Cooking with splitting axe

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Cooking with chainsaw:
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Cooking with splitting axe
A comrade called Kailan sent me a challenge to cook with a full size splitting axe. No hatchets allowed. I took this challenge. Went to babushka's house. Built a fire and cooked some meat. With buterbrod on the side. It was glorious. I named the axe The Gopnik Butterknife.
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  • 1:42 "EXTRA STRONG KVASS" 1:43 *"S T R O N G A S S"*

    TheOnlyUmbrillaTheOnlyUmbrilla2 évvel

      willowhazel_willowhazel_3 órája
    • @Life of Boris sure about that (buy a corsa)

      Niels EngelenNiels Engelen9 órája
    • @SCP-049 quiet virgin, it's already done

      ShredphoxShredphox4 napja
    • @Shredphox No.

      SCP-049SCP-0494 napja
    • @P.A.D S L A V S Q U A T

      FF MODFF MOD7 napja
  • Boris, how do you cut the components and not accidentally chop the log in half?

    willowhazel_willowhazel_3 órája
  • real slavs eat cheese straight from block.

    NotPetyaNotPetya10 órája
  • *picks food out of dirt* *eats it* I think I figured out how Boris wound up in hospital.

    StewyStewy11 órája
  • Baba Jaga

    Mateo KušarMateo Kušar11 órája
  • Ey Spion XDD

  • 0:46 Grandfather's old pocket knife.., Haha

    thomas joseph henry dela cruzthomas joseph henry dela cruz2 napja
  • Me: (drinks vodka) Italy spy: DIE Me: (gets boom box playing soviey march and gets ak47) CAPITALVODKASOVIETBEAR @russian

    Thertius ErlanggaThertius Erlangga2 napja
  • Falukorv

    Alexander LindbomAlexander Lindbom3 napja
  • Me 5 min in: if he eats that dirty ass food I swear to god!!!

    Clayton MontanezClayton Montanez4 napja
  • Some people might say "what about the germs in your food?" But everybody knows vodka can kill them all inside

    Radioactive BoiRadioactive Boi4 napja
  • 11:39 This is what I do when people come to my house asking me to pay debts

    Erwin 18Erwin 185 napja
  • ogląda borysa jakiś polak

    KrzychuKrzychu5 napja
  • 4:58 As if Axe wasn't enough *"Maybe I'll use chainsaw next time"*

    Rishen ReniRishen Reni6 napja
  • Waiting for the fire to cook... Ah yess

    NightlIkeNightlIke7 napja
  • That swing accuracy was deplorable but the rest of this was respectable. The chainsaw vid was absolutely blyatiful tho

    spoonerman hdspoonerman hd8 napja
  • 3:22 boris to butter: why are you running? why are you running?

    sleepy hoyasleepy hoya8 napja
  • Music? I neeed it. What is thd naaaaaameee?

    The LabThe Lab8 napja
  • Man, this made me hungry. Boris, you are a culinary genius!

  • 9:03 music??

    Wat WatWat Wat10 napja
  • Whats next? cooking with kalashnikov?

    DustinYTDustinYT10 napja
  • 12:53 другой, как мой 😂😂, майонез на все

    Pablo Garcia GonzalezPablo Garcia Gonzalez10 napja
  • most people: splitting axe Boris: *Gopnik butter knife*

    pinetreepinetree11 napja
  • Boris is such a cool guy to have as a friend lol

    Garpu _Garpu _11 napja
  • That is not a splitting axe that is a gopniks's butter knife

  • 6:46 _ploop_

    im boredim bored14 napja
  • the mayonez in lithuania is the same and we call it majonezas

    Rainbow ShrimpRainbow Shrimp14 napja
  • мне нравится ЦЭ

    Саша СтогнийСаша Стогний14 napja
  • 6:46 hahahahahaahah

    TheBasicNoobTheBasicNoob16 napja
  • Your great !! Subbed !!!

    NESTO FNESTO F16 napja
  • *still better than Subway*

    Crazy LemonCrazy Lemon16 napja
  • so always the vodka is the magic liquid even for fires

    Razan 49XRazan 49X17 napja
  • b a b a y a g a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    goose. mp4goose. mp418 napja
  • Im here for Boris' Papa

    Randy CarruthRandy Carruth18 napja
  • Extra

    Máté Sauer-TóthMáté Sauer-Tóth18 napja
  • Почему ты говоришь на английском, ты же русский

    Big KostBig Kost19 napja
  • Try cooking with machete with anatoli

    Jason. ytJason. yt19 napja
  • I’m American and my family doesn’t judge me for watching your videos. I love your videos

    ItsNotMe XxmintyItsNotMe Xxminty19 napja
  • me seeing the way boris cut the bread, butter and cheese be like: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

    Husna HasmunirHusna Hasmunir19 napja
  • Where I live which cheese like that would probably cost me like $55

    tripleAretardtripleAretard20 napja
  • have you ever made potato salad? its potato AND MAYONAISSE...

    chloe winkworthchloe winkworth20 napja
  • Gordon Ramsay left the chat

    Meme CollegeMeme College21 napja
  • It would be cool if boris was my dad

    cheeki breeki the thirdcheeki breeki the third21 napja
  • Axxx blinn 🤙🤙🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🍾🍾🍾

    Aynoor - PS3DAynoor - PS3D21 napja
  • 13:09 "Note: no screams means potato is done" Me: wheeze

    Sky _lightSky _light22 napja
  • Naci

    Maxwell Santos de OliveiraMaxwell Santos de Oliveira22 napja
  • приготовил обед сыну по вашему рецепту, все супер сын спит уже 40 часов)

    KODEINKODEIN22 napja
  • What type of sausage is that

    Spread_those_cheeks 1235Spread_those_cheeks 123523 napja
  • I saw you using a fork. I feel betrayed now.

    UntrveAF420UntrveAF42023 napja
  • I would like to see gordon ramsay vs boris

    boba _uwuxxboba _uwuxx23 napja
  • Did he use vodka to lit the fire?

    Yousef OdehYousef Odeh24 napja
  • 4:17 Wallace would be proud.

    Commander MemesCommander Memes27 napja
  • 3:36 it's the Vadim Blyat from neighborhood.

    Àdám Ancsin-RodákÀdám Ancsin-Rodák28 napja
  • the music in the very beginning is pretty fire, what’s the song

    AliumDiemAliumDiem28 napja
  • Boris I hope you don’t get sick from that “extra meat”

    TTV SlavLadTTV SlavLad29 napja
  • Russian man detected

    No ShapeNo Shape29 napja
  • Now this is how a gopnik lumberjack makes his buterbrod

  • Вот блин *ГОВНО*

  • "We are not savages here" *picks up splitting axe*

    Aidan SevignyAidan SevignyHónapja
  • Isn't baba yaga the grandma that kidnap childrens?

    Benedict ColeBenedict ColeHónapja
  • 7:29

    Yuriy OhoninYuriy OhoninHónapja
  • Boris, what debil taught you how to coal-bake potato? You bury them in the coals!

    Casey DarrahCasey DarrahHónapja
  • I love you video very much till i make a slav skin for my minecraft

  • Name of the music 9:03?

    Wat WatWat WatHónapja
  • Maybe try slicing instead of chopping next time

    Nolan MittelstetNolan MittelstetHónapja
  • Still not enough to break through the mannerheim line:)

    Tuure SarolahtiTuure SarolahtiHónapja
  • i come here at least once a month to listen to "aluminiuminum" a dozen times

    Surplus BusSurplus BusHónapja
  • *"If your having trouble with fire like Boris"* *Bring out the magic loquid*

    Rexloyd 1Rexloyd 1Hónapja
  • what meat did you use because i want to cook some

    steve Jonessteve JonesHónapja

    Vincent RayVincent RayHónapja
  • 2 am in the morning watching a russian guy preparing his meal with an axe What do I do here

    another ONEanother ONEHónapja
  • I kook po-ta-to in fireplace

    Maksym 45 Todorovych MMaksym 45 Todorovych MHónapja
  • mans never hot

  • Fun fact: butter is good for you

  • This will always me a favorite to me...

    AestheticMusical .Waves_AestheticMusical .Waves_Hónapja
  • 11:10 extra meat 🤣🤣

    Rahul KRahul KHónapja
  • "We only need a little bit" *precedes to cut block of cheese in half

    Kek ManKek ManHónapja
  • 10:43 this is a new religion

  • 10:12 what the blyat was that?!


  • He cut veg after meat on same cutting board!! Blyat what has the world come to?

    Ernie SaggersErnie SaggersHónapja
  • Where are the potatos

    Cristian van den BosseCristian van den BosseHónapja
  • Aye hold on, wheres a vodka?

    Lapalo Lapalal ALTLapalo Lapalal ALTHónapja
  • Disappointing he use a fork and bayonet Just use the axe to eat the food

    the gamerthe gamerHónapja
  • 10:12 u used a knife

  • Minecraft should make an update where you get the advancement "we need to go bigger" when you make an iron block axe

    Jeff AlsonJeff AlsonHónapja
  • *Cut the aluminum foil with axe not hand*

    nicholas zhangnicholas zhangHónapja
  • Don't know why, this is strangely appealing.

    The Legacy ShowThe Legacy ShowHónapja
  • i consider mayo as my ally

    a_random_ soupa_random_ soupHónapja
  • I also have created American version of Butterbrot or however you spell it I have made an American version

    Frei KorpsFrei KorpsHónapja
  • Imagine just asking someone at a restaurant how the food is made and then you just see Boris doing this

    Frei KorpsFrei KorpsHónapja
  • this is the most unsanitary video ever

    eg egeg egHónapja
  • Us eastern and balkans can relate

    kaloian filipovkaloian filipovHónapja
  • You put it way to far from the fire I think xD

    Icarus V.Icarus V.Hónapja
  • 2:13 he literally said "Ay hedgehog bitch". Am I missing something here? xD

    Mato KuroiMato KuroiHónapja
  • 6:46 *glorious mayonnaise sounds*

    Tejshun the gaming scout 2020Tejshun the gaming scout 2020Hónapja
  • 4:49 *and then he did.*

    Almighty TriesAlmighty TriesHónapja
  • 10:25 very cute cat omg!

    Killu WloKillu WloHónapja

    零零 KingxZero零零 KingxZeroHónapja
  • Sees mosquito Boris: "Oh! Extra Meat!"