COOKING WITH BRICK - slav survival tips with Boris

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Cooking with brick? OF COURSE. It was not really a challenge. But it is also not what I had planned. Turned out to be some solid forest survival tips.
Cooking with axe:
Cooking with chainsaw:
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  • Next challange: Cooking with a Hammer and/or Sickle

    László VargaLászló Varga3 órája
  • Cooking with lada-

    lukaluka18 órája
  • When he pulled out the chisel to snap bits off of the brick I genuinely thought he was hammering a huge bullet for a second. Made my brain short-circuit, I tell you what.

    Nathan DresserNathan Dresser18 órája

    Player OnePlayer One23 órája
  • what did he do to make the fire spring up like that?

    Carl PadenCarl PadenNapja
  • Cooking with Kalashnikov

    Manjot RaiManjot RaiNapja
  • Next challenge: cooking with flamethrower

    Zaraar Ali ChowdhuryZaraar Ali ChowdhuryNapja
  • is no one gonna talk about how boris took out a bullet for precision tool 3:26 ?

  • Cheeki Bricki

    Nico playserNico playser2 napja
  • Next episode: cooking with ushanka

    totally_not_an_iguanatotally_not_an_iguana2 napja
  • Rossiya - svyashchennaya nasha derzhava. Rossiya - lyubimaya nasha strana. Moguchaya volya, velikaya slava - Tvoio dostoyanye na vse vremena! Slav'sya, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoye Bratsikh narodov soyuz vekovoi Predkami dannaya mudrost' narodnaya! Slav'sya, strana! My gordimsya toboi! Ot yuzhnyh morei do polyarnogo kraya Raskinulis' nashi lesa i polya. Odna ty na svete! Odna ty takaya - Khranimaya Bogom rodnaya zemlya! Slav'sya, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoye Bratsikh narodov soyuz vekovoi Predkami dannaya mudrost' narodnaya! Slav'sya, strana! My gordimsya toboi! Shirokii prostor dlya mechty i dlya…

    Shane BurkeShane Burke2 napja
  • Cook with Kalashnikov

    R playz YTR playz YT2 napja
  • Go on, cook with a kalashnikov

    Water Bottle with floating CapWater Bottle with floating Cap2 napja
  • cook with kalishnakov

    Samuel PrevostSamuel Prevost3 napja
  • Remember Kids Real Slavs Don’t Create Pollution

    Opgamer 76Opgamer 763 napja
  • Cooking with kalashnikov? still waiting ok no or maybe....

    jotax94jotax943 napja
  • Cooking with fork as a pan

    Sky Reaper GamingSky Reaper Gaming3 napja
  • "Cooking With Kalashnikov it is" Dew it Boris

    Assassin gamer11Assassin gamer113 napja
  • Cook with kalashnikov pls

    pak bullpak bull3 napja
  • We want the cooking with kallashnikov video

    Thugyy SkankThugyy Skank3 napja
  • Yes yes I cook bacon and doctors sausage on barrel of my kalash every morning

    Oka da NeibaOka da Neiba3 napja
  • I don't know why but I want to eat that brick. It kinda looks like chocolate or something. Just me? Ok

    Dorth FoderDorth Foder3 napja
  • Cooking wish kalashnikov

    Joseph JoestarJoseph Joestar3 napja
  • Cooking with Kalashnikov

    boy oneboy one3 napja
  • Cook with Kalashnikov

    Ftlbvd78Ftlbvd783 napja
  • 12:14 it's next

    kuroharukokuroharuko4 napja
  • Whats next, cooking with fingernails?

    Spirit wolfSpirit wolf4 napja
  • Make a Cooking with kalashnikov video

    Lukas HindingerLukas Hindinger4 napja
  • I thought it was a bullet you are using as a chisel

    Sanket GuptaSanket Gupta4 napja
  • I was waiting for this

    Sanket GuptaSanket Gupta4 napja
  • блять делать приготовление калашникова

    LilAnonymous - GoosyLilAnonymous - Goosy5 napja
  • Braer Company brick?

    DNS-FreakzDNS-Freakz5 napja
  • "cook with kalishnakov" well i mean if Boris can cook with a brick, why not a gun?

    Alex ROAlex RO5 napja

    Doge DogowatyyDoge Dogowatyy6 napja
  • lol uses bullet as a chisel

  • cook with kalashnikov

    Alpha CarnageAlpha Carnage6 napja
  • Make Pelmeni with Lada Niva engine

    Beverly VersolattoBeverly Versolatto6 napja
  • how does the slav king make it look so easy

    Jimm ThatsnotmyrealnameJimm Thatsnotmyrealname6 napja
  • Did everyone forget about brick chicken?

    Nina FritschayNina Fritschay6 napja
  • How to detect a western spy: give him a car with a clutch

    NoobskillNoobskill7 napja
  • cook with kalashnikow blyat

    despacito ur suddenly a burritodespacito ur suddenly a burrito7 napja
  • good thing he didn't really chop down a tree

    Laurynas PetrLaurynas Petr7 napja
  • cook with kalishnakov

    Ghost BreadGhost Bread7 napja
  • cook with kalishnakov.Damn it cook it

    hming thansangahming thansanga7 napja
  • "what's next cooking with Kalashnikov" The entire comment section: you know the rules and so do i

  • I was expecting babushka to come though door, "boris, why you making mess in kitchen! do you know nothing!?" and then proceed to make a four course meal completely with bricks.

    BlakemartnBlakemartn8 napja
  • Boris, best cooking recepie for 0.20$ at the end of month is 2 or 3 grated apples and 3 spoons of sugar in a bowl... u will like it

    iNoobSoSubiNoobSoSub8 napja
    • Where do you live that you can get 3 apples for 20 cents

  • do cooking with stone age tools only

    Joseph KurillaJoseph Kurilla8 napja
  • *All neighbours in the building:* What is that crazy guy up to again with all that pounding and hammering?! *Us:* More cooking videos!

    LDLD8 napja
  • 1:49 😂😂👌

    Ginoso GoreticGinoso Goretic8 napja
  • what is your age

    Prem Kumar class 10 b 32Prem Kumar class 10 b 329 napja
  • I was wondering....can we perhaps have "Cooking with Kalashnikov"????

    awenindoeawenindoe9 napja
  • Boris: ''whats next cooking with kalashnikov?'' The slavs: RIGHT THAT DOWN RIGHT THAT DOWN BLYAT

    M3meWAri0r The viberM3meWAri0r The viber9 napja
  • coooking with kalishnakov

    Mr. DuckMr. Duck9 napja
  • Do cooking with Kalashnikov

    MimicMimic9 napja
  • hmmm. cooking with brick - not impossible cooking with Kalashnikov - too easy (for boris only)

    Teddy DashTeddy Dash9 napja
  • Russians can literally do anything xD

    Ebenezer AsmahEbenezer Asmah9 napja
  • 2:14 Boris: What is next Cooking with Kalashnikov? Oh no Vadim: Oh no Anatoli: Oh no Sergei: Oh no Fans: Oh yes, Too late

    Reaper 121Reaper 1219 napja
  • "Cooking whit brick"next: Cooking whit lada😁😁

    hamza soljaninhamza soljanin9 napja
  • I feel like Boris would make a wonderful camping buddy. Lost in woods? Give the man a f*cking brick and you have a full course meal

    Gizmo GirlGizmo Girl9 napja
  • Real gopnik don’t use wood for cooking only engine heat saves time and money cooking and driving

    Doctor KurwaDoctor Kurwa9 napja
  • Cook with Kalashnikov!!!

    Ez RealkaEz Realka10 napja
  • Please Cook with a Kalashnikov

    Landon AlgerLandon Alger10 napja
  • nobody boris: *COOKING WITH BRICK*

    ye mumye mum10 napja
  • Good old boris doing his fans comments

    XxFīňłāńð ĒşťøñīåXxXxFīňłāńð ĒşťøñīåXx10 napja
  • I tried making apple kompot and failed miserably I’ll have to try again I’ll put my tracksuit next time

    email temporaireemail temporaire11 napja
  • cook with svetlana

    Eaglebomb YTEaglebomb YT11 napja
  • Cooking with Kalashnikov

    Thatquietkid64Thatquietkid6411 napja
  • Egg tree? You mean Phil Eggtree from the Riddle School series?

    Kees DriesenKees Driesen11 napja
  • I use chainsaw as a butterknife blin

    Blinstation 4Blinstation 411 napja
  • Has he ever thought of cooking meat but using kvass as cooking oil.

    Poop PoopPoop Poop12 napja
  • Honestly ive been served worse "eggs" in the military

    Ruac WoensdregtRuac Woensdregt12 napja
  • brick is also good to cook steak, or flatten chicken

    L GL G12 napja
  • hell no with the chain saw and ax and mask...WHEN THE EGG FELL LOL! then he wants to cook with a what what?? LOL

    Isabel OrtizIsabel Ortiz12 napja
  • like ROCK soup.... it’s thing in america. see i translate MY ENGLISH FOR BORRRRRIS? IS GGGGGOOOD???

    Isabel OrtizIsabel Ortiz12 napja
  • 2:28 completely normal nothing out of the ordinary

    leo bensonleo benson12 napja
  • Maybe he will cook with a kalashnikov😂

    Dark NightDark Night12 napja

    Assaf ArbellAssaf Arbell12 napja
  • Cooking with kalasnikov

    Gabriel VGabriel V12 napja

    Chilly BananaChilly Banana12 napja
  • cooking....with....KALASHNIKOV!!

    Kedarovic _Kedarovic _12 napja
  • wait,what car does boris have now,he should do a video showing students the best budget cars while in universities,i could use it.

    bobie carbobie car12 napja
  • Ahhhhh! Blyattiful A. Muscarias!!

    Sergei SchönenSergei Schönen13 napja
  • Whats next? Cooking with scissor?

    Crota Son of OryxCrota Son of Oryx13 napja
  • yes do kalashnikov cooking pls yes heat it up by shooting bullets is eazy

    I got ya punkI got ya punk13 napja
  • His intro is very odd for me

    People factifiedPeople factified13 napja
  • Cooking with klalishnakov do boris we the people beg of you

  • Альбом is artwork i think

    Philip Daniels SotoPhilip Daniels Soto13 napja
  • I believe that boris in Russian is spelled Борис

    Philip Daniels SotoPhilip Daniels Soto13 napja
  • 0:42 legend has it, if you eat it, you’ll grow bigger.

    Ambersart2Ambersart213 napja
  • Next challenge: COOK WITH SCISSORS! >:D good luck! 😅 Choose whatever dish you like! Oh god ;-;

    Lolipop_ playzLolipop_ playz13 napja
  • You had me thinking you were going to cook the brick

    martin clanmartin clan13 napja
  • The egg tree is one thing american won't have

    Jordan MontgomeryJordan Montgomery13 napja
  • Reading the title, I thought the brick would help you cook. Like giving you advice or chopping mayonaise

    RaxatlixRaxatlix13 napja
  • try cooking with a stick

    zenomorph gaming YTzenomorph gaming YT13 napja
  • ok boris said cooking with kalashnikov so that is what we have to spam him to do

    V-tec motorolaV-tec motorola13 napja
  • Cook with Kalashnikov

    ADF-11F RavenADF-11F Raven14 napja
  • This makes me want to play stalker

    The EntityThe Entity14 napja
  • Now you are more than required to cook with kalashnikov

    CAS CBCAS CB14 napja
  • cook with kalishnakov

    FrixonFrixon14 napja