Could We Pass a US Citizenship Test?

2020.szept. 1.
929 123 Megtekintés

On this episode of… Beopardy, we ~silly Americans attempt to pass a US citizenship test!
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  • Could you pass this test?! 📝

    Smosh PitSmosh Pit5 hónapja
    • What country is Olivia's family from

      Anthony VulgamoreAnthony Vulgamore10 órája

      Rman NayrRman Nayr2 napja
    • Noooo

      Maeve LavinMaeve Lavin20 napja
    • Yeah totally

      Naomi RaudalesNaomi Raudales25 napja
    • No cuz I live in Canada bish btw love yall❤️

      Zain IbsaisZain Ibsais26 napja
  • How about the war of 1812🤔🤔

    Ashbro GwinAshbro Gwin58 perccel
  • “One giant Florida” Me: * waiting for crocodiles *

    Miu IrumaMiu Iruma12 órája
  • Have you ever just been so infuriated “MANIFEST DESTINY” Olivia I love you with everything I have but CHILE???

    Ethan NavarroEthan NavarroNapja
  • Its 3AM and I just woke everybody in my house up for laughing at Tommys “Price is Right” joke😂😂

    Edwin HernandezEdwin HernandezNapja
  • Wow never have I started to believe that voting should be restricted before. Can’t even pass a middle school level test jfc.

    HyperionHyperion2 napja

    Rman NayrRman Nayr2 napja
  • Shane and Keith's laughs are so fuckin contagious!!5 napja
  • Why did i know so many of these and I’m nowhere near to being an American or even on the west side of the planet?

    Naseeha Ansari, IgnitersNaseeha Ansari, Igniters5 napja
  • Now ik why mexicans jump the border (Dark humor)

    Ksm SmKsm Sm7 napja
  • I love that im getting about as many awnsers right as them and im 13 and swedish

    Wigglaren WigleWigglaren Wigle7 napja
  • I’m a little offended because I’m from Maine and yes it’s cold up here but you don’t have to say we live near the Arctic Ocean😭😂😂

    Josh KeiserJosh Keiser7 napja
  • I watch this because it keeps me away from my depressive harmful thoughts.

    Howling SoulHowling Soul8 napja
  • is shane wearing eye shadow? somethings up with his eyes

    Zachary WilliamsZachary Williams8 napja
  • Is Courtney good?

    Eli PasterEli Paster9 napja
  • You know tommy isn’t that bad , now it’s just kimmy I don’t like

    Big BeansBig Beans15 napja
  • Difference between Liberals and Conservatives. People from Australia are proud to be Australian, people from Germany are proud to be German, people from Ireland are proud to be Irish, Conservatives from America are proud to be American, people from Japan are proud to be Japanese, etc

    Jessica MJessica M16 napja
  • 11:32 VP kamala Harris now peridot 👑

    Serena PerezSerena Perez17 napja
  • How can you say your not proud to be an American? Go to russia then I’ll help u pack

    JohnnyifyJohnnyify18 napja
  • And these people get to vote...

    KenneticKennetic18 napja
  • i guess they forgot everything they learned in 8th grade civics

    felix’ leTtuCefelix’ leTtuCe19 napja
  • Is it bad that I'm from the UK and got them all?

    Tabulatelk15Tabulatelk1523 napja
  • Tommy got the easiest question: we the people. I had to memorize the beginning, get in front of the class and recite the whole thing. Luckily we ended up all getting one portion of it.

    Katie PowellKatie Powell23 napja
  • When the Fonz was President everything was a happier time

    TheGreatKookieTheGreatKookie24 napja
  • I can't tell if they're being wrong on purpose cause it's funnier/more entertaining but it stresses me out

    RaktonerRaktoner24 napja
  • When Tommy said Jackets 🤣🤧

    callista wcallista w25 napja
  • Not gonna lie, “did you just price is right me?” Just broke me

    Sam SterlingSam Sterling25 napja
  • Courtney actually should have gotten the question, as the first amendment grants the rights of freedom of speech, of the press, religion, and assembly.

    noobnapalmwarfare2noobnapalmwarfare225 napja
  • U.S. territory: Canada ? Are you serious?

    Pierre St-AmantPierre St-Amant26 napja
  • i knew all the questions, because i was required to pass it to graduate high school

    Maxxio GarciaMaxxio Garcia26 napja
  • Lmao me and my *norwegian* friends knew these, guess we could be amaricans😂

    SkoobYSkoobY27 napja
  • I'd pass, but I have an unfair advantage being Canadian...

    Albinus AdeodatusAlbinus Adeodatus27 napja
  • Keith is absolutely on fire this episode, get this man some coffee more often!

    Leo CLeo C27 napja
  • The three dudes: Gay Ashton Kutcher, 1970’s Chris Rock and undercover high school narc Jeremy Renner.

    PsykelPsykel27 napja
  • “It’s one giant Florida.” I fucking died 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    phantommangagirlphantommangagirl28 napja
  • Cuomo is NYs governor 🤣🤣🤣 I’m crying

    Nay NayNay Nay28 napja
  • Olivia was right about the Cold War dawg

    Alex MueggeAlex Muegge29 napja
  • Nobody: Not a soul: The public education system:

    Danny SchwartzDanny SchwartzHónapja
  • Kamala is now vice president

    Asher KingAsher KingHónapja
  • Kamala Harris is now the Vice President of the United States

    Raelynn BeebeRaelynn BeebeHónapja
  • Name the ocean on the East Coast Africa

    Aderyn EntertainmentAderyn EntertainmentHónapja
  • Tommy: "...and space!" Shayne: "I'm sorry, that is not a STATE." Tommy: "It's a state of minddd."

    Aderyn EntertainmentAderyn EntertainmentHónapja
  • No wonder why California was trash, now the whole country is gonna be trash cuz of kamala.

    Mister WiakersMister WiakersHónapja
  • We can't be proud of our country anymore? Maybe Smosh should stick to supbar comedy

    Aaron RodgersAaron RodgersHónapja
  • I love Keith’s energy in this episode 😂

    Judy SahakianJudy SahakianHónapja
  • this test is so simple I’m sorry idk what schools they went to but my school these were taught to me ten times each year

    Brandon IkeBrandon IkeHónapja
  • omg this was sad xD but also funny as hell

  • This was painful to watch

    Vexed BadgerVexed BadgerHónapja
  • 0:00 is it sad that I as a Dutch person did know this answer (probably because of some CGP Grey video).

    The Chosen FailureThe Chosen FailureHónapja
  • And this is why I don't listen to influences when it comes to politics.

  • I've taken the Citizenship test and got a 97/100

  • the war of 1812

    Lego SupremeLego SupremeHónapja
  • I was laughing at olivia cause kamila harris is our vice president now but then i realised this was 4 months ago lol

    Xx 3my xXXx 3my xXHónapja
  • kamala used to be senator, now she is vice president.

    Adrenaline StreamAdrenaline StreamHónapja
  • Dude I’m learning so much of this right now and this hurt my soul to see them not get it

    • The fact that a 6th grader could do most of these is embarrassing especially when one of them has a college degree.

      HyperionHyperion2 napja
  • Do a bepordy for the Australian citizenship test and then for bonus have Australian music

    Sophie QuintonSophie QuintonHónapja
  • These videos always hurt to watch

    Edgy CircleEdgy CircleHónapja
  • This is so depressing

    Trent BrownTrent BrownHónapja
  • Stick it to the man No stick it to The French

    Quinn HooperQuinn HooperHónapja
  • wait why would there be an even number of senators... arent they like suposed to vote on importent stuff

    sartorian darkstormsartorian darkstormHónapja
  • This test was easy. I do not know if these comments and actors are joking or not, but the outcome of how few know our nation’s history is disappointing

    Franko PiskulichFranko PiskulichHónapja
  • these people actually dumb asf

  • Shayne: what are two rights in the declaration of independence Courtney: The right to bear arms and... uhhh... Keith: SHUT THE F*CK UP

    Chloe SimpsonChloe SimpsonHónapja
  • The Cold War started as Russia refusing to become a democracy after the bs of WW11. Then it became a moment of “bet you won’t““but you won’t “ hence the back and forth of the Cold War.

    Katrina LawrenceKatrina LawrenceHónapja
  • I'm disliking... Wanna know why??? CUZ THEY DIDN'T EVEN PUT IN THE GOONIES FOR "where was that movie"!

  • Some of this info is so basic and common it bothers me they don't know it.

    Michael BlankenshipMichael BlankenshipHónapja

    Dulce OlivoDulce OlivoHónapja
  • It really highlights how unamerican these people are when Tommy feels bad just saying he is American. They are just traitors

  • These people vote... That explains everything

  • Tommy only being able to come up with with “Henry Winkler” is me every time I take a test after study for a week straight!

    Rebekah SchickliRebekah SchickliHónapja
  • They should do a British one

    Angel Denise ReyesAngel Denise ReyesHónapja
  • Oh boy, I'm a little scared for this nation. If president Benjamin Franklin could see where we are now, he would be very sad.

    • How disgusted would the first president Lincoln be

      Dev MoorthyDev MoorthyHónapja
    • Right. This is just disrespectful and disappointing.

      Franko PiskulichFranko PiskulichHónapja
  • Question: “Who was president during Great Depression and World War 2?” Dumbass: “Henry Winkle” “I have a college degree”. Yeah..... I wouldn’t be proud to call you an American, either.

    David RobeyDavid RobeyHónapja
  • You can't fool me, that's Chris Rock.

  • "The fake reason we went to Iraq" Shayne throwing the tea the shade and the pink lemonade

  • Courtney really thought brokeback mountain was in Alabama. Do they even have mountains

    Jishan AhmedJishan AhmedHónapja
  • Let’s be honest, Courtney is the most cutest of all

    Ghost’s ShadowGhost’s ShadowHónapja
  • These people are fucking stupid

  • courtney looks like shes on the hub

    Oscar PetersOscar PetersHónapja
  • Tommy sounds like Arin's "wanna go on an adventure" voice and I love it

    Carbon LegsCarbon LegsHónapja
  • Keith made this video!

    Sam ZukowskiSam ZukowskiHónapja
  • “ right to bear arms, right to - shut the fuck up! “

    Uriel HowardUriel HowardHónapja
  • I understand people's frustrations with the President and congress and the wrongs and percieved wrongs of the American government and society as a whole but America is still a great county full of wonderful people and to hear them say they are not proud to be American just makes me sad. We as a country are more than politicians.

    B Mack 404B Mack 404Hónapja
  • Anyone else think it look like Shayne is wearing eyeliner?

    Punkin PiePunkin PieHónapja
  • Can we just talk about how the straight white male is the host of a contest about democracy

    clai7520 clai7520clai7520 clai7520Hónapja
  • 0:48 that joke aged like a fine wine

    i just watch TVi just watch TVHónapja
  • I can tell that Keith had coffee holy shit he’s funny tho lmfao

  • This made me want to cry... the school system failed you guys so badly...

  • Its sad this is what the average american knows

    brandon lovellbrandon lovellHónapja
  • Courtney: Uh right to bare arms and. Keith:Right to shut the fck up.

    ur momur momHónapja
  • Tommy saying “I wanna hear that voice again” is how I’m now living my life😂

    Amanda SchneiderAmanda SchneiderHónapja
  • 2:22 "Name one war fought by the United States in the 1800's" and they don't immediately answer the war of 1812

  • I'm not American but I would crush this

    Senator PoopypantsSenator PoopypantsHónapja
  • Lol at the end Keith's afro looked like one of the fireworks on the screen 😂😂😂

  • These low information asshats probably voted for Joe Biden.

    Joe TrollJoe TrollHónapja
  • take pregnancy tests

    Alexandria bookerAlexandria bookerHónapja
  • 'sUpReMe'

    Abby TeradaAbby TeradaHónapja
  • "it's free bitxh" yesss

  • Anyone else annoyed by the consistent anti-american, self loathing?

    Ryan KatsRyan KatsHónapja
  • It was funny but I think y’all talk to much shit about America. Not everybody is liberal or democrat.

    Mark MansurMark Mansur2 hónapja