Cyberpunk 2077 Angry Review

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AngryJoe takes on Cyberpunk, can this Futuristic RPG from the makers of Witcher 3 live up to the Massive Hype? Find out in our Final Word Angry Review!
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@maple_moomin Why do you Keanu?

  • I actually haven't had too many glitches or bugs. Only 3 crashes in 8 hours of playing.

    Blue Lynx VlogsBlue Lynx Vlogs14 másodpercig
  • This game deserve 3/10 for all plataforms..

  • I know games are extremely painstaking and tedious to make but I honestly don’t understand how these glaring issues and underdeveloped aspects made them actually release this. Like I honestly don’t even want to buy it in the future and it’s their fault for completely overselling it. Why can’t games just be like new Vegas

    totoros dadtotoros dad2 perccel
  • This is kind of funny. I had zero problems playing on PC. Literally none. ;D

    ツ3 perccel
  • Didn’t the fact that cd project red wouldn’t let people show their own footage show that something was wrong? Assassins creed Valhalla had gameplay out months before release.

    Trp AccountTrp Account3 perccel
  • This really sucks that your game seems really screwed up but I swear to God that I damn near had zero bugs. It plays perfectly honestly

    WellsieWellsie4 perccel
  • Does anyone know the name of the techno song at 16:23? I swear that I heard it before... maybe in a Gamerpoop video by mans1ay3r

    Christian ComptonChristian Compton8 perccel
  • Her juggs look nice.

    謎の目This_Is_Daddy!謎の目This_Is_Daddy!31 perce
  • see I just want the jacket hes wearing.

    Gahngis martinezGahngis martinez37 perccel
  • game played fine on PC on launch/. Who cares about console! tell them to get a PC!

    Jon Some-thingJon Some-thing48 perccel
  • Whoa how you could have had so many bugs on the pc version 😱 me playing on ps4 I did not have the 10th of the bugs that you had ... damn I was lucky 😅😂

    Fils De poulpeFils De poulpe51 perce
  • 14:40 must have been imported from northern ireland

    Bill CosbyBill CosbyÓrája
  • First few minutes make me want a speedball

  • Rockstar must be sitting with the cheerleaders

    Smoofy PoofySmoofy PoofyÓrája
  • "Was it EA?" Lol

    Roman RomeroRoman RomeroÓrája
  • Damn OJ don't skip leg day huh

    Brandon Van DijkBrandon Van DijkÓrája
  • One thing that annoys me that CDPR needs to fix ASAP: Customization. There needs to be opportunities to change your appearance after CharGen.

    Jack DaoneJack DaoneÓrája
  • Maybe it will be finished in 2077...

    Shoedi LShoedi LÓrája
  • Nice Job Joe ;-]

  • Maybe the driving would feel better if you actually bought a good car?

  • I was waiting for this game and when I finally played it, it was ok. Just didn't get into it. (Pc version)

  • Gotta love how the cops will just open fire on you for standing next to them or a crime scene you stumble on for too long. Not like they could, y’know, just arrest you.

    Jack DaoneJack DaoneÓrája
  • I’m honestly a little sad he didn’t bring back corporate commander as the publishers forcing Dev to release a buggy game

    American patriot RAmerican patriot RÓrája
  • I give it an 8 since nearly all the games play just as broken in thr last oh what how many yrs? 5+smh hopefully things get better in thre future but idk

    KroNick_Abundance NikolaosKroNick_Abundance NikolaosÓrája
  • You Never Get a second chance at a first impression....Not from Me...Fucking amateur game developer!...Rest assured,I'll be following all those who were involved in its development...Running away and changing your company name wont help either. Here are the names to remember Marcin Iwiński Michał Kiciński Piotr Nielubowicz Fucking Amateurs. WTF were these guys doing for 9 years?

    shameem evansshameem evansÓrája
  • Pro tip if you're having trouble with those boxing missions they're easy to cheese u just(optional makes it way easier with gorilla arms and animal hands! Especially if ur using legendary or epic purple n up or even blue I did ut that way) but the trick is just keep using power punches to break their block and then jab like 3x and then charge a heavy attack n then hit them 2x again repeat..I was even able to beat the big TLOU2 meme chick thats built like thr hulk lmao great meme eater egg but I just kept using heavy attack in thre face got her against the wall n she couldn't stop being stunned by thre animation lol! It's so easy once u get thr timing down.

    KroNick_Abundance NikolaosKroNick_Abundance NikolaosÓrája
  • Alright you guys had me laughing with the betty white scene, awesome job

    A. AnonymousA. AnonymousÓrája
  • Oh, how do you do things at the Angry Joe show? Put out late reviews, look at your phone after you ask someone a question, come up with excuses for oj to undress?


    Jojo Bizarre LivingstoneJojo Bizarre LivingstoneÓrája
  • who's that Bethesda chick?

    Ghost VikingGhost Viking2 órája
  • Tomate un té amigo...

    Ariel AguilarAriel Aguilar2 órája
  • 4:28 is when the review actually begins, for those of you who are not fans of angry joe's "comedy"

    Cheek BusterCheek Buster2 órája
  • AJ! Yooo loved the review man. I feel like they got us all with this one. I was like ummmmm 😐, No...

    LightLight2 órája
  • "It Just Works'' - Bethesda

    ImNotMaceImNotMace2 órája
  • Wow this game really does look and feel like shit glad I didn’t buy it

  • Glad to see you used Kitty0706 clip of Roman's wanna go bowling RIP Kitty

    UltraGamezUltraGamez2 órája
  • Worst game in video game history..!!

    RaidenRaiden2 órája
  • the police in this game are dreadful, even games from 20 years ago have a more believable spawn distance, these pricks are are your back the second you do something criminal -.-

    KonaKona2 órája
  • It just works... oh wrong studio

    Christian GreyChristian Grey2 órája
  • CD Projekt Red should feel ashamed.

    Nero GamingNero Gaming2 órája
  • Only came here to say FUCK YOU ANGRY JOE.

    AzaAza3 órája
  • It should have been December 10th 2021, and they shouldn’t have marketed that much. Made way to much hype, add impatient people asking for the game as soon as possible, and high promises basically doomed this Game to Disaster. A Shame.

    Wings-Of-Gaming 9Wings-Of-Gaming 93 órája
  • PC review verdict should of been 5/10 half ass score for half ass game

    Nasar HarisNasar Haris3 órája
  • I thought Corporate Commander would be in the video. It suits him fine.

    Elder MartinsElder Martins3 órája
  • I really appreciate your time invested in your reviews. I still watch your videos from years now

    Nasar HarisNasar Haris3 órája
  • To each their own, but I think rewarding this game with anything beyond a 2 is abhorrent. Not just for the bugs, but for how rudimentary & derivative the game is. They promised breath of the wild, then delivered crackdown 3. And on top of it all, CDPR revealed themselves to be every bit as awful as EA, Activision, etc. I feel so bad for all the people who put endless hours of work into this shit-awful mess.

    Glenn CanningGlenn Canning3 órája
  • I know Joe is usually angry. His standards are high. But I could tell by the thumbnail. That joe was very angry

    Colten KeenanColten Keenan3 órája
  • when principal joe pulled out the tin foil pipe I lost my shit XD

    Mitch BrannonMitch Brannon3 órája
  • 6:42 oshit, Kojima cursed the game!

    LaNoirLaNoir4 órája
  • 38:05 ay launch

    Dude UliDude Uli4 órája
  • The gaming community needs to stop pre ordering games. It's been years since titles were released finished. Seriously just stop doing it.

    David HillDavid Hill4 órája
  • This level of shocking under development is criminal...

    Tom SmalleyTom Smalley4 órája

    Manos GryparisManos Gryparis4 órája
  • 4:20 he actually starts

    David HillDavid Hill4 órája
  • what if the game is sposto be like that and your being hacked by npcs..... 🤔😏

    That GuyThat Guy4 órája
  • Disco balls

  • so again, rockstar is our last hope.

    Wincent WieselWincent Wiesel4 órája
    • Why lie

      MrBark45MrBark454 órája
  • That first skit was hilarious. Im with you on the part where you said I had to force myself to play it, same. Couldn't even finish it and The Witcher 3 is my favorite game!!!

    OnepunchGOnepunchG4 órája
  • The biggest sin was the cut content on the life paths.

    mnmsaregood1mnmsaregood14 órája
  • thank you joe, you talk right out of my broken heart, hopefully cd hears your voice, cyberpunk is bullshit, never ever would have thought of saying that...

    Sir RonvidSir Ronvid4 órája
  • I just realized that they are in the ISIS offices.

    Iffy350Iffy3505 órája
  • U wanna try some dlc I was dying

    Too_officialToo_official5 órája
  • 36:19 Now that's a lie

    PikopatiPikopati5 órája
  • 😂😂

    Slim Dood DoodSlim Dood Dood5 órája
  • End of october would be a good guess. I think. Oh wait, I forgot about the tweet. It's around 2022. Yea. Yea.

    HwanahHwanah5 órája
  • I don't understand your reviews. You try to hard to be funny.

    Nived92Nived925 órája
  • Absolutely criminal how they were allowed to release this game

    Brad JonesBrad Jones5 órája
    • financially struggle

      Steven ASteven A3 órája
  • I want 3rd person cutscenes. 1st person doesn't show you how V feels.

    Matthias FaxMatthias Fax5 órája
  • The look on Jo's face when the drugs came out made me lough. Reminds me of when my mom caught me touching myself.

    Eric JohnsonEric Johnson6 órája
  • 12:10 - I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time as I did after watching this. Thank you Joe! That felt good!

    Nikolai KarpovichNikolai Karpovich6 órája
  • WE ARE the testers everyone! =)

    My nose hair grows so quickMy nose hair grows so quick6 órája

    AndrewAndrew6 órája
  • JOE... been watching you for YEARS BRO!!. This is one of your BEST!! Unadulterated and more to the pint RIGHTEOUS. This looks absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AndrewAndrew6 órája
  • I completed the game on one x and only experienced a couple bug It really wasnt that bad most of the Time the game looked amazing but the bugs i did encounter were pretty funny

    Omar PinedaOmar Pineda6 órája
  • I played it on a 2070RTX with a normal CPU and it worked for 90%. All you people think is wrong - is from time to time more wrong if it works^^. But i need to be true! i had my vecation and played Cyberpunk on a good Computer I loved it. But it is very very Buggy! Super Bugy! But it is also a super game . . . its hard

    A_TremereAndSomeBlood _JustOPA_TremereAndSomeBlood _JustOP6 órája
  • lol @ 2:08 I think most of us guess he was gonna mention EA

    IceVeinsIceVeins6 órája
  • “You can’t release something that’s not finished!” - AVGN

    Glamrock FreddyGlamrock Freddy7 órája
  • 12:30 joe, my dude... there are entire systems not even developed and implemented in cyberpunk in the first place. This game needed at least 3 more years of development, no joke man. And its not even just bugs and optimization, like, theres really basic stuff missing from the game, stuff that was already pretty basic to have back in GTA 3 in 2001.

    JohnzzeraJohnzzera7 órája
  • 37:58 "Console ay launch"

    Martin WilliamsMartin Williams7 órája
  • Can we all just admit CD Projekt Red was never good and only ghosted on the success of 1 game.

    Notsosmartguy 625Notsosmartguy 6257 órája
  • The damn GFUEL right next to him lol 😂

    onlinmrineonlinmrine7 órája
  • Love the review. It’s honest, doesn’t leave out the bugs and problems but it also aknowledges its good parts.

    L. T.L. T.7 órája
  • I'm 1000% it a real piece of shit.. this game isnt even a Alpha version.. totally incompleted..maybe one FULL year of hard work to correct the 1000,000 BUGSSS.. unplayable..

    Yann LaliberteYann Laliberte7 órája
  • What do they need 20 years to develop a good game?...Come on, this is BS!! 😠

    AnthonyAnthony8 órája
  • so who is your sponsor and what is the discount?

    RokenRoken8 órája
  • Makes me kinda wonder what they acually did during all the delays if it's this buggy when it was "ready".

    GunvorPlaysGunvorPlays8 órája
  • Thanks 👍🙏🏼☮

    alex hutchingsalex hutchings8 órája
  • Cyberpunk 2077 nah more like Cyberbug 24/7

    T0R0 455T0R0 4558 órája
  • this guy cant afford a PC? why is he playing on PS4?

    eStar TVeStar TV8 órája
    • the most player use ps4 and i'm glad to see e.g. if the ps4 version is working fine ( i can save money).

      Steven ASteven A3 órája
    • Literally says in here that he played in on PC and even showed either didn’t watch or are just naturally dumb lol

      JoeJoe6 órája
    • 3.28 million followers and you think he cant afford a PC? lol

      Keegan TFKeegan TF7 órája
  • It’s a market trend ladies and gents. Things are only going to get worse.

    David HerrDavid Herr8 órája
  • great skit lmao

    SauercloutSauerclout9 órája
  • Preach Joe..preach

    Gabriel RomeroGabriel Romero9 órája
  • Well i guess 2020 really was a curse. If it even managed to grab cyberpunk.

    TImeremortemTImeremortem9 órája
  • Tbh, im really sorry for people experiencing this game with all it's bugs. I myself have been playing it for a little while on and off since it came out, and i didn't have any experience with the game being buggy, frankly, i only had one thing happened where i was stealing a car, and the person i stole it from was still sitting in it, and i pretty much sat inside him (lol) all i had to do was get out of the car, and get in again, and that worked. But other than that, i didn't have any bugs, i didn't have any bugs when Assassin' Creed Valhalla came out, now that i think of it, i didn't have any bugs of any of the games that i have played (Only if i've downloaded mods) idk if im just lucky, or if there is some sort of gaming guardian angel watching over me. But it pains me to see the game being this bad for so many people, and the worst thing is, people are losing faith in the gaming industry now... Me and my mate talked about this a little time ago, where i was naivly trying to deffend CD Project Red and Cyberpunk for it's mistakes, he told me that, he believes it's people like me, people who are deffending an already broken ass game, that the developers and other developers creates games in such a poor manner. I could not help but see his point, and agree. I also hoped that CDPR was the exception when it comes to buggy games, but so did alot of people, and it actually is really sad to see. I feel like i need to apologize for having a better experience with Cyberpunk, than most, cuz i feel like they were ripped off, while i had no problem. So im terribly sorry, that you guys, didn't get the same experience i did :(

    Shavala FeralShavala Feral9 órája
  • oh my other joe is great as proposing all the problems we all know!

    Julien LimosinoJulien Limosino10 órája
  • Trash game

    Alex cAlex c10 órája
  • So was panam in the air when she yelled",come on limpdicks!"

    Jeremiah LohfJeremiah Lohf10 órája
  • 2:32 is that clarababylegs?

    GermanGameAdviserGermanGameAdviser10 órája

    UnCreative DeconstructionismUnCreative Deconstructionism11 órája
  • So one big point that I want to mention that Joe is hitting home here is that gaming in the past in the beginning (1980s) and early 2000's meant the game was finished with no future patches to come down the line (As there was no way to do so at the time). As a gaming community as a whole, we need to understand that with the industry getting larger and more powerful with new game engines that problems like bugs and glitches are going to come. Again, we need to look at our roots and still not accept a game is buggy as hell when you drop $60 in USA, or $80 CAD (sometimes upwards of $100! games used to be 30-40 bucks back in the day!). Joe keeps the right mindset by judging a game at launch because gaming at it's roots was a polished product that didn't require patch after patch after patch. CDPR I love your games, and even Cyberpunk is still awesome, but this was a MAJOR let down. Test your products, again, I say TEST YOUR PRODUCTS. Listen to your fanbase on this one. We know that you guys got pushed to release the title in fear of hype dying, investors getting antsy, but damn! Test your products to the max, this is why Game Testers is an actual profession. They're to ensure the product will be ready for release and your fans and investors will be completely happy with you. In your words CDPR "It'll come out... When it's Ready." This wasn't Ready, this was pushed like every other year to year update to update releasing game company (Looking at you EA, Ubisoft, Capcom-primarily for their release of SFV). Gaming has developed so much since a lot of us were children that it's getting uglier by the year with post-launch patches. Release when the product is considered Finished. Not playable. If this happens again, CDPR will no longer be considered one of the major players (if not king) of games of the current decade.

    GeneticColossusGeneticColossus11 órája