Cooking with chainsaw

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Boris cooks soup by using only a chainsaw and pure slav skill. There is potato, carrot, cabbage, meat and.. of course the bay leaf. Delicious as always! Enjoy.
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    Life of BorisLife of BorisHónapja
    • What could possibly go wrong?

      Louie Epic gamerLouie Epic gamer11 napja
    • Next time making soup with vodka

      lavvylavvy15 napja
    • Yes

      lavvylavvy15 napja
    • he actually did it 😮

      RegularSunshine AMVRegularSunshine AMV15 napja
    • Life of Boris 4:48 Cooking with brick? OFCOURSE BORIS DID IT

      Ege EfesEge Efes23 napja
  • I hope you did not eat the shait you cooked with chainsaw oil lol!

    LostinTheLightLostinTheLight16 órája
  • 日本人見てるかーい?

    Apple believerApple believer21 órája
  • anyone else here from food wars?

    Ajani FortuneAjani FortuneNapja
  • the motherland approves of this cooking show

    soviet russiasoviet russiaNapja
  • Either Boris cheated and used the chainsaw to cut that buterbrod or his bite is as wide as Mother Russia

    Unofficially OfficialUnofficially OfficialNapja
  • the bite that he took... maybe it's from the chernobyl water

    Meriem B.Meriem B.2 napja
  • Cooking with vlada, please do

    Colton AmmonsColton Ammons3 napja
  • Make Butterbrod with nothing but a bottle of vodka

    Max LevineMax Levine4 napja
  • next chellenge: cooking with hammer

    Richard VankRichard Vank4 napja
  • Cutting meat with chainsaw not suitable for HUworld audiences..... Me as a slavic audience : pizzzzzzzzzzzdya.....

    SpyidSmithSpyidSmith4 napja
  • Cooking wood and potato soup

    Kasnaranja0123Kasnaranja01235 napja
  • who else came here from emkay

    MiatheclownMiatheclown5 napja
  • Am I the only one who wants to see a tour of babushka house ?

    Soviet OnionSoviet Onion6 napja
  • next challange. cooking with brick

    Odin SteinnesOdin Steinnes6 napja
  • ... the .. urod

    Oliver HelOliver Hel6 napja

    Catalina OrtegaCatalina Ortega7 napja
  • 1:14 its called rice spoon in english

    Ash Pg3dAsh Pg3d7 napja
  • I have to wonder if it tasted like bar oil.

    roninwanderingroninwandering7 napja
  • Quality content

    Luc WijngaardLuc Wijngaard7 napja
  • Gulash Is From Hungary

  • I love how babushka didnt ask what was that noise and just asked what soup he was making and then just gave him a cabbage Lol

    Acinraz _Acinraz _8 napja
  • I like all his vids, lmao funny video

    Cimrel RBLXCimrel RBLX8 napja
  • ay you arent a real gopnik if you didnt ever use a kalashnikov for cooking blin *unless you made doctor sausage then you are a real gopnik but still, i need to see cooking with kalashnikov*

    The 4 boys that yesThe 4 boys that yes9 napja
  • 2:35 Nice Girl Escape XD

    Arthur :3Arthur :39 napja
  • You should make a 2 seater go kart and call it gopnik mobile

    xToxic_boi09x 1xToxic_boi09x 110 napja
  • 6:07 Nice indeed

    VegetoidVegetoid10 napja
  • my boy, that shirt is fuckin bitchin RIP my wallet. Guess the end of month is coming early this month.

    Ashen OneAshen One10 napja
  • Boris OP

    Apple ADApple AD10 napja
  • when u think about #2 Boris is The Russian Gordon Ramsay

    Truckin n' Logging nzTruckin n' Logging nz11 napja
  • 10:09

    gpl312 kgpl312 k11 napja
  • Восхитительно! Обожаю!

    Dina MitDina Mit11 napja
  • Cooking using Lada engine for heat source blyat!

    FLAVXerFLAVXer12 napja
  • Next challenge: Cooking with sword

    Shelley GreenShelley Green12 napja
  • Other people: YOU CAN'T JUST USE A CHAINSAW TO MAKE FOOD, ITS DANGEROUS Boris: HAH Chainsaw go Brrrrrrr!

    CM - 20CM - 2012 napja
  • Next episode: blyat Netflix and chill with the Comrades

    Hck_knullHck_knull12 napja
  • Bring more Weslav t-shirts back!

    Alfred AnderssonAlfred Andersson13 napja
  • 30 sec of silence for the people who tried to cook like him and got sick.

    Ninja GamingNinja Gaming13 napja
  • Super Slav King Boris, does Babushka whatch your videos?

    Andrew AlemañyAndrew Alemañy13 napja
  • New challenge cooking with butter knife

    Allie Skinner -Younique PresenterAllie Skinner -Younique Presenter14 napja
  • This worked way to well

    brick brakerbrick braker15 napja
  • "Cooking with chainsaw" Shokugeki no souma char:first time?

    Daffa Qur'ian HermansyahDaffa Qur'ian Hermansyah15 napja
  • Next video "cooking with hacksaw"

    PandaPanda15 napja
  • making gulag with gulash

    pls dont see this in light modepls dont see this in light mode15 napja
  • А что будет дальше? Готовим с АК-47?

    Inspector JeleshkaInspector Jeleshka15 napja
  • Sawdust soup

  • I'm Hungarian and not even offended.

    Zsolt CzinegeZsolt Czinege16 napja
  • Russian chainsaw start in one pull??? as an American this confuses me, I thought all chainsaws took 37 pulls....

    Tyler woodringTyler woodring17 napja
  • Ahhh come on... The part we all waited for gets removed for YouThoob's stupid guidelines... Come on... It's dead meat for Pete's sake

    Hirak 47 MukherjeeHirak 47 Mukherjee17 napja
  • His pants .... HIS PANTS ... They're destroyed for good... Vegetable bits all over them 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Hirak 47 MukherjeeHirak 47 Mukherjee17 napja
  • Cook with bayonet. But bayonet attached to a rifle.

    The MawnsterThe Mawnster17 napja
  • " so what is this cut in your forehead?" "oh just some crazy gopnik used a chainsaw to cut his food"

    Noah Ezra FondevillaNoah Ezra Fondevilla17 napja
  • The Russian Legend still says he is cooking with a chain saw...

    乃乇卂丂ㄒㄚMixa乃乇卂丂ㄒㄚMixa18 napja
  • love your videos gob keep it up

    Don CastalinoDon Castalino19 napja
  • next time home made sauna with boris

    Don CastalinoDon Castalino19 napja
  • then babushka cooks with chainsaw

    Stevio TullioStevio Tullio19 napja
  • Next up: baking brownies with cat

    Dino SamaDino Sama20 napja
  • Too scared to reach for mouse and keyboard of my laptop while the chainsaw was on screen xD Guess my survival reflexes are alive and kickin

    Mirabilis AlbaMirabilis Alba20 napja
  • Can you do something childhood-nostalgia related? Only if it does not give away your birthplace of course

    Mirabilis AlbaMirabilis Alba20 napja
  • I imagine him cooking with a svd dragunov.

    Ghost lionGhost lion20 napja
  • if me had money to buy merch >:o im still kid :((

    ItsmethreatItsmethreat20 napja
  • 7:04 name of the song, please!!!

    diablitofilipinodiablitofilipino21 napja
  • не знаю нахуя, но заебись.. стэй чики брики бОрис

    JDFUJDFU21 napja
  • Only thing they fear is you

    Vesmírný KrtekVesmírný Krtek21 napja
  • this is how real slavs cook

    Arbusa ProductionsArbusa Productions21 napja
  • Use a claymore sword lol

    WegsterYTWegsterYT21 napja
  • Boris could you cook with a hammer

    Adham SoldierAdham Soldier22 napja
  • Sawdust potato

    big boss gamingbig boss gaming22 napja
  • up next ''Cooking with TT33'' i know you can do it

    cq33xxcq33xx22 napja
  • WARNING chainsaws leaking chain oil to everything they cut xD

    cq33xxcq33xx22 napja
  • Next challenge: Cook with medieval flail

    Sal WardaSal Warda22 napja
  • 4:48 Cooking with brick? OFCOURSE BORIS DID IT

    Ege EfesEge Efes23 napja
  • I want to see boris cooking with a woodchipper!!!

    Captain SabertacheCaptain Sabertache23 napja
  • 2:33 Can't pick up a hot pot lip with your bare hands. What kind of Slav are you?

    Ghazghkull ThrakaGhazghkull Thraka23 napja
  • Cooking with hammer

    Boss AndersenBoss Andersen23 napja
  • i hate pork XC

    اسد افريقيااسد افريقيا24 napja
  • Say hello to my little CHAİNSAW

    ilkerbey _001ilkerbey _00124 napja
  • i thought it said coding with chainsaw....

    CryptosCryptos24 napja
  • +1 like from germany

    TobiTobi25 napja
  • 2:34 we are cooking potato, boris, not leg

    aemiilaemiil26 napja
  • what we need is a face reveal

    Victor ZhangVictor Zhang26 napja
  • Do cooking with brick.

    Your friendly Neighborhood GrummYour friendly Neighborhood Grumm27 napja
  • Streets of moscow? Boris confirmed ruski

    KurosakidudeKurosakidude27 napja
  • 4:35 it is chainslaw

    Colin ChungColin Chung27 napja
  • "what is next cooking with brick?" well he wasn't wrong

    hi byehi bye27 napja
  • I want the name of the song!!!!!!

    diablitofilipinodiablitofilipino28 napja
  • this is like bringing a tank to a fist fight

    Phoenix MerrillPhoenix Merrill29 napja
  • But..boris have you got neighbors? 😂😂😂 (Ok im not english but italian (i like the R not english but russian,italian or spanish ÙwÚ) I love russia before this video

    Denise NardinocchiDenise Nardinocchi29 napja
  • I am the professional daun . I can do it .

    My life is hellMy life is hell29 napja

    DEMOMAN the meme brainDEMOMAN the meme brain29 napja
  • Try not getting any earth Spice on food i challenge u

    ThA MeMeThA MeMeHónapja
  • 3:32 "but we are not savages here" proceeds to cutting carrots with a chainsaw. Normal day for slav's.

  • Cooking with pickaxe could be intereesting

    ivana timkovaivana timkovaHónapja
  • why are you like this? and why am i secretly in love with you?

    Manal MokhlesseManal MokhlesseHónapja
  • This is why I don’t want Boris as a neighbor

    Sam YalSam YalHónapja
  • Boris,can you teach me how to be antivirused slav?

    Charles CalvinCharles CalvinHónapja
  • Я русский комент прочитай меня

  • 1:15 we call it a pot

    Alma FuertesAlma FuertesHónapja
  • cook with a kalashnikov

  • I couldn't care less even if you come from my neighbor country anomaly is way better

    Floor GangFloor GangHónapja