fouts (2028)Jett Fouts (2028)16 órája
    • Dead game

      Jett Fouts (2028)Jett Fouts (2028)16 órája
  • Make a sequel that includes the division one

    That boi FaceyThat boi Facey16 órája
    • Don’t add the second division or else

      That boi FaceyThat boi Facey16 órája
  • Hyperscape just died

    Mac AusMac Aus16 órája
  • I really don't want rainbow six siege to die soin i'ts my favorite game

    Legacy AgentwolfLegacy Agentwolf17 órája
  • Titanfall 2 was amazing and yet it’s slowly dying, it’s not the game which is bad it’s actually the marketing of the game which ruined it

    Muhammad AhmadMuhammad Ahmad21 órája
  • If spilt game game to ps4 for free it would probley get a million downloads. By just releasing your game ftp on ps4 will get you a shit ton of dowloads

  • Why is it always someone with an Anime profile picture that comments "Dead game" on every tweet?

  • Example: Club penguin. RIP

  • I had installed hyperscape and waited for 10 minutes and did not get into game

  • ho about fall guy no body talk about that

    Shadita Ammoza Tirmizi Absen 25Shadita Ammoza Tirmizi Absen 25Napja
  • Psh, hyperscape isn’t’s just hard to get Into a game...sometimes...right?

    Bamboozler BanditBamboozler BanditNapja
  • ew dead game

    iyellow jupiter57iyellow jupiter57Napja
  • Nice voice nice song 10/10

    • I cried

  • Hyper Scape: imma die so quickly no one can beat me. Fall Guys: Ha jokes on you

  • Bruh is that lawbreaker. That game looks so good though

    Yeah BoyzYeah BoyzNapja
  • Spell break was good

    eliteEVIL darknesseliteEVIL darknessNapja
  • Where true gamers cried: 7:48

    mary shanahanmary shanahanNapja
  • Dead game

    Masculine FlamingoMasculine FlamingoNapja
  • *minecraft pocket edition crying when all the 6 year olds grow up*

    • @neoholmen Ah I see.

      Jason ChiuJason Chiu6 órája
    • @Jason Chiu also i apologyze if you though i said the game was dying cus i Dont think so!

      neoholmenneoholmen6 órája
    • @Jason Chiu minecraft pocket edition, the one on the ipad and phone, when all the kids gets computers and plays minecraft on pc. i am 15 soon 16 still enjoy that game like hell

      neoholmenneoholmen6 órája
    • Also, who said that teenagers and adults do not play Minecraft?

      Jason ChiuJason Chiu8 órája
    • Minecraft is the most sold game of all time, had a revival in 2019, and maintained an average of 11-13 million players every year. I don't see the game dying. Also... CAVE UPDATE BABYYYYYYYYY!

      Jason ChiuJason Chiu9 órája
  • nono fortnite is still alive because its free hentai + nerfguns

  • hyperscape’s storm system was actually seriously cool more games needed that

  • Can you make a video about team fortress 2

    Marko KrstićMarko KrstićNapja
  • Bro what about darwins project

    Justin LopezJustin LopezNapja
  • TF2 > TF2

    Rice Crispy ManRice Crispy ManNapja
  • Dead channel

    Oreo CookieOreo CookieNapja
  • I can’t even find a match on apex, I play on pc in ice servers

    zak kenworthyzak kenworthyNapja
  • I saw one other comment on battle born praising it however, no one mentioned how it came out a while back before Overwatch. I loved battleborn. It was one of the first games I ever bought for ps4. And it shut down servers this year for ps4. It's a shame, I was hoping at least the missions could still play but nope. All gone. A real shame

    King_of LordsKing_of LordsNapja
  • Dead video

  • Man i'm sad Hyper Scape died, I loved that game... i'm hoping it pulls a Six Seige...

    Amber BAmber BNapja
  • Thank you for saying overwatch is not completely read👏👏👌👌👌👍👍👍

    KC KuhnKC KuhnNapja
  • Me and my other PUBG addicts be like 🤬 warzone

    Homer SimpsonHomer SimpsonNapja
  • Sss

    Fighter LmFighter LmNapja
  • Fall gu..... Dead game!!!!!!!!

  • Get a life before you get a wife

    Fighter LmFighter LmNapja
  • Garden warfare 2 😞

  • The moral is to abbreviate your game as TF2 so that it becomes immortal

    Communism With GigglesCommunism With GigglesNapja
  • im in a queue for Rogue Company as i'm watching this video lol. if you havent tried it yet you should check it out!


    gimme ur vbucks kidgimme ur vbucks kidNapja
  • I find it funny how he said Among us was a game that just cane out, whem in reality it's been out for a few years

    Ethan ReakesEthan ReakesNapja
  • Personally i still play smite, it only has around 20k players on steam, but its still hella fun with friends DD

  • if we care talking about how games some times come to soon i think we can all agree that serious sam was the biggest mistake with its release date


    Il Player di YoutubeIl Player di YoutubeNapja
  • Macro: Here's dead games. Me: *Angry Fall Guys Noises*

    Gage NelsonGage NelsonNapja
  • I remember when Realm Royale had you play as Paladins characters, not some generic soldier.

  • i wish rogue company was moore popular, its really enjoyable

    Stevo RiggerinoStevo RiggerinoNapja
    • It will, gotta let it grow natrually

      Yeah BoyzYeah BoyzNapja
  • İ am playing call of duty 2 couse i dont have money :p i like free games

    Özgüner BerkeÖzgüner BerkeNapja
  • Apex may not be dead but its sh*t

    mediocre warhammer paintermediocre warhammer painter2 napja
  • Titanfall 2 actually gained a lot of attention lately, we can all agree that in 2016 it was unnoticed, even though the game was absolutely beautiful and one of the best of its time, but today all of those hard work of the developers paid off.

    【ɴᴏ ғᴀɪᴛʜ】 信仰【ɴᴏ ғᴀɪᴛʜ】 信仰2 napja
  • do genshin impact day 3

    Tahmeed AzizTahmeed Aziz2 napja
  • 0:35 holy shit is that POLISH REFERENCE

    Z innej FałdyZ innej Fałdy2 napja
  • Macro is secretly a game himself and we didn't know

    Drift SalamanderDrift Salamander2 napja
  • Only OGs will remember the time he was filming the “BLOODHOUND FOR NOOBS” and put a joke about how he used his ability to see who was killed and it showed overwatch

    IcDragonPlayz #IcDragonPlayz #2 napja
    • Ah yes Press f to pay respects

      Anti PlierAnti Plier2 órája
  • Realm royale would be so good if only the budget was higher

    DominiorrrDominiorrr2 napja
  • Ready, set, go - it is time to have some amazing gaming experience...

    Nicolas RageNicolas Rage2 napja
  • lawbreaker died so fast people dont even remember it

    Martynas DanevičiusMartynas Danevičius2 napja
  • 0:37 u killed maradona hmmmmm

    kuzrykuzry2 napja
  • Dead game

    Toffy GuyToffy Guy2 napja
  • New games: *dies* TF2, a 2007 game: _weaklings_

    jxst1ce xoxojxst1ce xoxo2 napja
  • Fortnite definitely

    SavimbiSavimbi2 napja
  • AH HELL YEAH WHO REMEMBERS TITANFALL 2 Whoever still plays it bless you, you have chosen An amazing game i wanted to say more but i couldnt think :p

    ShellShock 20ShellShock 202 napja
  • Smash and grab is dead too

    crazy botcrazy bot2 napja
  • Tem tem had potential but in the end felt like a rom hack

    slightslight2 napja
  • Fall guy's is dead

    cela ytcela yt2 napja
  • Bro I thought u were endorsed by hyperscape!, thanks for the unbiased review'

    Anotha RealmAnotha Realm2 napja
  • So top tips: release the game later, so it's a complete game. But also, release the game sooner, to avoid genre fatigue. Got it.

    MrShootemsMrShootems2 napja
  • Counter strike has been populair for the full 20 years since first release

    Doom SlayerDoom Slayer2 napja
  • Actually, Splitgate isn't really dead, matchs fill faster than Hyper scape, yeah, not as fast as Apex of course, but is not dead

    Wayne Gaming Apex y TitanfallWayne Gaming Apex y Titanfall2 napja
  • When I first saw law breaker I loved it but it never came to console

    project reinproject rein2 napja
  • Ok legit macros singing been getting better

    javader 332javader 3322 napja
  • team fortress 2 could have been a good game. but valve.

    boxheadscoutboxheadscout2 napja
    • its funny because my channel was supposed to be a tf2 channel but that died fast

      boxheadscoutboxheadscout2 napja
  • I remember buying battleborn and then finding out it died after I bought it

    Maxster 2025Maxster 20252 napja
  • Anyone gonna talk about the song?

    Zasso No KenjaZasso No Kenja2 napja
  • Good video, but I do think rogue company is in a pretty good state right now, and it’s looking good. It’s got some great and active devs behind it, a lot of great communication. Last time he streamed it was back in September lmao

    Why Hello ThereWhy Hello There2 napja
  • I love rogue company it just doesn't get enough publicity

    waxyskates 3waxyskates 32 napja
  • Prees f only

    xd5tg4igft xd5tg4qgcfxd5tg4igft xd5tg4qgcf2 napja
  • Mario Cart Tour.

    cortezricortezri2 napja
  • Everything you mentioned that caused games to die except genre fatigue is part of what killed fortnite Save the World. It's still a wonderful game but they left it out in the sun so long there was no hope of saving it at all. Now we're at eternity in the recycled content hellscape and no bugs are being fixed except the beneficial ones. I swear there like 3 people and a rat making anything for StW anymore.

    C-EVEN MusicC-EVEN Music2 napja
  • Man me and my friend always play HyperScape

    Foster KrajewskiFoster Krajewski2 napja
  • No one gonna talk about the high notes Macro hit? Damn multitalented man

    Rico MansosRico Mansos2 napja
  • Rogue company is extremely underrated

    Niek op de WeeghNiek op de Weegh2 napja
    • That game is steaming trash

      cortezricortezri2 napja