Damon Hill Flips In Estoril - All The Angles | 1994 Portuguese Grand Prix

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Championship challenger Damon Hill had a rude awakening in practice for the 1994 Portuguese Grand Prix, after being clipped by Eddie Irvine...
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  • Sasol? More like... asol.

    Blacktooth FoxBlacktooth Fox6 napja
  • I want Ricciardo to comment on this video or better yet a reaction video to this

    Ronald McSidyRonald McSidy12 napja
  • And the day has come. The day when i find it strange to not see a halo on a F1 car.

    Luiz Ronaldo Merelles SeverinoLuiz Ronaldo Merelles Severino13 napja
  • 1998 belgian gp All the angles

    SerdarixSerdarix14 napja
  • Amazing footage! Really makes me want to have access to everything they filmed back in the day.

    AndyHackAndyHack15 napja
  • 1:54 this dragging the car on gravel... such a torture...

    Mustafa KalafatMustafa Kalafat16 napja
  • 1:26 LOVE this sound!!!!!

    Max de GraafMax de Graaf16 napja
  • do a barrel roll

    ruedafestruedafest16 napja
  • Damon's fault

    Roger VallveRoger Vallve16 napja
  • Estoril comeback confirmed?

    PugaPuga16 napja
  • In wich team was Irvine?

    SergenteGX & co.SergenteGX & co.16 napja
    • Jordan

      Joel ApilainenJoel Apilainen14 napja
  • Wow damon 😰😰

    Enilsa Inácio Pereira LopesEnilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes16 napja
  • This connection to track and driver is so pretty

    Enilsa Inácio Pereira LopesEnilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes16 napja
  • 1:02 and here we can see the Infamous Ferrari Team casually using ''the touch screen'' technology before everyone else to edge their advantage over other teams.

    Öztürk TolgaÖztürk Tolga17 napja
  • The chicance was just added a couple of months before the GP due to what happened at Imola that year, I read that the new chicance was so new it had no time to rubber up.

    Tipper-C-PTipper-C-P17 napja
  • tHaT mUsT hAvE bEeN bAd sChUmAcHeR's fAuLt 😂😂

    Maglor NoldorMaglor Noldor17 napja
  • And without all the crowd "hysterics" like when Hulkenberg got tipped over in Abu Dhabi a few years ago.

    VideoNarsteeVideoNarstee17 napja
  • "He came back on the track like an idiot!"

    mojoblues66mojoblues6617 napja
  • Irvine had helped Schumacher even before both of them joined Ferrari in 1996=)

    Jaroslaw FuchsJaroslaw Fuchs17 napja
  • That onboard Renault V10 sound !!! It cannot ne more missed than nowadays ...

    JérômeJérôme17 napja
  • *Back then:* _"A car rolling over looks much worse than it is. It's much safer than going into a wall, it's just a bit disorienting."_ *Nowadays:* [Camera cuts away to not show the accident] _"These are horrific scenes NOBODY wants to see. What a relief the driver is okay! This is HORRIBLE!"_ Twitter People -> _"JUST STOP THE RACE ALREADY!!!!"_

    Snowcone GuySnowcone Guy17 napja
  • The year of the last truly beautiful F1 cars.

    convar HUNconvar HUN18 napja
  • interesting insight.

    Komandor BentusKomandor Bentus18 napja
  • I can't wait until Spa! Maybe first lap mayhem from 1998 in all angles?

    Don't Tread On MeDon't Tread On Me18 napja
  • Swervin' Irvine strikes again!

    hwd71hwd7118 napja
  • *flips over* It was quite interesting

    TheBlue22TheBlue2218 napja
  • More than Adelaide, this is probably what cost him the WC

    Dev AkyuzDev Akyuz18 napja
    • This was free practice. He won the race.

      Gerardo BGerardo B17 napja
  • That new chicane was the beginning of the end of estoril in terms of its layout.

    ChuckieChuckie18 napja
  • 0:36 , How dangerous is that ! His helmets ON the gravel because the air intake sinks in the pebbles ..

    Nezioo AraujooNezioo Araujoo18 napja
  • "He came back on to the track and hit my car" as if it was intentional. Damon was always such a sourpuss

    SmashGhostSmashGhost18 napja
  • Pretty cool to see the aftermath in the pit lane, some car clean up shots and chatting about it.

    KelemethKelemeth18 napja
  • Let's stop a moment to appreciate how safety has improve since 1994. Hill's head slightly touches the ground, which was not a major issue at slow speeds but we all know it is quite fatal at large ones.

    FHZ ZuFHZ Zu18 napja
  • All the angles of the *interviews after the crash. Two angles of the crash itself.

    Ariel HernándezAriel Hernández18 napja
    • They can only provide the footage that they have.

      Graham WestGraham West16 napja
  • Any one though for a moment that David didn't see the accident he was coming through the scene very quick

    Carlo De JesusCarlo De Jesus18 napja
  • I remember how worried Irvine was about this incident as he’d been banned for three races after the Brazil shunt at the start of the season. He also was carrying a suspended ban following the previous race at Monza, when he rammed Herbert’s Lotus. Also had the grand total of completing 0 laps in three successive mid-season events! (Britain, Germany, Hungary).

    Happy88DudeHappy88Dude18 napja
  • Even at crawl pace the 🏎 of those days sounded like they were going 200 mph

  • Loved Damon Hill. Man has great Hair.!!!

    Kyle WilliamsKyle Williams18 napja
  • More like this please. That was GOLD!

    J JJ J18 napja
  • Irvine was a reckless driver.

    Emanuel RodriguesEmanuel Rodrigues18 napja
  • Please remove image stabilization from on board cameras.

    Tiago DumontTiago Dumont18 napja
  • Iconic

    Maxi FMaxi F18 napja
  • Bruh his head. Thank you for the halo

    BigAli27BigAli2718 napja
  • Never knew about this one. A lot more dangerous than it looks. The roll hoop land down from quite a height at a flat angle onto the gravel. Damon's a tall guy so there would of been some pressure on his head when he hit the gravel

    Pvt PartsPvt Parts18 napja
  • 1:07? Is that Cesare Fiorio? One of the worst team principals EVER. WOW. Blast from the past.

    Ciaron SmithCiaron Smith18 napja
    • I think they were Lauda, Berger and Todt

      Joel ApilainenJoel Apilainen14 napja
  • Eddie Irvine was a fast driver but a complete idiot, like Dan Ticktum nowadays

    Francisco RequenaFrancisco Requena18 napja

    Ciaron SmithCiaron Smith18 napja
  • I was there! My track for a few Grand Prix!

    Miguel BrancoMiguel Branco18 napja
  • Yeet!!

    Xenon EntityXenon Entity18 napja
  • Now that touchscreen are a thing im surprised they didnt think about it befotr

    Wrath NAZWrath NAZ18 napja
  • This was 500 years after the year 1494, my birth year. I will be 527 soon. Just some obscure facts for ya. Yw.

    Jeremy JohnsonJeremy Johnson18 napja
  • Irvine: have a nice trip Damon ✌🏻

    Fabled_Ninja285Fabled_Ninja28518 napja
  • When it’s 1994, it feels strange not to see Ayrton.

    Matt HMatt H18 napja
  • he ded

    Lucas IgnaLucas Igna18 napja
  • Damon Flip-Hill

    Matt HMatt H18 napja
  • At 2:01 Ezio Zermiani asking at Damon if he's ok.

    Simone GhilardiniSimone Ghilardini18 napja
  • Boy do I ever miss that noise.

    The Easel RiderThe Easel Rider18 napja
  • I love these 50fps! (and 60fps!)

    Tzeff's Main ChannelTzeff's Main Channel18 napja
  • Safety just wasn't a concern back in the day.

    AshitakaAshitaka18 napja
    • Er yes it was. That's total nonsense.

      Graham WestGraham West16 napja
  • "He just came back on the track like an idiot!" 1994 Edition

    Armchair RacerArmchair Racer18 napja
  • Oh, my gosh! Sure didn't expect that from the right of Damon's car!

    Lightening McQueenLightening McQueen18 napja
  • The safety has Improved massively

    Mono gaming 57Mono gaming 5718 napja
  • Very important weekend for Damon. The title was on play with 3 races to finish the championship between him and Michael Schumacher

    daniflozdanifloz18 napja
    • he won that race tho.

      HoracioHoracio18 napja
  • His neck could have been crush!!!

    Samih EL SAKHAWISamih EL SAKHAWI18 napja
  • I love the onboard song of this williams, how don't remember the last onboards with Senna?? this song seems to be like a mix between old and new engines!!

    PENSPENS18 napja
  • This is my iRacing experience

    Pauli PétasPauli Pétas18 napja
  • Another example of the halo doing it’s job...wait what?

    BrahBrah18 napja
  • Another moment which led to Damon missing the championship :(

    Aryaman JoshiAryaman Joshi18 napja
    • Why? He won the race

      Gerardo BGerardo B17 napja
  • 1:02 is that really touchscreen or am I deceived?

    Aryaman JoshiAryaman Joshi18 napja
    • I think he was pointing at something when a replay either started or ended

      Joel ApilainenJoel Apilainen14 napja
  • Just stop cropping, resizing and zooming old 4:3 footage!!!! Leave it as it is is!

  • 1:54 the way they tow the car at that time 😳

    Where's Optimus?Where's Optimus?18 napja
    • Agreed, that made me wince. The poor mechanics who had to put it back together.

      dBdB15 napja
    • savages

      Andrew BedfordAndrew Bedford18 napja
  • Just so you know...the FOM used to change the camera shot using a page peel/turning visual effect. It’s not a touch screen. It’s just ironic timing that Niki Lauda was pointing at the monitor and the edit made it seem like Niki changed the view. When you watch the older highlights you will see this effect.

    SirSneakerPimpSirSneakerPimp18 napja
  • Look at how exposed the drivers were back then, compared to now.

    tiadaidtiadaid18 napja
  • esses carros eram simplesmente maravilhosos! quem viu viu, pq hj em dia...

    CYBER GAMES Novo HamburgoCYBER GAMES Novo Hamburgo18 napja
  • So glad we have the freaking halo...

    Greg SGreg S18 napja
    • Going upside down without the halo wasn't really dangerous, as the drivers have the roll hoop

      RazRaz18 napja
  • Hill flip...Skateboard😎

    André Silva Peres RodriguesAndré Silva Peres Rodrigues18 napja
  • On

    Gil HoffmanGil Hoffman18 napja
  • All those angles yet no on-board of the car which caused the collision

    Anuj PunyarthiAnuj Punyarthi18 napja
    • This is 1994, not all cars carried cameras every weekend back then.

      Gerardo BGerardo B17 napja
  • We can see more angles of 1994 crash than 2020 crash between Bottas & Russel...

    PierrenikPierrenik18 napja
    • @Pierrenik The footage is available on Bottas' on board camera [Nevermind, I checked F1 TV and saw that Bottas' on board is from the car's nose]. To me it is clear he did not, the dry patch being so narrow he'd needlessly risk skidding on the wet. There is also telemetry data that shows steering column angle to a lot more precision than a camera would. In the end it is a moot point since Russell lost control of his car way before he ran out of space on track.

      Foxbat916Foxbat91618 napja
    • @Foxbat916 I think most of fans want to see Bottas's onboard camera to see if he made a move with steering wheel.

      PierrenikPierrenik18 napja
    • Not all stretches of F1 track have 3 o 4 cameras pointing at them. Specially not a stretch where one does not expect a silly overtake attempt take out two perfectly fine cars.

      Foxbat916Foxbat91618 napja
  • "That was Bottas fault" - G.Russell

    Broken Lantern XBroken Lantern X18 napja
  • Irvine unwittingly helping Michael to win WDC even before they were team mates. 😃 Hats of to Damon that he won the race back then. 🙂

    Marek MasopustMarek Masopust18 napja
  • I looked and wait for Senna 🙏😢😢

    Selfmade VisionärSelfmade Visionär18 napja
  • Whenever I see the 94’ car I just think of Ayrton, it’s weird I wasn’t born in the era but it still makes me sad

    Dashcrash 1Dashcrash 118 napja
    • Same.

      Clok-Roo, The PrimordialClok-Roo, The Primordial18 napja
  • Okay so who is this In Estoril person that got flipped by Damon Hill?

    Vame AnimationsVame Animations18 napja
  • O wow this woman in 2:31 is still next to the williams drivers at interviews!!! And we have 2021!

    Kondriedo248Kondriedo24818 napja
  • His head at 0:35🤯

    Utkarsh SrivastavaUtkarsh Srivastava18 napja
  • This season was cursed. Before the season even started, 2 drivers were injured in testing, than at imola, barrichello crashed, ratzenberger died, than at the start of the race, there was a huge crash injuring a few spectators, senna died, and a mechanic was hit. Than at Monaco, Karl Wendlinger had a huge crash and never returned to top form. Oh and I forgot. Martin brundle's helmet cracked open and 2 drivers received a ban. And most importantly, TAKI INOUE MADE HIS DEBUT THIS SEASON.

    aydan khaliqaydan khaliq18 napja
    • @Juho Stèn that was at Hockenheim, not Nürburgring

      Joel ApilainenJoel Apilainen12 napja
    • Who was the other driver who got injured in testing? I know JJ Lehto is one of them but I don't know the other one

      Joel ApilainenJoel Apilainen14 napja
    • @Juho Stèn oh oof forgot

      aydan khaliqaydan khaliq15 napja
    • The GOAT of F1 Taki Inoue

      Tipper-C-PTipper-C-P17 napja
    • And don't forget verstappen fireball at Nürburgring

      Juho StènJuho Stèn17 napja
  • Please give for pray for kri nanggala 402

    Wahyu ArdiansyahWahyu Ardiansyah18 napja
  • Wow! So incredible to be able to see these images with such a quality and original audio. 😍

    BOTECO F1BOTECO F118 napja

      Gabriel Carlos Rodrigues F1 TeamGabriel Carlos Rodrigues F1 Team17 napja
    • It's funny how this guy used English in his comment but he doesn't do it in his vids

    • Greatest marketing trick for F1 would be if they'd put up all the old races in to internet for free in HD. All they got, for anyone who wants to look at it

      Jere PJere P18 napja
    • @Renato Novaes obrigado amigo.

      Claude SpeedClaude Speed18 napja
    • I swear the quality of the old races they upload on F1TV is worse than what they post on HUworld.

      Zee In ChainsZee In Chains18 napja
  • ooh more old ones please! (I hate that I just called 1994 old 😭)

    CassiaCassia18 napja
  • Should have posted this in 94. F1's HUworld game is so weak 😖

    Krazy 8Krazy 818 napja
  • He's no graham

    JulesJules18 napja
  • This is what Maldonado learn before stepping to Formula racing

    Zombie AliveZombie Alive18 napja
  • I bet this shocked all of the Keiths, Daves and Grahams back in the day

    Sanford CurtisSanford Curtis18 napja
    • Ok Sanford , were you conceived in trap 3 of the Sanford Arms in Bramley ?

      Candy TyrrellCandy Tyrrell17 napja
  • Its a vieu turn point the world... uau.

    Eduardo Antonio Di CavalcantiEduardo Antonio Di Cavalcanti18 napja
  • Portugese GP 6 days to go and the Monaco ePrix 11 days to go

    Diether SantosDiether Santos18 napja
  • i'm sure the title should say "flipped" instead of "flips"

    Adrian AngAdrian Ang18 napja
  • Classic moments

    Onboard F1Onboard F118 napja
  • they dragged the williams through the gravvel like a boat....probably doubled the weight of the car...hence the term sandbagiing......;-)

    stratmanstratman18 napja
  • The quality of the footage it's amazing, how they did that? We are talking about a scene from 1994.

    Ariel NavroskiAriel Navroski18 napja
    • Aliens.

      Paul AndresPaul Andres14 napja
    • Cropped and enhanced I think

      AaronShenghaoAaronShenghao18 napja
  • Can you upload the clip of Senna having a chat with Schumacher on the grid after he had hit him. Magny-Cours 1992.

    Marvdogger2Marvdogger218 napja