Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Smartphone Unboxing

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The OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Smartphone is one of the coolest smartphones I've ever seen.
Claim your FREE Limited Edition UNBXT Cap when you spend $100 with BYLT Basics or buy just the hat for $20
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  • Claim your FREE Limited Edition UNBXT Cap when you spend $100 with BYLT Basics or buy just the hat for $20

    Unbox TherapyUnbox TherapyHónapja
    • @Unbox Therapy

      Hermit TVHermit TV26 napja
    • Hor

      Lil bitLil bitHónapja
    • is this package of oneplus 8t cyberpunk 2077 available for sale or only for the youtubers thia is made plz reply if for sale.i need to buy one i really need one

      gazi ashiful Haquegazi ashiful HaqueHónapja
    • Love you sir 😍🥰😘

    • A hat for 20? Ñah

  • But OnePlus 8T original box

    Haritha P RHaritha P R19 perccel
  • Oof the phone is probably just as dog shit as the game

    gecksgecks7 órája
  • Wondering how do you get all this tech

    Deondrae FrazierDeondrae Frazier13 órája
  • Too bad I don't have money to buy. Damn nice phone.

    Elijah MasionElijah Masion22 órája
  • Game fall short tho

    BlackListerBlackLister2 napja
  • Bhggu

    Suku LokuSuku Loku2 napja
  • WHY WHY WHY!! didn't we get this the u.s.a?

    Daniel TurnerDaniel Turner3 napja
  • This is next level. Watching on my Oneplus 7T

    CrispyBeefChunkCrispyBeefChunk4 napja
  • I want it but I'm in USA NY would it still work

    King_Royal_NYCKing_Royal_NYC6 napja
  • good job

    Avil GeorgescuAvil Georgescu7 napja
  • ഡാാാാാാാ

    Yo YoYo Yo7 napja
  • nyc

  • You donated lot of electronical and pls gave me something 🥺

    sadik abdu saleemsadik abdu saleem8 napja
  • A new subscriber 😉

    Eror 505Eror 5059 napja
  • Gonna need a more protective case for that. The one in the box looks a lil flimsy ☠️. Beautiful phone tho

    Big ZBig Z9 napja
  • good

    Shivanand. TiwariShivanand. Tiwari10 napja
  • Love the berner music in background

    Ethan BojorquezEthan Bojorquez10 napja
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    TA GamingTA Gaming10 napja
  • its awesome

    Bharath AnkireddyBharath Ankireddy10 napja
  • Does it run cyberpunk

    Smiti BhagatSmiti Bhagat11 napja
  • 😎😎

    Sindhuja SindhuSindhuja Sindhu11 napja
  • Literally it's a amazing mobile

    balaji balubalaji balu11 napja
  • Does it also come with bugs and missing features?

    S1D3winder017S1D3winder01711 napja
  • I need this

    Dream TubeDream Tube12 napja
  • Looks like the old lazer box

    Yassine BendYassine Bend13 napja
  • Where can i buy it?

    Kipp BakerKipp Baker13 napja
  • Wish I have a new phone

    Carlon TVVCarlon TVV14 napja
  • Got a Valentino badge.

    Rebel OneRebel One15 napja
  • I tried to install all that cyberpunk stuff with magisk and broke my phone 😔

    Raul LaraRaul Lara16 napja
    • i know the feeling😭

      act boyact boy14 napja
  • Nobody : Lew : It's super limited. (Hat lol) Me : Lmao, that cap must be handmade by God himself. (Coz I see nothing in that cap)

    Sohan EkboteSohan Ekbote16 napja
  • $20 for 1 cap! I can buy 15 caps like this in Bangladesh under 20$

    mobassir ahmed hemelmobassir ahmed hemel16 napja
  • how can i get one

    Joshua ApolloJoshua Apollo17 napja
  • Hope it works better than their game

    Manifest GamerManifest Gamer17 napja
  • ❤❤❤awesome😍phone❤❤❤

    Suman DasSuman Das18 napja
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Juan-Carlos FrançoisJuan-Carlos François18 napja
  • Please subscribe my youtube channel thank you so much.

    Jestoni SantosJestoni Santos18 napja
  • Hey I can see some bugs in the garage Lew

    Yash GanarYash Ganar18 napja
  • I would buy this today if it were available in the US

    Girlgeek101 StampingGirlgeek101 Stamping19 napja
  • Yeah and it will be outdated tomorrow...

    Edgar RenjeEdgar Renje19 napja
  • I am sure, Xiaomi POCO M3 was supposed to be a collab with cyberpunk and it didn't go ahead .. lol

    NafeesNafees19 napja
  • They are glad they released the collab phone before the game

    NafeesNafees19 napja
  • Love it

    Marcin AdamowiczMarcin Adamowicz20 napja
  • How much are they gonna try to fk me out of for this?

    John DoughJohn Dough20 napja
  • Please dust and clean the product before filming/zooming in xx

    Miriam PerkinsMiriam Perkins21 napja
  • great

    dunna tantudunna tantu21 napja
  • 0.0 the hecc am I Looking At...

    Mike YTMike YT21 napja
  • Dream phone hmmmm :(

    Marcus Jade FariñasMarcus Jade Fariñas22 napja
  • Me owning this: My alarm clock: wake the fuck up samurai

    PiPiNg_HoT_cHeEsEtOeSPiPiNg_HoT_cHeEsEtOeS22 napja
  • Polichu

    master gamingmaster gaming22 napja
  • The phone is better than the game itself.

    Lethal KidLethal Kid22 napja
  • OnePlus customer support sucks.. unless there is a service center in your country save urself the headache! I learnt the hard way 🤦

    middy77middy7723 napja
  • We can't trust chinese. We also can't trust chinese products.

    Turtle tTurtle t23 napja
  • Dude...with all the respect... Put some soul in your videos... You lost your charisma...'re the best in unboxing

    Marius ClaudiuMarius Claudiu23 napja
  • Its actually 2077 in Nepal....🇳🇵

    Ashley JasonAshley Jason23 napja
  • I hope without bugs like the game :D

    Dj ChronicDj Chronic23 napja
  • its like poco phone m3

    crazy bonecrazy bone23 napja
  • 100$ cap🤧😹😹

    Allan CyrilAllan Cyril23 napja
  • Does the phone crash every time you open a file lol 😂

    C AyacheC Ayache24 napja
  • Does phone comes with built-in glitch system or ?

    earth was cool xDearth was cool xD24 napja
  • Plain black hat with some simple lettering on it..... around $30?? Bruh

    Michael Garcia DTXMichael Garcia DTX24 napja
  • Who’s here after the biggest flop of 2020

    GsuplexGsuplex24 napja
  • I hope it doesn't have a glitch where it will make it fly

    dezzdezz24 napja
  • Can you use in united states

    Alex TorresAlex Torres24 napja
  • Imagine waiting for this game and later discovering how bad the game has came out. *sad*

    Norbert ÁgostonNorbert Ágoston24 napja
  • The most future phone of all

    Rezvan RvRezvan Rv24 napja
  • Phone must have tons of bugs.

    『Akatsuki』 เՇXCђเ『Akatsuki』 เՇXCђเ24 napja
  • Walmart has them for like $890

    GlobalistEnemy01GlobalistEnemy0125 napja
  • So after 7 years of hype , cyberpunk is a bust 🤦‍♂️

    Debanjan MahapatraDebanjan Mahapatra25 napja
  • Why the packaging feels like a use and throw popsicle phone

  • It was almost a badass phone! Until they fucked it up with the lame ass hole punch design 🤦 Notches and hole punches make a phone look absolutely ridiculous. I don’t see how anyone can look past that. It ruins the whole aesthetic

    Jose MejiaJose Mejia26 napja
    • I dont understand why people hate the hole punch so much. The landing strip notch that Apples been using for like 4 years yes but the hole punch isn't even noticeable anymore. Until we can do under the screen cameras better, that's the best option.

      S1D3winder017S1D3winder01711 napja
  • At least the phone didn't have bugs😂😂😂

    Coochie ManCoochie Man26 napja
  • It's a dream for some people u can't buy it 😭 like me

    SKULL gamingSKULL gaming26 napja
  • Bro I need this if you see my comment please bro I love you brother @unboxtherapy

    Hermit TVHermit TV26 napja
  • I love hooman ingenuity

    Geisister achuchuGeisister achuchu26 napja
  • does it crash and fall through the world too?

    Pascal GPascal G26 napja
  • It looks dope, but the reason iPhones sell better is because the luxury look and simplistic interface

    TEALTEAL27 napja
  • Mahn your the best

    AjwadAjwad27 napja
  • Can someone pls tell how to buy oneplus cyberpunk???

    XxAryaveer ChaudharyxXXxAryaveer ChaudharyxX28 napja
    • @mohammad saleem hehe 😂

      8129 Shashwat Dwivedi8129 Shashwat Dwivedi25 napja
    • Go to china

      mohammad saleemmohammad saleem27 napja
  • Is this video sarcastic or is he being real?

    Carlos CortezCarlos Cortez28 napja
  • All that clout for a drop of hype . Cyberpunk was not ready for this gen

    gangsta grillzgangsta grillz28 napja
  • If it’s a Chinese only version why is everything in English?

    • selling in China only

      七十二人370七十二人37021 napja
  • Stay away from Chinese products

    Deepak B PillaiDeepak B Pillai29 napja
  • That’s crasy!

    Alberto GendisAlberto Gendis29 napja
  • I spent my most of the time in Recording Editing and Uploading So I Need All My Brothers And Sisters Support ///

    Sachi KahaaniSachi Kahaani29 napja
  • Masks 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    Fred EskridgeFred Eskridge29 napja
  • Oneplus RULES 🤟

    Abdul T.Abdul T.29 napja
  • wtf happened to his accent all of a sudden

  • I really love tis device but it's expensive

    In DepthIn Depth29 napja
  • I hear they just fly in to the air for no reason

    Jay BJay B29 napja
  • Hello. I am Hamza from Algeria. I love OnePlus phones, and my wish is to have a OnePlus phone. Please give you one.

    قناة Zawaliقناة Zawali29 napja
  • Here comes the BUGS phone

    Dev YadavDev Yadav29 napja
  • 3:07 actual video starts from here

    Noor Ul ArfeenNoor Ul ArfeenHónapja
    • Thanks bro

      Abdul NaseefAbdul Naseef29 napja
  • Hope it performs better than the game

    Apex zillaApex zillaHónapja
  • Wow The best looking phone I have ever seen

    Pushpanandhan NPushpanandhan NHónapja
  • Can u sent it to India Punjab ludhiana

    sair spatasair spataHónapja
  • Lets hope it dosen’t have as much bugs as the game.

    A SharkA SharkHónapja
  • The phone is great and the game is not.😐

  • "informative video"

    GAMING SUVO OfficialGAMING SUVO OfficialHónapja
  • 😍😍😍