Cooking with splitting axe

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Cooking with chainsaw:
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Cooking with splitting axe
A comrade called Kailan sent me a challenge to cook with a full size splitting axe. No hatchets allowed. I took this challenge. Went to babushka's house. Built a fire and cooked some meat. With buterbrod on the side. It was glorious. I named the axe The Gopnik Butterknife.
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  • 1:42 "EXTRA STRONG KVASS" 1:43 *"S T R O N G A S S"*

    • @Life of Boris so that's how ur channel making no mony

      pls dont see this in light modepls dont see this in light mode15 napja
    • @Life of Boris Boris make cooking with a mosquito please

    • @WARhedd lmao

    • @Life of Boris Vodka (TM) for Ass (TM)

      PhamngAndi MainnewPhamngAndi MainnewHónapja
    • how else does he win at vidcon squat contest?

  • Dear Slavrad, while this video is glorious, everytime I watch I can't help but wish you had eaten some at the end using only the gopniks butterknife.

    D CD C5 órája
  • Blyat!

    EnderbossGR1EnderbossGR114 órája
  • Damn, you are so dedicated to ur fans borya

  • He eat the mosquito

  • I can't get over the strong russian accent. Hilarious.

    rollmeisterrollmeister3 napja
  • 6:46 this got me... this really got me...

    Akapulko 06Akapulko 063 napja
  • Came here just want to see what boris papa look like And he mention that on his new video " Boris reveal 5 new fact +qna"

    Delta Fish GalleryDelta Fish Gallery4 napja
  • Hopefully the wood he burns isn't pressure treated.

    wowplayer160wowplayer1604 napja

    Marya ZhuchkovaMarya Zhuchkova4 napja
  • Boris: Makes M & M bread aka. Meat and Mayonaiz

    xvxv8 napja
  • 11:10 Boris:wohh extra meat Mosquito:hellp mee!!!!!! Im burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rizki AnugrahRizki Anugrah8 napja
  • When your wife leaves you and takes the knives

    Rum CokeRum Coke8 napja
  • 5:20 "What is this now? Make nobody proud with broken sausage." 😂😂😂

    shooter 7620shooter 762010 napja
  • I enjoy that every video I watch teaches me just a little more russian

    Ryan VanderweelRyan Vanderweel10 napja
  • Boris: "We are not savages here." Boris five seconds earlier:

    Christopher EdwardsChristopher Edwards10 napja
  • The way you say "nice" has that steveMREinfo1989 vibe to it. Nice

    100GTAGUY100GTAGUY11 napja
  • I know damn well that jar of "mayo" is the jar of miracle whip from your fan mail video, you can cover the labels all you want but the lid and jar neck give it away. At least it didn't go to waste haha

    100GTAGUY100GTAGUY11 napja
  • Every time i see Boris make Buter Brod, i just get sad that we dont have doctors sausage in the US

    Overcooked DonutOvercooked Donut11 napja
  • You slav no russia but with adidas pants Ты славы нет Россия будет на Адидас 👖 0:41

    Ютубер Фанда броз Стену ХорошийЮтубер Фанда броз Стену Хороший12 napja
  • That bread is full of grass and dirt

    Krishna AbyanKrishna Abyan12 napja
  • 11:25 is that a bayonet

    Anonymous PersonAnonymous Person13 napja
  • Yikes when he ate the mosquitoe

  • Nothing like irradiated grass on your sandwich

    Robo__Dog__4000 __2Robo__Dog__4000 __215 napja
  • I like that S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 now has a cooking system for the campfires, but the controls look kind of janky.

    The HarlequinThe Harlequin15 napja
  • Thats the biggest sausage ive ever seen

    Jervin CleofeJervin Cleofe15 napja
  • HowToBasic 1.5......

    JussiJussi17 napja
  • Only the finest quality

    Source_xSource_x17 napja
  • 3:22 *why you running*

    yeetgamer 2020yeetgamer 202017 napja
  • I’ve been watching this man for a week and what the fuck is his obsession with mayonnaise?!

    Yoface UglyYoface Ugly18 napja
  • 7:22

    hoang hoanghoang hoang18 napja
  • EY SPION Who invite you leave my house! Flings the spion with the piece of bread

    Hard BeatsHard Beats18 napja
  • Ah yes, cooking with an axe. ROSMT approves

    Shinobito1Shinobito119 napja
  • 6:46 7:31

    ThooMas74ThooMas7419 napja

    FBI AGENT 5487FBI AGENT 548721 napja
  • 6:44

    X Canonfireman XX Canonfireman X22 napja
  • Aliminiuminum aah yes

    AngrySharkAngryShark22 napja
  • I love eating potato from campfire aluminiuminum

    GamingX33GamingX3322 napja
  • 이분은 요리하는게 너무 웃겨서 구독누르고 갑니다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    물고기물고기22 napja
  • This vid was dope tbh

    All In OneAll In One22 napja
  • The food looks so amazing 😍

    Joshua DominguezJoshua Dominguez23 napja
  • I dare you to cook with tomahawk

    Contea Emilian StefanContea Emilian Stefan23 napja
  • Haha xD Did he say yoschik to swear? That is incredibly cute! My mom only swears using "blin", but maybe I will introduce the yoschik to her as an alternative.

    Mirabilis AlbaMirabilis Alba26 napja
  • No one gonna talk about how a fan found his number?

    Karem AssarKarem Assar26 napja
  • I was very dissapointed when he used a pan and not cooking on the axe head

    cupcake kittencupcake kitten27 napja
  • Never fear, Boris is HERE. He has his educational cooking skills to dominate even Gordon Ramsey.

    Mason BushMason Bush27 napja
  • How boris takes care of his haters 2:36

    world of tanks shojie quitosworld of tanks shojie quitos27 napja
  • Mayo plus salt and pepper on toast is best bread piece

    Damon AllanDamon Allan28 napja
  • Mayo is the best sauce.

    Damon AllanDamon Allan28 napja
  • Just remember not to leave the potatoes in the fire for too long or they will become Irish charcoal. Happened to me once while camping.

    Indigo GollumIndigo Gollum29 napja
  • you should cook something on the barrel of an ak-47 and an ak-74 (maybe with uammee because he has that song 74 47)

    Phoenix MerrillPhoenix Merrill29 napja
  • aluiminuininuim

    Sullivan WilliamsSullivan Williams29 napja
  • i would love to see gordon ramsey react to these videos

    Majorbrawl1178 6Majorbrawl1178 629 napja
  • make an episode where you cook with your hands

    Anatoli Gonodanov-MeydbrayAnatoli Gonodanov-MeydbrayHónapja
  • "Even if the dirt you eat is free of toxins and has been baked or prepared safely, it can still bind in your stomach to the nutrients you get from other sources, preventing your body from absorbing them properly. This can put your health at risk." Aug 20, 2019 So that got me wondering... But then i remembered that only a true slav's stomach can consume dirt O-O

    Sophia ThomasSophia ThomasHónapja
  • 0:00 Boris dad

    boi Bruhboi BruhHónapja
  • Brits: Aluminium Borislavonians: Aluminuminum

    Joseph StalinJoseph StalinHónapja
  • I've never laughed so hard at mayo

    Ree Yee McgeeRee Yee McgeeHónapja
  • 3:46 *pieces are a bit thicc but...*

  • "look right there is the warmest spot- AY" welp, thats a good argument

    Superbug 3003Superbug 3003Hónapja
  • A Slav man is not a Slav man if the Slav man did not make the Slav pan that makes him a Slav man

  • Ya forgot about Bosnia

  • "Grandfathers old pocketknife" A minute in and youve already fucking killed me

    Some GuySome GuyHónapja
  • Do you cook sausages or eat it after peeling the skin?

  • Cool with flame thrower

    ZeRedArmy WW1ZeRedArmy WW1Hónapja
  • I don’t understand 99.99999% of what he is talking about but talks the way that always make me laugh 😂

    Ⳑᥙcαട Ɗα_ ᑭɾσⳐᥙcαട Ɗα_ ᑭɾσHónapja
  • Aluminiunium

    Blue CrafterBlue CrafterHónapja
  • 5:57 😂

    Christoph RiehlChristoph RiehlHónapja

  • Bug: Lands near Boris food Boris: Ey Spion! Who invite you? Bug several minutes later: Lands in Boris food Boris also several minutes later: EXTRA MEAT!

    Silent ReaperSilent ReaperHónapja
  • Fun fact: in slavic countries you can cook with axe and also you can cook an axe Multi-tool

    Его ПейсейшествоЕго ПейсейшествоHónapja
  • Reson 372 that women live longer then men

    Katten HattenKatten HattenHónapja
  • You are cooking a buterbrod with grass and soil

    The Car IndustryThe Car IndustryHónapja
  • When he uses a FORK and a KNIFE in an axe only vid

    Taiden HilliardTaiden HilliardHónapja
  • food boris f00d

  • Why do you need to make a tutorial on it? Shouldn't everyone know??

  • Cook food with gun

    Memeinater 117Memeinater 117Hónapja
  • Earth spice lol

    Shaikh SalmanShaikh SalmanHónapja
  • 10:54: Girls: ew disgusting, its ruined! nooo! Boris: E A R T H S P I C E. Is good for you

    Michael KaempfMichael KaempfHónapja
  • Boris 2021: Cooking with an AK-47

    Galaxy ShadowsGalaxy ShadowsHónapja
  • Been binge watching his vidoes for an hour now and the urge to buy some vodka and pickled cucumbers is growing exponentionally

    Arturia PeArturia PeHónapja
  • I would actually eat that tbh

    Chaotic GamingChaotic GamingHónapja
  • Sure it's been mentioned (Slow pony, here), but I know Havarti cheese when I see it 😘🧀

    Catherine KlabouchCatherine KlabouchHónapja
  • Ur amazing

    hamza playshamza playsHónapja
  • Imagine going camping and seeing a man cutting bread with and axe *give me some*

    Ramondinho ShitpostingRamondinho ShitpostingHónapja
  • Hey boris cook with a car tire

  • why you cut the butter and the bread??

  • Anybody know the name of the music?

    Anton SaikoAnton SaikoHónapja
  • One of the biggest parts of being Slav is the diet, so vegans, of you want to be true Slav, ditch your old ways and start eating meat.

    Anton SaikoAnton SaikoHónapja
  • this is like cooking in Breath of the wild...

  • Where blyat is Svetlana? Why did you leave her for the Gopnik Axe?

    Sandra ChengSandra ChengHónapja
  • a brave man who riskd food poisening and being a true slav

    Samurai of Black InkSamurai of Black InkHónapja
    • hes the true slavic version of gorden ramsey

      Samurai of Black InkSamurai of Black InkHónapja
  • 5/10 Using a fork.

    Léo BandeiraLéo BandeiraHónapja
  • Please cooking with katana

    only video exe thaionly video exe thaiHónapja
  • Boris, I have a challenge I would like you to except, I want you to cook only using American ingredients and American utensils. Warm regards from New Hampshire

    A ScoutlyA ScoutlyHónapja
  • Aluimiumium

    A ScoutlyA ScoutlyHónapja
  • Man, your father got some nice pairs of pants and shoes

  • after watching these i feel like my inner russian is screaming "LET ME OUT"

    qwerty qwertyqwerty qwertyHónapja
  • This has got to be some kind of health hazard

  • 6:40 "But it's not end of month" *Uploaded on November 12th* Seems about right....

    Vim Alcel NaragaVim Alcel NaragaHónapja