Daniil Dubov on why he hates RAPID chess

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  • "I'm good at it, doesn't mean I like it"

    Bubele MatandaBubele Matanda5 órája
  • Rapid is "Be fast and Don't blunder" You're not gaining, you're maintaining. Everytime you blunder, you're losing.

    Zena NakazatoZena Nakazato8 órája
  • i just love blitz

    Alex AlfonsAlex Alfons10 órája
  • This guy is stupid wow the best time control is rapid, classical chess is boring cmon

    Akaki AkhobadzeAkaki Akhobadze11 órája
  • Ok Dubov you mean i understood.

    Batuhan SarıbıyıkBatuhan Sarıbıyık13 órája
  • He prepared a nice opening for this interview

    nosson77nosson7714 órája
  • dubov has made loads of new fans in the past year, including me

    Magnum DongsenMagnum Dongsen16 órája
  • His problem is he don't know if he partys or naw! 😂

    Onizuka SenseiOnizuka Sensei17 órája
  • His left side of the body gone missing

    KobinalsKobinals17 órája
  • Is it me, or do all amazing chess players look like they freaking hate it, but just can't stop?

    Trach BebaTrach Beba18 órája
  • I stopped playing chess when speed chess started to become the big thing at my club.

    Matthew BrownMatthew Brown18 órája
  • Every chess grandmaster signs a secret agreement promising to mess with the journalists

    John KJohn K19 órája
  • He reminds me of that one kid in "Strangers Things"

    Mario LozaMario Loza19 órája
  • Dubov seems a bit like a redditor trying to be cool 🤣

    Forsaken BaconForsaken Bacon20 órája
  • At 0:26 Dubov hits puberty

    DitharuDitharu23 órája
  • 0:06 - "I hate what I hate most" Legend

  • Hikaru has left the chat.

  • Dubov is anti-centrist

    Miguel RibeiroMiguel RibeiroNapja

    Borislav HadzhievBorislav HadzhievNapja
  • Que grande Wosito rompiéndola en el chess

    Matias GarcilazoMatias GarcilazoNapja
  • I like rapid and I hate bullet and if someone loses all their time it doesn’t make them a bad player

  • I thought he lost his half of his body in the thumbnail

    MR. PU7INMR. PU7INNapja
  • Grischuk style lol

  • I thought he was missing a shoulder in that thumbnail

  • Dubov forgot that what goes on tour stays on tour 😉

  • He was like should I Barty all night No spelling error xd

    Noobs are Pro'sNoobs are Pro'sNapja
  • With whom should I sleep all night LMAO ISNT GRISCHUK MARRIED wonder his wife thinks

    dean szpisjakdean szpisjakNapja
  • "Should I party all night or should I sleep all night?" Ah, yes, a question for the ages.

    • I mean, I don't know.

      David GutierrezDavid Gutierrez8 órája
  • where is Duvov? I just saw a stork

  • they shld just change the ending-rules of rapid chess...when clock runs out, you get 10 seconds to move or u forfeit. Not a rolling 10, a static 10. This should AT LEAST give you enough time to compute / defend adequately for the next turn or two.

    Marc RoverMarc RoverNapja
  • :DDD

    Иван ПлюснинИван ПлюснинNapja
  • Party and drink all night then have a rapid sleep on the chess board.

    Cen SuraCen SuraNapja
  • All Top Players use these phrases most : >>> I mean.... Yeah..I know.. You know.. I don't know .. It is interesting :)

    Tolga ÖzgenTolga ÖzgenNapja
  • Jesus rose from dead

    Andrej OAndrej ONapja
  • Ask Beth Harmon

    Nils D.Nils D.Napja
  • " Should I sleep all night ? " 😂 What about Bullet ?

    Nils D.Nils D.Napja
  • Is he transforming into Grischuk?

  • Rapid, the middle child of chess.

    Ben CBen CNapja
  • Should I go Grischuks style - with whom I will sleep? 😎😎😎 like a Boss I guess Grischuk is also a “player”😎🤣🤣

  • That's my boi Dubov hitting on the reporter. He can give her some "rapid" with the quickness. Best 15 mins of her life.

    The GornThe GornNapja
  • Dubov is the present and the future of chess.

    Rick NelsonRick NelsonNapja
  • Nice neck posture

    Bryan ChongBryan ChongNapja
  • He's a spitting image of Masha Gessen.

    Andre MeAndre MeNapja
  • Always choose party all night.

    Squirrel GraySquirrel GrayNapja
  • He hates raped..ok

    TakiDDine boufedecheTakiDDine boufedecheNapja
  • where's the other half of him?

  • I get his point of view, GMs are fine playing rapid to test their quick thinking skills but newbies watching GMs playing it will encourage them to play it too but without the thinking part in their case cause they aren't good at the game making chess a mindless game. I remember each game on board chess to me back then were like 30min long or plus. I still am bad at it tho.

  • This is the plot of The Queen's Gambit as told in 47 seconds.

  • grischuk the ultimate thug

    Nimit MistryNimit MistryNapja
  • I quite enjoy dubov - very disciplined player, and clearly a party animal too

    Nathan DyckNathan DyckNapja
  • Next time i will party and than play rapid

    Dj AchmatovDj AchmatovNapja
  • то чувство, когда оба привыкли разговаривать на русском, но зачем-то общаются на английском

  • Well, because of Rapid your night sleep will be messed up.

    Thunderclix PhistophilisThunderclix PhistophilisNapja
  • Tvoi English so bad

    Maxim CarabuleaMaxim CarabuleaNapja
  • Very Russian sense of humor - "with whom should i sleep all night" is a Russian expression translated directly, sounds a little odd in English.

    Mwangi KimaniMwangi KimaniNapja
  • It’s the worst of both worlds

    Just JoeyJust JoeyNapja
  • Anyone else think that half his body missing?

    Sweaty GemSweaty GemNapja
  • Нихуя не понял

    Fen _77Fen _77Napja
  • Ahhh chess players , the well known party animals

    Loïc DesrochesLoïc DesrochesNapja
  • Croatian?

    Peter GianakopoulosPeter GianakopoulosNapja
    • Russian

      James Patrick MarchJames Patrick MarchNapja
  • Rapid is the best of both worlds.

    ygg drasilygg drasilNapja
  • I love this man even more after this video

  • I thought half of his body was being green screened out

    Isaac GutierrezIsaac GutierrezNapja
  • He's a funny guy. Good sense of humour.

  • Daniil “I MEAN” Dubov

    Ray Archangel94Ray Archangel94Napja
  • He looks like half of him is missing

    HeartOfVanilla IceHeartOfVanilla IceNapja
  • Man's culture is thug af.

  • He is Photoshoped

  • The mere fact that he plays chess professionally shows he wasn’t going to party all night anyway lol

    Ryan BlakeRyan BlakeNapja
    • Exactly

      Jordan PageJordan PageNapja
  • Errado ele nao ta

    Davi VidalDavi VidalNapja
  • And it was in this position that Dubov resigned.

  • BOSS

    Justin LindleyJustin LindleyNapja
  • Anyone else thinks he's beautiful? Just me? ok bye 🚶

  • It looks like half of his jacket was edited out

  • Dubov is good enough he gets to say what he wants to say and we clock on it. Speaking from the beginner perspective (6-1/2 months) I like 5 min blitz. I do training, go thru puzzles, review my mistakes, watch others play, etc. I know that blitz players will do best sober with a good night of sleep. Stamina may not be needed but sharpness will matter even for such practiced eyes.

    Robert BrownRobert BrownNapja
  • He is afraid of cheating, so he hates Rapid, but he also has a cheater on the blitz, it must be clear to him

    Dragan BurićDragan BurićNapja
  • his left arm gone

    apple pine 59apple pine 59Napja
  • He’s got a point there, I know what he means. Rapid is too long to play by intuition and too short to calculate all the options.

  • I hate chess because me reel dum

    Agnus GertrudesonAgnus GertrudesonNapja
  • What a chad

  • Well that's something I didn't know about Grishuk until now!

    Ryan HellyerRyan HellyerNapja
  • He hates rabbit

    Paul Alexandru ScutaruPaul Alexandru ScutaruNapja
  • This is so true. Honestly, I'm not great at Chess. I'm a 1100 at bullet and 800 at 5-min. And he's right, I actually do way better at Bullet when semi-drunk. But omg, bullet is so much fun, I love it. It's good for me because it's quick and interactive like a video game. And as someone that hasn't studied that much chess, my advantage is quick decision making. Regular chess is kind of boring. Maybe if I put more hours in theory and practice I'll like it more.

    Todd FarkmanTodd FarkmanNapja
  • Same. Galaxies apart in skill but same.

  • Best

    Алекс ГрэйтАлекс Грэйт2 napja
  • Seems skill wise, he's the Next Ivanchuk but with more personality and swagger

    Stephen SnyderStephen Snyder2 napja
  • Drew Gooden plays chess 😳

    nasrac23852nasrac238522 napja
  • Good guy!

    Anton EstebenaAnton Estebena2 napja
  • More than the players, it is viewers who are losing patience to enjoy something and want everything quick like pizza and that's happening in so many other games

    chaitanya velamalachaitanya velamala2 napja
  • He is so fast that his other left shoulder and arm are busy playing another blitz game while he attends the interview. (because it seems that it does not have them in the video 😂🤣😂)

    Rene YepezRene Yepez2 napja
  • Didn’t know Drew Gooden played chess

    nasrac23852nasrac238522 napja
  • This is so accurate

    FireSKFireSK2 napja
  • forget when and which game it was but ever since I saw him play like a madman (extremely fast, aggressive) against Magnus and force a draw he's been my favorite player

    Austin TrummelAustin Trummel2 napja
  • Party all night is always the answer. Someone tell this man

    Scott BurnsScott Burns2 napja
  • "Should I do grischuk style and see with whom I should sleep all night" lmfao I love dubov

    Baxter BotoxBaxter Botox2 napja
  • Grischuk's long lost son

    Super MayonnaiseSuper Mayonnaise2 napja
  • Here is the complete formula for anyone over drinking age and under 25 yo. 1st rule; never increase by more than 10% the alcool intake from your previous biggest party. 2nd rule; be aware alcohol can cause serious health issues if you over do it. 3rd rule; you will be in your 20s only once in your life. so, with the legal stuff out of the way... let get into the needy gritty. Rapid Chess = Luck = Drink > Sleep Classic Chess = Skills = Drink < Sleep So just use the *80/20 rule* and you are good. *If Rapid Chess = 80% drinking + 20% sleeping* *If Classic Chess = 20% drinking + 80% sleeping.* FAQ #1 "But what if I want to drink 100%?" Answer: Luck may be your only chance to win if you do. So make your own luck. FAQ #2 "do I really have to drink 20%?" Answer: This formula only work if you are less then 25 yo. After that, the rule changes and it's not like you will have 20 yo for the rest of your life. For each 5 years of life you add after 25, you need to rest 1 more day after a party. if less than: Tier 1 = 25 yo = Party + No rest Tier 2 = 30 yo = Party + 1 day rest Tier 3 = 35 yo = Party + 2 days rest Tier 4 = 40 yo = Party + 3 days of rest ... So keep that in mind when planning your rapid chess tournements.

    Hugo LevesqueHugo Levesque2 napja
  • He dont like rapid because he enjoys sleeping

    username not foundusername not found2 napja
  • That entire response was just a setup for the Grischuk joke

    AJashamanAJashaman2 napja
  • Def party all night for rapid

    Tom CaveTom Cave2 napja