#DAKAR2021 - Stage 7 - Ha’il / Sakaka - Bike/Quad Highlights

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  • Ross...I sad for u.....God ples to u

    កូនប្រុស ត្រកូនហ៊ុនកូនប្រុស ត្រកូនហ៊ុន19 órája
  • always look forward to your videos !!

    ceerw butyceerw buty20 órája
  • If that backwheel hadn't blocked he would've managed to get away with that bump. Amazing how he corrected it. He did, just that bloody chain had to be a party pooper.

    That SeventiesmanThat Seventiesman2 napja
  • Rip Cherpin🙏😢

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu3 napja
  • Rip Cherpin🙏😢

    Itz_Tiger YTItz_Tiger YT4 napja
  • Росса Бранча очень жаль. Такое расстройство. Держись парень, не падай духом!

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui6 napja
    • my mind after this video: okay, okay, oww kay

      ceerw butyceerw buty20 órája
  • Спасибо громадное братишки за видео!

    Петр ПетровПетр Петров6 napja
  • Branch 💔 All saudis wish you all the best 💚🙏🏻

    DOROJO ِDOROJO ِ7 napja
    • starts or let them start lets say at 10 sec intervals.

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu3 napja
  • oh my... my tears fall too....

    for the sake of the futurefor the sake of the future7 napja
  • The numberless garage technically shop because ocelot histopathologically mess up aside a resolute beet. tender tense, ritzy zoo

    Morgan HamiltonMorgan Hamilton7 napja
    • @2:06 that's real heartbreaking scene.

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui6 napja

    • Hey I love this channel so much like it makes

      yasio boloyasio bolo5 napja
  • Go go Honda 💪

    addicz2addicz27 napja
    • @yasio bolo Bad Yamaha engines this year. And They need to up their game.

      addicz2addicz25 napja
    • @2:06 that's real heartbreaking scene.

      yasio boloyasio bolo5 napja
  • Watch to the end, it gets funs :)

    yasio boloyasio bolo7 napja
    • Miss Paulo

      yasio boloyasio bolo4 napja
  • Байкерам- не отчаиваться!!! Путь сложный... но гордиться потом вместе будем!!!

    Дмитрий ЛесорубДмитрий Лесоруб8 napja
    • @2:06 that's real heartbreaking scene.

      yasio boloyasio bolo4 napja
  • what a crying little B ! That ain't worth for no champion, go home! Collin McRae was a champion. He was rolling over with his car and still you could see on the video how he was shifting down in 1st gear , in hopes of landing on his wheels and driving off. Chad to the bone! Not this crying little beet!

    ShapkaShapka8 napja
  • The most forbidden documentary in history.... “Europa The Last Battle” at archive dot org

    Ronnie JonesRonnie Jones8 napja
    • GO HRC!

      yasio boloyasio bolo7 napja
  • Some of the best battles in Dakar in the last years, and the coverage is like it's the most meh sport on earth

    fidan2fastfidan2fast8 napja
  • Damn, i was cheering for Branch. Sad to saw he leaving Dakar 😐

    marcelo sbmarcelo sb8 napja
  • 👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪

    Eugen DanciuEugen Danciu8 napja
  • VAMOS CHILE!! 🇨🇱🇨🇱

    Luis TroncosoLuis Troncoso8 napja
  • 30 secons of quads camonnnnnn!!!

    Leon leon leonLeon leon leon8 napja
  • Bike race is ridiculous. Whoever wins the stage in next stage is set for bad result because everobody else catches up. They should eliminate starting gaps, do more mass starts or let them start lets say at 10 sec intervals.

    kg01kg018 napja
  • Ross Branch is one of the toughest guy's you will ever meet , I was crying with him , Ross you doing us proud bro !

    Pierre HornPierre Horn8 napja
    • @Mcm Mcm always that one guy that tries to be cute hey

      Pierre HornPierre Horn7 napja
    • you where crying with him its a race this happens shit happens

      Mcm McmMcm Mcm7 napja
  • @2:06 that's real heartbreaking scene.

    Kiran SavanurKiran Savanur8 napja
  • Miss Paulo

    dieseldiesel8 napja
  • Damn rotten luck for Ross Branch, second year running!

    Nikhil RaoNikhil Rao8 napja
  • Bravo

    Naveen SinghNaveen Singh8 napja
  • What they won't tell you is that Pierre Cherpin had a horrible crash and is now at a hospital in an induced coma. Keep fighting!

    HaloReachsquad6HaloReachsquad68 napja
  • 10 min vid please

    Albert TranAlbert Tran8 napja
  • Don’t worry I hope to next time bro ❤️

    mohammed assirimohammed assiri8 napja
  • GO HRC!

    Cameron OneelCameron Oneel9 napja
  • heartbroken for Ross Branch, such an underdog and a humble person. keep ya head up champ ;)

    Braydon SnellBraydon Snell9 napja
  • The way he cried for loosing the race, made me cry too...

    Karan RawatKaran Rawat9 napja
  • Music too loud. I want to hear engines

    SanteeSantee9 napja
  • Following a fellow Motswana from Australia! You’re doing us proud Ross Branch! 🙌🏾

    Prenny AbrahamPrenny Abraham9 napja
  • Dakar producers: Respectfully can we please have long shots of the riders? I want to watch a single rider for five plus minutes. Your camera angles are beautiful, but the editors cut away to a new angle just as I am learning the style of the rider and I want to stay mesmerized by the riders flow Kindly requesting a response on this

    Bronco BillyBronco Billy9 napja
  • What's with the crying, the pussifacation of the younger generation is pathetic.

    Blue DolphinBlue Dolphin9 napja
  • 👏👏👏👍🤜😎☠🏁🇧🇷

  • I'd love to have a ride there

    Ryan BRyan B9 napja
  • Нечего сопли пускать, знал куда шёл. Взял ключи и в перëд.

    Володя БерезинВолодя Березин9 napja
  • Brabec, Rodrigues, with you.

    badger Jackbadger Jack9 napja
  • How do you guys post everybody else and all the big guys and forget about the privateer in 3rd!!!

    Nic Garvin RacingNic Garvin Racing9 napja
  • Man up and get on with it!

    Re seller guyRe seller guy9 napja
  • Dakar, come back to Chile please... huworld.info/flow/vide/y5Bvs26ZiKy7bao

    Ariel PedrazaAriel Pedraza9 napja
  • I still hope Yamaha will be on the podium, "Go Ross you can do it"!!

    JDM 4WDriveJDM 4WDrive9 napja
    • Anything can happen in Dakar, as you know.

      Andy BlackAndy Black9 napja
  • Which idiot in the Dakar team made the tyre rule? “Avoiding major issues for Toby Price”, are you on drugs? He has cable tied his tyre because he cannot replace it.. complete stupidity by the Dakar team.

    reubs91reubs919 napja
  • GO100 !!! Audrey Rossat 😍

    Emilie VardEmilie Vard9 napja
  • Yes 4 minutes coverage is rubbish for bikes 30 sec for quads and 10 minutes on a guy making perfume or some shit from flowers lift your game

    luke bartonluke barton9 napja
    • If you want full version, look at fox channel

      Prox BayuProx Bayu8 napja
    • Still better coverage than WRC. A minute long video highlight for an entire event.

      BonelessbeefBonelessbeef8 napja
    • Agree. I loved how they covered dakar 30 years ago. Almost no rider/driver interviews, just pure action.

      kg01kg018 napja
  • Ross Branch eroes ❤️💝👍🥇

  • crybaby. It's not like it's the second-to-last stage!!

    Daniel MoresDaniel Mores9 napja
  • LOL, just put the chain back on for fks sake, crying, LMFAO...... NO, the chain didnt come off before the bump, the fkn suspension dropped BECAUSE of the bump, THEN the chain came off with impact, thick as fk.

    Mark holroydeMark holroyde9 napja
    • @Mark holroyde Scratch that. Every comment on this channel by you is just trying to bash the motorcyclists. Obviously you are just butthurt that you aren't good enough to race in the dakar.

      My dick is unbelievably small, ButMy dick is unbelievably small, But8 napja
    • @Mark holroyde the nurburgring wow. Why dont you ride in gp then if you are so good.

      My dick is unbelievably small, ButMy dick is unbelievably small, But8 napja
    • @Romero#23 Why dont you pay for me to do it LOL, however, if any of them want to have at it round the Nurburgring, lets go!!!

      Mark holroydeMark holroyde9 napja
    • @Mark holroyde wow you must be a pro! Why don't you compete in dakar next year!

      Romero#23Romero#239 napja
    • @Romero#23 Impact on sand?, LMFAO, you have obviously never been off a road bike at 70mph, bless him. ,, PUT the fkn chain back on and get on with it!!! crying, fkn hilarious

      Mark holroydeMark holroyde9 napja
  • 1:39 so sad :'(

    fenixtremefenixtreme9 napja
  • Vamos Kevin y Luciano carajo!!!

    Normando Arnaldo AlemanNormando Arnaldo Aleman9 napja
  • hard to drive in desert

    master 82575master 825759 napja
  • Ross showed just how INTENSE the rally is ...

    Dan B.Dan B.9 napja
  • Es triste ver cuanto luchan se preparan y todo ese esfuerzo se pierde en una caída Y nadie quien sea solidario

    Elmer .ZapataElmer .Zapata9 napja
  • Great video

    Ron BirchardRon Birchard9 napja
  • THE AMERICANS are coming! 🤟

    Guy FGuy F9 napja
  • Hallo if sand gets into the mat, how do you clean it and with what how and what means?

    Мерседес W204Мерседес W2049 napja
  • Fuck Dakar , Its not corect race🤮🤮🤮👆🏻 organisator is only for factory riders Its bull shit 🤮

    Vladimir HollmannVladimir Hollmann9 napja
  • Wonder if some push too hard because of the helicopter above.

    Arvid MartinkatArvid Martinkat9 napja
  • Regarding the chain issue: If he couldnt pull the chain free, he need to loose the shock and swingarm from their pivot arms to break the chain loose. If the chain lock broke, just replace with a spare. If not then he better have a tool for splitting the links. His chainslider was broken, I doubt if it is repairable in the desert, probably just quicker to leave it as it is but first remove the bolt and washer that held it in place on the top side of the swingarm. I wouldnt want a chain sliding on top of a bolt sticking out. The 2021 title is probably lost, but not the end of the race regarding how bad the damage really was.

    whiskeythrottle333whiskeythrottle3339 napja
  • They are hard. Amateurs without a team behind them are harder. 💪But often slower...

    Robert AnderssonRobert Andersson9 napja
  • It shows how hardcore this race is when after 28 hours of racing T. Price is separated by only one second from the leader

    Blazej MaksymBlazej Maksym9 napja
  • Sad to hear when man start to cry....

    Sandras JonkusSandras Jonkus9 napja
  • 29 hours in and one second separates 1st and 2nd.

    Tigera380Tigera3809 napja
  • Ross is my idle and I'm so frustrated that this year has been going so well until this damn chain feeling it for you buddy

    matthew weylmatthew weyl9 napja
  • Hardy Ross

    Raheem AbrahamRaheem Abraham9 napja
  • Hardy Ross

    Raheem AbrahamRaheem Abraham9 napja
  • Only 4 minutes to cover the bikes! This is ridiculous! Step up your game Dakar!

    Checkyoursix77Checkyoursix779 napja
    • Here's an idea, why don't you go to Saudi so that you can watch it all day, as it seems like you have nothing to do at all. You got all these free stuff and still whining like a lil bitch.

      Dreamless NightsDreamless Nights9 napja
  • This is DAKAR, the toughest and most extreme competition in the world, for all competitors a deserved recognition. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Edwin Callapino CEdwin Callapino C9 napja
  • No tiene subtítulos en Español

    Marcos GarciaMarcos Garcia9 napja
  • Soy argentino te admiro a los guerreros del camino vamos Quintanilla abrazo grande buena suerte y hasta la victoria final viva Chile Argentina

    Roberto MaidanaRoberto Maidana9 napja
  • Да , мужчины тоже плачут и не потому что их бросила девушка...

    вадик желтыйвадик желтый9 napja
    • Если мужчина плачет из-за того, что его бросила девушка, это уже не мужчина, а тряпка!

      Dmitrij DenisovDmitrij Denisov9 napja
  • Lets Go Ross!!! YamahaPower 💙🔵

    Leandro CarvalhoLeandro Carvalho9 napja
  • Росса Бранча очень жаль. Такое расстройство. Держись парень, не падай духом!

    Сергей ИвановичСергей Иванович9 napja
  • 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇰🇿🇰🇿

    Ержан ЖакудинЕржан Жакудин9 napja
  • Да обидно

    Илья КузнецовИлья Кузнецов9 napja
  • The Dakar Rally only runs for about 10km per day. This is ALL of the footage. These long distances are pure LIES. If the race was longer there would certainly be more footage. Right?

    gallonofcactusgallonofcactus9 napja
    • Not necessarily. If you ride for any amount of time you know that there is almost little to no "write home about events" that happen. There's not but so much of passing desert a person is going to watch and stay engaged. Sure it is hugely different for the rider and team. For the spectator, just like a NASCAR event- turns into a good argument for a nap.

      Don DaviDon Davi9 napja
    • hey psssst keep it quiet its all just a hoax to get away from the wife for two weeks xD

      edwin doledwin dol9 napja
  • 1:50 C"est q'une moto elle n'a pas mal pleure pas sniff

    BIKE- BOXBIKE- BOX9 napja
  • Sorry for Ross... Crappy Yamaha let him down...

    Rino DivanoRino Divano9 napja
  • GOOO🇸🇦GOOO🇸🇦

    فيصل فيصلفيصل فيصل9 napja
  • Massive respect for all the RIDERS❤. To Ross Branch, all our prayers, you're a star.

    What I ThinkWhat I Think9 napja
  • Poor Ross Branch, massive respect for him

    Gonçalo BatistaGonçalo Batista9 napja
  • 1.42 i feeling so sorry for kalahari ferrari 🙁

    Hono LuluHono Lulu9 napja
  • harter Job

    Askan LercheAskan Lerche9 napja
  • my heart broke with Ross branch chain problem, my best wishes

    Armando LegorretaArmando Legorreta9 napja
    • yea that's brutal, i feel for him...

      JayJay5 napja
    • @Steve Biron wait what?! is this on purpose why did such a thing happen?

      JayJay5 napja
    • As with Ross...Andrew Short out on day 2 w/ motor issue! Found out back at the biv he had just under 2 gal of water in gas tank ??? WTF ASO ??? Others fell victim to this as well.

      Steve BironSteve Biron9 napja
    • no biggy if he was racing malle moto

      Ian ChoIan Cho9 napja
  • Felicitaciones x los pilotos de motos de Chile y Argentina. Cornejo, Quintanilla, Benavides. Tremendo esfuerzo ocupando los primeros lugares.

    Eduardo RiveraEduardo Rivera9 napja
  • Better luck next time Ross - we feel your pain Kalahari Ferrari!

    ManNeedsGearManNeedsGear9 napja
  • Для кого-то Дакар это гонка всей жизни

    иван фёдоровиван фёдоров9 napja
  • Если даже мужики плачут, значит это суровое ралли!!!

    ilias sadykilias sadyk9 napja
  • Feel for Branch he wants it badly

    James BramblettJames Bramblett9 napja
  • Да такие моменты просто .......

    Денис КуликовДенис Куликов9 napja
  • Обидно(

    В СВ С9 napja
  • Vamos Nico 🇦🇷🇦🇷

    valevale9 napja
  • All these bike riders and drivers are my hero's! Commitment and sheer force if will just get them to the start line! RIP to the fallen hero's 🙏 Salute to the still standing!!💃

    Paul ChurchPaul Church9 napja
  • vamos chile

    Don SobrenombresDon Sobrenombres9 napja
  • Suerte a todos

    TagorexTagorex9 napja
  • Contact me if you want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Ninfa erJ xRudNinfa erJ xRud9 napja