Daniel Ricciardo's Fightback Through The Field | 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix

2021.máj. 3.
598 081 Megtekintés

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  • Haha cool

    szewei1985szewei19853 napja
  • The music choice is very questionable

    Love PointLove Point6 napja
  • Move on Gasly was sweet👌🏾

    fred bandafred banda7 napja
  • didnt know that happened, but i did know he didnt beat his team mate. first job, beat your team mate.

    ChristoChristo7 napja
  • Daniel was amazing!!

    Maroon571Maroon5717 napja
  • Great production.

    JD DJD D7 napja
  • F1 wouldn’t be F1 without Danny boy on the grid.

    Adam ZillinAdam Zillin8 napja
  • I legit don't understand track limits anymore. This year has made it so confusing to me..can someone explain why sometimes you can go wide and others not?

    Full of MischiefFull of Mischief8 napja
  • Hopefully Daniel can improve on last year (Personally I thought he should have stayed with Renault)

    Joseph DungeeJoseph Dungee8 napja
  • O Riccardo é um piloto muito bom de corrida

    Vilmar SilvaVilmar Silva8 napja
  • Not just because I’m an Australian but I am a massive fan of Daniel. I think he’s an amazing driver and is a great ambassador for our nation.

    Andrew SmithAndrew Smith8 napja
  • Alonso xD 3:04

    EvanKenobiEvanKenobi8 napja
  • love Ricci best luck for this season together with dreamboy lando

    Maurice UrbanMaurice Urban8 napja
  • 2022 will be the Year of the Shoey

    Kenneth FordKenneth Ford8 napja
  • Smash some stuff up....

    Gerard BakkerGerard Bakker8 napja
  • The counting prove a little difficult for you there? P16 Passes Aplha Tauri P16 Passes Alpine P14

    Gio MarronGio Marron8 napja
  • why did daniel apologise for the stop

    Hyder HussainHyder Hussain8 napja
  • 1:24 too dangerous.. the only way to avoid that are the aeroscreens, halo is not enough it these cases unfortunatly

    RockΞt BuɳnyyRockΞt Buɳnyy8 napja
  • Why add music on top and the engine, ,I enjoy f one for the engineering and that is the great note of the highly tune engine, if I want music I would get a radio.

    andy de la rueandy de la rue8 napja
  • The overtake on Fernando reminded me the one of Villeneuve on Schumi at Estoril 1996. Notice how Fernando leaves the space for the overtake (seems funny considering the famous team radio about it, but they'd have both crashed).

    Giacomo BongrazioGiacomo Bongrazio8 napja
  • Not a fan of the music..better without imo

    nigelfnigelf9 napja
  • Video unavailable?

    Terrence ButtcypherTerrence Buttcypher9 napja
  • Man Can’t wait for a dub 🤞🏽

    Jarek BakerJarek Baker9 napja
  • Stroll be like ... "Dude, I almost had you" .. Daniel "You almost had me? You never had me! You never had your car!" ....

    Tim AriaansTim Ariaans9 napja
  • What happened with the stop?

    Harry MarkovHarry Markov9 napja
  • The music makes me feel like Im watching chicken run.

    Theo FeintTheo Feint9 napja
  • Wow wow wow what a recovery P9............ amazing job . get in there Danny and Lando is 25 secs ahead of you

    Indian Sim RacerIndian Sim Racer9 napja
  • lose the music and this would be an exceptional video

    p4cksp4cks9 napja
  • I like how He dropped a place after overtaking tsunoda 01:04

    Vivek VaswaniVivek Vaswani9 napja
  • But let's face it, he's outclassed by Norris

    tosgemtosgem9 napja
  • Give Daniel some time. It'll come.

    Track Days.Track Days.9 napja
  • I thought the car's right side mirror decal says B**ch. Sorry.

    zypsy24zypsy249 napja
  • Amazing circuit! 🇵🇹👏🏽

    Resize FilmsResize Films9 napja
  • Him putting Gasly through a clinic after he went wide gave me chills

    J TJ T9 napja
  • wow

    10 bul10 bul9 napja
  • how much more fans did ddaniel just get haha

    Jacob CoJacob Co9 napja
  • Yeeeeaaahhh Booooooooiiiii

    Ivan LjubesicIvan Ljubesic9 napja
  • Yeaaaa this is my man!!!

    Rizal HidayatRizal Hidayat9 napja
  • isn't that the music from the game Hill Climb Racing 2?

    GirishGirish9 napja
  • Ricciardo's career is coming to an end. He should've never left Red Bull. Cristian Horner never expected or wanted him to leave Red Bull but he took a gamble and switched to Renault, after that everything's going downfall for him. I'm pretty sure he's regretting now. Sad.

    Ben YanthanBen Yanthan10 napja
  • Lap 1 with Alsonso was soo Indy car racing.

    Luka VujevaLuka Vujeva10 napja
  • When you skip quali in my team career

    XDGamerz101XDGamerz10110 napja
  • There was so much smoke on that first lap I thought I was at a Willie Nelson concert

    WatercooledguyWatercooledguy10 napja
  • It's great to have that kind of material but... As a fan, I recommend to turn down the music volume, about 50% (or just mute it, this is Formula 1, real life, not Cars 3). For example: I would love to hear (better) that high-speed overtake on the last corner over Alonso, hitting the piano over and over. That is what brings emotions to the sport, not the music. You turn down the music (and almost all the sounds) to hear the voices, well, think the same with the engine and environment sounds, they are as important as the dialogs (or even more). Cheers. 👍

    Leonardo de S.L.FLeonardo de S.L.F10 napja
  • Daniel Avocado, everyone😂

    Sonny WilliamSonny William10 napja
  • F1 is such a mess now. It's more like go cart racing for billionaires now.

    Peter ZebotPeter Zebot10 napja
  • Lol just as I got notification, I was watching a tiktok about the dessert that Daniel Ricardo likes at McLaren

    Jacob ThompsonJacob Thompson10 napja
  • Halo once again coming to the rescue.

    Ankit ChauhanAnkit Chauhan10 napja
  • Legendary

    Stimulation SimulatedStimulation Simulated10 napja
  • Can we get one video like this but of Fernando Alonso?

    Jorge Bermejo ArranzJorge Bermejo Arranz10 napja
  • Can't wait for shoeyyy

    LoðbrókLoðbrók10 napja
  • Video ruined with music.

    R/WallStreetSilverR/WallStreetSilver10 napja
  • Amei Top de mais ! Tem que fazer este compilado com todos os pilotos !

    rodrigo da Silvarodrigo da Silva10 napja
  • Why was he P16 behind Tsunoda and after overtaking Tsunoda he still was P16? 🤔

    Maximilian RingelMaximilian Ringel10 napja
  • Is that Governor of Poker 3 soundtrack on the back???!!

    Rasim YavuzRasim Yavuz10 napja
  • Loving the background music

  • 3:16 I'm pretty sure Carlos didn't make a pit stop for him to be overtaken by Daniel

    AditiAditi10 napja
  • Now explain to me how Perez is the DRIVER OF THE DAY

    Patrick CostaPatrick Costa10 napja
  • Anyone knows what music is it?

    Jarvish NotuJarvish Notu10 napja
  • I don't know what the fans thinking about driver of the day.Riccardo was deserved that.i think driver of the day is decided by dutch Fans

    KochundrappiKochundrappi10 napja
  • I recognize this music lol

    abn100abn10010 napja
  • Thanks for this video

  • Ma vi piace ancora guardare la f1

    renzo deantonirenzo deantoni10 napja
  • Still a mid sector driver..

    Sangi HandcycleSangi Handcycle10 napja
  • Incredible, Daniel overtakes P16 finishes at P9

    Marko GelicMarko Gelic10 napja
  • Is this The Grand Tour's theme music on a long edit?

    RuiAlvezRuiAlvez10 napja
  • To be honost, the end result was rather dissapointing. I expected him to be able finish ahead of the Alpines, but instead he dropped back.

    OxnardOxnard10 napja
  • Driver of the day

    Nova GamesNova Games10 napja
  • อยากกับไปขับอีกครั้งเหมือนทุกวันที่16และวันที่1ของทุกเดือนพร้อมทีมงานวัดใจเดอะfทีมครั้งสุดท้ายที่ได้ถ้วยคือวันที่กำลังจะแต่งงาน

    Pitak Sing SeriPitak Sing Seri10 napja
  • You can see his skill in driving... Just needs a car thats going to allow him to get there... The disparity between the redbull and Mercedes cars to the field is insane well specifically 1 redbull car and the Mercedes 2 cars...

    Andrew IngramAndrew Ingram10 napja
  • Yeah boy!

    heredownunderheredownunder10 napja
  • Alonso was quick! What a pass

    DugBingo951DugBingo95110 napja
  • Nice video, except where Sir Lewis pass on Bottas

    Jazz ZsmJazz Zsm10 napja
  • Overtaker!

    Asa. SAsa. S10 napja
  • We need this one of Alonso 👑

    Aida ĐulovićAida Đulović10 napja
  • Don't play with honey badger !

    GToneGTone10 napja
  • T-Cam view in F1 is the best view in sport

    Grog MonsterGrog Monster11 napja
  • DOTD robbed

    krishna lullakrishna lulla11 napja
  • F1 please show more of Daniel's overtaking in the season it is so amazing to watch him doing this stuff, so smart.

    EmiliaEmilia11 napja
  • The music is exactly what ric would play while he drives

    Chao PChao P11 napja
  • Love his attitude.

    thetruebatmanthetruebatman11 napja
  • Why the music tho? Need that engine sound instead

    Cj PCj P11 napja
  • How come ricciardo’s engine sounds normal now. How hard can it be to get the microphones to be consistent. The usual high pitch wine of the McLarens is so annoying😂 so much nicer when it’s turned down

    Louis O'SheaLouis O'Shea11 napja
  • Love this style of video. Great race, get your quali right Ric. U got this!!

    MrFreezeProductMrFreezeProduct11 napja
  • The reason I like Daniel is that no matter which place he's in at the start of the race he manages to overtake a lot

    atomicatomic11 napja
  • Danny ric is a great driver because he is amazing at Overtaking

    Balistic_Ben98Balistic_Ben9811 napja
  • 字幕がウザい、もうやめてくれ。

    kimur ellkimur ell11 napja
  • This needs to be made after every race for the biggest mover! Awesome video!

    Richard ThomasRichard Thomas11 napja
  • I think, if this were any other race, other than portimao, danny would've fought for podium...hex, we would be watching battle between lando and him

    AniviaXII XDAniviaXII XD11 napja
  • lando went nearly 26 lap with softs at start so daniel could have used softs similarly after last pitstop, didnt he have soft sets?

    ZetiZeti11 napja
  • The Badger is staring to get the car under him.

    Robb PhillipsRobb Phillips11 napja
    • Starting even...

      Robb PhillipsRobb Phillips11 napja
  • What is this trash music pleass

    Nene273Nene27311 napja
  • I want riccardo on podium these season

    Vedant TayadeVedant Tayade11 napja
  • I want to see Alonso’s fight back too

    Riftman HunRiftman Hun11 napja
  • Everybody: We have one and only first lap. Danny's engineer: "That was another great first lap".

    Tom Cooper RiddleTom Cooper Riddle11 napja
  • Should have been DOTD.. Master of overtakes..

    chandu prasadchandu prasad11 napja
  • Redemption son !!!!

    Sam QSam Q11 napja
  • Jesus christ the way alonso overtook him made Daniel look like he was under a yellow flag

    Yohannes BayrayYohannes Bayray11 napja
  • Ricciardo is the most overrated driver in F1. If he was really great he would have stayed at Red Bull and simply beaten Verstappen. And don’t tell me he beat Vettel. Even Stroll is doing that.

    Gary BothaGary Botha11 napja
    • Okay dutchi, cry more

      Abdurrahmaan ChandAbdurrahmaan Chand2 órája
  • He deserved to be the driver of the day.

    Ajithab SankarAjithab Sankar11 napja