Day In The Life of A Michelin Star Chef

2021.ápr. 3.
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Go behind the scenes with Alvin as he spends a day with Chef Jane of Jeju Noodle Bar, the first michelin-starred noodle bar in America. From meticulously preparing fish to preparing endless bowls of noodles, being a chef might be harder than it seem.
Jeju Noodle Bar:

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  • Can I say that I LOVE how she treats her staff. Especially that she makes sure the staff is fed through the night. I've worked in nice restaurants where you're lucky if you can grab a piece of old bread or cold fries after working a 5+ hour shift 😭😭 I love how much love they have in their kitchen ❤

    Jamie HuangJamie HuangÓrája
  • I could feel that Korean "정" by the way the chefs were keep offering food to the stranger in their kitchen

    조만수조만수2 órája
  • I would love to be train by her... her time management , her calm voices, attitude and how persistent with everything

    Fruits and Spices ChannelFruits and Spices Channel3 órája
  • sobra organize grabe love itt

    Krizza GuintoKrizza Guinto3 órája
  • I want to eat everything they cook🤤

    Krizza GuintoKrizza Guinto3 órája
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    Kaylin RashadKaylin Rashad6 órája
  • This was a great video

    Fernando DiazFernando Diaz8 órája
  • 2 year chef apprentice for an italian restaurant here!!! I have to say that i cant wait to have that flow of motion that Jane mentioned. This is so inspiring to watch and i cant wait to reach that stage in being a chef where i just know how to do everything and what to do at any given moment

    LiapathieLiapathie8 órája
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    Maura CenterMaura Center9 órája
  • I love this kind of videos, also it is so beautifully made. Thank you.

    VerónicaVerónica9 órája
  • Man...idk how to explain but...this video brings me back the best feeling i ever had!!! So smooth, watching her working and telling us about her passion about being a chef and we can see all this in all she does in the kitchen. I could remember when i used to work as a bartender in New Zealand the best experience in my life!! Just...thank you for making this video trully!!!

    fernando takahashifernando takahashi11 órája
  • Every workplace needs a Doug🥺

    Veronica AguileraVeronica Aguilera12 órája
  • I work in a much smaller kitchen but the shared camaraderie is there just like this place. We’re always moving, always tasting, talking and helping each other out. A good kitchen puts out great food, but a great kitchen puts out great food and great vibes.

    mcblasziesmcblaszies12 órája
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  • All that cleaning at the end of service is what excites me the most. Nothing like a CLEAN kitchen. It is a rare thing. Most places are dumps. Vermin infested shitholes.

    Aaaal !Aaaal !13 órája
  • *This is incredibly admirable! The entire team should be proud of themselves, it truly makes me appreciate and more aware of the team that prepares my meals at restaurants. This was so inspirational, truly!*

    Jeffrey MunozJeffrey Munoz13 órája
  • I love how surprised and grateful this dude is every time they offer him a taste of their food. Very wholesome.

    Willem MaasWillem Maas14 órája
  • This was so humble to watch. What amazing people

    Alma WadeAlma Wade14 órája
  • Best part is the end with the wine training goddamn

    BrdigmaBrdigma16 órája
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  • metal should not touch the caviar. finally somebody who knows something important.

    LednacekZLednacekZ17 órája
  • Very good!!!

    Pablo PontiPablo Ponti18 órája
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    Rafael ValentinRafael Valentin18 órája
  • I’ve worked in kitchens for 7 years and she seems like a really great person to work for

    Mary MinerviniMary Minervini19 órája
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    rinoy ana laxmirinoy ana laxmi20 órája
  • please do more!!

    Neighborhood VampireNeighborhood Vampire20 órája
  • We need more people like Doug in this world What’s this? Snack 🥰

    Gabriela Sa SantosGabriela Sa Santos21 órája
  • I love Doug

    Jumana.YJumana.Y21 órája
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    Alvin CaresAlvin Cares21 órája
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    Maura CenterMaura Center22 órája
  • Wow thank you for this video! 😍 So inspiring and interesting to see how they are all working hard behind the scenes in this beautiful restaurant. Great work how you recorded everything, it felt like that I was for 20 minutes in the restaurant 💙

    Jim Ketting OlivierJim Ketting Olivier22 órája
  • Chef Douglas is just chilin and I'm here for it

    Mimiko ChanMimiko Chan22 órája
  • "Looking like a chef, I'm a 5 star Michelin."

    Syeda FatimaSyeda Fatima22 órája
  • I ❤️ doug

    Big Booty BrisketBig Booty Brisket22 órája
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    Beckie WillsonBeckie Willson23 órája
  • Looks kind of intense, but also very collaborative and a really cool place to work if your passionate about it.

    Szabó D. TamásSzabó D. TamásNapja
  • This is the work atmosphere I'd love to work in once I have to look for a fulltime job. A small team, friendly tone and it seems as if everyone still sees the human in each other.

    Peter DerPandaPeter DerPandaNapja
  • Isnt douglas kim the one with the michelin star, this is her employee right?

    Harshul Jain Roll 31Harshul Jain Roll 31Napja
  • Wow, this team is so kind and awesome. No one is upset or angry while cooking haha

    Marius S.Marius S.Napja
  • There's no such thing as Michelin-starred chef. Michelin stars are for restaurants, not individuals. Michelin debunked this myth, it's on their website.

  • doug is a cool dude

  • 11am start? dayummm, wish that were the same everywhere

  • Wonderful video.. Great work. Love from India ❤❤❤❤

    Jiya RajJiya RajNapja
  • An Truth Is Its Boring and Useless Work and some people do it only for Money if your born in westerns culture you lucky and life is good But if u born here, have seen nothing in life, That How dark a life can be, So Be glad that you can live while some people can suffer for ya

  • Gonna make sure I visit Jeju next time I'm in NYC!! Thank you for showcasing them, I would love more of this kind of video where you give us a peak of the people, story, and work behind the food! :)

  • I feel like michelin star aint worth what it used to be

    xodz the gamerxodz the gamerNapja
  • id visit the place if I were to live closeby after seeing this. Impressive women. Amazing team.

    benno de bruynbenno de bruynNapja
  • Respect. Hard working people with a commitment to quality and innovation.

    Brad CoramBrad CoramNapja
  • This kitchen would make the Asian aunties proud the amount of times they're like "here eat food"

    Ravi ParmarRavi ParmarNapja
  • amazing people they lady is true leader

    Khalil farahKhalil farahNapja
  • This gives me "cooking like a chef, I'm a five star Michelin." vibe.

    Thak VikaThak VikaNapja
    • I knew I would find a stay here😭

      ana xoxoana xoxo7 órája
  • Jane’s Jeju Restaurant maybe a One Michelin Star, but her character, kindness, determination, skills, and focus make her a Five Star Person. Exceptional.

    inn newsinn newsNapja
  • They offered you food all the time - very nice and welcoming. Nice people!

    Alexander DeanAlexander DeanNapja
  • Great video, dude.

    Drew WademanDrew WademanNapja
  • The thing I liked the most was"Do you want one? "🤣🤣

    Vishal GoudVishal GoudNapja
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    Music 4MySoulMusic 4MySoulNapja
  • Doug looks like the sweetest best person ever

  • just the crew feeding alvin every now and then is so cute and so sweet

    Me MeowMe MeowNapja
  • The toro ssam bap looks absolutely insane.,

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    Kaithlyn LisbeyKaithlyn LisbeyNapja
  • This was great...what I wouldn't give to do a photo essay in a kitchen like this! All wide and fast primes attached to a DSLR...not a mirrorless.

  • That was AWESOME! Chef Jane, you and your staff are earning it. Like you don't already know it. And this kind of documentary is a treasure. Alvin, Dude! I just wish all difficult customers could/would see the work. Much respect to all involved. You make life that much more of a pleasure.

    Thomas SThomas SNapja
  • What a lovely clean kitchen. Everyone seems “in tune” with one another. Everything looks mouthwatering.

    Ann SAnn SNapja
  • How can anyone dislike this?

    Last First, MiddleLast First, MiddleNapja
  • Amazing effort! Hard to imagine why anyone does it. Would love to try each dish but that platter looked delicious!

    J AJ ANapja
  • This video consists of: -Alvin eating literally everything -Doug giving everyone green tea and little snacks -Me not understanding any food they make so that's what makes it good

    Shirley fanShirley fanNapja
  • 7:22 That Takamura Hana 270 Sujihiki subtle flex. I love Takamura knives.

    Bruno BursicBruno BursicNapja
  • they drink a lot of caffeine b/c you cant have line chefs railing lines of coke in the freezer in a Michelin stared restaurant.

    mickey b-nmickey b-nNapja
  • really nice job on this video it was relaxing and fun to watch! Nice man!

  • Doug's the best, I want a Doug😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

    atim ann maryatim ann maryNapja
  • Such service can do one. Love it

    Max PowerMax PowerNapja
  • This video is so inspiring. Go Chef Jane!!!!!!! 😍🤟💛💖❤🧡💙💜💚

    Darlene VanWyngardenDarlene VanWyngardenNapja
  • Ive always dreamed about being a chef and working in the kitchen but I am forced to go to a med uni. But videos like this give me at least some satisfaction, thank you very much!

    Julia SuchotaJulia SuchotaNapja
  • Ive always dreamed about being a chef and working in the kitchen but I am forced to go to a med uni. But videos like this give me at least some satisfaction, thank you very much!

    Julia SuchotaJulia SuchotaNapja
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  • And there was me thinking it was all about cutting up & cooking dead animals

    smyffmawzzsmyffmawzz2 napja
  • great documentary

    Châu San ĐỗChâu San Đỗ2 napja
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    Marna PalacioMarna Palacio2 napja
  • Such generosity shines through in the food. Kind, organized, controlled. Fabulous.

    Claire El-Jabi VerdonkClaire El-Jabi Verdonk2 napja
  • Now this is how true profesionals work. I dont know if I would be able to handle such workflow to be honest. I am not at all surprised that they drink two venti size coffees a day. :D

    Martin BudinskýMartin Budinský2 napja
  • Thank you so much for the video. Honestly, this was really inspiring.

    juljul2 napja
  • she then needs a navy suit for war.. like if you get it..

    Thomas EmlerThomas Emler2 napja
  • Doug is GOAT

    S HS H2 napja
  • Next time I'm in New York I will dine here thank you

    Andy KayAndy Kay2 napja
  • I love love that they eat together

    Andy KayAndy Kay2 napja
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    Fatima ZerafiFatima Zerafi2 napja
  • Man this was amazing!!! The team is literally the best ever, my dream is in the STEM field but I really really wish I work with a team like this❤❤. Also Jane is the best lol, just watching her work gave me goosebumps. 1 more year for me to finish college and get into the real phase of life 🙃.

    Pranav rkPranav rk2 napja
  • „The way I would eat it at home“ I will surely try to eat there if I will be around, but I cannot imagine the privilege to eat at her home then ! Anyway I‘m impressed by such calm and not diva professionalism. I‘m curious about the path to get there

    jgfakjshfdgkajshdjgfakjshfdgkajshd2 napja
  • The hard work was FELT through this video..the whole team had such a nice dynamic. I hope they will gain more recognition over the years, they deserve it

    Gwn BGwn B2 napja
  • Seeing Jane crouching down to have her time if relaxation was so relatable😭😂I used to do this when I was working as a bartender....and you were getting FED dudeeee

    Gwn BGwn B2 napja
  • Beautiful video! So is upscale Korean just…. Japanese? So many of the same terms and ingredients

    Jacko GJacko G2 napja
  • she should be wearing a hair net. take the effening mask off tards......

    Erik KnudsonErik Knudson2 napja
  • LEE KUM KEE!!!!!

    _*• McSwagical •*__*• McSwagical •*_2 napja
  • Why not do lunch? Seems to me they work very slowly to be ready for dinner and at 10PM its all finished a bit cleaning up and go home. Ive been a chef and even worked at michelin star restaurants. But we always did lunch everybody expected to start a 8.30 AM work till 2PM have a break till 5 PM and work till most times 11PM but sometimes till 1AM. Those Korean chefs got it easy. Oh and 1 chef doesn't get a break but works on.

    Yas MinYas Min2 napja
  • You guys do a great job!!! It’s beautiful how everyone works in harmony. You guys are a lovely family.

    Alex M.Alex M.2 napja
  • The same “Mmm” every snack he gets cracks me up ha

    Judson BurgeeJudson Burgee2 napja
  • I wish I could work for you. You are awesome

    Hello DearHello Dear2 napja
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    Janny louJanny lou2 napja