COUPLE'S CRINGE: Tattoo Far (pt. 2)

2020.szept. 4.
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Cody Ko

  • I'm just watching the dog

    Justin TeppemaJustin Teppema23 órája

    Natalia RuizNatalia RuizNapja
  • This makes me sad 😔

    E CBE CB4 napja
  • Yall are so compatible it scares me

    Jessie Elizabeth McCartyJessie Elizabeth McCarty4 napja
  • I want a relationship like this

    Vania Safira EvantiVania Safira Evanti6 napja
  • Codys hairline in this is chefs kiss that kids got some good genes kels

    Sydney BennettSydney Bennett6 napja
  • I really hope this show is staged. It's just really fucked up to give an obviously abusive partner the opportunity to do this. Sure, technically the abused partner could leave and not get the tattoo, but emotional manipulation can seriously mess with a person's sense of reality, even to the point that they are basically brainwashed to believe that the abuse they endure is either deserved, or nonexistent. The abusive partner may convince them that they are undesirable, and that no one else would ever want them, and/or that they are incapable of surviving on ther own without the abusive partner, and that they would lose everything if they ever tried to leave (this is especially prevalent when the partner getting abused has mental health issues that require outside support from a therapist and/or loved ones.) So, unsurprisingly, the abusive partner can also use that same emotional manipulation to get their partner to do things they don't want to do- like allowing the abusive partner to pick a tattoo for them on a reality TV show. So, just because on the outside it appears as if both parties have consented, that doesn't actually mean that both people are okay with what's happening. I'm not saying that the show shouldn't exist- I just think that they should take more care in choosing who to put on the show. They could require a psychological evaluation with a professional marriage counselor to make sure neither partner is being abuse. If the show is faked, on the other hand, then we as a society need to pressure them to change the way they write the show, and make it known that normalizing abusive relationships is unacceptable. Personally, I think the show would be a lot better if instead of giving eachother petty tattoos, the couples saw a professional, legitimate therapist/psychologist to talk about their issues over a period of 6-8 weeks, and then chosoe a tattoo for eachother after they completed their therapy. Then at the end, they would be giving eachother meaningful tattoos that symbolize their renewed loyalty and love. That would be a much more "real" reality tv show than what they have now. The only concern would be regarding the contract, because it would be unethical to have the couple sign a contract to get the tattoos at the beginning, because they might change their mind about the show, or decide to break up during their counseling sessions. Because of this, the show would need to be done in a way that allowed couples to opt out of the tattoo or even their relationship without being penalized. To be fair, that element could actually create a ton of drama that would draw in viewers, since there would be a chance that the couple might break up, and/or that there would be drama behind the scenes regarding how to handle the situation. Anyways, sorry for such a long comment, I just have a lot of thoughts about this show and abusive relationships in general. Thanks to anyone who actually read this far 😂

    Jackie JohnsonJackie Johnson6 napja
  • This dude is such a gaslighter.

    ArtisticallyArtistically6 napja
  • the first tattoo artist nick has put out a poetry book... just saying

    Nicolai DegnNicolai Degn6 napja
  • Hang out with all your friends? Lol no it's all the you guys know what this song is about

    Marlena thorvaldMarlena thorvald7 napja
  • wait, how's Archer not available on U.S Netflix? wtf

    Gab CalismanGab Calisman8 napja
  • He watchs Archer!!😍😍

    PrevorPrevor9 napja
  • Oh my god the crossed eyes just made me die!

    Galactic President Superstar McAwesomevilleGalactic President Superstar McAwesomeville10 napja
  • I hate that he cheats and she gets a terrible tattoo calling her crazy. He has the biggest like...scumbag grin. And of course they have kids, because I swear to God the worse relationships have kids. He is such a scumbag and the fact there are real relationships like this is sad.

    Midnight RavenMidnight Raven11 napja
  • It’d be great if like two wholesome people in a healthy relationship went on this show and gave each other sick tattoos and the hosts were like “this is not what we’re used to”

    Jacob ThompsonJacob Thompson11 napja
  • There’s no redness though. That’s a henna

    KT GEKT GE11 napja
  • after all the the its not all about sex, the only thing that could work in my mind is that dick/bedroom to be honest but im probably wrong

    Justin MathewsJustin Mathews11 napja
  • Damn Cody , yo girl cute 🥰

    brendonbrendon11 napja
  • 13:20

    Cole RichardsonCole Richardson11 napja
  • 6:15 I need someone to look at me like that 😍😌

    Tamor MorbuTamor Morbu12 napja
  • I kinda want them to just once out the tattoos they pick for each other on themselves, i feel like it would be a cool plot twist

    AlécatAlécat12 napja
  • lol

    Chris RyanChris Ryan12 napja
  • Show wouldve been way better and less harmful if it was like best friends instead of people who hate eachother

    qwevviiqwevvii12 napja

    Jack RalstonJack Ralston12 napja
  • EVERYTHING changed when I realized the tattoo jenna is CROSS EYED?!

    SentraSentra12 napja
  • Love the way Kelsey looks at you bro. It's adorable.

    Bo_RealBo_Real12 napja
  • WHAT A MESS! Imagine being ballsy enough to dump someone by tattoooing it on their body and then being like "nah mevermind"

    Aaron DAaron D12 napja
  • Bring this beauty of yours back and react to more! 😁

    fabifabi12 napja
  • Cody: why Me: shy

    Sharrieff MuhammadSharrieff Muhammad12 napja
  • I think she's crazy because of the dude.....

    Christian MoraChristian Mora12 napja
  • Both are crazy persons to be with together.

    Abhishek BajajAbhishek Bajaj12 napja
  • It's the codependency for me

    Marta CardozoMarta Cardozo12 napja
  • i don’t even feel bad for her NOTHING is holding her back from leaving him, that was pathetic af 💀🤦🏾‍♀️.

    Crusty ElbowsCrusty Elbows13 napja
  • How tf do these shows find people like this lmaoooo

    Sohail LokhandwallaSohail Lokhandwalla13 napja
  • dear , cody . Love your videos with Kelsey :)

    Matilde VieiraMatilde Vieira13 napja
  • “I dont care what other people think, me and jenny, we work!” I dont think you do.... i think youre in a toxic as fuck relationship and you both need to get better as people... *buut i mean, sure, stay unhappy with maybe okay sex keeping you ttogether*

    TruebornseekerTruebornseeker13 napja
  • The way he gaslight his girlfriend was so disgusting I felt so awful for her oh my god

    Ollie NoOllie No13 napja
  • Yep! She's definitely crazy! Who sane stays with someone like this dude?

    Androgynous MaggotAndrogynous Maggot13 napja
  • I need more of this

    Alejandra NaranjoAlejandra Naranjo14 napja
  • UM KELSEY IT’s JUMPMAN Cody is 6God

    Andrei RochaAndrei Rocha14 napja
  • Why would you put a link to the same video on your bio? Great vid tho

    Mr. BurkenstockMr. Burkenstock14 napja
  • ...............................................Why?....................................................

    Darth MortisDarth Mortis14 napja
  • has anyone on this show actually ever tattooed something good on the other person?

    Թαίɡε εʆʆίςԹαίɡε εʆʆίς14 napja
  • P

    Virginia XVirginia X14 napja
    • P

      a literal flowera literal flower13 napja
  • I just can't get over the fact that Kelsey looks like Monica from Friends

    severnivitrjekrutysevernivitrjekruty14 napja

    Multiverse666Multiverse66614 napja
  • It's unfortunate how single moms will lower their standards for financial support. I'm guessing that's what happened here.

    Rachel T.Rachel T.15 napja
  • What type of dog do you have I am thinking of getting it

    Conner RogersConner Rogers15 napja
  • Kelsey and Cody actually harmonize really nicley together

    Carmen MercedesCarmen Mercedes15 napja
  • I love how Cody had chili on his lap, such a cutely

    Luka OrlovicLuka Orlovic16 napja
  • 100% they’re from nyc

    Toymon 2468Toymon 246816 napja
  • 6:52 gotta love the shark tank sound effect

    odagroMetrauDodagroMetrauD16 napja
  • “Y’all have fun, I’m up outta here!” Your boy DIPPED! He did not need to see that shit play out!

    Guido GuidoGuido Guido16 napja
  • Praise God 🙏🏾🙏🏾

    BentoBento17 napja
  • We know who, but the real question is... why?

    Talal MirzaTalal Mirza18 napja
  • They need to do more

    Mr. HippieMr. Hippie18 napja
  • The crazy one you can easily tato something else over the head and bamm you got a sick tatoo

    Ulf FusUlf Fus20 napja
  • wait cody has a sister???

    Matthias futtererMatthias futterer21 napja
  • i'm still waiting for a pt.3 of this lmao

    erin stephensonerin stephenson22 napja
  • where is part 3?! plz!

    Angel VelezAngel Velez22 napja
  • Who are the tattoo host? I know snookie is one of the host but who’s the other guy? Also why is no one talking about how the host knocked the sunglasses down or caught it at 7:22 ?

    AmberAmber23 napja
  • if theres ONE person id expect to be on a show this fucked up its snookie

    god is deadgod is dead23 napja
  • Even though she was mad at him she was nice enough to put it on his lower leg somewhere you can hide with pants he almost put it on her neck

    K BK B24 napja
  • monica from friends ?

    ABIY Z9ABIY Z925 napja
  • The titel was tatoo far

    JohannaJohanna25 napja
  • I'm too gay for this shit

    Mia TMia T26 napja
  • All 4 people had something related to shit like 2 dumperd,1 toilet and 1 literally shit

    Khushan PunjabiKhushan Punjabi28 napja
  • This show is really "will this fragile relationship survive this awful decision?" and if the answer isn't no, then it should be. None of these people should be dating or friends

    alyssum76alyssum7629 napja
  • My ISP gonna see a whole lotta porn links

    Parker NolanParker NolanHónapja
  • The girl really told her man you think mines bad

    Corbyn BelliveauCorbyn BelliveauHónapja
  • she's dating someone named Nicholas Gregory what did she expect 😭✋

    waffle stickswaffle sticksHónapja
  • I got a laser tattoo removal ad lmao

    Myrto 165Myrto 165Hónapja
  • this video is *oozing* new jersey

    Lucas GutteridgeLucas GutteridgeHónapja
  • Ok his dog is freakin ADORABLE

    Julia GravesJulia GravesHónapja
    • He looks like Chewbacca :0

      grace ?grace ?8 napja
  • I got a tattoo recently and i love it but im still kinda worried about this thing being on my body forever, and watching this gives me comfort.

    Vito LeskurVito LeskurHónapja
  • Cody smooth with the ad transitions thoooo

    Fat ChunkFat ChunkHónapja
  • Please do another episode of the tattoo far!

    Alyssa AcevedoAlyssa AcevedoHónapja
  • Dude the tattoos look healed like they are water press on tattoos. Come on fresh tattoos don’t look like that.

    Kalob HuntKalob HuntHónapja
  • If he's not mad she should cheat on him and see if he's still so chill

    lil' ghost ratlil' ghost ratHónapja
  • Cody and Kelsey soulmates

    Mohamned ArsalanuddinMohamned ArsalanuddinHónapja
  • kurtis and his gf should go on this shiw

    everything noraeverything noraHónapja
  • that first tattoo would actually be kinda cool without the “crazy jenny”, I hope she got at least that part covered up

    everything noraeverything noraHónapja
  • Tatooine goes too far? Lol

    Anastasia SilvaAnastasia SilvaHónapja
  • Waiting for the next episode

    happy_ funhappy_ funHónapja

    josie halljosie hallHónapja
  • im rewatching this and jesus cody's hair- this length is so fucking bad wtf 😭

    Sy MarieSy MarieHónapja
    • Nooo its cutee imo

      Hipster PotatoHipster PotatoHónapja
  • Hamilton was cringe. Alexander Hamilton is very poorly portrayed so they might as well have invented a new character instead of shitting on his legacy

    Lucas Frater, Deus VultLucas Frater, Deus VultHónapja
  • if only these were live reactions

    Nicholas SnellNicholas SnellHónapja
  • Your girlfriend looks like drew goodens wife

    Brayden RiddellBrayden RiddellHónapja
  • the girl’s tattoo is honestly kinda cute

    such a x capricornsuch a x capricornHónapja
    • yeah it’s kinda cool besides the “crazy jenny” part I hope that she got at least that part covered up

      everything noraeverything noraHónapja
  • I miss this version of Cody's hair

    Hailey KittlesonHailey KittlesonHónapja
  • Hit 2:13 to skip the promo

    Brendan LorenzoBrendan LorenzoHónapja
  • Where can I find a relationship like Cody and Kelsey

    swamini patelswamini patelHónapja
  • cody’s ad segues reminding me of jenna+julien podcast🥺

    s fs fHónapja
  • I didn't expect this to make me cry... But realizing that this is what society is like now and this is a real show with actual people is just depressing.

    Cassandra SuzanneCassandra SuzanneHónapja
  • Damn, bro. You're a lucky guy

  • I’m not attractive by any means but even I gotta say, what the fuck Jenny

    ThatCanadian GThatCanadian GHónapja
  • is that snooki

    Leah F.K.Leah F.K.Hónapja
  • When Kelsey and Cody make the same face after she’s says she would never be crazy... they’re completely on the same wavelength

    Liv PalmaLiv PalmaHónapja
  • If you removed the turd, it actually looks pretty good

    kcaj ffockcaj ffocHónapja