Cooking with chainsaw

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Boris cooks soup by using only a chainsaw and pure slav skill. There is potato, carrot, cabbage, meat and.. of course the bay leaf. Delicious as always! Enjoy.
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  • Boris with chainsaw shirt here:

    Life of BorisLife of Boris4 hónapja
    • Those potatoes can't escape a drunk slav man with a chainsaw

      Normanas KlinkeviciusNormanas Klinkevicius9 napja
    • If only i had money

      The NixalessThe NixalessHónapja
    • It’s Boris

      Big boi Herr TBig boi Herr T2 hónapja
    • The big spoon in english is called kabo in filipino in english is cabo I don't know

      RegularSunshine AMVRegularSunshine AMV2 hónapja
    • Лучший суп который который я видел

      Alexandr BanuhAlexandr Banuh2 hónapja
  • boris making babushka food.. he is tru slav cheeki breeki

    Omelet MusicOmelet Music10 órája
  • Me: you should do cooking with only your hand Boris: does it and Burns hand Me:LOL

    jay kinnojay kinno16 órája
  • this is the average friday in russia

    [ קɭєครє ђєɭק ][ קɭєครє ђєɭק ]16 órája
  • the chainsaw is dead. Also where do I meet this guy??

    Aiden ProppsAiden ProppsNapja
  • 0:38 yes so smol friend

    Joseph JoestarJoseph JoestarNapja
  • everybody gangsta till boris doesn't add a second bay leaf and say "or maybe two!"

    No OneNo OneNapja
  • 7:20 - Rare footage of extinguishing reactor number 4. (1986, colorized)

  • Make slav cookies in your next video

    Xian Rupert DalitXian Rupert DalitNapja
  • Babushka: Why does my chainsaw smell like potatoes? Boris: ...blyat..

    icefire333icefire3332 napja
  • cooking with brick... not a bad idea

    DermoltDermolt2 napja
  • я единственный из россии

    ss snaiperss snaiper2 napja
    • походу да

      Бездна ПустотнаяБездна Пустотная6 órája
  • try cooking with a gun? it cuts well it spreads well and its held well

    Nagito KomaedaNagito Komaeda2 napja
  • next idea, cooking in a wheel

    Diego RamirezDiego Ramirez2 napja
  • I play with chainsaws all the time. I would eat that without blinking.

  • 2:35 boris what hapened here

    Samuel Cw4Samuel Cw43 napja
  • This is so funny lmao

    Aidyn CampesiAidyn Campesi3 napja
  • bonk

    milkmilk4 napja
  • Main theme from vidio BLYAT uamee - DELET THIS NAHUI (instrumental )

  • oh hee yes amazing gulaš

    father grigorifather grigori4 napja
  • next up: Cooking with multi rocket launcher

    im boredim bored4 napja
  • next is cooking with flamethrower

    GasslethugGasslethug5 napja
  • Sawdust give true Slav power! Also cutting cabbage with a chainsaw appears to create something new called "chainslaw"

    Midwest InactivistMidwest Inactivist6 napja
  • when you use chainsaw, you get the true pattern of potato not like those in capitalist C H I P S

    Amel BabićAmel Babić6 napja
  • Even though I am 10 years old, I wanna be true slav and you are idol slav

    WouterWouter6 napja
  • New Cry Of Fear monster: BorisRunner

    Reded_YTReded_YT6 napja
  • Next video :cook with a brick

    Player2hasjoinedPlayer2hasjoined6 napja
  • Title: Cooking with chainsaw Boris: “this is regular” Me: “what the blyat”

    Daniel Hahn ConradsenDaniel Hahn Conradsen6 napja
  • Also I think my neighbor is like Vadim... What do I do .U. lol

    Charley MasonCharley Mason6 napja
  • Ima buy some merch cause I'm also slav BUT i wear adidas EVERYDAY your Товарищ Boris the one and only SLAV KING Hows artyom he's a cool cat my cat is a girl and I call her the western cat cause it's western spy :/ stay cheeki breeki Товарищ say hi to Бабушка for me and say to artyom and anatoli

    Charley MasonCharley Mason6 napja
  • And now... the bay- or maybe two!

    Калоян НиколовКалоян Николов7 napja
  • He Hy voobze a x y i t e l n o ponimaes ny noverno

    ҈u҈n҈k҈n҈o҈w҈n҈?҈ ??҈u҈n҈k҈n҈o҈w҈n҈?҈ ??7 napja
  • "But we are not savages here". *torturing food with chainsaw and eating it with dirt on*

    mr beastmr beast7 napja
  • Cook with lada

    Dio BrandoDio Brando7 napja
  • I have to trie this recipe

    :v algo Rundum:v algo Rundum8 napja

    Thiago EnnesThiago Ennes8 napja
  • I thought he was going to pull the dragunov from that bag...

    Thiago EnnesThiago Ennes8 napja
  • Cook with sickle and hammer

    コンティーンKONTEENコンティーンKONTEEN8 napja
  • Perfect pronunciation of Gulyás. Cool.

    Conium MaculatumConium Maculatum8 napja
  • 6:54 that drink is very good juice :)

    Nedeljko VunturisicNedeljko Vunturisic9 napja
  • You cooked gulash AND vegetable salad on the ground.

    Michal KanaMichal Kana9 napja
  • I heard delet this nahui in the background

    ItsNotMe XxmintyItsNotMe Xxminty9 napja
  • He did it, the big beautiful bastard really did it...

    M BM B9 napja
  • i want to try that soup now

    Grant BorenGrant Boren10 napja
  • That's a boys cooking show

    takumi fujiwaratakumi fujiwara10 napja
  • Jeesh, you thought Vadim Blyat was loud

    Gamesniper 102Gamesniper 10210 napja
  • 2:58 he added "log spice" not earth like last time :))

    Costache VladCostache Vlad10 napja
  • Ah yes Boris making gulash for the motherland

    A Random B01 On The InternetA Random B01 On The Internet10 napja
  • Coming Soon: Cooking with gun

    Clint Justine CastigadorClint Justine Castigador10 napja
  • Is that log clean?

    NeurooNeuroo11 napja
  • Idk if its cause my Mom is Slovak, but one year for Thanksgiving it was just me and her and she didn't want to thaw the whole turkey so she decided to get out her chainsaw and cut it in half 🤣👌

    raphmaster23raphmaster2311 napja
  • next challenge: cooking with babushka

    OnnichanitoOnnichanito12 napja
  • cooking with gun

    ausraster Xausraster X12 napja
  • Holy shit that’s Russia as fuck.

    Waluigi LauncherWaluigi Launcher12 napja
  • Lol id ask for some happily as like im no hygiene inspector

    Tristhegamingthug The SavageTristhegamingthug The Savage12 napja
  • If Boris had a wife: 5:47 Just in case: this is a joke.

    FullMeatSoupFullMeatSoup12 napja
  • Ah yes traditional soviet sawdust soup

    zammapzammap13 napja
  • Oh shit, I have the same bowl in my house as you 8:59

    Ivo LõhmusIvo Lõhmus13 napja
  • I would like to see how to cook with Kalashnikov

    Airsoft PhillipinesAirsoft Phillipines14 napja
  • Hmmmmm.... make mashed potatoes with heavy artillery

  • "We could put the carrots in without cutting them but we are not complete savages." *Continues to cut carrots with chainsaw*

    soham baitsoham bait14 napja
  • Cooking with car?

    Dávid HuszkaDávid Huszka14 napja
  • Boris makes a couscous s please

    XXXTentacion lyricXXXTentacion lyric16 napja
  • next challenge: cook by bare hands only

    idiot samvichidiot samvich16 napja
  • i like the exact 100K likes in this video

    meme lordmeme lord17 napja
  • next up cooking with a thermo nuclear bomb!

    Mikki BerryMikki Berry17 napja
  • i didnt know i needed to see a slav cook with a damn chainsaw till i saw this

    AndroozleAndroozle18 napja
  • Next will be "cooking with tank and flamethrower"

    Josh B-LJosh B-L19 napja
  • 2:37 pot is dancing like true slav

    Umesh AmarasuriyaUmesh Amarasuriya20 napja
  • I wonder boris can make another cooking video with a gun

    Wafee AayanWafee Aayan20 napja
  • 20 percent food 80 percent wood

  • nobody: doom eternal: cooking with chainsaw

    Louis ChaherliLouis Chaherli23 napja
  • Make "Cooking with AK-47 bullet" Pls or with brick

    Pan rodzynekPan rodzynek23 napja
  • Go vegan

    avalon NewWayavalon NewWay23 napja
  • 1:28 lmao 😆

    Primus E. X. EPrimus E. X. E24 napja
  • Bushes of flavor part killed me

    Indu Limbu RaiIndu Limbu Rai25 napja
  • Your firewoid looks like planks from Vadims bed

    Mr EMr E26 napja
  • I tried this at home and... I caused multiple accidents.

    Arnas LadygaArnas Ladyga28 napja
  • What is that drink

    R JR J28 napja
  • I didn’t understand why he do this until he speak Russian accent.

    K. R.K. R.29 napja
  • Shame and... GUILTY!

    Vincent RayVincent Ray29 napja
  • good job my comrad

    Kim SmithKim SmithHónapja
  • Fellas is it gay to fall in love with a chainsawman

  • next challenge: cooking with a Dragunov SVD

    BK BMXBK BMXHónapja
  • 3:36 "We are not savages here"; start chainsaw to cut f*cking carrots. I love this guy

  • the kgb was satisfied,your not going to gulag today.

    Macoy Dela cruzMacoy Dela cruzHónapja
  • Cooking with katana next?

  • 1:46 he didn't lie

    Profesional IdiotProfesional IdiotHónapja
  • Perfect cooking skills doesn't exi-

  • So this is how JASON cooks. Interesting

  • Comrade Boris now has Madlad Achievement

    Nathaniel AntonioNathaniel AntonioHónapja
  • 1:40 After 6 months he actually did it.

  • I can imagine how Boris's Babushka comes into the backyard and yells -Boris wot the blin are you doing? Boris with chainsaw in hand: -...soup -okay have a cabbage

    Tomasz WiatrTomasz WiatrHónapja
  • 5:18 nice meat you got there

    litterly just Melitterly just MeHónapja
  • Next video: cooking with the slavmobile

    Bladed CraftsmanBladed CraftsmanHónapja
  • Ahh my favorite Salmanela soup

    the gamerthe gamerHónapja
  • He even announced the hatchet soup :D

  • I bet leaving the sawdust on the potatoes would also add extra insoluble fiber - important for fans of soft, pleasing bowel movements.

    Middle Aged NerdMiddle Aged NerdHónapja
  • Нууу мы не всегда так готовим

    Davi StudioDavi StudioHónapja
  • You can actually see Boris's eyes in the thumbnail ;-;