Crash testing an electric Scania truck

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Electric truck crash testing is not the same as that of a truck with a combustion engine. The energy from the impact needs to be distributed and should spread throughout the structure surrounding the battery. The desired state is that it deforms the plastic and distributes kinetic energy into less critical components.
Preparing for any crash test is a lot of work. It can take months of precision planning to get all the details just right. The real test takes place after numerous simulations have been carried out. “The actual crash test is ultimately only to confirm that our calculations were accurate,” says Test Engineer Jakob Leygraf at Scania R&D.
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    Hieu NguyenHieu Nguyen17 napja
  • Haven't they tested TRUCK vs TRUCK? Ofc same objetive: lateral battery pack.

    Federico NahuelFederico Nahuel21 napja
  • Ok, stupid question... It was a bad idea to put the gas tanks in the most likely spot to get T-boned, why are they putting the batteries in the same place? They're batteries, they have a lot more configurations possible.

    Gabe NydickGabe NydickHónapja
  • Car driver is dead but the battery seems to be just fine, i call it a succes! :D

  • Robot car industry:

    محمود محيسنمحمود محيسنHónapja
  • Strange... Like inside that chassis there was no room for longitudinal installation of the battery pack in the center. Some engineers are pretty dumb when they don't take into account center of gravity... At least it looks the inner packs are protected via sandwich placing. But something tells me if the truck hits a pole the result won't be the same...

  • Thats the Saint Göran truck? Wow. A parasitic truck.

    Real TuningReal TuningHónapja
  • Scanias my big buy

    Epic KeremEpic KeremHónapja
  • Legit better than any american trucks.

  • I am a big fan of scaina trucks and buses

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  • Wow... OMG..

    Joby MathewJoby MathewHónapja
  • I hate electric scanias

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  • ⭐Volvo And Scania⭐

  • OMG no hasard batary :o

  • Volvo and Tesla did not like... Eh eh eh eh!

  • Seeing this VW, I remembered the good old days when Scania used SAAB in its tests, and SAAB used Scania trucks in its tests!!

    • Anja Leben, It was not me, nor was it my country that let saab and scania be sold! So I want you to fuck off with your present! The Swedes are the ones digging their own grave! "Poor people, they renounce their past, because they condemn their future"

  • Use Volvo cars!

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  • Wow thats a good hard hit nice work scania i love the trucks

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  • Test with Scania R&D. showing to the world 👏👏👏 Scania

  • Perhaps the fuel tank cant enter into flames like ancient times, but you should know one thing, the battery can die, and no respond, so not just the car is damaged, the truck too without a power unit, so lets have a look how resistant this need to be to still working with smoke or get into sparks 😉

    Daniel Solis RodriguezDaniel Solis RodriguezHónapja
    • Since trucks are diesel, its impossible that the tank explodes or burns

      Tobias MetzgerTobias MetzgerHónapja
  • That volvo car not safe. No airbags😝

    Niyas HussainNiyas HussainHónapja
    • Niyas Hussain , Are you looking to say that you are a victim of racism?

    • And is not a car crash test it is the truck

      Sky lynxSky lynxHónapja
    • They are disconnected during tests!

      Petter !Petter !Hónapja
    • It is a Volkswagen

      Sky lynxSky lynxHónapja
  • Wow is the best truck body good scania

  • Why does the Airbags from the car not work?

    • @Anja Leben OK thanks 👍

    • Deactivated for safety during crash tests.

      Anja LebenAnja LebenHónapja
  • Hey Scania how much hp is the electric truck and how much the capacity is

    Little BurdLittle BurdHónapja
    • @Scania Group Will you come to my birthday party my mom is making pizza rolls and we can play on my Wii

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    • Hi! You can read more about Scania's battery electric truck here:

      Scania GroupScania GroupHónapja
    • 120 Tons

      Carter BohrerCarter BohrerHónapja
  • I LOVE it

  • Såklart ni använder en Volkswagen, gör om och gör rätt 🇸🇪

    Markus LarssonMarkus LarssonHónapja
    • Markus Larsson, När jag såg denna VW kom jag ihåg de gamla goda dagarna när Scania använde SAAB i sina tester, och SAAB använde Scania lastbilar i sina tester !!

  • After a long days 😇😻I am interested to work in scania

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  • Very Very Safe....👏👏👏👏👏✅

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