Cooking with what you have - End of month special

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Cooking with what you have - End of month special
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Someone challenged me to cook with what I have. I decided to cook it at end of month. Now that is a true challenge. This end of month special is a bit more extreme than usual, but makes a hungry stomach very full. Cooking with what you have is a delicate process of not messing up your last components.
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  • Oil? Use pig fat instead for mushrooms.

    PaulZyCZPaulZyCZ10 órája
  • You can make mushrooms with some rice. Less used mushrooms more food. If rice is cheap ofc

    Didaka DDidaka D22 órája
  • Idk why but it feels like Boris just made up the recipes halfway through filming

    Soviet Mp6Soviet Mp6Napja
  • But Boris, you used whole garlic for plov. 🙃

    TheGreyEevee *TheGreyEevee *2 napja
  • Se

    Sergio Gómez LlanosSergio Gómez Llanos3 napja
  • Been thinking about that cucumber and tomato sandwich the past few days that sounds so good

    NoirEaterNoirEater3 napja
  • Mushroom sauce is next level shit

    ApisApis4 napja
  • I call the jam juice and water the poor mans kompot

    NorthernWoodsmanNorthernWoodsman4 napja
  • Dylantero ???

    mauricio castillomauricio castillo5 napja
  • Hi

    Jinnie George PogueJinnie George Pogue6 napja
  • The youtubers dinner lol

    Oscar LopezOscar Lopez6 napja
  • Who does not have flour at end of month? Then you have not been to a supermarket in a slav country during covid. We don't even have flour at start of month, let alone end of month.

    сука блядьсука блядь7 napja
  • "So let’s see what we have" *music stops* "aha."

    Garpu GamingGarpu Gaming7 napja
  • Почти ленивые пельмени

    Natalie PodgainovaNatalie Podgainova7 napja
  • Protip for the 1st recipe: you can easily make pasta out of flour and tap vodka. Take 135 grams of flour and mix it with 1/3 glass of warm(!) water. Knead the dough until its smooth, then throw it in the fridge for 30 minutes. Roll out the dough, if you don't have a rolling pin, any clean and smooth can will work. Sprinke the dough with flour to prevent sticking. When it's flat, cut it into desired pasta shapes, then throw into boiling salted water and cook. Take half a glass of pasta water and add to the pan with garlic, onion and meat, then throw in the pasta and season while mixing everything on large heat. You'll thank me later

    MicrometeoriteMicrometeorite7 napja
    • Thank you!!!nice little gem of a recipe.. god bless!

      MrBeforeheadMrBeforehead3 napja
  • love the pots from ikea. really nice touch

    phancyphancy8 napja
  • 😂😂😂

    Alexandru Radu DragosAlexandru Radu Dragos8 napja
  • Boris survived tasting this .....

    Riot GaymesRiot Gaymes9 napja
  • sukses selalu good

    Usuf SateUsuf Sate10 napja
  • 11: 22 I use sugar instead of salt

    reda cirvinskaitereda cirvinskaite10 napja
  • Watching this in Canada eating bread with butter as my wild mushrooms are drying in the background for winter. Blayt

    Brianne CBrianne C11 napja
  • How could anyone throw anything babushka gave you?

    Rafael TechapRafael Techap11 napja
  • This guy's accent and attitude make the video. I'm dying laughing, dude's funny af.

    Aegis713Aegis71311 napja
  • Holy shit I'm not the only one who eats salt cocomba

    FLAMEFLAME13 napja
  • Коротко о том как видят амереканцы русских

    Элеонора ПоповаЭлеонора Попова13 napja
  • I make gopnik mashed potato all the time, but with summer sausage and smetana

    David TrujilloDavid Trujillo13 napja
  • Ironically people could actually learn a lot here, in regards to using all your food, instead of throwing stuff away. We live in a very wasteful culture. You can always make something with what you got.

    RMJ1984RMJ198414 napja
    • i need to say that to my mom

      chiachia13 napja
  • boris cooking somehow feels like howtobasic but its not

    Mutton BiryaniMutton Biryani14 napja
    • howtobasic, binging with babish, life of boris and you suck at cooking. the holy.... trinity but not trinity

      chiachia13 napja
  • This is very healthy

    NicuNicu15 napja
  • My birthday is on this day when dis was realest

    Milan MirovicMilan Mirovic15 napja
  • Не понимаю, почему нет русских комментов?) Не могу отделаться от ощущения, что это Баженов

    Ivan PankovIvan Pankov15 napja
  • Batya's soup guide

    SnekSnek17 napja
  • Boris is a 3 Mikhail star chef.

    FalconeFalcone17 napja
  • End of the month for asian Rice with salt Rice with light soy sauce Rice with dark soy sauce Rice with sweet soy sauce As long you've got rice you can survive

    Blank BlankBlank Blank17 napja
  • That was old polish money flying there at the beginning xd

    Java CookieJava Cookie17 napja
  • I see you have SMEG kitcheware too sir XD

    Blue TeamBlue Team18 napja
  • so if i eat lava ill not be hungry? because its hot? BRB

    gavin qazwsxedcrfvgavin qazwsxedcrfv18 napja
  • ay blyat the fridge is talking to me again

    Jarrod DOUGLASJarrod DOUGLAS18 napja
  • a lot of this looks like food I could tolerate

    mr. narwhalhorsemr. narwhalhorse18 napja
  • Ok, comically small grater, but hear me out: comically large grater

    Marco EspositoMarco Esposito19 napja
  • Boris: its fine if these mushroom were in frige its ok Boris ????-2019

    Chloe VuChloe Vu19 napja
  • It's october 5th and I'm living "End of Month - Extended Edition" since my paycheck is late...🤣

    Yassine SaïdiYassine Saïdi19 napja
  • F R I E N D L Y M U S H R O O M

    Cayden bongCayden bong20 napja
  • This man's babushka looks like an amazing women.

    Pascal DesjardinsPascal Desjardins20 napja
  • 10:00

    RespruneResprune21 napja
  • 0:02 takes on a whole other meaning this year....

    Lasse H. GundesenLasse H. Gundesen22 napja
  • "as long as you not add flour to soup" * poland wants to know your location *

    Name SurnameName Surname23 napja
  • Just... Just wait for your parents... And they can make some food. Very easy.

    DarkCommand33DarkCommand3323 napja
  • 9:22 anyone else hear an ATLA reference?

    GorgGorg23 napja
  • You will be surprised but i did this 3 days ago because i was in that exact situation and it was awesome lol

    Alex IoanAlex Ioan23 napja
  • "If sour cream is not good anymore use mayonaise opaa" JESUS PLEASE NO

    CarnivoreTVCarnivoreTV23 napja
  • ᴀɴᴅ ᴏꜰ ᴄᴏᴜʀꜱᴇ 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒷𝒶𝓎 𝓁𝑒𝒶𝒻

    Gabriel HowellGabriel Howell24 napja
  • I call the jam drink the "10 second kompot"

    Goda PlaGoda Pla24 napja
  • eating? i just wait until payday

    OverlordofmcOverlordofmc25 napja
  • Opa it's almost time to celebrate the Communist revolution

    Comrade KvassComrade Kvass25 napja
    • *hardbass intensifies*

      Comrade KvassComrade Kvass25 napja
  • That jam hack is actually very smart!!

    Aniek ScharenborgAniek Scharenborg25 napja
  • I remember one time when I had 96 cents, an empty fridge, and 2 days until payday. I survived but it wasn't fun

  • Everyone is a gangster until they open the fridge and the fridge says "no".

    n.n.27 napja
  • Thank you boris for all the cuss words you taught me opa

    Ninga 353Ninga 35328 napja
  • This is what they don't tell you when you become a youtuber

    internetboyinternetboy28 napja
  • Parizera na leba batoooo

    Skiper NipperSkiper Nipper29 napja
  • 10 days until payday im gonna die

    lmaolmao29 napja
  • I tried the poor gopnik's mashed potato today, that really tasted great! And I'm not even broke..

    FranzensteinFranzenstein29 napja
  • is that mushroom sauce dang making me hungry

    Gilgamesh PriceGilgamesh PriceHónapja
  • First I thought he's going to fry the mushrooms, but nvm

    Fabian PPFabian PPHónapja
  • Flour+water+salt makes a very very easy and fairly tasty bread. You pretty much just need to eyeball the ingredients and fry it up!

    Riley FreemanRiley FreemanHónapja
  • *i dont like the take take out the sausage part on spanish subtitles*

    Gabriel JoseGabriel JoseHónapja
  • Bill looks at apple and egg and says: "I am going to starve" Boris looks at apple and egg and says: "Ah, dinner"

    rhodokartillery aka afrikarhodokartillery aka afrikaHónapja
  • Lol polish zlote

  • I don’t know how milk smells because I barely have a sense of smell. Same thing with cheese, and basically everything in this world that relies on smell.

    Girl With A MicGirl With A MicHónapja
  • This is basically just cooking with the same ingredients you always manage to cook with. But hey I'm here for those ingredients.

    Maui RandallMaui RandallHónapja
  • I once ate a whole bottle of mustard because I was that desperate for food

    Blue DogeBlue DogeHónapja
  • Boris:The more foggy it looks,the more flavour is inside Me working on Pressurised water nuclear reactor: *looking into the steam pressure gauge* that thing sure has lot of flavour

    Generalfeldmarschall PolycraseGeneralfeldmarschall PolycraseHónapja
  • In memory of boris's stomach

    kirby kongkirby kongHónapja
  • I hate mushrooms..

    Coconut StudioCoconut StudioHónapja
  • This is pork sosiceis or meat?

    EMT MedyaEMT MedyaHónapja
  • u can use butter sub for cooking oil :))))) perhap mayonaise

    George's NGeorge's NHónapja
  • Russia; End of month UK: End of week

  • umm boris ive turned my kitchen to chernyobl again help

    gamer XDgamer XDHónapja
  • I’m getting a weird feeling that my Russian roblox friend is Boris

    Some Asian DudeSome Asian DudeHónapja
  • What do you mean no food there are enough people

  • 7:05 in Indonesia the food is called vegetable soup. But not with sausage And the onions are in small slices, not that big

    Naya 2008Naya 2008Hónapja
  • Every day is end of month for me

    Infinite, The Next KazekageInfinite, The Next KazekageHónapja
  • I am allergic to mayonnaise;-;

    Why do I keep changing My nameWhy do I keep changing My nameHónapja
  • Thats how my Irish grandmother and Mother make ham and potato soup with flour.

    My Public Drunken PersonaMy Public Drunken PersonaHónapja
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    John KJohn KHónapja
  • did you know you only need flour and water because you can make bread out the two things

    T i q ø iT i q ø iHónapja
  • i think the taste of mushrooms is okay but the texture of them just makes me want to 🤮

  • Me watching this at the last year of high school: this is useless Me watching this now, on the first year of university: *he's god*

    Lucca, o LírioLucca, o LírioHónapja
  • I love how the fridge says snec

    slader boislader boiHónapja
  • Boris can sustain himself on hardbass alone, these videos are just for us non gopniks

    Jason ZewJason ZewHónapja
  • you call this end of month? this is my everyday snack

    Kobi LemonisKobi LemonisHónapja
  • What sort of mushrooms were those?

  • I could actually survive with this

    The Unthinkable JackThe Unthinkable JackHónapja
  • Sleeping is a great alternative to eating

    Vault BoiVault BoiHónapja
  • Thank you Boris, I shall survive until next month. Much luck !

    Anastasia SkaiAnastasia SkaiHónapja
  • Watch out Gorden ramsey

  • Laughing my head off.. nice one Boris

    mark ewingsmark ewingsHónapja
  • I was quite poor just a year ago, and had €20 a week for food. In my country (the Netherlands), that meant about half the things you list were in my budget. It was a tight squeeze with lots of oats and macaron🤔

    kim sparlingkim sparlingHónapja