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  • Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack💥 Available only for the next 30 days!

    FlashgitzFlashgitz21 napja
    • No

      Francesco SeriacopiFrancesco SeriacopiNapja
    • @PlayStation 5 I just realized that, and now I get it, yes it’s frickin hilarious🤣

      Robert WarrenRobert Warren2 napja
    • @Robert Warren Well good for you then? i thought by my profile you could tell it was a joke.

      PlayStation 5PlayStation 52 napja
    • @No One I can’t lie bro that Xbox was missing out on the sexiest router to exist 😂😂😂

      Robert WarrenRobert Warren2 napja
    • @PlayStation 5 umm... I’m a PlayStation player and I’m not offended

      Robert WarrenRobert Warren2 napja
  • Man aleast let playstation win for once

    CT-DOC 2431CT-DOC 243149 perccel
  • get rid of rising sun flag

  • But seriously who would win Abby or kratos

    Laquisha 06Laquisha 06Órája
  • Nintendo: want mario?

    BigDJSlapsBigDJSlaps2 órája

    It'sJusz_BlueIt'sJusz_Blue2 órája
  • Irony that those games Phil bought are still on PC lol not being an elitist it's just a fact

  • Could this be the conclusion to the 'Console Wars' saga? And, more importantly, will all the XBox's get their waifu body pillows?!! (No, seriously, do they all take the body pillows??!! I need to know!!)

    Vishal KalicharanVishal Kalicharan3 órája
  • One more time

    onekingdom1onekingdom15 órája
  • The funny thing is no one is going to buy the ps5 for like 500 bucks like just save up to get a computer at that point

    TheWhisperingTheWhispering5 órája
  • Hopefully Master chief gets a glow up in infinite.. my mans needs to stop drinking and make those landings

    CheezyCheezy6 órája
  • Ps5: we are 5 so if we use math we have 5+5 that means the result is NO MORE VR GAMES!!!!

    NoxFlex 1983NoxFlex 19837 órája
  • YOU ARE GETTING BLOCKED AND REPORTED BY ME IF YOU DONT 1. think tiger electronics games are the best consoles 2. casually beat super mario galaxy 2 with an xbox duke controller 3. 4. 1 and 2 3. beat gta 5 with intel hd graphics

    RenhakerRenhaker9 órája
  • Honestly, I don’t care which side Of the consoles win, I love both sides, PlayStation and Xbox, they both have amazing games, and not one of them are better then the other.

    Mr. SandguyMr. Sandguy10 órája
  • I wish there was a 10 min or 1 hour of just the ps5 giving free waifu pillow

    Hokaro OrvanaHokaro Orvana10 órája
  • 3:08 who is the guy in the back wearing yellow? Looks familiar

    ShaneShane11 órája
  • WW1

    lotniskowiec 89lotniskowiec 8911 órája
  • The PS5 is literally a WIFI router

    General TerrorGeneral Terror12 órája
    • wow, nobody has EVER said that before

      Spicylemon1130Spicylemon11306 órája
  • Hold on now... what games does Xbox have?

    Rompuz RoomRompuz Room12 órája
  • I fucking lost it at the Abby part. Spot on.

    Ricky RicardoRicky Ricardo12 órája
  • the abby joke is legendary xDD

    Cool SsCool Ss12 órája
  • Can't wait for the finale where the Xbox and Playstation put aside their war to fight off the stadia and luna only to find out that their biggest threat has been awoken... the soulja boy console. And season 2 will see the Switch and PC join in for the grand finale

    Crimson OmegaCrimson Omega13 órája
  • Ok but who was that with the golf club?

    Adam MashburnAdam Mashburn14 órája
  • Why can't the PS and Xbox unite as one

    Sir YeetSir Yeet14 órája
  • This videos sucks

    Steven MartinezSteven Martinez15 órája
    • Your grammar sucks.

      Spicylemon1130Spicylemon11306 órája

    MR MASKMR MASK15 órája
  • I'd love a free waifu pillow

    Hokaro OrvanaHokaro Orvana16 órája
  • Man u missed Sony's exclusives

    Omkar ShindeOmkar Shinde17 órája
  • I sold my PS4 For PS5 obviously for xb ihavepc

    Omkar ShindeOmkar Shinde17 órája
  • I'd love it I'f you went more in depth about how you guys rig your characters

    ThebadcowbunchThebadcowbunch18 órája
  • Where's PC?

    DJ_TrollyDJ_Trolly18 órája
  • I'm waiting for batlle of consoles and new video-cards from Nvidia and AMD

    Nikita FominNikita Fomin19 órája
  • Nintendo switch is just living in peace

    IsmaElOfficialIsmaElOfficial19 órája
  • But, the kineckt dead :(

    JuanPJuanP20 órája
  • me after seeing the gold plated ps5 wtf have they done... oh wait that just Donald trump special order...

    Marc-Antoine HamelinMarc-Antoine Hamelin21 órája
  • 🕹️Your move SONY!🎮

    Tone HendersonTone HendersonNapja
  • Should’ve had chief from infinite there

    William GiffinWilliam GiffinNapja
  • Playstation player for ever

    Tactical MedicTactical MedicNapja
  • 2:32 let’s be honest that fridge looks so godly!!!!

  • WE PS5 SHALL RISE SNED THE ROOKIE OUT ps5 followers:but he's not read- ps5:I SAID SEND HIM *crash on the ground ps:miles morales

    Zae GZae GNapja
  • around 1:12 was that woman suposed to be a karen?

    James RettigJames RettigNapja
  • I was gonna get a ps5 UNTIL Microsoft bought bethesda and now I'm afraid that any new bethesda game will be exclusive

    The Helios CorporationThe Helios CorporationNapja
  • When true darkness starts when steam atacks the Xbox and PlayStation

  • Xbox propaganda

  • “Console wars don’t prove who’s right or wrong, only who is broke”

    Ted WoodTed WoodNapja
    • Lmao yep

      black birdblack bird7 órája
  • Can’t wait for Xbox and PlayStation to team up to defeat the true enemy: mobile games.

    magic anteater 38magic anteater 38Napja
  • The official twitter of xbox said the console wars are over is this a different universe?

    Quack • 420 years agoQuack • 420 years agoNapja
  • I have a Nintendo switch

  • I wanna see pc master race again 😂😂

    Amar HaskicAmar HaskicNapja
  • That's false, Sony nerfs Waifu tiddies and their luxious thighs.

    F-14 Tomcat TobarF-14 Tomcat TobarNapja
  • Why this war never end?...

    El Neko SoviéticoEl Neko SoviéticoNapja
  • Missed this episode. Noticed I’m not subscribed to flashgitz....... Fixed!

    Abrahem SamanderAbrahem SamanderNapja
  • Lol

    Malachi PenalverMalachi PenalverNapja
  • I love the fall of halo reference.(since halo 5 was a bust, and halo infinite is looking like a disaster already)

    • Well its gameplay reveal was a disaster but we can't judge the game until its out.. however Halo Infinite is even after release gonna be VERY different case from other Halo games because apparently MS/343 has 10 year plan for it, so the game is gonna be getting multiple singleplayer chapters over the course of this upcoming console gen and apparently also they are gonna keep updating the game engine along the way Anyhow MS/343 know they cant turn up with unpolished product at launch, thats exactly why they delayed the release of the game

  • bruh this is fake xbox still has no games

  • So pc vs Sony and Microsoft

    Felix OrtizFelix OrtizNapja
  • ...those supporting games were mostly pc native and you know it...

    ded mnwlknded mnwlknNapja
  • Remind me why Waifu is illegal again 🤔

    PaPBra GamingPaPBra GamingNapja
  • PlayStation will always win

    shadow troopershadow trooperNapja
  • Missed opportunity, have them evacuated in mclaren sennas

    Sparkle pup ManSparkle pup ManNapja
    • For real and other exclusives they have too

  • You xboxers try so hard. Playstation is still better

    • What?

    • Keep crying

      King KongKing KongNapja
  • Trade the boy in for a series X

    Dayvon BennettDayvon BennettNapja
  • Where the pc gamer?

    Bruno sadBruno sadNapja
  • router vs fridge

  • PC master race...

    Mike surlygentleman WaltonMike surlygentleman WaltonNapja
  • Ah yesss when Microsoft bought Bethesda let see how that go

    XBOY 845XBOY 845Napja
    • We just need to forget about fallout 76 and everythings is right

      Mr. F4gg0tMr. F4gg0t2 órája
  • The Chad ps5 fighting with a katana VS the virgin Xbox with a rifle


    heema 2heema 2Napja
  • PS4 is awsome Xbox is shit

    Maksim MartinMaksim MartinNapja
  • omfg i totally forgot about this.

  • Hi

  • Damn I was like: "Ok Xbox bought Bethesda, we know that, but they are going further...?" and then BAM shitty mobile game. Sad sad Pepe.

  • Where’s Moze?

    Mr. CheeseMr. CheeseNapja
  • Mobile game commercial was good , everything else trash.

    L'Narel WenressL'Narel WenressNapja
  • meanwhile at Nintendo:Minecraft X Smash bros

  • ive been waiting for the comeback of the war

    Super Nova685Super Nova685Napja
  • I love the adds also free pillow well that's good for me.

    S AricoS Arico2 napja
  • Yesss, surrender to the body pillow.

    H3avyH3avy2 napja
  • As an a PlayStation fan, I an approva.

    Chris GabeleChris Gabele2 napja
  • If they make Fallout a Microsoft Exclusive series I'm going to commit Fallout IRL.

    Ben-MelonsBen-Melons2 napja
    • Ok

      Sanik SpudiSanik SpudiNapja
  • who would win kratos or doomslayer

    Light Spamus Of RageLight Spamus Of Rage2 napja
  • You can sponsor our beloved youtubers but you can never take our honor- ooo 10,000 dollars? Guys raid shadow legends is the best

    Gak RGak R2 napja

    Mike 903Mike 9032 napja
  • Is just me or was doomslayer just standing there like he’s not on the PlayStation, oh and the same with the dude in the fallout exosuit, my guy they might as well be fighting themselves

    Robert WarrenRobert Warren2 napja
    • Its because bethesda was bought out by microsoft, and both those franchises belong to microsoft now.

      Big WillicusBig WillicusNapja
  • You forgot to render the halo characters in lower quality

    Ben botBen bot2 napja
  • I’m glad I got the fridge! Fridge looks cooler >:))

    KevinKevin2 napja
  • Xbox is always superior

    Dead Eye BradDead Eye Brad2 napja
  • Xbox sires x

    Benson SidelBenson Sidel2 napja
  • Nintendo in the background laughing at 13 plus while everything makes you rethink that it should be like 18

    Zhaike ToledoZhaike Toledo2 napja
  • It's funny how only everyone with the new consoles have them both so they are on an equal ground

    Zhaike ToledoZhaike Toledo2 napja
  • But who has Spiderman and who looks like a fridgerater

    SS X_XSS X_X2 napja
  • Ps5 is better

    Pandabeargamin TTVPandabeargamin TTV2 napja
  • I see the consoles the same way I see smartphones, they're both awesome, but I'll stick to the cheaper one.

    Max JyelleeMax Jyellee2 napja
  • 10/10 animation

    Luis Pablo Vanegas EsquivelLuis Pablo Vanegas Esquivel2 napja
  • I still believe we should make new BGS games xbox exclusive

    Cody GoreCody Gore2 napja
  • I was there to

    Doom SlayerDoom Slayer2 napja
  • Ah yes Trading out a kid for a better one.

  • Abby was a nice touch

    AbrakadoozleAbrakadoozle2 napja
  • hmmm

    SilentVinylSilentVinyl2 napja

    IronFist25IronFist252 napja