COOKING WITH BRICK - slav survival tips with Boris

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Cooking with brick? OF COURSE. It was not really a challenge. But it is also not what I had planned. Turned out to be some solid forest survival tips.
Cooking with axe:
Cooking with chainsaw:
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  • dang he rly did it

    Rolled PotatoesRolled Potatoes20 órája
  • cooking with hungarian túrórudi

    the gamers in youtubethe gamers in youtubeNapja
  • cokking with kalashinikov

    Qm BlueQm BlueNapja

    Plane NoisesPlane NoisesNapja
  • TRY KOOKING WITH AN AK-47(i know this might sound crazy but lets make it a bit easyer... put a bayonet on it :) )

    verfoxiusverfoxius2 napja

    RomaniaRomania2 napja
  • zdorova Boris! Please do cooking with KALASHNIKOV blyat. And like babushka says stay cheeki breeki

    Nils TonsiNils Tonsi2 napja
  • Cooking with gun?

    Fabian AgoFabian Ago3 napja
  • 3:24 when he said “we need precision tools” and whipped out the gun I just about shit my pants- for a split second I thought he was gonna fuckin shoot it

    GoblinsInTheDarkGoblinsInTheDark3 napja
  • Ey! Boris! I want you to cook with glorious Hammer And Sickle Blyat!

    Roos HovhannesRoos Hovhannes3 napja
  • Cooking with flamethrower?

    Justin FrenchJustin French3 napja
  • kalashnikov plzzzz

    Vykintas MizgirisVykintas Mizgiris4 napja
  • Boris: "Cooking with brick, pff, more like normal tuesday! What is next? Cooking with kalash- oh no..." Anatoli: "oh no..." Babushka: "oh no..." Artyom: "meow (oh no...)" Vadim (BLYAT): "oh no..." Igor (Urod): "oh no..." The fans: " Oh yehehehes"

    Ian CreitoIan Creito4 napja
  • Cooking with 308.

    Gummoboi2020Gummoboi20205 napja
  • I dont want to be near if thay goes off 3:30

    Daniel HeydonDaniel Heydon5 napja

    parrot personparrot person5 napja
  • Kalashnikov pls

    Lukas KaufmannLukas Kaufmann6 napja
  • If Boris won’t cook with Kalashnikov he will cook with Mosin or Makorov

    Ethan SwenskiEthan Swenski7 napja
  • Next challenge:Cook with Bottles

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  • Cook with kalashnikov

    Lunatic DevoteeLunatic Devotee8 napja
  • Boris i dare you to cook with bay leaf

    BronzeBlasterBronzeBlaster9 napja
  • I dare you to cook dinner for yourself and friends with a PPsH-41. Do it comrade, it will pay off.

    ConfusionConfusion9 napja
  • Video idea: cooking in lada

    Andreiu 11Andreiu 1110 napja
  • Cook with kolashnikov

    Fried BreadFried Bread10 napja
  • boris pls cook with kalashnikov

    empireballempireball11 napja
  • How did you find me in the woods of Chernobyl

    CharlesCharles11 napja
  • F

    CharlesCharles11 napja
  • How did you find me in the woods of Chernobyl

    CharlesCharles11 napja
  • How did you find me in the woods of Chernobyl

    CharlesCharles11 napja
  • He is a true survivalist

    Puss GamingPuss Gaming11 napja
  • Hello my comrade you should cook with the Kalashnikov

    Lukas VasiliauskasLukas Vasiliauskas11 napja
  • Cook with kalashnikov

    Chicken Help meChicken Help me11 napja
  • блять товарищ

    heitor playsheitor plays11 napja
  • its now time to asume your fate and cook with kalashnikov commrade boris

    escopetadebronce 1965escopetadebronce 196511 napja
  • cook with the kalashnikov cyka

    Runky dunky explunkyRunky dunky explunky13 napja
  • *Boris was the ultimate boy scout*

    Ayla CochraneAyla Cochrane13 napja
    • I actually learned this in boy scouts a few years ago

      Heavy the grey wolfHeavy the grey wolf12 napja
  • We need cooking with kalashnikov

    The Unthinkable JackThe Unthinkable Jack13 napja
  • Can you do Cooking with Kalashnikov a Slavic Stroganof?

    Reaper 121Reaper 12113 napja
  • Cooking with Kalashnikov

    yoshi's_ minionyoshi's_ minion14 napja
  • Thankyou for the excellent slavic education

    Wagwan GamesWagwan Games14 napja
  • Привет, я Caleb

    Wagwan GamesWagwan Games14 napja
  • Cooking with dragonov when boris

    Heather SmithHeather Smith15 napja
  • Cook with kalashnikov

    SdreaM bgSdreaM bg16 napja
  • Do cooking with bare hands

    RarockRarock16 napja
  • U son of a blin.... U actually did it... U mad man

    Sebastian MurasSebastian Muras16 napja
  • cheekie brick ie

    NeubaufahrzeugNeubaufahrzeug16 napja
  • Uamee- delet this nahui?

    Choidoman VNChoidoman VN17 napja
  • 3:26 wait is that a ...

    dell connagerdell connager17 napja
  • how about cooking with a car

    klugevilklugevil18 napja
  • So when is cooking with Kalashnikov?

    Mr. CrampsMr. Cramps18 napja
  • When is cooking with Kalashnikov?

    Krishanu PhukanKrishanu Phukan18 napja
  • use jar of mayonez

    Aharon KonigAharon Konig18 napja
  • next up: cooking with wood

    DejvDejv19 napja
  • Cook with pipe

  • Next vídeo: cooking with Very small utensils

    Trifox trfdTrifox trfd19 napja
  • we need cooking with ak now

    Nope NopeNope Nope20 napja
  • With 9 more bricks, and some form of grate, you could've had a rocket stove!

    MrGuppyMrGuppy21 napja
  • Yes! I always make scrambled eggs intentionally also.

    NatøNatø21 napja
  • Cook with AK47

    CrisisCrisis21 napja
  • is boris!

    Joshua LeeJoshua Lee21 napja
  • Now you have to buy a Kalashnikov and cook with it.

    ImShrpy's ARTImShrpy's ART22 napja
  • Kalashnikov

    Emanuel IosifEmanuel Iosif22 napja
  • you know he is using fake bullet while making brick sharper

    Garreth MoraruGarreth Moraru22 napja
  • fun fact: the word slav comes from the old latin word for glory/glorious

    ThisnameiswaytoolongandreadingitisawasteoftimeYTThisnameiswaytoolongandreadingitisawasteoftimeYT22 napja

    Adela RiosAdela Rios22 napja

    Adela RiosAdela Rios22 napja
  • Still waiting for cooking with Kalashnikov blyat

    Alvurstein WilhelmsAlvurstein Wilhelms24 napja
  • That would be entertaining cooking with Kalashnikov, make it happen pls

    S DiGiS DiGi25 napja
  • Cooking with a Lada. Just leave engine running for a few minutes. Opaaaa! Now that would be Slav! :D

    WeControlEverything YouSeeAndHearWeControlEverything YouSeeAndHear25 napja
  • Dear Boris, pls Cook with a vodka and kallashnikov. - mustache man

    Noel KevinNoel Kevin26 napja
  • i love my life now thx.

    T2DRT2DR26 napja
  • Cooking with kalashnikov when?

    Just Some Random PlayerJust Some Random Player26 napja
  • Do cooking with kalashnikov

    For the gamesFor the games27 napja
  • Blyat cook with AK

  • cooking with Avtomat Kalashnikov!!!!!!!! готовить с Автомат Калашников

    ComradeOfRussiaComradeOfRussia29 napja
  • Next episode: cooking with car tire

    Vile SipiläVile SipiläHónapja

    coşkun Sencoşkun SenHónapja
  • You brought this upon yourself Boris. Cook with a kalashnikov

    commander 1138commander 1138Hónapja
  • Do the Cooking with kalashnikov

    Pan rodzynekPan rodzynekHónapja
  • kalashnikov is a great idea but what about you use food to cook food

    Paul van ZylPaul van ZylHónapja
  • now we is cooking with vodka

    Stovol BelincheStovol BelincheHónapja
  • yea comrade

    Stovol BelincheStovol BelincheHónapja
  • 3:04, am i the only one interested?

  • we want cooking with ak47 we want cooking with kalashnikov *NOW*

    The Unthinkable JackThe Unthinkable JackHónapja
  • Yea you are going to cook with kalashnikov

    A Sea Otter with internet accessA Sea Otter with internet accessHónapja
  • Definitely do not eat fly agaric (the red and white mushroom) it is very poisonous and halucagenic

    Sam NunnSam NunnHónapja
  • up next, cooking with vadim's car

    Light GamingLight GamingHónapja
  • I'm so used to seeing weird crap now that me watching boris cooking with a brick, breaking it using a rifle bullet to chip it off just so he could use the pieces to cut things is normal for me

  • Kalashnikov kalashnikov kalashnikov kalashnikov kalashnikov kalashnikov kalashnikov kalashnikov kalashnikov kalashnikov kalashnikov kalashnikov

    Hongmei WuHongmei WuHónapja
  • Cooking with kalašnikov yes pls

  • Cooking with kalashnikov

    Aaliyah WoodAaliyah WoodHónapja
  • Boris : “We need precision tools for zis”!!!! proceeds to chip at the brick with a hammer lol


  • did this man just use a 50. cal bullet to break parts off a brick?

    Yours TrulyYours TrulyHónapja
  • "This is not my first time washing a brick" Wh-

  • Boris: What is next? Cooking with kalshina- oh no The Fans: :)

    Michael ARMichael ARHónapja
  • Next time: cooking with Dragonuv

    • Yes

      andromeda baskoroandromeda baskoroHónapja
  • I learned some Russian just to swear at my American friends coz they won't understand KEKW

  • I think the next time we see boris, he's going to cook with the calashnikova.

    Moxy BorsteinMoxy BorsteinHónapja
  • 2:28 favorite part

    Ahmad Dhani DarmawanAhmad Dhani DarmawanHónapja