Cyberpunk is sorry

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  • Download War Robots for free on your mobile device ! New players will get an armored robot with a unique skin, 100 gold and 50,000 silver. Get an extra-bonus of HARD FLAMETHROWER “Ember” before 30th, January. Hurry up!

    FlashgitzFlashgitz27 napja
    • NO!

      Steel- XLSteel- XL8 órája
    • Snap back to reality

      FrancoFranco6 napja
    • Put subtitles in Spanish

      limoncito 5u5limoncito 5u56 napja
    • war robots is worse pay to win than ea

    • Whats with being sellouts on the discord boys $$$$ is there not enough being made on the sponsorships for which admittedly the ads you dudes come up with are amazing?

      desdes8 napja
  • Dross is that You??

  • The only thing you got right about the Polish in this video was the haircuts and the names.

    douglas Mangodouglas MangoÓrája
  • I get the bear reference know

    Nate SmithNate Smith4 órája
  • Stanislav hahaha 😂😂😂 cmooon juuussst annnusser little delays

    Unrestricted GamingUnrestricted Gaming4 órája
  • Why are u think in poland we have big bears like russians (XD) and we are doing this slav crouch again like russians

    Wolf special forcesWolf special forces5 órája
  • Did anyone else notice dazborg is a western spy?

    Steel- XLSteel- XL8 órája
  • cool clip but fk pixonic warrobots overly pay2win , shitgame just stay away

    TakozaTakoza9 órája
  • "The less you say now the less you have to apologize for later."- someone, but I heard it on Letterkenny

    yuh yuhyuh yuh14 órája
  • I always look forward to the way he says silver in the sponsor part of the video

    SlayerSlayer15 órája
  • Who is from Poland?

    • Me

  • Who do you think would win in battle to the death GW or cyberpunk?

  • Was waiting for this to get funny

  • This just wasn't even close to funny. Also Cyberpunk sucks.

    DLFs PewbicSackDLFs PewbicSackNapja

    aron rexaron rexNapja
  • 1. We have no bears in poland (not counting few in mountains) 2. We do not squat in poland, this is not russia 3. Yes cyberpunk is still broken 4. CDP really uses demon help in making games 5. No russian accent here

    Just FeermoJust FeermoNapja
  • 2:29 When you find out you're 0.1% British.

  • They killed Jakob and threw his entire QnA team under the bus.

    S3V1N 4-VS3V1N 4-VNapja
  • poor bear

  • Rosja to nie Polska

  • So in this time line the soviet union actually took Poland

    Scott WilliamsScott WilliamsNapja
  • Poland and Russia are not the same...

    DJ GorzelnikDJ GorzelnikNapja
  • I guess is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask permission.🤷‍♂️

    jam yourjamjam yourjamNapja
  • War Robots is a useless Pay 2 Win game. Don't advertise this abomination.

    Hello GalaxyHello GalaxyNapja
  • Sowee

    Ray MakRay MakNapja
  • Not a single game in history has ever lived up to almost a decade of hype like cyberpunk. I knew this was going to happen

    Matt JohnsenMatt JohnsenNapja
  • came for the video. stayed for the add

  • I now see the light, CDPR Gropnik management was the cause. Thank you Flashgitz

    Scott ThompsonScott ThompsonNapja
  • War robots used to be good...

    Van ArriagaVan ArriagaNapja
  • I do whatever Dazbog says

  • This gives me serious south park vibes. Nice job!

    Kol SkullkidKol SkullkidNapja
  • I give it that it was only slightly scummier than the tactics games like Raid Shadow Legends or War Robots use on kids with no self control and their parents credit cards.

  • Why this god of sun say "Podatki cukrowe i śmierć, jam jest Solaris propaganda, nada mą wolę usłyszeliście" want means "Sugar taxes and death I'm Solaris propaganda need (in Russian not polish) my will you have listened"

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  • Bears are russian, in Poland we have europian beasons and storks. We don't like russian and we are westen Europe, not Asia like Bielarus or russia

    Pantofelek ma wykrócone ciało o charakterystycznym kształcie, osiąga długość od 50 μm do 350 μm.Pantofelek ma wykrócone ciało o charakterystycznym kształcie, osiąga długość od 50 μm do 350 μm.Napja
  • Hahaha, they talk with Russian accent:D They think Poland is Russia:D What a bunch of dorks:P

    Piotr KaczmarskiPiotr KaczmarskiNapja
  • Poland is not Russian

    Wiktor OsmanWiktor OsmanNapja
  • Lol I have those exact same tennis shoes and I never take them off, not even with tuxedo

    nazartnazart2 napja
  • Jakob the Bear was easily best character.

    Anthony BasmadjianAnthony Basmadjian2 napja
  • ,,shit" ???? Best game ever. Change my mind

    Young MichaluYoung Michalu2 napja
  • Cyberpunk 2077 was so bad, I pre ordered and when it got here the reviews were already out. I am so sad. SEND IT BACK FIXED!!!!!

    RakuHusky2RakuHusky22 napja
  • Poland is not Russia XD funny non the less :P

    Bury ZenekBury Zenek2 napja
  • yaycob

    Ritchie125Ritchie1252 napja
  • The real victim here was Jacob.

    LeroyLeroy2 napja
  • Jacob was only one willing to make a stand for us even against the words of a god rest in peace my friend we the gamers will never forget your bravery

    Harsh MishraHarsh Mishra2 napja
  • This is rascist. I'm Polish

    Tristan VisneskiTristan Visneski2 napja
  • Only Pole can get joke with bear xdddddddddd

    NajS1NajS12 napja
  • А чо звучит по-славянски

    Артем РуденкоАртем Руденко2 napja
  • Oh c'mon! That are plenty o f stereotypes of Poland that you could use to make lot of fun! But present us as Russians?! That is the most insulting thing you could make up. It really hurts.

    SofiaSofia2 napja
  • After CDPR PR apology. This video only gets even more relevant that it already is.

    MacyleMacyle2 napja
    • It's still bad because they can't even put proper stereotypes. Giving Polish people Russian stereotypes is not very smart, to say the least. But the dudes making this video aren't the smartest bunch so they get the pass.

      U 2U 2Napja
  • This shit was too funny. I only wish you would use the Warsaw Siren as the god instead of some made up pagan shit. Otherwise, pure brilliance. Coming from a Pole

    Easy MediaEasy Media2 napja
    • Śmieszne w jaki sposób, że pokazują ludzi jak małpy kucające na stole?

      U 2U 2Napja
  • well done bruv

    Arashi SArashi S2 napja
  • Poor cyberpunk

    Cody WirthCody Wirth2 napja
  • That switchblade bit was too much for me xddd

    melo chinmelo chin2 napja
  • This is really not that funny.

    Haywyre SavantHaywyre Savant2 napja
  • I forgive them

    Dave 4526Dave 45262 napja

    Drew MisterDrew Mister3 napja
  • Eem...looks more like in Russia....not Poland, sorry. It's not the same :/

    HetpolinkHetpolink3 napja
  • Glad I cancelled my pre order

    Hugo StiglitzHugo Stiglitz3 napja
  • That wasn't as good as I'd hoped, didn't laugh once.

    Jet KlaatuJet Klaatu3 napja
  • Poles speaking with russian accent... Interesting 🤔🤔🤔

    ChrisChris3 napja
    • @U 2 That answer is even more retarded than giving a polish person accent of topical Ivan

    • Flashgitz are not the smartest bunch, and they all look like incels so it might explain it

      U 2U 2Napja
  • Humor such a 4/10. You could have come up with something more Polish instead of Russian. Where is the onion? Where is the Fiat 126p? Where is Chopin? Where's the sausage and vodka? Where is Gonciarz? Sandals and socks? Where is the plastic bag?

    Mistrz14PLMistrz14PL3 napja
  • aaah, flamethrowers. because you can't resist your rightful ruler if you're on fire.

    umngyrumngyr3 napja
  • RIP Jakob.

    Jeroen HeisterJeroen Heister3 napja
  • WOW! This was racist! 😄

    m0viefanaticm0viefanatic3 napja
  • Funny as heck, but what's with that squatting. I've never seen that in Poland, Slovaika or Czechia IRL.

    FestuciusFestucius3 napja
  • You mess Poland and Russia...

    jeRaffjeRaff3 napja
  • this is russia no poland

    aviator_131aviator_1313 napja
  • I must be one of the few people who have zero sympathy for the fools who purchased Cyberpunk 2077 on day one. It's an open world RPG, designed for next gen consoles and high end PC's, people seriously thought it would run on a PS4? Anybody who bought into the hype (not all of which was CDPR's fault) deserved to lose their money. Also, Jacob had a perfectly valid point. They should have listened to him.

    kingdomrainskingdomrains3 napja
  • This is a proper assessment of what upper management looks like.

    Super Game N' Chill Bros.Super Game N' Chill Bros.3 napja
  • Stanislav from Pingle Studio?

    hitmanboss711hitmanboss7113 napja
  • Holy shit the shanking legit freaked me out. Did NOT see that coming.

    From EarthFrom Earth3 napja
  • 😢Jacob😢

    NuqlearNuqlear3 napja
  • Listen i need someone to hear me out flashgitz looks just like a older version of the guys from 3oh3

    John WilliamsJohn Williams3 napja
  • Poland isn't Russia

    RuslPrimeRuslPrime3 napja
  • Poland is saved, for now... but at what cost?

    Amergin GilesAmergin Giles4 napja
  • Me. What is this shit

    Jack MarshallJack Marshall4 napja
  • Jakob! Nooooooooooooooo.....!

    Austin BridgesAustin Bridges4 napja
  • Let’s be honest, no one has cared about Poland since 1930s Germany.

    Cobalt PrimeCobalt Prime4 napja
    • And that's a good thing tbh.

      U 2U 2Napja
    • True true…

  • Bro...normally i just skip the promotion of games but you...bro you make them funny and interesting, your really really good about the advertisment of these things, and you were the one who made me download war robots XD

    Logan PettyLogan Petty4 napja
  • Imagine being offended over the accuracy of an animated shitpost.

    DoctorDoctor4 napja
    • It's not about nitpicking. The entire video is just a fkng lie. Imagine if they picked Danish nationality as an example and made them nazis and hitlers followers invading Europe. This is how inaccurate it is. It just hurts. There is nothing wrong with laughing at stereotypes, but they were so lazy they didn't even search for polish stereotypes and they made them russians.

      U 2U 2Napja
    • Shitpost? Yeah, accurate? Hell no

      Pharaoh ProductionsPharaoh Productions3 napja
    • Fr

      speed coolerspeed cooler4 napja
  • Was your cartoon taken down?

    Regal DeagleRegal Deagle4 napja
  • Bruh, it's Poland, not Russia All the rest is correct

    NavarogNavarog4 napja
    • This.

      PretzelOfDestinyPretzelOfDestiny2 napja
  • I got a cool animation idea, so a group of pirates are traveling the sea, looking for loot, when all of a sudden a bunch of anthropomorphic sharks start climbing up the side of the boat, and the pirates have to defend themselves from getting infected like if you want to see this happen :D

    Quote on MineralQuote on Mineral4 napja
    • btw i love your content Flashgitz

      Quote on MineralQuote on Mineral4 napja
  • Question for slav people, do you all squat on tables during meetings?

    Hey thereHey there4 napja

    OmegaOmega4 napja
  • Why does the CEO of CD Projekt Red sound like Gru?

    FlubberGaming05FlubberGaming054 napja
  • So yeah i came here to laugh but i didn't expect a documentary

    obi0914obi09144 napja
  • We didn't deserve Jacob, he died a hero

    Benji WisBenji Wis4 napja
  • This reminds me of Metalocolypes for some reason

    DJKLnificentDJKLnificent4 napja
  • Ну вы знаете эти русские

    funduck 1818funduck 18184 napja
  • Still less buggy than skyrim of 2021 haha

    Roland DeschainRoland Deschain4 napja
    • Really wish youtube would let me laugh react, bc holy fuck you either have a bad memory of Witcher 3 launch or weren't around for it bc it was so much worse than this. So maybe you aren't just a sheep following popular negative opinion and are just a whiner in general. 😂

      Roland DeschainRoland Deschain3 napja
    • @Roland Deschain The main problem is that this game was made by CDPR. After how The Witcher 3 turned out, people generally saw them as the messiah of game companies. Especially because that was around the time that companies like EA and Ubisoft were more horrible than ever. To think that CDPR is going down the same road as these shitty companies (who tend to have the philosophy of “ship now, fix later”) is very disappointing. They bit off way more than they could chew and even lied about shipping the game only when it’s ready.

      Sole HeirSole Heir3 napja
    • So what's the point in pretending it's buggier than it actually is? Hmm. It's decent, never said it was the best or goty. But too many people just hop on the hype train or the dumber judgement train for my taste. So skyrim is buggier than it? That doesn't mean that the game is good bad or otherwise. Only means that it has less issues than another.

      Roland DeschainRoland Deschain3 napja
    • @Roland Deschain Even *if* the game had no bugs and ran perfectly on all platforms, it’s still average at best.

      Sole HeirSole Heir4 napja
    • Lol yes

      Roland DeschainRoland Deschain4 napja
  • This explains a surprising amount

    Papa LugePapa Luge4 napja
  • Dovahbear has a good point.

    Defiance8o8Defiance8o84 napja
  • I’m form Poland but this is awesome 😎

    AllstabsAllstabs5 napja
  • The skit wasn't funny..and there was so much material you had to work with given the state of cyberpunk 2077...

    RussellRussell5 napja
  • They need Boris

    Snake the AdversarySnake the Adversary5 napja
  • so happy you killed off your discord server

    BuzzerBuzzer5 napja
  • Why bear? We have maybe 50 wild bears in entire country.

    Sie JacSie Jac5 napja
  • What with this russian accent?

    Sie JacSie Jac5 napja
  • Jakob Noooooooo

    Israel GonzalezIsrael Gonzalez5 napja