DDG x OG Parker ft. 42 Dugg - Money Long (Official Music Video)

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Video Director: Kaleb Rowland
Video Producer: Kenny Casimir
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Saying free the guys to my homie home
Gotta keep a glock, niggas hating cuz my money long
I can’t tweak over thots, I got other hoes
Brodie servin fiends on the block with a runny nose
He got wop, he got lean in his double cup
I just hit the ‘sino for a band, watch I double up
Shake that ass, shake that ass, bitch fuck it up
Ima send yo ass to Miami for a tummy tuck
(boom boom)
Hit his legs, watch him walk it out
You was playin tough, why the fuck you wanna talk it out
I just caught a nigga lackin at the waffle house
Niggas know im drippin hella stupid when I’m poppin out
Bad bitch, she gon throw it back for a bunch of clout
Niggas say he want some smoke it ain’t shit to knock him out
Rolls Royce, richard millie, I already spent a mil
I was already rich, I aint really need a deal
Ima change her life if I put her in this video
Flew her first class, she like daddy where we finna go
Made it out the hood, 248 to the 310
Niggas hate sayin I won’t make it, I’m like say no more (bitch)
Saying free the guys to my homie home
Gotta keep a glock, niggas hating cuz my money long
I cant tweak over thots, I got other hoes
Brodie servin fiends on the block with a runny nose
He got wop, he got lean in his double cup
I just hit the ‘sino for a band, watch I double up
Shake that ass, shake that ass, bitch fuck it up
Ima send yo ass to Miami for a tummy tuck
Shake that ass, shake that bag, say you ridin huh?
Look in the basement, under the table, bring all 5 of them
Ooh if it’s wet just keep the necklace, bitch I’m divin in
Shot in the neck, came out the coma, you can die again
Judge say I can drive again, fuck I got these whips for
Plug just sent me 5 but my son sent me 6 more
I travel with blunts cuz on my son you can get smoked
Pass the weed, my nigga pass the beans
I got this weed in my lungs and this shit dope
Don’t bring yo bitch round me none, she gon get poked
She want a nigga with funds but that bitch broke
Aint givin kisses with tongue, I’ll hit tho
Humble as fuck, but I know that I’m lit tho
I spent 2 mil on my crib, that ain’t shit tho
I spent a million on whips, still rich tho
I know they sleep, its ok, they can get woke (bitch)
Saying free the guys to my homie home
Gotta keep a glock, niggas hating cuz my money long
I can’t tweak over thots, I got other hoes
Brodie servin fiends on the block with a runny nose
He got wop, he got lean in his double cup
I just hit the ‘sino for a band, watch I double up
Shake that ass, shake that ass, bitch fuck it up
Ima send yo ass to Miami for a tummy tuck
Whole lotta hoes tryna get with me
Straight from the Yak but these foreign hoes feelin me
I be fuckin way too much, im outta energy
Or its from the gas, I be ballin at dispensaries
Broke niggas envy me, wanna put an end to me
Call me DDG, I’m not your bro, you aint no kin to me
Hit a nigga’s bitch and I got her eyes rollin back
Made it out the Yak aint no fuckin way Im goin back (bitch)
(C) 2021 DDG Entertainment Inc., under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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