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That's a LOT of cases :-) Thank you very much Mr.Bitskins for sponsoring this video, if you want to buy or sell skins check them out: bskn.co/?ref_alias=anomaly

  • I used "tothemoon" on csgoroll and they gave me 2$ because of the stock market meme right now lol

    Michael KirchnerMichael Kirchner2 napja
  • That fucking haysus is lucky as hell

    Yass craftYass craft4 napja
  • I just started playing cs yesterday and today i opened my first knife!

    XDXD5 napja
  • Anomaly get papa on the next case battle stream. Papa gives luck.

    GlubbeGlubbe5 napja
  • Poggers

    animation timeanimation time6 napja
  • heyzeus has such a annoying voice

    ohdanteohdante6 napja
  • 3 million subs. We love you , Ludde🎉🤟

    Simon RileySimon Riley7 napja

    Kondzio TycKondzio Tyc7 napja
  • The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive one another and love one another! Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ!

    hanunijahanunija7 napja
  • Aussie Aussie, Aussie.

    - HobbiT -- HobbiT -7 napja
  • Really hope heyzeus was actually cheating

    Alexander van ZantenAlexander van Zanten8 napja
  • Make a 1000 case opening battle

    RexyyRexyy8 napja
  • How much does one case cost? I don’t play

    Tannerz21 GamingTannerz21 Gaming8 napja
  • Sad Anomaly

    Ariel KaplanAriel Kaplan9 napja
  • Anomaly: This skin is a shitter box Me:THATS THE COOLEST FUCKING SKIN I EVER SEEN

    Apopc frApopc fr9 napja
  • 3M Subscibblers yeas

    PootisBirdYTPootisBirdYT9 napja
  • Anomaly gets bullied by valve the game the movie.

    qweriopqweriop9 napja
  • Ur running out of content

    Zero TwoZero Two9 napja
  • Slot machines 1v1 😳😳

    T JizzleT Jizzle10 napja
  • Next shattered web plis

    DemonDemon10 napja
  • If i would get money for all the times anomaly saying the word "kidding", i would have been a billionaire

    Mysterious EyeMysterious Eye10 napja
  • trolled by valve 4 looks cool

    Цокаев СабирЦокаев Сабир10 napja
  • Omg I missed my boy from Sweden

    Andrew WillardAndrew Willard10 napja
  • Case battle?More like Donating money to other streamers.

    Galavis232ROGalavis232RO10 napja
  • You are close too 3m subs

    wickvingwickving10 napja
  • He's so close to 3million subs But so far away from $300

    MM10 napja
  • 3 MİLLİON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yaşar Seymen DemircioğluYaşar Seymen Demircioğlu10 napja
  • 0:44 doota

    Kaiyuan ChenKaiyuan Chen10 napja
  • discordanomalò?

    Flavio GiovanniniFlavio Giovannini10 napja
  • w8ing for anomaly 3m subs!

    Aryan BhardwajAryan Bhardwaj10 napja
  • try to play roblox arsenal it is f.cking SHIT!!!!!!

    Rie JägerRie Jäger10 napja
  • give my fucking skin /tradeoffer/new/?partner=295458672&token=4BZz1z2z

    NIKONIKO10 napja
  • damm u used 1800 punds

    Jello GelloJello Gello10 napja
  • Congrats on 3 mill another 7 to go

    Sir TerrabiteSir Terrabite10 napja
  • 0:00 i was eating food

    Yusuf öncüYusuf öncü10 napja
  • .

    tomasciuc cosmin thomasciuctomasciuc cosmin thomasciuc10 napja
  • Ohnepixel der bre

    Mika BierMika Bier10 napja
  • You’re about to hit 3 mil

    TriscoliTriscoli10 napja
  • more krunker pls

    VA1NA1VA1NA110 napja
  • u do relize u could just use hell case or key drop or manymore websties so open cases u know cause its cheaper tha way

  • mans had to do h1z1 dirty like that

    Hunter BaileyHunter Bailey10 napja
  • analmolly what happrneed to stun

    NixlekkNixlekk10 napja
  • Would be much more funny if the loser took the winners skins Imagine unboxing ST printstream FN then :(

    Fizzyjoe CSGOFizzyjoe CSGO10 napja
  • Maybe do the next one with breakout cases🤔 with your luck you gonna get like 10 Butterflies 😂

    FanatixZzFanatixZz10 napja
  • ‘He is luckier than “HESUS”(WhEzE)’

    Eli IrbyEli Irby10 napja
  • bitskins doesn't allow credit card withdrawals in the USA, Anomaly conveniently skips that little detail

    Pranav MuthuramanPranav Muthuraman10 napja
  • I really didn't wanna see gay trilluxe win i really did not......

    RewwuxRewwux10 napja
  • Bit skins is a scam i did a trade. it asked me to verify my whole inventory and i never recieve my trade and lost most of my items please dont use it

    kaikai10 napja
  • 3mill incoming

    Prod by. DTunezProd by. DTunez10 napja

    ProfessorSkitzProfessorSkitz10 napja
  • anomaly pls do another trolled by valve u have plenty unboxings to choose from xd notice me bro

    arthxr larthxr l10 napja
  • After watching anomaly I did an unboxing myself of 20 cases and got two knives on the first two boxes 😂(this is a while back). I got m9 bayonet gamma Doppler fn but it was a rare pattern all green but I under sold it💀 still from £40 to £600 real cash and I did not know how lucky I was at first😂

    AceWolf FTWAceWolf FTW11 napja

    MasheenMasheen11 napja
  • Alternative Title: Fat Swedish Man slowly loses his voice and his mind

    JimiBeamyJimiBeamy11 napja
  • Almost 3million subscribers XD

    LeipäLeipä11 napja
  • CLAPT by richboy trillux

    daswieder typdaswieder typ11 napja
  • 3 mil lets go

    Genti MemediGenti Memedi11 napja
  • Anomaly do you know why Blizy hasn't uploaded in a very long time?

    Ech0Ech011 napja
  • The intro with volume at 100 make me feel like a psihopat =)

  • 3 mil

    Zach ElZach El11 napja
  • Anomaly 30 y old still autistic af.

    Стойчо АлександровСтойчо Александров11 napja
  • plz sned printstrym ples

    Not ThinkNot Think11 napja
  • So close to 3mil subs (do more case battles)

    Nemanja NIkolicNemanja NIkolic11 napja
  • No hate but your luck is like L

    yusokaa _02yusokaa _0211 napja
  • C

    Charlie WoodCharlie Wood11 napja
  • 0:23 not anymore lolxdxd

    JeanShortsJeanShorts11 napja
  • how do we know they aren’t using a skin changer to open these cases.

    crociicrocii11 napja
  • When gaben hits 4 tubs of g fuel 😂😂😂😂😂😘😘😘😘😘😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Helios WLPHelios WLP11 napja
  • 420 dislikes

    Ceo of CatsCeo of Cats11 napja
  • Trolled by valve 81762661

    Xentoo 89Xentoo 8911 napja
  • Give one knajf or u gae

    BlepuBlepu11 napja
  • so the 5k knives before this doesnt matter xD?

    NqLyr1csNqLyr1cs11 napja
  • 480p on the video tho

    HolloyeHolloye11 napja
  • 2,99 million subs....

    WirusWirus11 napja
  • this german dude is literally cringe

    ASAPASAP11 napja
  • I think the german accent is the ugliest one i have ever heard

    ASAPASAP11 napja
  • No more OhnePixel. He's annoying pls fix.

    Julius FJJulius FJ11 napja
  • the batels got me dying

    isyourboyzafiraKYSisyourboyzafiraKYS11 napja
  • Abomaly pls pne guy scammed me and i can not report it ge blocked me. Pls hype it up for abomaly to see it

    Lukáš KováčLukáš Kováč11 napja
  • anomaly dominating on those kids xddd trolling them so hard

    chilly0511chilly051111 napja
  • Hi

    swiss_ EXOswiss_ EXO11 napja
  • i love seeing anomaly in pain and in debt lol good vid i like

    Gaymer JeemGaymer Jeem11 napja
  • Get good get gamesense

    infernalinfernal11 napja
  • You found your F7 or you switched to another keyboard

    MYLILBRO99MYLILBRO9911 napja
  • Almost 3 million!!!!!

  • when more drunk unboxes

    ydinpaukku 123ydinpaukku 12311 napja
  • :D

    Ali OlcayAli Olcay11 napja
  • O.26 x 900 = 234

    Chayok 12Chayok 1211 napja
  • Anomaly gets trolled in this video

    AnderzCB&CSAnderzCB&CS11 napja
  • The new euphonium ethnically disappear because car seasonally clap pace a industrious korean. uptight, poor blinker

    Peter DraperPeter Draper11 napja
  • Congratulation to 300K subs !

    Dr.SterbenDr.Sterben11 napja
  • next time pls with wildfire cases

    yoooloyooolo11 napja
  • 3 mill

    Anita BrenneAnita Brenne11 napja
  • almost 3mil subs wow

    its travssits travss11 napja
  • I got a rust coat gut knife

    Lance TacdolLance Tacdol11 napja

    TDM_HeyzeusTDM_Heyzeus11 napja
    • @2hu is trash are you stupid?? He's Australian

      Mr. BroccoliMr. Broccoli9 napja
    • Ew bri ish "person"

      2hu is trash2hu is trash10 napja
    • I was rooting for you so hard :((

      Mr. BroccoliMr. Broccoli10 napja
    • Eat Water

      RayzxorRayzxor10 napja
    • Oh daddy be quiet you have the would supply of p250 sand dunes you dont need anything else

      LightLight11 napja
  • Anomaly use green mask so we only see your eyes and mouth

    Pero CeketicPero Ceketic11 napja
  • My ears hurt so much

    Max GonMax Gon11 napja
  • 2.99 million subs dude noice

    Swedde BoiSwedde Boi11 napja
  • Anomaly You are too loud:(

    EvolutionEvolution11 napja