Danger is my last name CYKA! Metro Exodus - part 2

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Metro Exodus is the 2019 release of the Metro game series. Metro Last Light was released way back in 2013 and it has been a long time waiting. Of course there is also a quest for finding toiled destructibility, as a long running tradition in the series. I have not disabled motion blur and RTX in hopes it makes the game even better.
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  • Ха-ха-ха DJ Блятман! Русские деревенские мальчики! (Сука) Ха-ха-ха Мне все равно, откуда ты (Мне похуй) Давай разрушим твой гребаный дом (твой гребаный дом) Никто меня не остановит (Я русский) Вы готовы? (Да я готов) Раз, два, три! Русская банда, поехали Каждые выходные делают бум Наш бас в твоей душе И вы можете быть взорваны Village Boys и DJ Блятман разрывают ваши хаты Да нам просто поебать, скажем вместе: "Сука блять!" Блять! Сука, cука, cука блять! Блять! Ха-ха-ха Сука, сука, сука, блять Буду вечно повторять Оп давай, давай опять Cука, сука, сука блять Буду вечно повторять Cука, сука, сука блять Оп давай, давай опять Cука, сука, сука блять Ра-та-та-та-та-та-та (да), ра-та-та-та (мне нравится!) Ра-та-та-та-та-та-та (воах), ра-та-та-та (нормально) я знаю, что вы хотите Твоя мама спрашивает, что происходит Закрой глаза и следуй за мной Мы будем удивлены Один два три! Я играю усердно, и ты не замерзнешь От всего сердца я дам тебе покой Русская банда, поехали Каждые выходные делают бум Наш бас в твоей душе И вы можете быть взорваны Village Boys и DJ Блятман разрывают ваши хаты Да нам просто поебать, скажем вместе: "Сука блять!" Блять! Сука, cука, cука блять! Блять! Ха-ха-ха

    Grimos GamingGrimos Gaming9 napja
  • my mom cant understand a single word you say... only miss like 1 in 40 words. and its getting less bad as i learn your Russian drop ins. i do not need subtitles!

    RockeyDAproductionsRockeyDAproductions15 napja
  • Had to revisit these videos, sad I saw no part 3! Think I'll go spend some time on this game...

    PatrickPatrick19 napja
  • 5:53 cyka johnson playin GTA Slav Andreas

  • i turned on russian subtitles >:D

    Strange Miscellaneous FruitStrange Miscellaneous Fruit28 napja
  • Will there be more Metro exodus videos? This 2 are among my favourites from your channel :)

    Uroš PodgoršekUroš PodgoršekHónapja
  • Part 3 blyat!

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  • Only capitalist pigs play the game “Fallout”. Except maybe new Vegas

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  • When is part 3

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  • “Republic of Russia” that’s funny

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  • Part 3

    andri joosep tammandri joosep tamm3 hónapja
  • 2:36 Many players from the former USSR did not buy this game, but downloaded it from torrents for free, played it 1 time and deleted it.

    Михаил РожковМихаил Рожков4 hónapja
  • 0:36 These are the crooked hands of ukrainian developers. This game crashed for me 3-4 times a day!

    Михаил РожковМихаил Рожков4 hónapja
  • Well i dont care if its spioled so i can pass the game

    Mafozochoro FreedomMafozochoro Freedom4 hónapja
  • I love it when Boris sings la la la la la

    TAUM_MOAB7TAUM_MOAB74 hónapja
  • Do not want face reveal but do want masha reveal

    Chris ChengChris Cheng4 hónapja
  • Борис, вы продолжите сериал? i need something too watch Blyat

    Ginger GamingGinger Gaming4 hónapja
  • I can understand boris without subtitles, that is the reward for 2 years of boris videos

    Tsunami The FerretTsunami The Ferret5 hónapja
  • Where's part 3?

    AlfaGamingAlfaGaming5 hónapja
  • Me: Having to install 300GB of data to play the latest game Boris: Inserting Russian pancakes into his cd-rom and playing Metro Exodus.

    Francis ChabotFrancis Chabot5 hónapja
  • Watching Boris video before work, hardbass woke up my girlfriend 😂😂

    yung bluetoothyung bluetooth5 hónapja
  • anybody else notice that the babuskas mouth moves when you get shot into the ravine

    Richard the engineerRichard the engineer5 hónapja
  • Yeh how do you get the rtx

    255 565255 5655 hónapja
  • My head hurts with all those subs.

    Vivan Moirangthem- 36Vivan Moirangthem- 365 hónapja
  • still waiting for cheeki breeki game

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  • Wow 2 parts just for prolouge... No "real" exodus

    Ege ChickenEge Chicken6 hónapja
  • where is part 3?

    FloppyRooster TheLifeUserFloppyRooster TheLifeUser6 hónapja
  • I'm now probably going to play metro

    the random assasin ???the random assasin ???6 hónapja
  • Outro

    akapesicakapesic7 hónapja
  • Lol why my country got destroyed by nuclear explosion when we are a neutral country

    Abirama mendalaAbirama mendala7 hónapja
  • god i wish he played it all the way through

    NelsNels7 hónapja
  • Please tell me there was more of this that I missed

    Lauren ELauren E7 hónapja
  • Slav game for slav superstar boris

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  • Бре, where's part 3?

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  • Ah yes, communism at work at 1:07! Our voices have been heard, comrade gopniks!

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  • ....................western spies..........

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  • Where is part 3 Boris?

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  • Где парт 3 ворис блять

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  • Still waiting for this to continue...

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  • Boris talking about vodka gets stabbed boris:western spys

  • More Metro exudus

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    Pak Man 979Pak Man 9799 hónapja
  • so it wasnt Vadim who stole my keyboard........

    antoniolududanu 1antoniolududanu 19 hónapja
  • It's late, but I am curious about his hardware specs.

    kelvin wkelvin w10 hónapja
  • wait so his name is Boris danger

    Lil Moee713Lil Moee71310 hónapja
  • i thought you would have saved your babushka in this game

    quoc an luuquoc an luu10 hónapja
  • Be a russian italian slav this is a good mix so i understand russian english italian

    Its me OMONIts me OMON10 hónapja
  • Metro Exodus now on STEAM

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  • So now I have found the meaning of me learning Russian To be able to understand what they say in Russian dubbing in Metro 2033 redux

    DrageusDrageus10 hónapja
  • 9:13

    Joanna ŚwiderekJoanna Świderek10 hónapja
  • When is next one

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  • Will you continue the Metro series comrade?

    Scythe SpearScythe Spear11 hónapja
  • 9:13

    Joanna ŚwiderekJoanna Świderek11 hónapja
  • I'm not hear for Metro Exodus.. I'm here for Boris

    FinnishRaccoonFinnishRaccoon11 hónapja
  • Damn, metro sounds much better on russian dub.

    WillusSmithusWillusSmithus11 hónapja
  • Is part 3 out yet? i can't seem to find it

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  • Boris when are you going to make a new metro

    Stephen GallowayEllisStephen GallowayEllis11 hónapja

    LluMoN4eG TMLluMoN4eG TM11 hónapja
  • 5:50 (Originality)

    Chengaz KhanChengaz Khan11 hónapja
  • ach boris, ich liebe dich

    schizophreniegenieschizophreniegenie11 hónapja
  • all his stuff is from metro game lol love boris :D

    gert rummogert rummoÉvvel
  • "*IS BORIS*"

    Ricky CrawfordRicky CrawfordÉvvel
  • If you turn on subtitles you get the privilege to look at three subtitles

  • Disable depth of field!! I don't like it. Plus it's fps hog

    Andre MaruhaAndre MaruhaÉvvel
  • HAHHA jokes on you boris i can understand Russian HAHAHA

  • artyom is mutated

    Jessica GullegosJessica GullegosÉvvel
  • Please make a part 3!!

    Anton UAnton UÉvvel
  • Where's part 3

  • Why has he stpoeed uploading videos of him playing the game?

    This isn't medicineThis isn't medicineÉvvel
  • 5:54 "All we had to do was follow the damn train masha!" "All we had to do was follo9w the damn train CJ" XD

    This isn't medicineThis isn't medicineÉvvel
  • Where Metro comrade?

  • 2020 no part 3🤔

  • GOD, Anna sounds and looks so fucking hot

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  • You would love symphony of night in the beginning the fucking grim reaper comes out of no were and straight robs you

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  • Opa! The funny thing is as boris drinks Stolichnaya I drink same vodka which is one of many favorites for me. Is nice het?

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  • 5:49 GTA San Andreas refrence.

  • Who else wants a video in which Boris speaks only in Russian? Кто хочет видио, что Борис говорит толко по-Русски? (Извините, моя грамматика ужасная.)

  • I need a Boris laughing compilation

    Jaden ThaneJaden ThaneÉvvel
  • p3 pls

  • Its almost end of 2019...soo only month and few days...and Metro gonna be "back" on Steam :D

  • 3:56 Hardbass name plz?

    Tiago FigueiredoTiago FigueiredoÉvvel
  • I hate how Miller looks nothing like Miller from 2033 and last light

  • 10:09 Me:who the fuck are you? Boris:is BORIS(Boris hardbass)

    Tao GwapoTao GwapoÉvvel
  • Damn it I need more of this Cyka Waiting isn't my last name Boris aka THE SASHLIK SLAV KING............

    Safiullah MollickSafiullah MollickÉvvel
  • It's hard to listen and read english and then Russian

    icharlamnge 24icharlamnge 24Évvel
  • *me in the begining of video: WTF are you really playing with English dab? *me literally 1 minute later: Now that's what we talking about. PS: Really how you can anyone play Metro with other dab then Russian

  • I am Kazakh so the Russian is fine for me.

    Abdulla BradleyAbdulla BradleyÉvvel
  • this is blinchik edition :d

  • 10:09

    Celtic WolfCeltic WolfÉvvel
  • 2:09 I died 😂

  • I'm russian and I bet alot of people here are so its more helpful lol

  • Game sounds shit in English. Garbage.

  • blin edition

    Vladimir PutinVladimir PutinÉvvel
  • Я из России!! HARD басс

    Pink TaggingPink TaggingÉvvel
  • One of the most hardcore Slav Game I have played till Date

    Aditya AcharyaAditya AcharyaÉvvel
  • I see the problem you have there. You have some dangerous spyware installed in you computer! Uninstall Epic Games Store to have normal functionality again.

  • How u got over 100 fps wtf

  • Because if not us then who? Boris: Vadim? LOL I really laughed too much

  • Fool you didn't expect a Russian to watch you videos

    Dimitri KhomchenkoDimitri KhomchenkoÉvvel