Cooking with what you have - End of month special

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Cooking with what you have - End of month special
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Someone challenged me to cook with what I have. I decided to cook it at end of month. Now that is a true challenge. This end of month special is a bit more extreme than usual, but makes a hungry stomach very full. Cooking with what you have is a delicate process of not messing up your last components.
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  • I always bring ingredients for bread

    Artic Fox FanArtic Fox Fan16 órája
  • i dont need food i spent all my money on ingredients for potato salad

    Jude CollumbineJude CollumbineNapja
  • Legit Boris, thank you so much for all you have taught me about cooking!

    Justin RudeckiJustin RudeckiNapja
  • I’m don’t have a single Russian bone in my body but every video I watch from him I feel my Slav side show a little more

    Blackiee ChanBlackiee Chan3 napja
  • One tip for anyone who's scrolling through comment section and looking for more end of month recipes: 1. Take a slice of bread (homemade or storebought) 2. Add some oil on top of it ( 1 tbsp of sunflower seed oil should do the trick ) 3. Add some dry veggie mix on top of the oil (where I live it's called "Vegeta") It's nothing special but it can fill your stomach (fats from sunflower oil, even though they're not healthy, carbs from bread and dry veggie mix for flavour)

    Hari MemagicHari Memagic3 napja
  • 0:53 bomb the fridge

    Lucario the aura GuardianLucario the aura Guardian5 napja
  • Boris's usage of cutting utensils rivals braille skateboarding's usage of power drills to open boxes

    lazyboy395lazyboy3955 napja
  • how do i add translated subtitles i want to translate this video

    miskaflixazoxymiskaflixazoxy6 napja
  • Food for thought. What you call poor mans mashed potatoes we call gravy... Sure it tastes just as good. DELICIOUS 😋. Mushroom gravy looked delightful as well.

    Jeremy MillerJeremy Miller6 napja
  • Here in colombia ALL days are end of month 😢

    Beverly VersolattoBeverly Versolatto6 napja
  • boris cooking mushrooms in water and flour like that bag isn't worth like 2 months of rent

    ClancamperClancamper6 napja
  • now this is starting to look like my food after a few days on a bender.

    Tin CanTin Can7 napja
  • bootleg mashed “potatoes” flour milk butter (optional) tabasco (optional) put 1 part flour 3 part milk (water would prolly work in a pinch) in a pan turn heat to medium constantly mix your flour and milk, you don’t want a pancake, you want a mashed potato dough texture cook till raw flour taste is gone, then mix in butter cook a bit longer, and make as smooth as possible add more butter, and some tabasco if you have it boom bootleg mashed “potatoes”

    Lizzy HandlinLizzy Handlin7 napja
  • this video has been living in my brain rent free since i first saw it

    Lizzy HandlinLizzy Handlin7 napja
  • actually i really tried this and it tastes ok

    omer- kunomer- kun8 napja
  • end of month grater.... wow lol!!

    GravjaGravja9 napja
  • terrible accent

    Wyatt HornWyatt Horn9 napja
  • ı survived the month by selling my pan so how can ı cook?

    ButterlordButterlord9 napja
  • I made the Poor Gopnik’s mashed potato for lunch and I must admit, it had the mashed potato texture and tasted pretty damn good

    reallylamekidreallylamekid9 napja
  • Who is watch on 2021?

    Hank .JHank .J9 napja
  • "Big piece=Big flavor" words of a god

    Spartan BrosSpartan Bros10 napja
  • i can see why soviet union collapsed

    Saeed AlizahiSaeed Alizahi10 napja
  • Big Brown heads of boletus shrooms dipped first in flour, then in mixed egg and at the end in breadcrumbs, fried, salted. Best. Food.ever.

    Hana BoskovaHana Boskova11 napja
  • Grzyby na koniec miesiąca i do tego kurki 🤤 ,wow ,chce mieć taki koniec miesiąca

    MarJinMarJin11 napja
  • I just love the way he says “the bay leaf”

    Some random guy. /:Some random guy. /:11 napja
  • I buy flour by the truck load

    slav dogslav dog11 napja
  • Stomach demands input but fridge say No! But this no problem, Boris here to help *Sudden fridge explosion* Boris: *Maniac laughing*

    [ • кокsц рiес gгам • ][ • кокsц рiес gгам • ]11 napja
  • Cooking delays eating by 20 min, so you’re still hungry 5 minutes later; except that the 5min starts 25 minutes later.

    Lance RoarkLance Roark12 napja
  • I ran out of babushkas jam let’s just say it’s no jam at all for me then, just not the same

    NickyNicky13 napja

    Libanos ewnetLibanos ewnet13 napja
  • my grandfather saying he is drinking more than russians i don't believe him then i look up where he actually is from: russia

    Preslav PlaysPreslav Plays13 napja
  • What if you, wanted to eat, but fridge said, no

    jimmy lundblomjimmy lundblom14 napja
  • That onion, garlic, sausage, flour and water recipie is something im gonna have to try some day.

    Stefan NilssonStefan Nilsson15 napja
  • i dont want to look like an idiot but idk what is babushka and i guess it is a smarter and russian way to say grandma

    Edd 64Edd 6416 napja
    • yes it means grandma

      GamesOfEpicGamesOfEpic15 napja
  • “If you not add flour to soup that is not normal” Asian cuisine : why the fuck would you add flour to soup?

    Taikung 321Taikung 32117 napja
  • Apparently you can shake milk alot to make butter

    YoshinatorYoshinator18 napja
  • 0:38 he predicted quarantine

    SLO GamingSLO Gaming19 napja
  • extra recepie for mushrooms if you have eggs and onion add oil to pan and fry onions until they are light brownish add mushrooms and water, add enough water to cover the mushrooms cook until water vaporizes, then add egg and mix until egg is cooked enjoy

    Emanuel ČrepinkoEmanuel Črepinko22 napja
  • thats what i eat or make for m y parents I'm Lithuanian so I count as Russian me have russian genectics

    god noobgod noob22 napja
  • My man i have a jar of jam and a jar of mayo left. Time to get a spoon

    Joseph BrienJoseph Brien22 napja
  • My life is one very long end of the month.

    Kermeet DafrowgKermeet Dafrowg23 napja
  • I have a 0.001 mm of Kalbasa

    Arkadon monArkadon mon23 napja
  • This dude is just annoying

    obamas catobamas cat24 napja
  • I mean, I always usually have bread and some lunch meat

    Ernan Huerta animations and stuffErnan Huerta animations and stuff26 napja
  • Wooohooo Romanian subtitles

    WHITEWHITE27 napja

    Hongmei WuHongmei Wu29 napja
  • More and more is making... GUILTY!

    Vincent RayVincent Ray29 napja
  • İts 5am and you made me hungry

    Batuhan UyarBatuhan UyarHónapja
  • Uuuuum what if I don't have water

    LN MiprixLN MiprixHónapja
  • BRUH, middle of the month and I'm realizing I didn't build a very good shopping list, don't have half of these things

    Sl0th GamesSl0th GamesHónapja
  • ..oh i understand end of month, you betcha! Last month was..2 end crusts, one egg of indeterminate age, small chip of cheese, half jar pickles (wow!) potato, but almost half cup rice..a teaspoon butter...quite a lot of frozen herbs from yard in summer, a dried up hotdog, abt 1 tablespoon brown sugar....and an old can of pork & beans.....Boris could make that Banquet time! ....i poor ancient handsaw is terrible i used a hammer & nail. The hacksaw blade is broken.........Duct tape?! was a Good Goulash that lasted me a 5 day week. yes!

    Nu LiformNu LiformHónapja
  • With the only one in the household with a job, this helps.

    Ruz Danielle GarciaRuz Danielle GarciaHónapja
  • With the solyanka (leftover soup) did he forgot the bay leaf what the bLiN

    BG bori 343BG bori 343Hónapja
  • I've tried the slav mash potato with onion and garlic and uh steak is noice

    comrade santacomrade santaHónapja
  • Gordon Ramsay approved

    Dhaval PathakDhaval PathakHónapja

  • Boris really doesn't want his viewers go starving to death on him.

    Bar CodeBar CodeHónapja
  • As a latin american I feel you bro. Stay slav.

    mejor nomejor noHónapja
  • "Babushka's Arsenal"

  • we all joke but there are probably actually people that legitimately survive on these videos

  • Wish I had this in college

    Harrison EffrayHarrison EffrayHónapja
  • 3:24 we finally found something too crazy for Boris


    Dami ferar15Dami ferar15Hónapja
  • i like how this chanel turned in to a survival and cooking chanel

    Liviu IonascoLiviu IonascoHónapja
  • Ill probably use these recipies when i go to collage lol

    Andrew LockeAndrew LockeHónapja
  • end of month is last half of 2020 for many now...sad, but most probably true

    Geo SerenityGeo SerenityHónapja
  • I never knew russians said "hardbass" like "hard bass" like the fish my king is helpinh me learn

    Some Shadow bitchSome Shadow bitchHónapja
  • The best chef is an empty stomach. I want that on a T shirt.

    Ivana PlavsicIvana PlavsicHónapja
  • Everyone gangsta till he run out of bay leaves

    Wellows Trash palaceWellows Trash palaceHónapja
  • It is always end of month in my house.

    Frey PokornyFrey PokornyHónapja
  • He's joking but at the same time telling facts

    Alu HasbarAlu HasbarHónapja
  • 10:19 that "oil" sounded very american

    Nutter ButterNutter ButterHónapja
  • Boris Live your life while you can The elephant foot is going to make Russia a horrible place :(

    Marcus’s Minecraft dragons And kingMarcus’s Minecraft dragons And kingHónapja
  • or you could just add flour and water

  • Surviving with Boris is a lot of Fun But if the fridge is Empty its Game Over, Than Atyom have to help to get Food cause Cats r lil Tigers and can Hunt Sneaky :D

  • "'Where did you learn to cook this?" Boris :>

  • Honestly that mushroom sauce on rice is out of this world delicious. I topped it with some browned doctor's sausage for protein and it was so damn goooood.

    Chainsaw PandaChainsaw PandaHónapja
  • guys, i had a bunch of food on the 29th and dissapired in the 30th, help?

    icew allowicew allowHónapja
  • "Animal noises"

  • Ramsay boris

    kirbo ballkirbo ballHónapja
  • Thanks Boris. The adding flour bit......used it many times comrade!

    Shane 7771982Shane 7771982Hónapja
  • 11:17 I just had a heart attack caused by the memories of my childhood evoked by this single action

    the kind hakerrothe kind hakerroHónapja
  • everyone gangster till immigrants find this video...

    Saint AnimeSaint AnimeHónapja
  • Wasn’t until I watched this video that I realized how poor I actually was growing up. Salt, pepper, potatoes, and oil was our dinner for 4 months straight. I was born ready for end of month!

    The Pooping GuyThe Pooping GuyHónapja
  • Понравилось видео

    Apple PenguinApple PenguinHónapja
  • 0:49

  • is this the fpsrussia of food?

  • bruh as long as i have a bunch of flour cooking oil and salt im set for a few days

    functional forkfunctional forkHónapja
  • I can actually smell the poor gopniks mashed potato. I think I am having a very conveniently times stroke.

    Bunny BoiBunny BoiHónapja
  • Showed this to my peigion Now its a pizdec

    Rage DragonsRage DragonsHónapja
  • End of month, brings out a bag of expensive wild mushrooms

    Goliath-6 ScytheGoliath-6 ScytheHónapja
  • I Know, how to survive, or at least in my country. Just buy eggs. A lot of eggs, they cost only like 2 euros a 16 egg pack. Eggs have literally everything expect for vitamin C. So eggs and something with vitamin C = Perfect.

  • how would you not have potato at end of month?

    Dylan MengDylan MengHónapja
  • Genius

    Taf TocTaf TocHónapja
  • Wtf are u kidding me? How can ı add heat in the food without gas. edit: Ah no problem, i burnt my wooden spoons for some heat.

    Salih ÇakırSalih ÇakırHónapja
  • boris reminds me of babushkas great cooking 👌

    Young GlockYoung GlockHónapja
  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • When he was eating potatoless potato, I was screaming like great! Now add water and make a soup! What are you doing? Don't eat the soup base! What!

    İsm Ataİsm AtaHónapja
  • he made mushrooms in gravy

    Chill GChill GHónapja
  • where is most or all of your equipment sold, if it’s possible to get it online